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Articles Exercises (A, An, The) – Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced

Study english articles (a, an, the) online with these exercises.

ESL Level : Beginner , Intermediate , Advanced  (click to jump to questions)

Articles Worksheet Download : Articles-Worksheet-Englishcurrent.doc (with answers)

Instructions : Put the correct article (a, an, the, or nothing) into the paragraphs below. If an article is not needed, then select the blank option.

Students, if you'd like to study the rules of English articles, then please read my explanation for beginner students .

study the definite and indefinite article in English

Articles: Exercises for Beginner Students

(Remember, if no article is needed, then select the blank option).

  • My mother is  a an the  English teacher. I am  a an the  student. When I get home from school, I watch  a an the  programs on TV. That's  a an the  best part of my day.  Programs A programs An programs The programs  I watch are for  a an the  children. I am  a an the  child, so I think they are funny.
  • I'm  a an the  little excited because it's  a an the  Friday. There are  a an the  lot of good shows on TV today.  One A one An one The one   I usually watch is at 3:30. It's about  a an the  animals. Also, I'm excited today because my mother is making  a an the  rice for dinner.
  • Later, after eating dinner and doing my homework, I go to my room and read  a an the  book for 30 minutes. Then I turn off  a an the  light and go to  a an the  bed.

Check Answers    

Articles: Exercises for Intermediate Students

  • Moving to  a an the  United States was  a an the  most exciting thing I have ever done. I moved last year to  a an the  New York. New York is  a an the  exciting city, full of  a an the  adventure. In fact, I saw  a an the  famous actor on  a an the  street yesterday!
  • Today, I have  a an the  job interview at  a an the  financial company.  Company A company An company The company  has  a an the  offices all over  a an the  world. I'm not sure that I have  a an the  skills to get hired. I hope so.  Company A company An company The company 's office is on  a an the  Main Street. That's  a an the  same street my friend works on.
  • If I get hired, I could meet him after  a an the  work for drinks. That would be great. He's from  a an the  Scotland. He works 8 hours  a an the  day, 5 days  a an the  week.

Articles: More Exercises for Intermediate Students

  • I have two brothers. One, Greg, is still in  a an the  college, and  a an the  other, Mike, has already graduated. Mike is  a an the  kind of guy that is very serious. I don't remember  a an the  last time I saw him. It may have been in  a an the  August. He was wearing  a an the  red sweater. It matched his  a an the  red hair.
  • After  a an the  dinner, I usually wash  a an the  dishes. My wife hates doing it. I waste a lot of  a an the  water when I do it. That's bad for  a an the  environment, I think.
  • We live near  a an the  sea.  Most A most An most The most  houses in this area are expensive.

Articles: Exercises for Advanced Students

  • I have  a an the  uncle who lives in  a an the  home for  a an the  elderly. He is  a an the  honest man. He used to be  a an the  FBI agent. He once saved  a an the  one-year-old boy from  a an the  fire. He has many interesting stories.
  • He told me that he once met  a an the  alien from  a an the  space. This alien didn't need  a an the  oxygen to live; it didn't have  a an the  nose. That's  a an the  hard story to believe. I'm not sure he was telling me  a an the  truth. Maybe he isn't so honest, after all.
  • Stress A stress An stress The stress  can make a an the  life unpleasant. In  a an the  day, I work at  a an the  office.  > A An The  people I work with are busy, and  a an the  work we do isn't easy.

Articles: More Exercises for Advanced Students

  • When I drive to  a an the  work, usually  a an the  highways are really busy. If there's  a an the  accident during  a an the  rush hour, it can be  a an the  chaos on the roads.
  • I don't watch  a an the  TV. I get  a an the  information and  a an the  news, etc., from  a an the  Internet. I don't often go to  a an the  cinema, either.
  • I'm interested in  a an the  finance. I heard a an the  Euro is losing value, compared to  a an the  US dollar.
  • I like Japan.  Crime A crime An crime The crime  is infrequent there. When I fly to Japan, I usually fly to  a an the  Narita Airport. The last time I was in Japan, I climbed  > a an the  Mount Fuji. It was fun.
  • I am tall.  Japanese A Japanese An Japanese The Japanese  are generally shorter than I am.

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- Articles exercises and worksheet copyright Matthew Barton of Englishcurrent.com

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81 comments on “ Articles Exercises (A, An, The) – Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced ”

Articles exercises are very good for improve my English,and computer lab is excellent for us. Thank you Iris!! I really enjoy your class!!

thanks a lot. it is very helpful. I need more practice.

Your exercises are very helpful in a way of giving more understading of its correct usage. I enjoy doing it can help for those not only the young ones but also for the elderly like me. Who wants to exercise ones brain whether I still know how to give the correct answers. For youngsters more practise makes perfect. You are all very generous of taking much work and pain in order to give knowledge and know how to us and unto others. Good health and more power to you all

thank you very much………… it’s very good

Good work sheeet

Very good Job! I have really enjoyed my self going through the beginner’s to advanced levels in English articles. You have touched important aspects of articles that usually confuse English learners like me! I have found your exercises very useful because in the two weeks I have been reading intensively to get the concept of articles. Thanks indeed!

It is very interesting and very useful.This site is very useful to english learners.thank u

I think if he add the situation when we use an/a will be better.Therefore,children will be more clear.



Wow! I like it, it is interesting and I need more practice.

Its a good excercise. All the sentences are simple and easy to understand.

it was excellent ,it gave me an oppurtunity to improve myself thanks

this is torture for us school students …. itz another excuse for more work even though english is my first language. :(

It's a very nice exercise :) It is useful :) Thanks !

