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How do I convert my assignments to a PDF?

No matter what program you're using, convert your work into a pdf before submitting..

Our evaluation team requires that you submit your assignments as PDF files. This protects their computers and ensures they can view your submission.

Convert a Word Document

1. Click on “File” at the top left of the screen.

Microsoft - File-1

2. Scroll down and select "Save As."

Microsoft - Save As

4. Note where the file is being saved (a folder, desktop, downloads, etc.), then click “Save” in the bottom right corner.

Microsoft - Save

Convert a PowerPoint

PowerPoint - File

3. Beneath the title of the document you should see “PowerPoint Presentation” indicating the current format. Click the drop-down and select "PDF."

PowerPoint - Save as PPT

Converting Google Docs to a PDF

1. Click on “File” in the top left corner of the screen (not to be confused with the File for your web browser if you are working on a Mac).

Google Docs - File

2. Scroll down and select “Download as." This will bring up a variety of options to the right.

Google Docs - Download As

3. Select "PDF Document (.pdf)."

Google Docs - Save as PDF

4. A PDF copy of your work will be saved to your computer and can be found in the “Downloads” area on your computer.

Google Docs - Saved Download

More questions? We're just a chat or phone call away .

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Current Research Students

Scripting must be enabled to use this site., converting assignments to pdfs.

If you wish to convert a document or assignment into a Portable Document Format (PDF), there are a number of conversion options available to you.

Microsoft Office 2010 (and above) If you are using an Office 2010 program (such as Microsoft Word), you can: Access the main File menu option Select Save As Select the location you wish to save your PDF to (i.e. Desktop) Enter the title you wish to save the PDF under. It is recommended that you name the PDF differently from the original or existing document, so that you can differentiate both files. In the Save as Type field, select PDF (*.pdf) from the dropdown menu. Select Save from the pop up window to confirm and save the PDF. Pages for Mac If you are using Pages for Mac, you can: Open the document you want to save as a PDF file. Select File from the main menu Select the  Print option Select the Save as PDF option Select the location you wish to save your PDF to (i.e. Desktop) Select  OK to confirm and save the PDF. Online PDF Converters There are several other websites and programs which will allow you to convert files to PDF for free. However, it is advised that you find a reliable source to confirm the legitimacy of the website or service, or review your internet security software before proceeding.

Additional Information

It is recommended that you review your document prior to and after the PDF conversion process, to ensure that you have converted the correct document. You should also review the converted PDF for quality prior to submission. Please see the Converting Files to PDF and Combining Files  page for additional detail.

For further information or advice regarding IT Support , you may contact the IT Service Desk through ServiceNow , or phone (02) 6773 5000 or 1800 763 040 (toll free) for assistance.

The feedback you provide will help us improve our answers for other people.

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Pdf assignment submission plugin, spis treści.

  • 1.1 Installation
  • 1.2 How to use
  • 1.3 Edit Templates
  • 1.4 Known issues
  • 1.6 See also

PDF annotation assignment plugin

The PDF assignment submission and feedback plugins allow a teacher to annotate and return PDF files that have been submitted by students. It is based on the previous UploadPDF assignment type by Davo Smith, updated to work with the Moodle 2.3+ 'assign' module (rather than the Moodle 2.0-2.2 'assignment' module).

Teachers can add and position comments and draw lines, ovals, stamps, rectangles and highlights onto the student's work, from within the browser, before returning the work to the student.

This plugin is available in Moodle 2.3+, Moodle 2.0-2.2 and Moodle 1.9 versions.

This is the Moodle 2.3+ version - you can download the Moodle 1.9 version from here: https://github.com/davosmith/moodle-uploadpdf/zipball/MOODLE_19_STABLE

and the Moodle 2.0-2.2 version here: https://github.com/davosmith/moodle-uploadpdf/zipball/master



Note - the assignsubmission_pdf plugin can, theoretically, be used without the assignfeedback_pdf plugin. On its own, however, it has little advantage over the standard 'file' submission plugin (other than coversheet handling). The assignfeedback_pdf will not do anything on its own (and cannot be installed without the submission plugin).

  • Download and install GhostScript ( http://pages.cs.wisc.edu/~ghost ) - or install from standard respositories, if using Linux.
  • Under Windows, do not install to a path with a space in it - that means you should install to something like 'c:\gs' NOT 'c:\Program Files\gs' (note you only need the files 'gswin32c.exe' and the dll file from the 'bin' folder, all other files are unnecessary for this to work).
  • Unzip the submission pdf and feedback pdf plugin files to folders on your local machine
  • Upload the plugin files to <siteroot>/mod/assign/submission/pdf and <siteroot>/mod/assign/feedback/pdf
  • Log in to Moodle as administrator, then click on 'Home'.
  • Visit 'Site admin > Plugins > Assignment plugins > Submission Plugins > PDF Submission'. Adjust the 'Ghostscript path' to where ghostscript is installed (should not need changing on a Linux install).
  • All being well, you should now be able to add submission and feedback type 'pdf' to assignments.
  • Add a new Assignment to a course.
  • PDF submission - set to 'Yes' to allow students to submit PDFs for annotation
  • PDF feedback - set to 'Yes' to allow the submitted PDFs to be annotated (note this ONLY works with PDFs submitted via the 'PDF submission' plugin).
  • Coversheet - this is a PDF that will be automatically added to the start of any files submitted by your students
  • Template - before submission your students can be (optionally) asked to fill in some text fields, the template is used to add these entries to the coversheet (this is ignored, if no coversheet is selected).
  • Edit Templates... - see section below

It is recommended this is used with the 'Require students click submit button' option, as then the processing and combining of the submission PDFs is only done once they click that button. Otherwise, the processing is done every time the student updates their submission.

