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Schools Near You

Find out what school district you are in and what school you are zoned for by exploring our school boundary maps. Note: School map boundaries may have changed for the current school year so please contact your school district to verify school assignment for your child.

See What School District You Are In

A student's base schools are based on the residence of the student. Enter the street number and a few characters of the street name in the search box below. When you see your address in the list, click it to view the assigned base schools.

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Find Base School Assignment by Address

A student's base schools are based on the residence of the student. Please enter the street number and a few characters of the street name in the box below. When you see your address in the list, click it to view the assigned base schools.

  • Center School
  • Nathan Hale
  • Interagency
  • Middle College
  • Rainier Beach
  • Chief Sealth International
  • Seattle World School
  • Skills Center
  • Alan T. Sugiyama
  • West Seattle
  • Jane Addams
  • Denny International
  • Robert Eagle Staff
  • Hamilton International
  • Mercer International
  • Catharine Blaine
  • Louisa Boren STEM
  • Broadview-Thomson
  • Cascade Parent Partnership
  • Licton Springs
  • South Shore
  • Arbor Heights
  • James Baldwin
  • Beacon Hill International
  • Concord International
  • Dearborn Park International
  • Fairmount Park
  • Bailey Gatzert
  • Genesee Hill
  • Graham Hill
  • Highland Park
  • Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Laurelhurst
  • Loyal Heights
  • Thurgood Marshall
  • McDonald International
  • North Beach
  • Olympic Hills
  • Olympic View
  • Rainier View
  • Rising Star
  • John Rogers
  • John Stanford International
  • Thornton Creek
  • West Woodland

Seattle Public Schools

  • School Assignment
  • School Choice and Open Enrollment
  • School Types and Terminology
  • Service and Option Schools
  • Service and Program Locations

Find Your School

Address lookup tool, attendance area maps.

Welcome! Seattle Public Schools offers award-winning neighborhood schools and outstanding option schools. We have a deep commitment to every student’s journey to ensure that each one will graduate ready for college, career and life.

Seattle Public Schools assigns students based on the address where their primary residence is located. Click the Address Lookup tool below to see which school your student would be assigned to according to your address.

How to Use the Address Lookup Tool

  • Click the Address Lookup button below.
  • Type your address in the search box.
  • Check the “Attendance Area School” associated with your address on the right side of the window. Option schools will only show if your address is within the geo-zone of those option schools.
  • Click on schools applicable to your student’s grade level for more information.

You can learn more about our  small high schools with continuous enrollment.

Please visit our Enrollment Planning webpage for Attendance Area Maps.

Two high school students smile for a photo while holding small plants in a greenhouse.

Students may apply for assignment to a different school or program.

Contact the Admissions Center.