Nice, but should need explanation for the answers

yes!!!!!! its true but liked this worksheet…

amazing worksheet……….enjoyed and learnt a lot!!!!!!

i liked this worksheet…earlier i had to face many problems in filling up these answers but now i’m improving through these exercises….thanks for this brilliant worksheet!!!!!!!!!!

very helpful worksheet….keeep posting more

I love them keep posting more.thanks for the worksheets……

very very nice for doing practice of articles

its very helpful..I have made 2 mistakes. thanks……

Good For Practice!!!

nice exercise i like it

the exercises are very helpful. tnx…

Stop complaining! It was good and i enjoyed.

thank you for exercise it can help me learn

Its very simple if we take care of the rules very carefully .

Tks a lot. Its really helpful. I really appreciate the effort to make different sections according to the level of different people. Waiting 4 more.

I just can’t get it. Why we write “New York is an exciting city” not “New York is the exciting city”? please explain it to me, thank you!

Henry: There are many exciting cities in the world. When you write ‘NY is an exciting city’, it means it is one (an = one) exciting city among the many other exciting cities in the world. ‘NY is the exciting city’ uses the definite article ‘the’, which means that there is ONLY one exciting city, New York. If you want to use ‘the’, then you could say ‘New York is the home of the Statue of Liberty’. We use ‘the’ here because there is ONLY one city that has the statue of liberty. The city is New York.

I’m not sure I understand. Can you explain again?

Its very good but explanation should be given at the end

best way to improve grammar…. thanks a lot

it ll be better if u provide explanation to every answer.

articles are easy to learn

Mr. Arun is saying right it should not show answers it should tell how many are correct

A really good exercise for the articles .. Love it <3

I love it i got all correct its really cool it helps us in improving our article skills i really want to thank the person who made it i am in 4th this is for my exams skchec

This topic is like mystery about grammar.We should practice this a lot

Its the best site of grammar but there should more excercise in this type Everbody will like the site..

Very good but there should be more exercises

Nice worksheets to practise nice website

its a good app for children to learn articles and for starting ones. happy learnning!!!!!!!!!!

No answers in same/under the exercise page it should be on next page

59 out of 60 in exam thank uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

I like this kind of quizzes

This worksheet is really good. I enjoyed a lot. Improved me in articles.

good exercise,..

is there any exercise for punctuation


This topic is very interesting. Excercises make students find correct way.

This exercise helped me so much for my exam!!! :D

This exercises help me a lot.

Which ones? Remember, if the answer is “–” that means no idiom is needed.

yes completelyh agree with this and its very knowledgeable thing

yes I am ompeletly agree

a very good worksheet

nishnath u r awesome…excellent observation regarding the worksheet…now that you have certified that the worksheets are good..i’d definitely do it

i agree with mr arun one should have self control to not watch answers :P

good ,but you should not give the answers. it should be better if you had given the option of see results it would help children to know whether how much is there capability


I like the worksheet as this helped me a lot for my paper

very good exercise I like it.

Hello this was very insane man. I love it lol

i enjoy doing this worksheets.

Nice exercise!!! Very helpful!!!

exellent exercises but the problem is that anyone can cheat ….

and is very helpful too …………

nice exercises it hels me in my ut i always use this side for my revision

What’s up it’s me, I am also visiting this website on a regular basis, this web site is truly nice and the visitors are truly sharing nice thoughts.

very vvvv…………………………awesome worksheet now my articles in perfect for my exams \ i will reccomend this web site to my friends

thats awesome exercis thank u every much

I love the article exercise as they are sometimes confusing and the answers are given.They are very useful while studying for them. I would like to thank you for your website too.

nice exercise for children

good nice explanation

thanks this helped me because my mother wanted an exercise and so she asked me to program it as an challenge I made this again on python and it was fun

good for my studies I love it

I am a teacher of English from Pakistan. During my teaching career , as a teacher of English, so far, teaching an article has proved to be the trickiest and the toughest of the all. i have seen this for the first time and that too accidently. I hope that these exercises and work sheets can be further enhanced and ameliorated if some of the rules regarding “Use of Article” are added. by and large, it is a fantastic work and very useful to those who really tend to learn.

Hello jamshaid. I’m glad to hear that you find the resource useful. If you’d like to see some of the rules, please visit this page: https://www.englishcurrent.com/grammar/english-articles-definite-indefinite-help/ .

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Articles a, an & the

Articles worksheet: using 'a', 'an' or 'the' in sentences.

Articles are used before nouns and are a type of adjective. The definite article: the , is used before a noun to indicate that the noun is known to the reader. The indefinite articles: a - an , are used before a noun that is general or not known. In these grammar worksheets, students practice whether to use a, an or the in sentences.

article worksheet live

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Directions: Fill in the blank with the appropriate article, a , an , or the , or leave the space blank if no article is needed.

1. I want ____ apple from that basket.

2. ____ church on the corner is progressive.

3. Miss Lin speaks ____ Chinese.

4. I borrowed ____ pencil from your pile of pencils and pens.

5. One of the students said, "____ professor is late today."

6 Eli likes to play ____ volleyball.

7. I bought ____ umbrella to go out in the rain.

8. My daughter is learning to play ____ violin at her school.

9. Please give me ____ cake that is on the counter.

10. I lived on ____ Main Street when I first came to town.

11. Albany is the capital of ____ New York State.

12. My husband's family speaks ____ Polish.

13. ____ apple a day keeps the doctor away.

14. ____ ink in my pen is red.

15. Our neighbors have ____ cat and ____ dog.


A / an - exercises

A / an / the - exercises

The - definite

Articles worksheets

Printable exercises.

