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The best AT&T plans for November 2023

The best plans AT&T has to offer

The best AT&T plans

  • Unlimited plans
  • Prepaid plans

If you're thinking about upgrading your cell phone plan, AT&T is definitely worth at least considering. The best AT&T plans offer a healthy amount of data, flexible pricing, and great perks - depending on which tier you go for. There are, however, quite a few AT&T plans featured on the carrier's site right now so we've put together this handy guide to help our readers figure out which is best for them.

1. The best AT&T plans 2. Unlimited plans 3. Prepaid plans 4. Frequently asked questions

As an overview, AT&T's phone plans generally revolve around postpaid and prepaid options. The former is the type of plan the carrier is generally known for, with feature-laden unlimited plans that can range anywhere from $35 to $80 per month, depending on your number lines. These pricey options are contrasted with AT&T's prepaid plans, which generally run a lot cheaper (as low as $25 per month) without the need for a pesky contract. The downside, as you'd imagine, is that these plans are way more basic and stripped down in regard to perks.

At the top of the page, we've summarized what we think are the best AT&T plans currently available for most users - based on the prices and features included in the plans. We do, however, have a full run down of each plan just further down the page which includes full pricing information and our thoughts on the strengths and weaknesses of each plan tier.

For those interested in AT&T plans today, we'd also highly recommend checking out our companion pages on this week's best AT&T phones and best AT&T deals . The latter in particular is going to be extremely handy if you're looking to save some cash at this carrier - just note that the best promotions at AT&T generally always need unlimited data plans.

Recent updates

Checked page information and prices for accuracy (August 3rd).

AT&T plans: which is best for me?

Why you can trust TechRadar We spend hours testing every product or service we review, so you can be sure you’re buying the best. Find out more about how we test.

  • AT&T Unlimited Extra - best AT&T plan overall
  • AT&T Unlimited Premium - best AT&T plan for streaming
  • AT&T 12GB 12-month prepaid - best for those on a budget
  • AT&T Unlimited Plus prepaid - best cheap unlimited

AT&T's plans can be broken up into two main categories: unlimited data plans, and prepaid data plans. Generally speaking, you'll get the most perks, highest speeds, and best service on the unlimited data plans, which, while featuring the highest monthly prices, do also enable you to get some huge discounts on handsets. The best AT&T deals are generally only available with unlimited data plans, so you'll definitely want to factor that into your overall cell phone bill.

If you're on a budget, however, then AT&T prepaid plans are also a very good option. While you won't be able to get a deal on a new handset with these prepaid plans, you will be paying a lot less per month overall without the need to sign up to a lengthy contract. Remember though, AT&T prepaid plans often don't feature 5G data, or any perks like free streaming service subscriptions.

Just below you can see a full breakdown of every AT&T plan currently offered by the carrier, along with our thoughts. We've included full pricing using the cost for a single-line user, so if you're planning to sign up multiple lines, the cost will generally be much cheaper per line.

AT&T unlimited plans

AT&T's unlimited data plans are the flagship product from the carrier. They're generally pretty pricey but offer all that high-speed data you could ever need per month. They also pair unlimited talk and text with the data, but there are some key differences with each one such as how much priority data you get and things like free streaming service subscriptions - which we'll deep dive into just below.

See this AT&T unlimited plan here.

1. AT&T Unlimited Starter Plan | $65 to $35 per month AT&T's unlimited data plans start with the basic Unlimited Starter plan. While you'll get unlimited 5G data, plus talk and text here, there are a few key limitations that make this the 'budget' plan. Firstly, there's no priority data on this plan, which means you'll be subject to speed slow-downs if the local area is experiencing particularly heavy traffic. You'll also only be capped to standard-definition video content (480P), and there's a rather small mobile hotspot allowance of just 3GB per month. Subsequently, this is a very stripped-down plan, but still a good choice if you're wanting unlimited data on a budget.

See this AT&T unlimited plan here.

