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Home » Capacity » 18 Practical Task Ideas for Interns

18 Practical Task Ideas for Interns

by George Weiner

internship project topics

In order to really avoid the ‘what do I do next?’ problem, here is an awesome list of potential tasks that might be perfect for your interns. This is an excerpt from Whole Whale’s book – The Simple Guide to Building an Awesome Internship Program , now available on Amazon. This book draws on case studies from Donor’s Choose, DoSomething.org, Idealist.org, Move For Hunger, Women Deliver, The USO and decades of experience of running internship programs. Enjoy!

1. Data hygiene projects

This can range from cleaning and completing Salesforce, spreadsheet, CRM or other databases for stakeholders. Make sure to create a dev copy and avoid letting interns edit live databases.  

2. Social media posts and account maintenance  

We’ve noted that organizations should guard their voice online. The safest way to have interns participate in social media is to have them analyze the data and then come up with sample posts for the platform. Have your interns take the Whole Whale Be Your Own Social Media Guru course to better understand the theory and analytics behind major platforms.

3. Social media analytics report

Have your intern review the past year of posts and data from your major platforms. They should answer questions the staff has about performance, give a 30k foot view of what happened, and generate insights about what’s working in a report. For fun, have them also prepare a 30 minute presentation for the organization. Have your interns take the Whole Whale Be Your Own Social Media Guru course before getting started.

4. Meta descriptions and tagging

Interns can be given assignments to clean up tagging and past content on platforms like YouTube or Pinterest which will help discoverability. Writing meta descriptions for main pages on your website is another good task that will help indexing of a website. This is especially easy if WordPress or another simple CMS is being used.

5. Website content SEO clean-up

Have interns use Google Analytics to identify frequently visited pages that have been ignored. Have interns update content with new statistics, research, and internal cross links. This will greatly help the continued SEO growth of those pages . For fun, you can also offer a bounty for any spelling or grammar errors found on the site. Many eyes make for light work. Bonus, have interns take the Whole Whale content marketing and SEO course.

6. QA and user flow testing

Interns can walk through the main user flows of your website and note where there is confusion. Have the intern map the steps involved so your team can review at a bird’s eye view. Interns are also great for giving feedback on new tools and products as well as subsequently logging bugs.

7. Website content creation

Beyond updating, consider whole new sections of the site that could be researched and created. Again, have interns learn about how to write in the right style for search before getting started.

8. Custom photo stock

This is a fun excuse for an intern to run around the office and any physical sites to take good pictures of work in action. Index and put these photos in a system like Google Photos or Flickr for the organization to use in the future.

9. Business challenge

Challenge interns to create a 10 page presentation that researches an existing problem in the company and pitch practical solutions. For example, a guide on using Fortnite to reach tweens, or a short training on memes or emerging social media platforms the company should be aware of.

10. Handwritten updates

DonorsChoose.org is known for their epic handwritten notes from students. Why not create a similar messaging for the work your organization is doing? Have interns handwrite thank you notes to VIP members of the community.

11. Web analytics reporting

Have interns dig into the organization’s Google Analytics to answer business questions like where are you growing regionally and online over the past year. Have your interns take the Whole Whale and TechSoup Google Analytics course to help them better understand the platform:

12. Google Ad Grant account management

The Google Ad Grant is part of the Google.com/nonprofits program offering $10k/month in search ads. This grant is a use-it-or-lose-it system making the risk low that an intern will “waste” money. Have them take the Whole Whale Google AdWords Course to better understand the nuance of the grant management strategy.

13. Plan or support an event or major meeting

A detail oriented intern may be the perfect assistant to a major event. They can refine guest lists, do community outreach, and help with day-of craziness. Or, perhaps there is a backlogged idea of gathering your volunteers for a small appreciation event that an intern can help arrange.

14. Create and design a crowdfunding campaign

This can be done first hand for the organization for a specific initiative. Or, let the intern become an expert that can offer help to members in your community fundraising network (like super customer support for your audience).

internship project topics

Online training for nonprofits

Join Whole Whale University

Learn from our decade of experience with courses, webinars, templates, and guides!