  • Worksheet : a / an
  • A/an - worksheet
  • A / an indefinite articles - worksheet
  • A / an - worksheets
  • A / an / the / Ø - exercises 1
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  • Definite and indefinite articles
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  • Articles with geographical names
  • A / an / the - worksheets
  • A / an / the / no article
  • Definite article THE 
  • Definite or Ø article
  • Worksheets pdf - print
  • Grammar worksheets - handouts

Grammar notes / lessons

  • Articles a/an - grammar
  • When to use a / an / the
  • The definite article 'the'
  • Advanced article usage - grammar

article worksheet live

Articles Worksheets

Beginner and intermediate articles worksheets.

An article is a word that comes before a noun. There are three articles in English; a, an, the. Use a or an with singular nouns. Us an if the next word starts with a vowel sound. These articles are important to writing sentences correctly. Without articles, words would not be connected correctly within the sentence.

Here is a graphic preview for all of the articles worksheets. Our articles worksheets are free to download and easy to access in PDF format. Use these articles worksheets in school or at home.

a. Grades K-5 Articles Worksheets b. Grades 6-8 Articles Worksheets c. Grades 9-12 Articles Worksheets

Here is a graphic preview for all the kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, and 5th grade Articles Worksheets. Click on the image to display our PDF worksheet.

Circling Articles Worksheet Part 1

Circling articles worksheet part 2, underlining articles worksheet part 1, underlining articles worksheet part 2.

Underlining Articles Worksheet Part 2

A or An Articles Worksheet Part 1

A or an articles worksheet part 2, fill-in articles worksheet part 1, fill-in fill-in articles worksheet part 2, fill-in and underlining article worksheet.

Fill-In and Underlining Article Worksheet

A, an, the Articles Worksheets

A, an, the Articles Worksheets

A vs. An Articles Worksheets

A vs. An Articles Worksheets

Grades 6-8 Articles Worksheets

Here is a graphic preview for all the 6th grade, 7th grade and 8th grade Articles Worksheets. Click on the image to display our PDF worksheet.

Circling Articles Worksheet

Circling Articles Worksheet

Underlining Articles Worksheet

Circling Articles Worksheet

A or An Articles Worksheet

A or An Articles Worksheet

Fill-In Articles Worksheet

Fill-In Articles Worksheet

Fill-In and Underlining Articles Worksheet

Fill-In and Underlining Articles Worksheet

A,An or The Articles Worksheet

A,An or The Articles Worksheet

Grades 9-12 Articles Worksheets

Here is a graphic preview for all the 9th grade, 10th grade, 11th grade, and 12th grade Articles Worksheets. Click on the image to display our PDF worksheet.

Finding Articles Worksheet

Finding Articles Worksheet

Underlining Article Worksheet

Underlining Article Worksheet

Finding and Underlining Articles Worksheet

Finding and Underlining Articles Worksheet

A or An Article Worksheet

A or An Article Worksheet

Fill-In Article Worksheet

Fill-In Article Worksheet

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An article

Check your understanding: multiple choice

Check your writing: word 2 word - questions, check your writing: gap fill - opinion adverbs, worksheets and downloads.

How serious a problem is bullying where you live? What can be done to stop bullying in schools?

article worksheet live

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Articles (A, An, The)

With these printable worksheets, students will practice using the articles a , an , and the in sentences. Articles are special adjectives used in front of a noun to identify the noun.

Articles (A, An, The) Worksheets

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These printable worksheets focus on teaching about articles, a special type of adjective. Students will practice matching a, an, or the with the correct noun as well as identifying the correct use of the articles in a sentence. Our last activity requires the student to identify whether the article in the sentence is correct or incorrect and to rewrite the sentence if it is incorrect. Students will understand how singular and plural nouns help determine the correct article. This set of 3 worksheets will make teaching and learning about articles very simple!

articles a or an worksheet

Article Worksheet - a or an

articles worksheet

Articles Worksheet - a, an or the

write articles worksheet

Write Articles Worksheet

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  • English Grammar
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Articles Exercises

One topic that confuses most English language learners is the use of articles . Articles act as determiners in a sentence. Based on whether a noun is common , proper , singular or plural , the articles a, an and the are used. Here are some exercises to check your understanding of the usage of articles in sentences.

Articles Exercises with Answers

Before you start with the exercises, here is something you should remember. The indefinite articles ‘a’ and ‘an’ are used before nouns that are singular and common, whereas the definite article ‘the’ is used before nouns that are plural or proper. . ‘The’ is also used when you want to specify a particular noun. Another rule regarding indefinite articles is that ‘an’ is used before words starting with vowel sounds, and ‘a’ is used for every other singular noun. Now, try working out the following exercises.

Exercise 1: Fill in the blanks with appropriate articles

Use ‘an’, ‘a’ or ‘the’ appropriately in the sentences given below.

  • Sheldon is ___ honest man.
  • King Arthur was ___ just king.
  • ____ lion let go of ___ mouse.
  • I have fixed ___ appointment with ___ doctor.
  • Will you take ___ picture of us?
  • I broke ___ vase my brother brought.
  • My mother has ___ polka-dotted umbrella.
  • The team organised __ friendly match with ___ Presidents of both ___ countries.
  • We had __ mulberry tree in the garden.
  • ___ Eiffel Tower lights up at night.
  • ___ huge building turned to dust due to __ earthquake.
  • ___ famous band Beatles is coming to Texas tomorrow.
  • Charles Babbage is considered as ___ father of computers.
  • __ famous poem ‘Ode to a Nightingale’ is written by __ Romantic poet John Keats.
  • __ Pacific Ocean is one of __ five oceans of __ world.
  • __ painter drew __ life-sized portrait of Mrs Mary Poppins.
  • My son is ___ apple of my eye.
  • ___ history professor who taught us is retiring today.
  • ___ oranges I brought were very sour.
  • Sharon will take __ train from __ next stop.