See this AT&T unlimited plan here

2. AT&T Unlimited Extra Plan | $75 to $40 per month This plan upgrades from the Unlimited Starter plan. It has all the same features, but upgrades the high-speed data allotment to 50GB before you'll experience data deprioritization during network congestion. It also includes 15GB of mobile hotspot. This is the AT&T plan that offers the best balance between price and priority data for those who don't want to pay extra for a ton of perks. Subsequently, we'd recommend this one to most people if you're looking to go for an unlimited postpaid data plan.

See this AT&T unlimited plan here

3. AT&T Unlimited Premium| $85 to $50 per month At the top of the AT&T unlimited data plan pile is the Unlimited Premium plan, which is the newest option in the lineup (replacing the old 'Unlimited Elite' plan). This plan has completely uncapped priority data and 4K UHD streaming, which is going to make it the plan of choice for those looking to stream in the highest possible quality wherever they go. While the plan no longer includes a free HBO Max subscription (boo), it does feature an extremely generous 50GB of mobile hotspot data also. 

Other AT&T postpaid plans

See this AT&T unlimited plan here

1. AT&T Value Plus plan| $50 per month The AT&T Value Plus plan offers a stripped-down option for single-line users specifically, with a reasonably priced unlimited data post-paid plan fixed at $50 per month. This one isn't bad for the money but this plan tier is subject to deprioritized speeds when the local area is busy. Note, you'll also miss out on hotspot data allowance and any of the included streaming service perks of the pricier plans. Content streaming is also capped out at standard definition (480p). 

See this AT&T plan here

2. AT&T 4GB plan| $50 to $40 to per month The 4GB plan is listed alongside the Value Plus plan as one of the more cost-effective postpaid options. Generally speaking, it's aimed users who want 3 to 4 lines at a reasonable price, since the cost is fixed at $40 per line at this level. If we're honest, we don't think this is the best value option out there right now since you're paying a premium for a comparatively tiny amount of data. The prepaid options below are much more cost-effective and also come with the added benefit of not needing to sign a lengthy contract. 

See this AT&T plan here

AT&T prepaid plans

AT&T's prepaid plans are the more budget-orientated offerings from AT&T. With these AT&T plans you won't be signed up to a lengthy service contract, instead you simply pay for each month at a time.

See AT&T's prepaid plans here.

1. AT&T 16GB 12-month plan | $300 upfront ($25/mo) The cheapest AT&T prepaid plan is the carrier's 16GB yearly plan, which breaks away from the usual prepaid payment method of paying per month, instead opting for a longer service period. As a prepaid plan, you won't have to sign a lengthy contract here and you're looking at a very, very competitive price considering you're getting 5G access, UHD video streaming, and mobile hotspot included in the price. 

This one has recently been bumped up from 12GB to 16GB data allowance, so it's even better value than it was previously if you're willing to commit to one year at a time. Note, with full UHD streaming, there's a danger you'll easily chew through all your data if you're not frugal or cap the resolution yourself. On the plus side, this plan, like other AT&T plans has a monthly rollover for data if you don't use it all up.

See AT&T's prepaid plans here.

2. AT&T 8GB 3-month plan | $99 upfront ($33/mo) The 8GB 3-month plan is a halfway house between the above 12GB yearly plan and the more traditional pay-monthly prepaid options below. You're paying a bit more on average per month and getting less data allowance than the 12-month prepaid plan, but with the advantage of having to pay less upfront. All the perks are the same here (5G and UHD streaming), so this could potentially be a great way to try out the AT&T prepaid service in your area without having to lay down a significant chunk of cash upfront.

3. AT&T pay-monthly prepaid plans| $30 to $40 per month AT&T also offers more traditional pay-monthly prepaid plans for its customers, with the option of a 5GB plan for $30 a month, or a 15GB plan for $40 a month. All data with these plans is 5G and UHD 4K streaming is also supported - just be mindful of your data usage if you plan on watching videos. Like the pay-upfront options, these two plans come with a monthly data rollover, which can be really useful if you're frugal with your data usage. That said, we'd probably advocate going with the pay-yearly 16GB plan if you can commit to a longer period since it's generally cheaper in the long run.

4. AT&T unlimited prepaid plan| $50 per month (with autopay) If you're wanting a cheap unlimited data option, AT&T also offers an unlimited data prepaid plan. This one comes in at $50 per month with the carrier's autopay option ($65 usually) and comes with unlimited 5G data, 5GB of mobile hotspot allowance, and standard definition streaming. The perks here are fairly minimal and you'll also be subject to deprioritization if the local area is busy, so expect slower speeds versus the postpaid options, depending on your situation. 