15. Super customer support

Most websites have contact us forms that people then slowly respond to. By using a tool like Zendesk, you can set up a legitimate user ticketing and response system, allowing interns to provide enterprise level support for your audience around basic topics.

16. Internal documentation and program FAQ

Have your intern interview the major departments and create a master FAQ and document that explains the different acronyms and concepts that outsiders may not know. This product can then be used for new employees, future interns, and even new vendors to help them get up to speed faster.

17. Organize that neglected online/offline space

Every organization has that room that has become a disaster. The right intern can bring an outsider’s eye to organizing and filing rooms like this. Online file spaces on the cloud also have a tendency to devolve into a mess. With the right oversight, interns can help categorize these files. Be sure to have a backup of your files when giving an intern the ability to modify.

18. Update and benchmark the organization chart

It’s amazing how quickly this can fall out of date. Have your intern review the existing structure and then create a good looking visual with a tool like Draw.io that outlines departments, titles and names. As a bonus you can have your intern then use tools like causeiq.com to see the staffing arrangements of similar organizations. Finding out which positions others in your field have that you don’t can be quite revealing about potential strategies.

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List of 14 Different Internship Project Ideas (Plus Tips)

The internship project is an incredible opportunity for students and recent graduates to gain valuable experience and hone their skills. Participating in an internship project allows an intern to develop their knowledge and build relationships in the professional field. These experiences can open up new doors and provide the opportunity to make meaningful connections. Internship projects also offer the chance to gain hands-on experience in a particular field, allowing interns to gain the skills necessary to excel in their chosen professional field. For those looking for great internship project ideas, here are some tips and suggestions to get the creative juices flowing.

  • Research and plan a new project. …
  • Create a budget for a project. …
  • Develop support material. …
  • Plan an event. …
  • Critique company website. …
  • Manage company blog. …
  • Manage social media accounts. …
  • Organize tags and meta descriptions.

14 internship project ideas

Here are 14 internship project suggestions that you can use in your business:

1. Research and plan a new project

Consider having your interns research and plan a new project. They could come up with a few ideas on their own or you could give them some inspiration, like coming up with a new product, starting a social media campaign, or organizing a guest speaker event. You could also commission them to draw up the project’s plan or outline or have them finish and produce the entire thing. Make sure they have the tools they need to plan, research, and execute the project, and to offer assistance as required.

2. Create a budget for a project

Give your interns a fictitious project to work on or a previous project, and have them come up with a budget for it. Learning how to manage money, keep track of expenses, and make financial decisions through budgeting is beneficial for interns. Consider offering them a brief budget-making course if they aren’t familiar with the process. Give your interns strict guidelines when assigning this project, such as a spending cap.

3. Develop support material

Have your interns create supporting materials for a project that your staff is working on. A reference to “support materials” can be made to any visuals, such as diagrams or graphs, that may be helpful during a presentation. As a worker, having the ability to produce support materials is crucial because it can improve your administrative abilities

4. Plan an event

Consider having your interns plan an event for the company. Because businesses frequently hold events throughout the year to boost sales or promote a product, event planning is a crucial skill. Numerous elements are needed to plan an event, including research, funding, advertising, and designing. It also requires group work and coordination. This project enables your interns to collaborate to plan a seamless event, which can improve their time management and organization abilities.

5. Critique company website

You can also have your interns critique your company website. This gives them the chance to develop their feedback-giving and digital design skills. It can also assist in enhancing your website’s current condition. Give them a set amount of time to review your website, and give them answers to a set of questions. Ask them, for instance, if the website was simple to use or if there was anything they would change. Encourage them to submit written responses along with detailed feedback.

6. Manage company blog

If your business has a blog, think about giving interns management responsibilities so they can gain perspective on the business as a whole. Additionally, you can ask them to draft, edit, and publish blog entries, as well as establish a posting schedule for each. Unlike other social media platforms, blogs may contain content that gives customers a detailed look at your business. Think about who will oversee this team so they have a person they can contact right away if they have any questions. To conduct research and develop ideas, you could also assign them specific company blog posts or competitor blogs.