  • When a student uploads their files and clicks 'Submit' they will be combined them together into a single submission (along with the coversheet).

(Hint: to help students generate PDF files, install a PDF printer, such as PDF Creator - http://sourceforge.net/projects/pdfcreator ).

  • The teacher can then log in, go to the usual marking screen and click on 'Annotate submission', which will bring up the first page of the student's work on screen.
  • Click anywhere on the image of the PDF to add a comment. Use the resize handle in the bottom-right corner of a comment to resize it, click & drag on a comment to move it. Click (without dragging) on a comment to edit it, delete all the text in a comment to remove it.
  • Right-click on a comment to add it to a 'Comment Quicklist'. You can then right-click anywhere on a page to insert comments from this 'Comment Quicklist' (with the same text, width and background as the original). Comments can be deleted from the 'Comment Quicklist' by clicking on the 'X' to the right of the comment.
  • You can add lines to the PDF by holding 'Ctrl' ('Alt' on Apple Macs) whilst you click and drag with the mouse (or alternatively hold 'Ctrl' then click once for the start and once for the end of the line).
  • You can also choose different drawing tools by clicking on the icons or by using the keys c (comments), l (lines), r (rectangles), o (ovals), f (freehand lines), e (erase lines), [ & ] (change comment colour), { & } (change line colour)
  • Navigate between the pages by clicking on the 'Next' and 'Prev' buttons or by pressing 'n' and 'p' on the keyboard.
  • Click on 'Save Draft and Close' (or just navigate to a different page) to save the work in progress.
  • Click on the 'Generate Response' icon to create a new PDF with all your annotations present (that the student will be able to access).
  • You can view the comments you have made on a student's previous submissions by choosing that submission from the 'compare to' list
  • You can quickly find comments you have previously made by clicking on the 'find comment' list.
  • Add any feedback / grades to the usual form and save them.

Edit Templates

  • Click on the 'Edit Templates...' link on the 'Settings' page
  • Choose the name of the Template to edit (or select 'New Template...')
  • You can change the name of the template, delete the template or make it available to everyone on the site (administrators only, for this last option). Only administrators can edit site templates.

Note: you cannot delete templates that are in use (click 'show' to find out where it is currently being used)

  • The list at the bottom allows you to choose an item in the template to edit, or choose 'New Item...' to add a new one.
  • text - a block of text, which will re-flow at 'width' pixels, 'value' will be the prompt the student sees to fill this in
  • shorttext - similar to text, but without word-wrapping useful for 'name' or 'type your initials to state this is all your own work'
  • date - fills in the date that the assignment was submitted, 'value' is the format to record the date
  • To position the items on the template, upload an example PDF coversheet (using the bottom form) then type in the position you want to place the PDF (x position, y position, in pixels).
  • Alternatively, click on the coversheet image to set the position of that template item.
  • When you are finished, save any items you have changed, then close the window. The list of templates on the 'settings' page should have been updated.

Known issues

There is no way to annotate the PDFs without JavaScript.

Backup & restore will not transfer coversheet templates to a different site (it will work fine on a single site). This is a limitation of the assignment backup & restore process.

This makes use of GhostScript and the FPDI and TCPDF libraries for PDF manipulation; Mootools is used to help with the JavaScript and Raphael provides the cross-browser annotation support.

Thanks to the creators of all those libraries, as this wouldn't have been possible without their hard work (and their free software licensing)

  • PDF Feedback plugin - both plugins must be installed for the annotation to work
  • Source code (Github)

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Create a PDF of your assignment or solution set

Updated 30 Jul 2023

If your assignment isn’t a PDF document yet, convert it to PDF format so you can upload it into a Freehand Grader (Beta) assignment. To share the correct answers with students, you can also optionally upload a solution set PDF for the assignment.

  • If none of the PDF conversion methods below apply to your situation, search online for alternate instructions that do apply.
  • Students use a scanner app on their phone or tablet to create a PDF of their assignment work done on paper. Student instructions for scan-to-PDF steps

Select a device for instructions to save your Word document to PDF.

  • Open the document in Microsoft Word.
  • Windows: Select File then Save As Adobe PDF or Save As then PDF . MacOS: Select File , Save As , then select PDF  from the Format list.
  • Identify the location for the PDF.
  • Select Save .
  • Open the Word document.
  • Select the 3-dot menu (top right).
  • Choose Print and Select a printer .
  • Select Save as PDF and then choose the Save as PDF round button.
  • Select the Action menu (bottom left).
  • Choose Convert to PDF .
  • To view your PDF, select Go to File .

Select a device for instructions to save your Google doc to PDF.

  • Open the document in Google Docs.
  • Select File then Download .
  • Select PDF.
  • Open the document you want in the Google Docs app.
  • Choose Share and export .
  • Select Save as to save to your phone, or select Send a copy .
  • Choose PDF for the format, then OK .
  • Select Share & export then Send a copy .
  • Send the PDF document to yourself or select Save to files to save on your iPhone.

After you create your PDF, make sure it's accessible to all students before you upload it to the Freehand Grader.

See also: Freehand Grader overview | Create Freehand Grader assignment | Student Help for Freehand Grader

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