Answers –

  • A, The, The
  • The, The, The

Exercise 2: Identify and underline the articles

Read the passage given below, and identify and underline the articles used in it.

One day, a dog which was very hungry was crossing the street. Suddenly he saw a shop selling meat. Since the dog hadn’t eaten for a few days, he could not control his hunger. When the shopkeeper wasn’t looking, the dog took a piece of meat and ran away. The dog ran till it came near a clear stream to enjoy his food. As he was about to eat the meat, he saw his own reflection in the water. He didn’t understand that it was his own reflection in the clear water; he thought there was another dog with a piece of meat. So without thinking twice, he opened his mouth to bark at the other dog; as soon as he did that, his piece of meat fell into the stream.

One day, a dog which was very hungry was crossing the street. Suddenly, it saw a shop selling meat. Since the dog hadn’t eaten for a few days, he could not control his hunger.  When the shopkeeper wasn’t looking , the dog took a piece of meat and ran away. The dog ran till it came near a clear stream to enjoy his food. As he was about to eat the meat, he saw his own reflection in the water. He didn’t understand that it was his own reflection in the clear water; he thought there was another dog with a piece of meat. So without thinking twice, he opened his mouth to bark at the other dog; as soon as he did that, his piece of meat fell into the stream.

Frequently Asked Questions

When to use ‘an’ in a sentence.

The article ‘an’ is used before a noun that starts with a vowel sound or with a word that has a silent ‘h’ in the beginning. For example, “An hour”.

What is a definite article?

‘The’ is the definite article in English as it points towards a specific/particular thing/person. For example, “The apples I bought were sweet.” Here, ‘the’ refers to the particular apples I bought.

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European Leaders Express Shock at News of Navalny’s Death

President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine said that Aleksei Navalny, the Russian dissident, “was killed by Putin, like thousands of others.”

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A picture of Aleksei Navalny is taped to a stone monument where roses have been laid out and a person is lighting a small candle.

By Erika Solomon ,  Melissa Eddy ,  Constant Méheut ,  Megan Specia and Steven Erlanger

  • Feb. 16, 2024

Word of Aleksei A. Navalny’s death drew condemnation from across Europe on Friday, with leaders holding Russia’s government, and specifically President Vladimir V. Putin, responsible for the demise of the imprisoned Russian dissident.

President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine, who was in Germany on Friday for the Munich Security Conference, said that Mr. Navalny “was killed by Putin, like thousands of others who were tortured because of this one creature.”

Germany’s chancellor, Olaf Scholz, speaking alongside Mr. Zelensky after signing a security agreement with him in Berlin, expressed dismay at the reports of Mr. Navalny’s death, calling them “very depressing.”

“It’s awful the way Russia has changed,” Mr. Scholz said.

His predecessor as chancellor, Angela Merkel, who in 2020 succeeded in persuading Mr. Putin to allow Mr. Navalny to be flown to Berlin for treatment after being poisoned, expressed her “great dismay” at the reports of the opposition leader’s death.

“He was a victim of Russia’s repressive state power,” Ms. Merkel said in a statement. “It is terrible that a courageous, fearless voice who stood up for his country has been silenced by terrible methods.”

Throughout her 16-year tenure, Ms. Merkel was considered the only Western leader capable of communicating with Mr. Putin. Despite his repeated attempts to intimidate her, she insisted that he would be more dangerous if isolated, and maintained continual contact with him. During her final visit to Moscow as chancellor in August 2021, Ms. Merkel urged the Russian president to release Mr. Navalny, calling his detention “unacceptable.”

In France, which Mr. Zelensky was also visiting on Friday, President Emmanuel Macron said: “In today’s Russia, free spirits are put in the Gulag and condemned to death. Anger and indignation.”

“I pay tribute to the memory of Alexeï Navalny, his commitment and his courage,” Mr. Macron wrote on the social platform X . “My thoughts are with his family, his loved ones and the Russian people.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak of Britain, whose country has long been an outspoken critic of Russia’s detention of Mr. Navalny, as well as its broader crackdown on dissent, called Mr. Navalny’s death “terrible.”

“As the fiercest advocate for Russian democracy, Alexei Navalny demonstrated incredible courage throughout his life,” Mr. Sunak wrote on X. “My thoughts are with his wife and the people of Russia, for whom this is a huge tragedy.”

Britain has had a tense relationship with Russia for years, a rift that was deepened by the poisoning of two former Russian intelligence operatives on British soil in the last two decades, the subsequent expulsion of Russian diplomats from Britain, and Britain’s stalwart support of Ukraine after Russia’s full-scale invasion.

Mr. Sunak’s sentiments were echoed by other leaders.

The European Union “holds the Russian regime for sole responsible for this tragic death,” Charles Michel, the president of the European Council, said on social media. Mr. Navalny, he added, “fought for the values of freedom and democracy. For his ideals, he made the ultimate sacrifice.”

Jens Stoltenberg, NATO’s secretary general, said Mr. Navalny had been “a strong voice for freedom.” He added, “All the facts has to be established, and Russia has serious questions to answer.”