7. Manage social media accounts

It’s crucial for your interns to understand how to manage professional social media accounts in order to respond to customers quickly because many businesses communicate with their customers through social media. You can give each of your interns their own accounts if you have multiple ones. You could give them a set amount of posts to write and submit or designate a number of accounts for them to interact with at particular times of the day. You could ask them to perform analytics at the end of the week to determine the effectiveness of their management.

8. Organize tags and meta descriptions

Your interns should also organize your digital content’s tags and meta descriptions to improve market visibility on social media. Additionally, it can make your content simpler to navigate, which is advantageous for both followers and team members. Think about how the tags are organized, such as by category, and give the interns that information as part of the assignment.

9. Complete regular tasks

Ask your interns to finish routine tasks, such as office management and receptionist responsibilities. For instance, ask them to handle the company’s email or place weekly supply orders. These tasks can help your interns get a feel for what it’s like to work at your company and improve their independence.

10. Propose solutions to a current problem

Provide your interns with pertinent, current business problems, and ask them to suggest potential solutions. For instance, you could request that they suggest approaches to problems with customer service or productivity. By doing this, you can give the problem a fresh perspective and maybe even solve it. Additionally, it can foster the critical thinking and problem-solving abilities of your interns.

11. Work on an old project

Giving interns older projects to manage can aid in workflow and help them gain valuable work experience. Interns may not feel much pressure depending on the project’s level because there may not be significant risks to the company as a whole. After the project is finished, think about presenting the findings and offering suggestions for future work.

12. Update employee handbook

Your interns can become familiar with company policy and out-of-date information by updating the employee handbook. Request that your interns read the manual and make notes about the issues they would address. Think about asking them to deliver the revised content as an addendum page or a mock handbook.

13. Organize digital documents

Assigning interns the responsibility of managing and coordinating the company’s digital documents will aid them in developing their organizational skills. This can keep your files neat and increase company efficiency. Include specific techniques for this assignment, such as grouping the documents into categories for easy retrieval, such as marketing, sales, or products.

14. Screen and train new interns

Have your current interns interview and train new interns as an additional project idea. Your interns are probably qualified candidates by this point and knowledgeable enough about the internship to assist with the interview process. You can see which ad hoc projects were the most successful by creating this position and which ones may need adjustment.

What are internship projects?

Projects for internships are tasks or activities that interns carry out while employed by a business or organization. To gain practical experience and additional skills for roles in the future, people can apply for internships. However, because they are interns or contract workers, they might not perform the same tasks and obligations as full-time employees. Employers may need to come up with enriching and meaningful projects for their interns that will help them develop fundamental skills and benefit the business. Work on bigger projects as well as smaller daily tasks during an internship. Some internship projects may include:

Tips for creating an internship program

Some tips for creating an internship program might include:

3 Internship Project Ideas to Try

What is the best topic for internship?

  • E Governance in any State.
  • Take any one service and study it across all States.
  • Internet penetration and how to increase it.
  • Cyber security.
  • Cyber Wars.
  • Social media a bane or boon.
  • Effect of social media on Indian culture.
  • Social Media destroying our cultural backbone.

What is project Proposal for internship?

  • Hire an internship coordinator. …
  • Research your state’s internship laws. …
  • Set realistic goals for the program. …
  • Create an application process. …
  • Offer mentors to each intern. …
  • Focus on intern development. …
  • Keep in touch.

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Internship Project Examples


  • Internship Overview
  • Selection Process

HCC is a comprehensive internship program that provides full-time paid summer internships to undergraduates and recent graduates in the field of public health and health care.

Interns work in a variety of settings, such as:

  • Hospitals and health systems
  • Foundations
  • Medical groups and physician practice management organizations
  • Health departments (city, county, and state)
  • Community health centers and clinics
  • Government agencies
  • Consulting firms
  • Community-based organizations and non-profits
  • Advocacy organizations and foundations
  • Associations, consortia, and coalitions
  • Life sciences, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and devices
  • Health plans
  • Behavioral health providers
  • Behavorial health advocacy organizations
  • Older adult care

Interns support an array of projects and initiatives, including:

  • Community health, health equity, and addressing social determinants of health
  • Health education
  • Health administration and management
  • Health policy and advocacy
  • Nursing administration
  • Behavioral health
  • Public health
  • Biopharmaceuticals

Organization Name:

Brigham and Women's Faulkner Hospital, Boston, MA

Internship Project:

Supported strategic development and process improvement efforts for the Sagoff Breast Imaging & Diagnostic Center. Conducted a time study of patients progress through the center to help inform a new care design model.