School Year Calendar

School Directory

Program Placement

  • Attend a School Board Meeting
  • See Job Opportunities
  • Learn How to Become a Volunteer
  • Find SPS Policies and Procedures
  • Enroll a Child for School
  • See School Year Dates
  • Contact Someone to Resolve a Concern
  • Change My Address
  • Annabel C. Perry PK - 8
  • Apollo Middle
  • Atlantic Technical High School
  • Atlantic Technical College
  • Atlantic West Elementary
  • Attucks Middle
  • Bair Middle
  • Banyan Elementary
  • Bayview Elementary
  • Beachside Montessori Village
  • Bennett Elementary
  • Bethune Elementary
  • Blanche Ely High
  • Boulevard Heights Elementary
  • Boyd H. Anderson High School
  • Bright Horizons Center
  • Broadview Elementary
  • Broward Community Schools
  • Broward Estates Elementary
  • Broward Virtual School
  • C. Robert Markham Elementary
  • Castle Hill Elementary
  • Central Park Elementary
  • Challenger Elementary Home Page
  • Chapel Trail Elementary
  • Charles Drew Elementary
  • Charles W. Flanagan HS
  • Coconut Creek Elementary
  • Coconut Creek High
  • Coconut Palm Elementary
  • Colbert Museum Magnet
  • College Academy at Broward College
  • Collins Elementary
  • Cooper City Elementary
  • Cooper City High School
  • Coral Cove Elementary
  • Coral Glades High
  • Coral Park Elementary
  • Coral Springs High
  • Coral Springs Middle
  • Coral Springs Elementary
  • Country Hills Elementary
  • Country Isles Elementary
  • Cresthaven Elementary
  • Croissant Park Elementary
  • Cross Creek
  • Crystal Lake Middle
  • Cypress Bay High
  • Cypress Elementary
  • Cypress Run Education Center
  • Dania Elementary
  • Dave Thomas Education Center
  • Davie Elementary
  • Deerfield Beach Elementary
  • Deerfield Beach High
  • Deerfield Beach Middle
  • Deerfield Park Elementary
  • Dillard Elementary
  • Dillard 6 - 12
  • Discovery Elementary
  • Dolphin Bay Elementary
  • Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Montessori Academy
  • Driftwood Elementary
  • Driftwood Middle
  • Eagle Point Elementary
  • Eagle Ridge Elementary
  • Embassy Creek Elementary
  • Endeavour Primary Learning Center
  • Everglades Elementary
  • Everglades High
  • Fairway Elementary
  • Falcon Cove Middle
  • Flamingo Elementary
  • Floranada Elementary
  • Forest Glen Middle
  • Forest Hills Elementary
  • Fort Lauderdale High
  • Fox Trail Elementary
  • Gator Run Elementary
  • Glades Middle
  • Griffin Elementary
  • Gulfstream Academy K-8 of Hallandale Beach
  • Hallandale Magnet High
  • Harbordale Elementary
  • Hawkes Bluff Elementary
  • Henry D. Perry Education Center
  • Heron Heights Elementary
  • Hollywood Central Elementary
  • Hollywood Hills Elementary
  • Hollywood Hills High
  • Hollywood Park Elementary
  • Horizon Elementary
  • Hunt Elementary
  • Indian Ridge Middle School
  • Indian Trace Elementary
  • Lake Forest Elementary
  • Lakeside Elementary
  • Lanier-James Education Center
  • Larkdale Elementary
  • Lauderdale Lakes Middle
  • Lauderhill 6 - 12
  • Lauderhill Paul Turner Elementary
  • Liberty Elementary
  • Lloyd Estates Elementary
  • Lyons Creek Middle
  • Manatee Bay Elementary
  • Maplewood Elementary
  • Margate Elementary
  • Margate Middle
  • McArthur High
  • McFatter Technical College
  • William T. McFatter Technical High
  • McNab Elementary
  • McNicol Middle Magnet
  • Meadowbrook Elementary
  • Millennium 6-12 Collegiate Academy
  • Miramar Elementary
  • Miramar High
  • Mirror Lake Elementary
  • Monarch High
  • Morrow Elementary
  • New Renaissance Middle
  • New River Middle
  • Nob Hill Elementary
  • Norcrest Elementary
  • North Andrews Gardens Elementary School of the Arts
  • North Fork Elementary
  • North Lauderdale Elementary
  • North Side Elementary
  • Northeast High
  • Nova Blanche Forman Elementary
  • Nova Eisenhower Elementary
  • Nova Middle
  • Oakland Park Elementary
  • Oakridge Elementary
  • Olsen Middle School
  • Orange Brook Elementary
  • Oriole Elementary
  • Palm Cove Elementary
  • Palmview Elementary
  • Panther Run Elementary
  • Park Lakes Elementary
  • Park Ridge Elementary
  • Park Springs Elementary
  • Park Trails Elementary
  • Parkside Elementary
  • Parkway Middle
  • Pasadena Lakes Elementary
  • Pembroke Lakes Elementary
  • Pembroke Pines Elementary
  • Peters Elementary
  • Pine Ridge Education Center
  • Pines Lakes Elementary
  • Pines Middle
  • Pinewood Elementary
  • Pioneer Middle
  • Piper High School
  • Plantation Elementary
  • Plantation High
  • Plantation Middle
  • Plantation Park Elementary
  • Pompano Beach Elementary
  • Pompano Beach High
  • Pompano Beach Middle
  • Quiet Waters Elementary
  • Ramblewood Elementary
  • Ramblewood Middle School
  • James S. Rickards Middle
  • Riverglades Elementary
  • Riverland Elementary
  • Riverside Elementary
  • Rock Island Elementary
  • Royal Palm STEM Museum Magnet
  • Sanders Park Elementary Magnet
  • Sandpiper Elementary
  • Sawgrass Elementary
  • Sawgrass Springs Middle
  • Sea Castle Elementary
  • Seagull Alternative High School
  • Seminole Middle
  • Sheridan Hills Elementary
  • Sheridan Park Elementary School
  • Sheridan Technical College
  • Sheridan Technical High
  • Silver Lakes Elementary
  • Silver Lakes Middle
  • Silver Palms Elementary
  • Silver Ridge Elementary
  • Silver Shores Elementary School
  • Silver Trail Middle
  • South Broward High
  • South Plantation High
  • Stephen Foster Elementary
  • Stirling Elementary School
  • Marjory Stoneman Douglas High
  • Stranahan High School
  • Sunland Park Academy
  • Sunrise Middle
  • Sunset Lakes Elementary School
  • Sunshine Elementary
  • Tamarac Elementary
  • Taravella High
  • Tedder Elementary
  • Tequesta Trace Middle
  • The Quest Center
  • Thurgood Marshall Elementary
  • Tradewinds Elementary
  • Tropical Elementary
  • Village Elementary
  • Virginia Shuman Young Montessori
  • Walker Elementary
  • Walter C. Young Middle
  • Watkins Elementary
  • Welleby Elementary
  • West Broward High
  • West Hollywood Elementary
  • Westchester Elementary
  • Western High
  • Westglades Middle School
  • Westpine Middle
  • Westwood Heights Elementary
  • Whiddon-Rogers Education Center
  • Whispering Pines School
  • William Dandy Middle
  • Wilton Manors Elementary
  • Wingate Oaks Center
  • Winston Park Elementary
  • Bond Oversight Committee
  • Euphoria to Buzzworthy Training Site
  • Gulfstream Early Learning Center


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Demographics & Enrollment Planning

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  • Boundary Process
  • Maps and Data
  • Staff Directory

Students are assigned schools based on their primary residential address. Students may apply for other school choice options during application windows. For more information visit the School Choice website: .