Melissa Eddy is based in Berlin and reports on Germany’s politics, businesses and its economy. More about Melissa Eddy

Constant Méheut has covered France from the Paris bureau of The Times since 2020. More about Constant Méheut

Megan Specia reports on Britain, Ireland and the Ukraine war for The Times. She is based in London. More about Megan Specia

Steven Erlanger is the chief diplomatic correspondent in Europe and is based in Berlin. He has reported from over 120 countries, including Thailand, France, Israel, Germany and the former Soviet Union. More about Steven Erlanger

Watch CBS News

Top takeaways from Fulton County D.A. Fani Willis' forceful testimony in contentious hearing on whether she should be removed from Trump Georgia 2020 election case

By Melissa Quinn, Katrina Kaufman, Jared Eggleston, Daniel Klaidman

Updated on: February 16, 2024 / 9:44 AM EST / CBS News

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis defied the wishes of the lawyers in her office and demanded to testify at an evidentiary hearing Thursday involving a motion to disqualify her from prosecuting the  Georgia 2020 election interference case  against former President Donald Trump, according to a source close to Willis.

The D.A.'s lawyers tried to quash the subpoena for her to testify, but Willis was intent on defending her reputation and making it clear that the allegations against her are bogus. Before she took the stand, she asked for copies of the three filings from the motion submitted by Ashleigh Merchant, the attorney for Trump co-defendant Michael Roman. During the hearing, she held up each of the copies and called the assertions contained within them "lies."

During two hours of testimony, Willis offered a blistering rebuke against accusations she had an improper romantic relationship with Nathan Wade, a special prosecutor in her office. 

She fielded questions from defense lawyers representing Trump and several of his co-defendants in the sprawling racketeering case related to an alleged scheme to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election in Georgia. Wade and Willis' relationship, which was confirmed earlier this month in a court filing by the D.A.'s office, was the subject of the evidentiary hearing.

It was initially unclear whether Willis would appear when the proceedings began Thursday morning. But in the afternoon, she entered the courtroom to take the stand, declaring, "I'm ready to go." Willis said she "ran to the courtroom" when Wade finished testifying and added that it only made sense that she would be the next witness.

The testimony before Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee was contentious from the outset, as Willis forcefully defended herself and accused Merchant of being "dishonest" in the claims she made in filings seeking to disqualify Willis. 

"You've been intrusive into people's personal lives," Willis said. "You're confused. You think I'm on trial. These people are on trial for trying to steal an election in 2020. I'm not on trial, no matter how hard you try to put me on trial. I object to you getting any personal records of mine."

Willis called some of the implications in Merchant's court filings about the origins of her relationship with Wade "highly offensive" and said her interests were "contrary to democracy."

The hearing arose from a bid by Roman, a former Republican National Committee staffer, to disqualify Willis and her office and dismiss the indictment on the grounds it is invalid and unconstitutional. Willis was expected return for further questioning Friday, but when court resumed in the morning prosecutors declined to call her back to the stand .

The timing of their relationship and who knew about it

Willis took the stand after Wade answered questions under oath for several hours about his marriage and how his association with Willis developed. He described their first meeting at a judicial conference in 2019 and testified about the "personal relationship" that he said began in early 2022, after Willis appointed him to be a special prosecutor in November 2021. Wade said the relationship ended around June, while Willis said they had a "tough conversation" in August, but also said she thought it was likely he had said it was over earlier.

"Miss Willis, as am I, we're private people. Our relationship wasn't a secret; it was just private," Wade said, adding that he would not have discussed it publicly. 

Willis, too, said she did not share her relationship with Wade with other prosecutors working on the racketeering case involving Trump and did not consider it to be romantic until early 2022.

"That I kept something private that's my private life is not any mystery to anyone," she said. "It's like a woman doesn't have the right to keep her private life private."

Willis provided more details about when and why the relationship ended, insinuating there had been some tension between her and Wade about how he viewed a woman's role in a relationship.

"It's interesting that we're here about this money," she said. "Mr. Wade is used to women that, as he told me one time, the only thing a woman can do for him is make him a sandwich. We would have brutal arguments about the fact that I am your equal. I don't need anything from a man."

Willis said that to her, a man is a "companion," and "not a plan."

She denied that the Fulton County grand jury's indictment of Trump and his co-defendants in August played a role in their break-up and said that in Wade's view, the relationship had ended several months earlier.

The trips they took

Wade acknowledged the couple took two trips together in 2023, one to Belize in March and another to Napa, California, and said they visited Tennessee and Alabama on day trips in 2022. Willis and Wade also traveled to Aruba after they took a cruise with his mother in 2022, he said.

He said he used his business credit card to book the travel to Belize, which was a birthday gift to him, and Aruba. But Willis reimbursed him for the entire Belize trip and covered the cost of excursions in Napa, Wade testified.

"If you've ever spent any time with Miss Willis, you understand that she's a very independent, proud woman, so she's going to insist that she carries her own weight," Wade told Merchant. "It actually was a point of contention between the two of us. She is going to pay her own way."

Willis confirmed while on the stand that she took a cruise with Wade and his mother in October 2022 and then gifted him the Belize trip for his 50th birthday. The couple also took a cruise together to the Bahamas on New Year's Eve in 2022, Willis disclosed, and she recalled taking day trips to visit her sister in South Carolina and to Charlotte.

"I don't consider him having taken me anyplace," she said, adding that she reimbursed Wade based on the amount he relayed to her. She testified that she paid him in cash on three or four occasions and that she keeps cash in her home.

Asked whether there's any written record or ledger of the money she gave Wade, Willis said no.

Wade said traveling with Willis can be challenging, given the attention she receives and safety concerns, so she limits her transactions. He denied there had been any effort to conceal their travels, given that the purchases are listed on his credit card statements.