Duke Health System, Durham, NC

Strengthened two quality improvement projects. At the Duke Birthing Center, worked closely with staff and providers to increase patient satisfaction in Postpartum unit, recommending improvements on hourly rounding of nurses and improvements in staff response time. Supported Duke Center for Autism and Brain Development to streamline screening and created materials for first time visitors.

Kaiser Permanente, Los Angeles, CA

Worked with the Culturally Responsive Care department to train and provide nurses with information on translation services and LGBTQ patient resources. Led focus groups with hospital residents, and collected and presented data on the importance of culturally responsive care in medical education.

Hospitals and Health Systems

Montefiore Medical Group, Yonkers, NY

Served as project coordinator and data analyst for Montefiores Antibiotic Stewardship Program. Collected and analyzed data on antibiotic prescribing habits of health providers and demographic trends among patients with upper respiratory infections. Supported DSRIP (Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment) projects, to reduce avoidable hospital use by 25% over five years.

Sutter Health, Oakland, CA

Assisted Senior Financial Analyst on a productivity project sponsored by Sutter Health Alta Bates Summit Medical Center. Compiled a 3-year data trend analysis, to assess productivity in nursing units.

Alameda County Department of Public Health, Oakland, California

Conducted a community-assessment for the Health Access Workgroup, which work to increase insurance enrollment and ensure access to prevention and medical services. With a 5-person team interviewed 282 East Oakland residents to understand barriers to access to care, to inform policy priorities.

Health Departments and Community Clinics

Monterey County Department of Public Health, Salinas, California

Helped coordinate a county-wide conference to provide resources and education to low-income migrant women, to improve health outcomes and develop community leadership and involvement in advocacy efforts. Planned and helped facilitate trainings for county nurses to better serve uninsured and underinsured residents of the county.

Roanoke Chowan Community Health Center, Ahoskie, NC

Led community wellness and engagement projects: opening 4 school gardens, piloting a health access program to provide integrated transportation services, and supported overall community health partnerships by developing and implementing surveys, site visits, and analysis of best practices.

Southern Jamaica Plain Health Center, Jamaica Plain, MA

Managed a variety of patient prevention and wellness initiatives, such as nutrition, diabetes, and depression management programs. Developed curriculum on sugar-sweetened beverages, as well as health education materials for Spanish speaking patients.

Community-based Organizations, Advocacy Organizations, and Foundations

Latino Health Access, Santa Ana, CA

Organized several health fairs for local Santa Ana youth and families to access health resources, services, and education. Helped develop srategies to increase voter engagement through voter registration campaigns and education.

New York State Health Foundation New York, NY

Interned with grantee Mt. Sinai Adolescent Health Center, to support their Building Healthy Communities initiative, a joint effort of the Mayor's Office, the Fund for Public Health of New York, and agencies to improve health in 12 underserved neighborhoods. Served as a field coordinator/ classroom facilitator for the community resource mapping initiative and positive youth engagement program.

Maya Angelou Center for Health Equity, NC

Assisted with planning, coordinating, and evaluating the Medical Careers and Technology (MedCaT), a health career oriented educational summer camp for Native American and Appalachian high school students in North Carolina. Also coordinated the Project SEARCH camp, which is modeled after the MedCat camp.

The Praxis Project, Washington, D.C.

Conducted policy research for the National Comprehensive Healthy Schools Policy Campaign which focused on safe spaces, healthy and safe food and water and increased physical activity in schools. Updated and maintained progressive model policies for the Transforming Communities database.