How much data do you really need?

While 1GB of a data might be enough for someone who mostly uses their phone for calling and texting (and the occasional search on Yelp), it may not be enough for most of us data hogs. If you stream a lot of video you may be looking at 10GB plans and up. For a lot of Internet browsing and Instagram use, somewhere in the ballpark of 5GB may be enough. Thankfully, even if you use up all of your high speed data, AT&T continues to provide data at lower speeds, so you can still upload your Instagram photos.

Does AT&T offer installment plans?

If the upfront cost of a new phone along with starting a new data plan is too much, AT&T offers an installment plan service to spread the cost of the device over up to 30 months. The Next Up plan also offers a chance to trade in your phone and upgrade before you've finished paying off the device. Here's how those plans works.

AT&T Installment Plan:

AT&T Next lets you break up your device payments over 30 months. At the end of those 30 months (after the phone is paid off) your monthly payments will drop. 

AT&T Next Up:

If you can afford slightly higher monthly payments and want to have a new phone more often, the AT&T Next Up installment plan costs $5 extra each month but lets you upgrade to a new phone after you've paid off half of the cost of your current phone. Once you've paid half, you can trade in your device and switch to a new one.

  • See the competition: The best Verizon wireless plans this month

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AT&T Lowers Price on Business Wireless Broadband Plans – Unlimited Speed Tiered Data Starting at $65/mo

Posted on: February 28, 2023 / In: News Stories , AT&T / By: Jen Nealy 10 Comments

Key Points:

  • AT&T made some nice changes to their Business Wireless Broadband Plans.
  • AT&T significantly lowered the price and removed some restrictions around streaming.
  • These plans come with tiered-speed unlimited data, and are on our list of Top Pick Data Plans.

AT&T changed their Business Wireless Broadband Plans by reducing the number of plan options, significantly reducing the price, and adjusting some other features.

Table of Contents

Video Story

Business Wireless Broadband Plans Overview

AT&T has a line of plans for business customers called Wireless Broadband that offer unlimited data for mobile hotspot devices and cellular-embedded routers.

These plans are intended for business applications and are advertised as a "flexible alternative to traditional broadband technologies for your business" as a primary or backup connectivity option.

What makes them unique is that the plans are offered at different speed tiers for different price points. This is the maximum possible speed on the plan, and is a hard throttle, even if your device and signal conditions support higher speeds.

They also come with a bucket Business Fast Track" data that operates at a higher priority for business applications.

There are no mobility restrictions on these plans, and can be used anywhere on AT&T's domestic network.

Plan Changes

AT&T Business Logo

These plans were already a Top Pick for our audience of nomads, RVers, and boaters, but the AT&T changes to these plans make them even better!

Previously there were five different Business Wireless Broadband Plan tiers - and now there are only three. The two lowest-tier plans are no longer available.

The remaining three plans are now called Ultra, Pro, and Core. The difference is the speed cap, Fast Track data, and deprioritization threshold.

  • Ultra offers speeds up to 100 Mbps, 50GB of Fast Track data, and a 175GB deprioritization cap for $95/mo. Previously this plan was $225/month.
  • Pro offers speeds up to 50 Mbps, 30GB of Fast Track data, and a 125GB deprioritization cap for $75/mo. Previously this plan was $185/month.
  • Core offers speeds up to 25 Mbps, with 15GB of Fast Track data, and a 100GB deprioritization cap for $65/mo. Previously this plan was $100/month.

AT&T Business Wireless Broadband

Priority and Deprioritized Data

Aside from a speed tier cap on each of the plans, each comes with two different data thresholds and levels of priority.

First is a bucket of Priority Data called Business Fast Track Data. This is the highest priority level of data that AT&T offers on any of its plans. However, this priority data is reserved only for qualified business applications. The feature must be set up with AT&T to identify the specific network traffic or application that will get the prioritized data.

AT&T clearly states that consumer uses like streaming and social media cannot be used with Business Fast Track priority.