How the trips were paid for

Wade was asked repeatedly about the cash reimbursements from Willis, including what he did with the money he received from her, whether he deposited the money in a bank account or kept it around his home, whether he accompanied Willis to the ATM when she withdrew the cash to cover her portion of the trips, and if he asked Willis for records that would show she would pay him back for the travel. He said he did not deposit the funds, and Wade said he did not question where Willis got the cash to reimburse him.

Asked about the source of the money, Willis replied that it was the result of the "work, sweat and tears of me." She said she keeps cash on hand because of advice from her father to have at least six months' worth at a time.

"I always have cash at the house," she said.

During the questioning from Craig Gillen, a lawyer for David Shafer, former Georgia GOP chair and another one of Trump's co-defendants, Wade sought to dispel accusations that he used money he received for his work on the Fulton County case to pay for his trips with Willis. 

"To say that I'm paying a credit card statement with funds coming from Fulton County or from the state of Georgia would not be an accurate statement because the funds could have very well come from my private practice," Wade told Gillen.

Later, he told the court that his income decreased "significantly" as a result of his work for the district attorney's office despite spending nearly all of his time in 2022 on the case against Trump involving the integrity of the 2020 election.

Financial affidavits discussed during Wade's testimony indicated that his monthly income from 2022 to 2023 decreased from $14,000 to $9,000, and Wade said he often worked above the cap that set the maximum hours he could bill for.

"There's so many hours here that I worked that I couldn't get paid for," he said. "This is not the type of job that you can walk away from because you're not getting paid for it. There's some professional rules of responsibility to an attorney who's engaged in a case. You have to see it through."

Willis' former friend refutes the timeline of the relationship

The timeline surrounding Wade and Willis' relationship emerged as a crucial issue, as a former longtime friend of Willis, who also worked with her in the District Attorney's Office, contested assertions the couple made in court filings about when their romantic relationship began.

Robin Bryant-Yeartie testified that Willis' romantic relationship with Wade started shortly after they met at the judicial conference — in October or November of 2019 — a revelation that came during separate questioning from Merchant and Steven Sadow, who is representing Trump in the case, about what she observed and knew about Willis' relationship with Wade. 

Appearing via Zoom, Yeartie testified that Willis also told her she was engaged in a romantic relationship with Wade in 2020 and 2021, and said she witnessed "hugging, kissing," and "just affection" between the two before November 2021, when Wade was hired by Willis.

Willis lived for a brief time in Yeartie's condo in Hapeville, a city south of Atlanta, moving there in early 2021 due to safety concerns, she said. The district attorney said Wade visited her at the condo on several occasions, typically to pick up food, but never stayed the night.

"That was a very lonely period in my life," Willis said of the time she lived in Yeartie's unit.

Wade, too, acknowledged visiting Willis at the condo before he was hired in November 2021. Asked by Sadow about phone records reflecting that Wade was making phone calls from the area of the condo before his hiring, he said there are a number of nearby places he could have been such as the airport, at restaurants, and visiting the Porsche Experience Center.

Yeartie's testimony appeared to contradict claims from Wade made in an affidavit , in which he claimed his relationship with Willis began in 2022, after he was hired as a special prosecutor to assist in the case against Trump and his co-defendants .

Anna Cross, a lawyer in the Fulton County District Attorney's Office, sought to raise doubts about Yeartie's credibility, asking her several questions about her performance while working for the district attorney and whether she was ever disciplined for poor performance.

Yeartie said she was written up once, and referenced a "situation" in which she was informed that she was going to be terminated if she did not resign. Yeartie said she has not spoken with Willis since her departure from the district attorney's office in 2022.

Cross revealed that she intends to call several witnesses who will challenge Yeartie's credibility when proceedings resume.

Wade reveals he had cancer in 2020 

But during cross-examination by Cross, Wade revealed that he was battling cancer in 2020 and part of 2021. Because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, his illness kept him from "leaving environments that aren't sterile," Wade said.

"I had health on my mind," he testified.

Willis referenced Wade's diagnosis to push back on questions about whether the two were in contact in 2020 and said that though they had "some contact" that year, any accusations that they were engaged in a romantic relationship then are "preposterous."

"Mr. Wade had a form of cancer that makes your allegations somewhat ridiculous," she told Sadow. "I'm not going to emasculate a Black man … so I don't think we should discuss it further."

Willis' former law partner asserts attorney-client privilege 

McAfee presided over the evidentiary hearing to consider Roman's motion to disqualify Willis and her office from prosecuting the 2020 election interference case in Georgia. Roman alleged that Willis had an improper relationship with Wade , paid him more than $650,000 for his work for the D.A.'s office and then benefited financially from the relationship when Wade allegedly took her on cruises and trips. 

A filing by the Fulton County D.A.'s office earlier this month confirmed there had been a romantic relationship between Willis and Wade but stated that it began long after Willis hired him. In the affidavit, Wade denied he had any financial interest in the outcome of the Georgia election interference case.

Terrence Bradley, Wade's former law partner, was called to testify by Roman's attorney, Merchant. But Bradley's attorney objected when Merchant began asking him about the relationship, citing attorney-client privilege because Bradley had for a time represented Wade in his divorce case.

"I was advised by the bar," Bradley said. "I cannot reveal anything that I saw or learned." McAfee commented, "That's a broader representation of attorney-client privilege than I've ever heard."

McAfee said earlier this week that the evidentiary hearing had to proceed because it's "possible that the facts alleged … could result in disqualification" and also "to establish the record on those core allegations." 