  • Harvard Business School →
  • Recruiting →
  • Insights & Advice →

Insights & Advice

internship project topics

  • 11 Oct 2017

Designing Internship Projects for Greater Impact

  • Entrepreneurship
  • International
  • Recruiting Advice
  • Summer Internships

Although internships have long been a staple of an HBS education, today’s MBA candidates have different expectations – with a new set of challenges for interns and employers alike.

Students are interested in working in a variety of organizations, with many seeking smaller companies where they can make an impact. An intern’s willingness to “go big” with a small company may be good news for recruiters of any size, creating an opportunity for more hands-on involvement and greater creative thinking. But few smaller companies, especially start-ups, have the human resources staff necessary for managing the recruiting process, and larger institutions may lack the structures needed to accommodate the more entrepreneurial candidate.

In either case, large company or small, interns and employers must work together to design an internship project that rewards both parties. “Remember, you only have eight to twelve weeks of internship,” Piemonte says. “Students and recruiters should meet together and plan ahead to make the most of the available time.”

For Piemonte, the keys to success include:

1. A clear reporting structure: “Our students are pretty ambitious; you want them to have a good learning experience with a senior manager who can serve as a mentor,” he says. The ideal mentor should be prepared to meet with the intern regularly, preferably at least once a week.

2. A defined deliverable: “Students want to own their projects,” says Piemonte, “and you want them to work on projects important to the company.” A precisely defined deliverable – such as a proposal, a presentation, or a product/process design – keeps interns focused, and conveys a seriousness of purpose both parties respect.

Defining success at an African start-up

In Nairobi, Kenya, Amanda Cotterman (HBS 2012) leads EquaLife Group, a start-up dedicated to “building and creating consumer-related businesses” in Africa. Five employees work at the holding group level; an additional fifteen run its leading current venture, Little Steps Childcare Centers.

Over the last five years, Cotterman has employed four HBS interns. “It’s a benefit to students to learn on the ground, and a benefit to us to get quality talent,” she says. “We’re always thinking about where they can add tangible value over a short period of time.”

EquaLife’s most recent intern, Kristina Hristova, took the lead on “fleshing out” an online training program for potential childcare givers. For Cotterman, success depended on flexibility from both sides. “Because we’re a start-up juggling many challenges at once, we don’t know what the project will be until the intern arrives,” she says. “We brainstormed with Kristina to guide her thinking, then gave her a lot of ownership on taking charge of the project.” For a deliverable, Kristina was asked to investigate and select the most appropriate technology platform for the training.

Cotterman offers several suggestions for designing a successful project:

1. Clarify expectations: “Interns come with goals in mind,” says Cotterman. “Make sure you know what these expectations are and manage them from day one.” Close cooperation “creates a better relationship and helps you get a better work product.”

2. Assign a point person: Like Piemonte, Cotterman stresses the importance of regular direct contact. “You need a point person responsible for your interns, someone who takes ownership of the relationship.”

3. Help prepare the ground, especially in an unfamiliar location: Given an internship’s short duration, there is no time to spare on the lifestyle basics. Cotterman helps her interns find a place to live, navigate transportation, and arrange for essentials like cell phone service. “Otherwise,” she says, “you waste the first few weeks just settling in.”

4. Establish practical goals: “Everyone wants operations experience,” says Cotterman. “But do they really want to change a diaper? We need to think of ways interns can watch operations and do research, but not get stuck in the day to day.” She sets firm limits: “No projects that take a long time to implement, or that rely on local knowledge to get done.”

For each employer and intern, project design will naturally reflect a number of considerations unique to their particular circumstances. Yet Piemonte and Cotterman do suggest a few bedrock principles to help projects, large and small, fulfill bigger ambitions. “Interns and decision-makers should meet early in the summer,” Piemonte says, “to show their mutual interest and commitment.”

Cotterman agrees, and believes recruiters must respect the commitment an internship requires. “Interns need your company to guide them,” she says. “They’re not cheap labor; the internship is a responsibility for both parties."

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Hiring at HBS: How Summer Interns Make an Impact at Duolingo

internship project topics

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Internships – Sample Projects

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Are you interested in hiring an intern, but not quite sure how to determine projects that are challenging, yet developmentally appropriate…or meaty but not overwhelming? We’ve compiled a list of some sample internship projects that will help you meaningfully engage an intern in the work of your organization while also supporting intern learning and development. The list is not exhaustive but we hope it helps you get started!