Next, each plan states that after a second threshold, speeds may slow down when the network is congested. This is the more typical deprioritization (or network management) that most are used to. This simply means that when in a congested area, your speeds may temporarily be slower than someone using priority data.

No Streaming Restrictions

Previously, these plans had language that placed restrictions on streaming. The fine print previously stated:


" Plans may not be used for entertainment video streaming, surveillance video streaming, audio streaming, web hosting, public/guest Wi-Fi, and other prohibited uses set forth in the Business Agreement. "

However, on the new version of these plans, this restriction was removed and they can be used for streaming normally. The plans now come with AT&T's "Video Management" feature (formally called Stream Saver) which caps video streams to 1.5Mbps when it's activated. However, on the Wireless Broadband plans, the feature can be deactivated for 4k+ streaming, assuming the local network supports the required speeds.

Other Plan Notes

While you can bring your own device for these plans, the FAQs mention certain device requirements depending on the plan tier. The Ultra and Pro plans require a minimum LTE Cat-18 device, and the Core plan requires a minimum LTE Cat-11 device. All plans support 5G devices.

Previously roaming terms were unclear, but there is now language in the fine print that does address this. The language states:

Domestic off-net (roaming) data usage may be at 2G speeds.   Excessive Off-Net Usage:   You get an off-net (roaming) usage allowance for each service (see Business Agreement). If you exceed the allowance, your service(s) may be restricted or terminated.

These terms are in line with the majority of AT&T wireless plans. Also, these plans are for US use only - international roaming is not included.

Getting A Business Account

Getting these plans requires a business account with AT&T. Setting up a business account cannot be done online - customers must go to an AT&T store or call business sales at 855-707-1019.

The only documentation required to set up a business account is a valid Federal Tax ID Number for the business (aka Employer Identification Number) or a Social Security Number (SSN) for a sole proprietor. Once the account is set up, you'll then be able to signup for a business plan. If you have a new business or a business without a credit history, AT&T may require a per-line refundable deposit of $1,000 to activate service.

Once you get a business account, signing up for plans is generally done through a business sales representative, but a few plans are available at some AT&T stores.

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Concluding Thoughts

With these changes, AT&T made these Top Pick Data plans even better.

Unlimited postpaid data for $65-$95/month - with an added chunk of Priority Data (albeit for limited business applications) and a high deprioritization threshold is one of the best options currently in place for AT&T.

Further Reading

  • Gear Center :   Business Plans by AT&T
  • Guide : Top Cellular Data Plans for RVers & Cruisers
  • Guide : Which Cellular Carrier is Best for RV or Boat Mobile Internet?
  • Resources : AT&T Wireless Broadband Plan Page

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  • AT&T Increases Prices on Retired Hotspot Plans (Including Unlimited Plus) and Unlimited Elite Smartphone Plan Posted on: June 27, 2023
  • AT&T Lowers Price on Business Wireless Broadband Plans - Unlimited Speed Tiered Data Starting at $65/mo Posted on: February 28, 2023

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About Jen Nealy

Jen and her husband Deas have been RVers since 2013. They were full-time for 5 years, but are now part-time van lifers, and take trips as often as they can with dogs Jake and Finn. Jen is a Contributor with MIRC and also helps manage the public Internet for RVers and Cruisers Facebook group.

You can read about their RV travels at Nealys On Wheels .

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By Jacklyn Wille

Jacklyn Wille

AT&T Services Inc. lost its bid for a second look at a Ninth Circuit decision reviving a class action over the fees and public disclosures tied to its 401(k) plan.

The US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit on Wednesday denied the company’s petition for rehearing, which said the appeals court’s broad interpretation of prohibited transaction rules means that routine, arm’s-length transactions between retirement plans and their service providers could violate the statute. According to AT&T, the decision created a circuit split and jeopardized the legality of service arrangements used by the vast majority of retirement plans.

The lawsuit ...

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How do I protect my network against malware?

Typically, businesses focus on preventative tools to stop breaches. By securing the perimeter, businesses assume they are safe. However, some advanced malware will eventually make their way into your network. As a result, it is crucial to deploy technologies that continually monitor and detect malware that has evaded perimeter defenses. Sufficient advanced malware protection requires multiple layers of safeguards along with high-level network visibility and intelligence.