He listed these issues for the hearing: Whether a relationship existed, whether it was romantic, when it formed, whether it continues and any personal benefit conveyed as a result of the relationship. McAfee has also said that some of the arguments made by Roman's attorney are not relevant, like Wade's alleged lack of experience in handling racketeering cases like the Trump case.

"As long as a lawyer has a heartbeat and a bar card," that lawyer's appointment is within the D.A.'s discretion, McAfee said Monday. McAfee has so far not found violations of Fulton County case law code, which would be relevant to a motion to disqualify a prosecutor for a pending criminal case. 

  • Donald Trump
  • Fani Willis
  • Live Streaming

Melissa Quinn is a politics reporter for CBSNews.com. She has written for outlets including the Washington Examiner, Daily Signal and Alexandria Times. Melissa covers U.S. politics, with a focus on the Supreme Court and federal courts.

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Video released in deadly police-involving shooting in Woodbridge, N.J.

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2024 Genesis Invitational live stream, watch online, schedule, TV channel, tee times, golf coverage, radio

The cat is back alongside some of the best players in the world this week in los angeles.


All eyes fell on Riviera Country Club this week as Tiger Woods made his first start on the PGA Tour since the 2023 Masters. The 2024 Genesis Invitational served as the grounds for Woods' return yet again, though unfortunately, he was forced to withdraw for the third time in his last six official PGA Tour starts, citing an illness.

Also missing from the weekend is Justin Thomas, who finished T58 through the first 36 holes, and Jordan Spieth, who signed an incorrect scorecard and was disqualified despite sitting T20. Sometimes, that's just how it goes.

The Genesis Invitational marks the third signature event of the season and the first to feature a cut at the 36-hole mark. Atop the leaderboard through two days is Patrick Cantlay, who holds a five-shot lead on the rest of the field. Other big names are in contention, though, with the likes of Jason Day, Xander Schauffele, Will Zalatoris, Tony Finau and Scottie Scheffler hovering around.

Cantlay is looking to pull through after a couple recent hot starts went nowhere, while Scheffler is searching for his first PGA Tour win since the 2023 Players Championship while hoping hoping to stop an extended stretch of longshot winners on the PGA Tour.

This field of 70 has been trimmed down to the top 51, and now it's time to see who can pull it out at Riviera Country Club in Los Angeles with Moving Day ahead Saturday.

All times Eastern; streaming start times approximated   

Round 3 - Saturday

Round starts:  10 a.m.

PGA Tour Live:  10 a.m. -  7 p.m. --  PGA Tour Live

Early TV coverage:  1-3 p.m. on Golf Channel,  fubo  (Try for free)

Live TV coverage:  3-7 p.m. on CBS Live simulcast:  3-7 p.m. on  CBSSports.com  and the  CBS Sports App

Radio:  2-7 p.m. --  PGA Tour Radio  

Round 4 - Sunday

Round starts:  9:30 a.m.

PGA Tour Live:  9:30 a.m. -  6:30 p.m. --  PGA Tour Live

Live TV coverage:  3-6:30 p.m. on CBS Live simulcast:  3-6:30 p.m. on  CBSSports.com  and the  CBS Sports App

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2024 Genesis Invitational tee times for Tiger Woods

Kyle porter • 1 min read, tiger scores middling 72 in return to golf at genesis, kyle porter • 4 min read.


Tiger Woods' return; Season-ending NFL power rankings

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How to watch 2024 Genesis Invitational

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Tiger Woods (illness) withdraws from Genesis

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Judge orders Trump to pay more than $350 million after civil fraud trial

The new york attorney general’s office says trump will also have to pay interest in the case that so far adds up to nearly $100 million.

NEW YORK — A judge on Friday ordered former president Donald Trump to pay more than $350 million in penalties, plus interest, following a civil fraud trial, finding that he and others had carried out a years-long scheme to use “blatantly false financial data” to borrow money at lower rates.

New York Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron issued a deluge of punishments, including years-long bans on Trump and his adult sons taking top jobs in companies in the state, and he did so with biting language, castigating defendants as stubbornly unwilling to admit fault or acknowledge reality.

“Their complete lack of contrition and remorse borders on pathological,” Engoron, who heard the case without a jury, said in a written decision.

Read the full ruling from Judge Engoron in Trump’s civil fraud trial

Engoron’s decision was a stinging loss for Trump, and it marked the latest legal and financial defeat he has suffered over the last year. Over that span, Trump has been charged in four criminal cases, including one set to go to trial in Manhattan next month, and juries have ordered him to pay nearly $90 million to a writer who sued him for defamation. He is also fighting court battles seeking to stay on some states’ ballots in the upcoming presidential election, all while seeking another term in office.

Trump, in a statement, called the decision “a Complete and Total SHAM,” while his attorneys pledged to appeal what they called “a draconian and unconstitutional fine.” Engoron ordered Trump to pay more than $354 million in penalties.

The case stemmed from a lawsuit filed in 2022 by New York Attorney General Letitia James (D), who sued Trump, his namesake company, some of his adult children and certain company executives, accusing them of participating in an expansive financial fraud. Because this case was civil, not criminal, none of the defendants faced any time behind bars.

In her lawsuit, James accused the defendants of falsely inflating the values of assets in financial documents to secure better terms from lenders and insurers.

She accused Trump of purposefully inflating his net worth by as much as $2.2 billion annually, and said he and other defendants “engaged in numerous acts of fraud and misrepresentation” while preparing Trump’s annual financial statements dealing with “at least the years 2011 through 2021.”

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James praised Engoron’s decision Friday, saying that “white-collar financial fraud is not a victimless crime.”

“Today, we are holding Donald Trump accountable,” she said. “We are holding him accountable for lying, cheating, and a lack of contrition and for flouting the rules that all of us must play by.”