Connect with us:

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20 Virtual Internship Ideas & Activities for Work in 2024

Here is our list of the best virtual internship ideas.

Virtual internship ideas are activities and events to engage your company’s remote interns. Examples include lunch and learn workshops, mentoring programs, and virtual escape rooms. These activities aim to ensure that interns working from home can feel included with coworkers and intertwined in the company’s culture.

These programs are similar to examples of virtual team games , internship orientation ideas , and virtual orientation ideas for students .

This list includes:

  • virtual internship event ideas
  • fun activities for online interns
  • remote internship program ideas
  • online internship games

Let’s get started!

List of virtual internship ideas

With the workplace rapidly evolving, many companies are moving internships to a virtual setting. As a result, it is essential to keep your remote interns motivated and engaged during their time at your company. Here is our list of the top ideas and activities for virtual internships.

1. 30-Minute Virtual Icebreakers (Popular)

internship project topics

With 30-Minute Virtual Icebreakers, you can break the ice and create a sense of community within your team! This experience is packed with thoughtful games that help create bonds.

Key features of this experience include:

  • a 30-minute session expertly guided by a skilled facilitator
  • high-energy icebreaker activities and games
  • thought-provoking questions that start meaningful conversations

These exercises will bring your team closer together and foster a tighter-knit community. So check out 30-Minute Virtual Icebreakers to build stronger connections within your team!

Learn more about 30-Minute Virtual Icebreakers .

2. Online Office Games (Team Favorite)

Online Office Games banner

If you are looking for fun activities and online internship games, then you should consider Online Office Games! During this experience, players will go head-to-head in a series of office Olympics games.

Online Office Games offers the following:

  • 90 minutes guided by a skilled host
  • a communication training game called “Can You Hear Me Now?”
  • exciting multiple-choice questions, number games, and lightning scavenger hunts
  • entertaining games like slogan crafting and trivia showdowns

Additionally, you can customize the trivia questions for a personal touch. Hosting an online game night will help your interns take their minds off work responsibilities while building new friendships.

Learn more about Online Office Games , and check out more remote game night ideas .

Want some free team building tools?

$49 value (100% free).

  • 100+ fully tested icebreaker questions
  • 24+ themed Bingo generators
  • 5+ PDFs (including the 8% Rule)
  • 2024 team building calendar
  • and more...

Tool Box

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3. tiny campfire (Highly Rated)

tiny campfire banner

The hot summer months are the perfect time for a virtual campfire. You can book a hosted version of this experience with tiny campfire! Through exciting games, puzzling riddles, and delicious snacks, tiny campfire brings the great outdoors inside. 

Here is what you can expect:

  • 90 minutes led by an engaging host
  • thrilling haunted riddles and camp lore
  • camp-style icebreaker games and activities
  • high-quality chocolates, marshmallows, graham crackers, and a tea-light candle

To spice up the experience, you can also order a cocktail kit or an extra s’mores kit. Overall, this charming camp-style adventure fosters strong bonds and improves your team’s communication skills.

Learn more about tiny campfire .

4. Welcome Swag Bag

One of the best remote internship program ideas is to send welcome kits to incoming employees. Intern welcome kits usually contain fun and essential company-branded items, such as:

  • Water bottle
  • Sticky notes

In addition to fun products and items, we recommend including a welcome letter from your company’s CEO addressing incoming interns. A personal welcome message from the highest-level leader in the company will surely make your interns feel special.

By sending out swag bags, interns will feel welcome and included in the team from day one. Plus, these employees will have all the office essentials needed for the first day on the job.

For inspiration, check out this list of swag bag ideas .

5. Lunch and Learn Workshops

Lunch and Learns are educational workshops that typically take place during lunch hour. These seminars are a great way to help build your interns’ skills in critical areas. When planning your intern Lunch and Learn sessions, we recommend focusing on skill-building topics, such as:

  • Resume and cover letter writing
  • Time management essentials
  • Leadership skill development
  • New product demos
  • Diversity and inclusion in the workplace
  • Employee mental health and wellness

Lunch and Learn workshops are a great use of your interns’ time. These seminars provide a unique and engaging way to learn valuable workplace skills. In addition, organizing a virtual Lunch and Learn session is as simple as securing a speaker and setting up a Zoom meeting.