Cisco Umbrella

Effectively protect your users against malware in minutes with fast, flexible, cloud-delivered security.

Secure Email

Rapidly detect, quarantine, investigate, and remediate cyberattacks that target your email.

Secure Firewall

Improve security with intelligent control points, unified, dynamic policies, and threat visibility.

How do I detect and respond to malware?

Malware will inevitably penetrate your network. You must have defenses that provide significant visibility and breach detection. To remove malware, you must be able to identify malicious actors quickly. This requires constant network scanning. Once the threat is identified, you must remove the malware from your network. Today's antivirus products are not enough to protect against advanced cyberthreats. 

Learn how to update your antivirus strategy

Inside Cisco Talos Threat Hunters

Discover how Cisco Talos threat hunters identify new and evolving threats in the wild, and how their research and intelligence helps organizations build strong defenses.

7 types of malware

Viruses are a subgroup of malware. A virus is malicious software attached to a document or file that supports macros to execute its code and spread from host to host. Once downloaded, the virus will lie dormant until the file is opened and in use. Viruses are designed to disrupt a system's ability to operate. As a result, viruses can cause significant operational issues and data loss.

A worm is a type of malicious software that rapidly replicates and spreads to any device within the network. Unlike viruses, worms do not need host programs to disseminate. A worm infects a device through a downloaded file or a network connection before it multiplies and disperses at an exponential rate. Like viruses, worms can severely disrupt the operations of a device and cause data loss.

Trojan virus

Trojan viruses are disguised as helpful software programs. But once the user downloads it, the Trojan virus can gain access to sensitive data and then modify, block, or delete the data. This can be extremely harmful to the performance of the device. Unlike normal viruses and worms, Trojan viruses are not designed to self-replicate.

Spyware is malicious software that runs secretly on a computer and reports back to a remote user. Rather than simply disrupting a device's operations, spyware targets sensitive information and can grant remote access to predators. Spyware is often used to steal financial or personal information. A specific type of spyware is a keylogger, which records your keystrokes to reveal passwords and personal information.

Adware is malicious software used to collect data on your computer usage and provide appropriate advertisements to you. While adware is not always dangerous, in some cases adware can cause issues for your system. Adware can redirect your browser to unsafe sites, and it can even contain Trojan horses and spyware. Additionally, significant levels of adware can slow down your system noticeably. Because not all adware is malicious, it is important to have protection that constantly and intelligently scans these programs.

Ransomware is malicious software that gains access to sensitive information within a system, encrypts that information so that the user cannot access it, and then demands a financial payout for the data to be released. Ransomware is commonly part of a phishing scam. By clicking a disguised link, the user downloads the ransomware. The attacker proceeds to encrypt specific information that can only be opened by a mathematical key they know. When the attacker receives payment, the data is unlocked.

Fileless malware

Fileless malware is a type of memory-resident malware. As the term suggests, it is malware that operates from a victim's computer's memory, not from files on the hard drive. Because there are no files to scan, it is harder to detect than traditional malware. It also makes forensics more difficult because the malware disappears when the victim computer is rebooted. In late 2017, the Cisco Talos threat intelligence team posted an example of fileless malware that they called DNSMessenger.

What are the benefits of advanced malware protection?

Advanced malware can take the form of common malware that has been modified to increase its capability to infect. It can also test for conditions of a sandbox meant to block malicious files and attempt to fool security software into signaling that it is not malware. Advanced malware protection software is designed to prevent, detect, and help remove threats in an efficient manner from computer system.

Types of advanced malware protection

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Malware protection best practices.

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What is a firewall?

A firewall decides whether to allow or block specific traffic based on security rules.

What is phishing?

Phishing attacks are the practice of sending fraudulent communications that appear to come from a reputable source.

What is cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting systems, networks, and programs from digital attacks. 

What is network security?

Network security is the protection of the underlying networking infrastructure from unauthorized access, misuse, or theft.

What is ransomware?

Ransomware is a type of malicious software or malware. It encrypts a victim's data, after which the attacker demands a ransom. 

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