The decision Friday means Trump has been hit with more than $440 million in combined penalties and judgments following civil trials in New York courthouses over the last nine months — and the final tally will probably be much higher, since Engoron’s decision also ordered him to pay interest. According to James’s office, the interest in the case adds up to nearly $100 million.

Trump has long denied wrongdoing in the case and accused James of being politically motivated, a claim he and his attorneys reiterated Friday. Speaking briefly after Engoron’s decision was released, Trump defended his business practices and insisted no fraud took place.

“The banks all got their money, a hundred percent,” Trump said. “They love Trump.”

Trump also claimed, without evidence, that he was only sued because of his presidential campaign.

James’s lawsuit and her court case portrayed a brazen scheme on the part of Trump and the other defendants, in which basic facts were discarded at will. During the trial, Kevin Wallace, an attorney with James’s office, said the defendants used “knowing and intentional lies” in their financial statements. In one example in the lawsuit, Trump’s Trump Tower triplex apartment was described as “being 30,000 square feet when it was 10,996 square feet.”

Trump’s attorneys in the case said that nothing illegal took place and that real estate values are subjective. They have also noted that no complaints were made over any of the loans at issue in the case.

“There was no illegality, there was no fraud, there are no victims,” Christopher Kise, an attorney for Trump, said during the trial. He later said James was trying “to pursue a victimless fraud and impose the corporate death penalty.”

Engoron already ruled before the trial that Trump and his company broadly committed fraud. The trial, which began in October , was held to determine whether any illegal acts occurred during the commission of the fraud and what, if any, penalties should be handed down to the defendants.

More than a month after the trial’s proceedings concluded, Engoron on Friday released his decision and laid out penalties — and not just for Trump.

Two of his adult children — Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, who were also defendants in the case — were fined $4 million each. Both men were blocked from serving as an officer or a director for any New York corporation for two years.

Clifford S. Robert, an attorney for the two men, called the decision “a gross injustice” and said the trial failed to provide any evidence that “remotely suggested” either of his clients or their father was involved in preparing the financial statements at issue in the case.

Trump and two former top financial officials with his company — Allen Weisselberg, the former chief financial officer, and Jeffrey McConney, who reported to him — were all blocked from working as directors or officers for any New York corporation for three years.

Weisselberg and McConney were given lifetime bans from working in “the financial control function” of any New York company, and Weisselberg was also found to be liable for $1 million. Trump and his company were also blocked from seeking loans from financial institutions in New York for three years.

“The frauds found here leap off the page and shock the conscience,” Engoron wrote.

In addition, Engoron said more layers of supervision were needed at the Trump Organization.

He ordered the appointment of an independent director of compliance, and said that former federal judge Barbara Jones, an independent monitor already overseeing the Trump Organization’s financial disclosures, will continue in that role for at least three years.

She will take on additional duties, Engoron wrote, “as her observations over the past 14 months indicate that still more oversight is required.” Jones wrote in a status report last month that she had identified “certain deficiencies in the financial information that I have reviewed.”

Her comments prompted an irritated response from Robert, the attorney, who wrote on behalf of all defendants in this case that Jones was trying to “manipulate innocuous accounting items into a narrative favoring her continued receipt of millions in excessive fees.”

Engoron in his decision Friday also revisited a pretrial ruling he issued in the case in September, in which he ordered the cancellation of certificates related to New York-based Trump entities. Experts have debated what the order might mean for Trump’s business empire, and it was expected that Engoron’s decision could offer more guidance.

Engoron said Friday that since there will be “two-tiered oversight” in the form of Jones and the compliance director, he was no longer requiring the cancellations. Instead, Jones and the compliance director would determine the certificates’ futures.

The trial appeared to madden Trump, who has long touted himself as a pillar of business success. He attended the trial a number of times across 10 weeks of testimony, frequently pausing on his way in and out of the courtroom to deliver remarks excoriating the case to journalists and cameras nearby.

Engoron at one point issued a narrow gag order blocking Trump from commenting on his staff, after he posted about the judge’s law clerk on social media, then fined him twice for violating it.

Trump’s commentary on the case did not end at the courtroom’s door. When Trump took the stand in November , he clashed with Engoron, belittled James and defended his companies and his net worth. Then, when closing remarks were delivered in the case in January, Trump made an extended speech in the courtroom, accusing the judge of having “your own agenda” and saying that Trump should himself be paid “for what we’ve had to go through,” not fined.

In his decision Friday, Engoron was critical of Trump’s performance on the stand, saying he “rarely responded to the questions asked, and he frequently interjected long, irrelevant speeches on issues far beyond the scope of the trial.”

“His refusal to answer the questions directly, or in some cases, at all, severely compromised his credibility,” Engoron added.

Engoron took a withering look at the defense and defendants in the case. Trump and others “submitted blatantly false financial data” to accountants, he wrote, leading to the flawed financial statements.

“When confronted at trial with the statements, defendants’ fact and expert witnesses simply denied reality, and defendants failed to accept responsibility or to impose internal controls to prevent future recurrences,” Engoron said.

He also expressed bafflement at the defendants’ insistence on not acknowledging any wrongdoing, saying they only admitted one error — the size of the Trump Tower apartment.

Defendants, Engoron wrote, were accused of inflating asset valuations to make some money, not committing murder.

“Yet, defendants are incapable of admitting the error of their ways,” Engoron said.

Berman reported from Washington. Devlin Barrett, Josh Dawsey, Jonathan O’Connell and Azi Paybarah in Washington, and Wesley Parnell in New York contributed to this report.

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