Here is a list of virtual lunch and learn ideas .

6. Networking Opportunities

With a virtual internship, you should remember how important it is to connect interns with their peers. For example, you can organize a variety of networking opportunities, such as:

  • Speed networking
  • Breakout rooms
  • Lunchtime video chats
  • Virtual watch parties
  • Coworker competitions

Since remote employees are never in the office, there is no chance of running into each other in the hallway or by the water cooler. Therefore, providing enough virtual networking opportunities is critical in helping employees get to know each other and start to build a professional network.

Check out this list of networking event ideas .

7. StrengthsFinder Activity

The StrengthsFinder assessment, created by Gallup, is a personality test and career development tool designed to help folks discover their top strengths. These strengths fall into four categories, including strategic thinking, relationship building, influencing, and executing.

Most interns are early in their careers, with only a few jobs on their resumes. Conducting a StrengthsFinder activity can help students discover specific areas to help them succeed in the workplace.

Check out more personality tests .

8. Volunteer Day

Organizing an Intern Volunteer Day is an excellent way for your team to give back to the community. Here are a few suggestions for virtual volunteer activities that your interns might enjoy:

  • Transcribing historical documents
  • Serving as a Crisis Text Line counselor
  • Providing career assistance and advice to students
  • Writing letters to pen pals in the military
  • Tutoring high school students

The best part about these volunteer activities is that they are completable online. Virtual volunteering is a great team building exercise that allows interns to make a difference in the community.

Check out these lists of volunteer day ideas and online community service ideas .

9. Fireside Chats

We recommend organizing fireside chats with company leaders if you are looking for remote internship program ideas that will positively impact interns. A fireside chat is a session where a speaker addresses an audience in a casual setting. For example, the leader of a company can speak with interns on Zoom from the comfort of their home office.

During these sessions, leaders can share insights on career growth and work-life balance. For instance, senior-level executives can share their career journeys, moving from an entry-level role to their current leadership position. When planning fireside chats, we suggest finding a leader who started their career as an intern at your company. Interns will be especially interested to hear from a relatable and genuine leader.

10. Spirit Week

If you want to excite your interns, one of the best virtual internship event ideas is hosting an Intern Spirit Week.

During this week, you should choose a theme for each day, such as:

  • Motivational Monday: Share your favorite motivational quote
  • Taco Tuesday: Enjoy tacos today and share pictures of your meal
  • Wellness Wednesday: Share pictures of how you prioritize wellness, such as meditation or yoga
  • Throwback Thursday: Dress up as your favorite decade, for example, the 80’s, 90’s, or 2000’s
  • Fitness Friday: Show us your best workout gear and fitness routine

To successfully host a virtual Spirit Week for interns, you should ask all participants to upload pictures or videos to a shared Google Drive folder related to each day’s theme. You can also host daily Zoom calls where interns can catch up with each other and enjoy their peers’ creativity and spirit.

Check out this list of virtual spirit week ideas .

11. Social Media Takeover

We recommend organizing an intern takeover if your company has a social media profile on websites like Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter. During this social media takeover, you should allow interns to take over your company’s social media channels for a whole day.

You can encourage interns to share photos and videos related to their daily life as virtual interns at your company. For example, they can share photos and videos of their home workspace, team meetings, and lunch breaks.

Allowing your interns to post content on your company’s social media channels will help these employees feel included while giving your followers an inside look at what it is like to work at your company.

12. Slack Channel

Slack is a messaging app used for business. This tool allows employees to send instant messages to team members across the company. We recommend creating an intern Slack channel to help interns get to know each other.

It would help if you encouraged interns to use this channel as a valuable resource to ask questions, share tips, and connect with peers working in different departments. In addition, this channel can serve as a safe space for interns to make friends, share experiences, and navigate the corporate world.