For assistance with addresses not found in the Find My School app, please email the complete address to: [email protected] .

Please include a suffix when searching numeric street names (for example: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th).


  • School Boundary Maps
  • Planning Tool for School Enrollment / Capacity
  • Student Enrollment Counts
  • Five Year Enrollment Projections Memo & Reports
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  • Web Community Manager Privacy Policy (Updated) |

Find Your School is currently unavailable. Planning and Demographics department is looking into the issue. Your patience is appreciated.

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  • A. G. Wright Middle
  • Anne E. Moncure Elementary
  • Anthony Burns Elementary
  • Brooke Point High School
  • Colonial Forge High School
  • Conway Elementary
  • Dixon-Smith Middle
  • Early Childhood Education Centers: North Star & Rising Star
  • Edward E. Drew Middle
  • Falmouth Elementary
  • Ferry Farm Elementary
  • Garrisonville Elementary
  • Grafton Village Elementary
  • H. H. Poole Middle
  • Hampton Oaks Elementary
  • Hartwood Elementary
  • Kate Waller Barrett Elementary
  • Margaret Brent Elementary
  • Mountain View High School
  • North Stafford High
  • Park Ridge Elementary
  • Rockhill Elementary
  • Rocky Run Elementary
  • Rodney E. Thompson Middle
  • Shirley C. Heim Middle
  • Stafford Elementary
  • Stafford High
  • Stafford Middle
  • T. Benton Gayle Middle
  • Widewater Elementary
  • Winding Creek Elementary


  • Stafford County Public Schools

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Find Your School

New User Experience!

Click to Find Your School

This website allows users to identify the elementary, middle, and high schools that are assigned to serve a specific address.  Simply enter your street number and name into the search box and select your address from the drop down or hit the enter key to find your assigned schools. Please note that school boundaries are subject to change, and the schools currently assigned to your address can change in the future. Please note: parents of students in low incidence programs will be contacted by the Administrative Designee regarding program placement for the upcoming school year.

Please contact us if you have any questions. 

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assigned school based on address

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How to search by address.

assigned school based on address

Designated School

Every CBE student is assigned to a school based on their home address and their program needs. Please be aware your designated school may not be the closest school to your address. To confirm attendance areas, program locations or for more information about your designated school call the Public Information Line at 403-817-7955 .  

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assigned school based on address

get in touch

Main Office | Education Centre

Address | 1221-8 Street SW

Calgary, AB T2R 0L4

CBE | 403-817-4000


  1. Fillable Online Your assigned Middle School based on your current address is: Fax Email Print

    assigned school based on address

  2. International School Email Addresses

    assigned school based on address

  3. School name and address

    assigned school based on address

  4. Networking features

    assigned school based on address

  5. 😀 Assigned schools. Where can I find the public schools for a particular property and the

    assigned school based on address

  6. FAQ: Can custom or file-based address locators be used in ArcReader?

    assigned school based on address


  1. How Can You Find Answers to Aplia Assignments Online?

    Students with access to Aplia’s resources through their schools can find assignment answers after completing an assignment. As Aplia does not direct students to any third-party test answer websites, students should generally avoid them.

  2. What Is the Postcode for the Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany?

    The Ramstein Air Base has been assigned the APO AE 09094-3300. However, in order to reach one of the troops, it is necessary to know the person and their unit and box number, as it is no longer permissable to address letters to any service ...

  3. How to Find School District Boundaries by Home Address

    Maybe you’ve just moved to a new area and you’re wondering where one school district ends and another begins. Perhaps you’re curious what options your children have for attending a better school. In either case, there are numerous ways to d...

  4. Find Schools Near You

    school district to verify school assignment for your child. Enter an address

  5. What School District Are You In? District Boundary Map

    See what school district you are in by providing your zip code or address in our interactive map.

  6. Find Base School Assignment by Address

    Find Base School Assignment by Address. A student's base schools are based on the residence of the student. Please enter the street number and a few characters

  7. Find Your School

    Click the Address Lookup tool below to see which school your student

  8. Miami-Dade School Attendance Boundaries

    Find your assigned schools. Search for an address to learn more about your assigned public schools. If you don't know the address, use one of these search

  9. Demographics & Enrollment Planning / Find My School

    Students are assigned schools based on their primary residential address. Students may apply for other school choice options during

  10. Find Your Neighborhood School

    Cambridge Programs; International Baccalaureate Programs; Career Academics Programs. Enter your address into the box below to identify the schools and programs

  11. By Address

    Current Geocode lookup reflects the 2023-2024 School Assignment. School

  12. Facilities & Maintenance / Find Your School Website

    Please note that school boundaries are subject to change, and the schools currently assigned to your address can change in the future.

  13. School Search by Address

    Enter a City address below to find elementary, middle, and high schools assigned to it.

  14. Help

    Every CBE student is assigned to a school based on their home address and their program needs. Please be aware your designated school may not be the closest