Here are more Slack channel ideas .

13. Mentoring Program

One of the best ways to support virtual interns is by creating a mentoring program. As part of your program, you should pair interns with experienced team members. These pairs should meet via video chat monthly or weekly to talk about goals, progress, questions, and concerns.

There are many benefits of mentoring, such as:

  • Learning new skills
  • Increasing job satisfaction
  • Building a strong network
  • Developing leadership skills
  • Focusing on career growth

In an ideal mentor relationship, interns should be comfortable asking questions about work projects, time management, and personal development. Likewise, mentors should provide valuable and actionable feedback that mentees can use to improve.

To keep the mentorship program on track, we recommend creating a Google Sheet to track goals, tasks, and relevant progress. You can also create an ongoing Google Doc where mentees can drop questions and comments for mentors to address at their next touch base.

Mentoring is a valuable career development tool that can also help foster a sense of community.

Check out this list of mentorship program ideas .

14. Virtual Coffee Chats

You have more opportunities to catch up with coworkers in the hallways or over a cup of coffee while working in an in-person environment. We suggest creating social opportunities for remote interns to catch up with teammates easily. Virtual coffee chats are the perfect way for interns to connect with employees and peers across the company.

A virtual coffee chat is an opportunity to sit down with coworkers in a relaxed and informal setting, most likely over a cup of coffee or tea. We recommend pairing interns with employees in different departments to set up virtual coffee chats. Then, you can set up a virtual conference on Zoom and agree on a meeting time for the two. Most employees are free during lunch, which can be the ideal time to host a casual coffee chat.

During a coffee chat, employees can talk about work-related topics, such as current events, personal milestones, and life updates. This activity can help coworkers get to know each other and build personal connections.

Here is a guide to virtual coffee chats .

15. Employee Panel Discussions

An employee panel discussion is one of the most fun activities for online interns. To organize this event, you should gather a group of current employees who speak about their time at the company. We suggest picking a group of employees who started their careers as interns and then moved up in the company.

Example topics include:

  • Advice to help interns succeed
  • Career growth tools and resources
  • How to prepare for an interview
  • Transferrable professional skills
  • Personal career stories

You can close out the panel discussion with a live question-and-answer session. During this portion of the event, encourage interns to ask specific questions to each panelist.

16. Virtual Escape Room

Virtual escape rooms are online activities where a group must solve puzzles and riddles to escape from a room. Virtual escape room templates and activities are available online, making this activity simple to organize.

Online escape rooms can take on different themes, such as:

  • Catch the computer hacker
  • Murder mystery
  • Haunted mansion
  • Super secret spy mission
  • Futuristic dystopia

With a virtual escape room, interns will collaborate using online conferencing platforms like Zoom. Virtual escape rooms are a great way to promote team building while gaining problem-solving, decision-making, and critical thinking skills.

Check out this list of virtual escape rooms .

17. Online Team Building Activities

When it comes to fun activities for online interns, you cannot go wrong with team building initiatives. For example:

  • At-home scavenger hunt
  • Online office Olympics
  • Trivia night
  • Zoom happy hour
  • Meditation sessions
  • Virtual fitness class

Hosting virtual team building activities will help your team of interns feel more connected with each other. In addition, these types of activities encourage teamwork, problem-solving, and conflict-resolution skills. These skills are especially helpful for interns focused on career growth and advancement.

Here are more virtual team building activities .

18. Remote Office Tours

We recommend providing interns with a virtual tour of your headquarters office location. Giving interns a tour of the office can help these early-in-career employees feel inspired and envision a future career with your company. Plus, you can organize a remote office tour no matter where your interns are located.

To set up a virtual office tour, you should find a group of volunteer employees willing to lead the tour. While these employees are at the office, they should start a Zoom meeting with your group of interns. Then, using a smartphone, these team members should give a full office walkthrough while explaining each space to interns. Tour leaders should also encourage the group to ask questions about the office location and company culture.

19. Virtual Field Trips

If you cannot take your interns on a team outing, then we recommend adding virtual field trips to your internship program agenda. Virtual field trips are team outings online rather than in person. These trips can happen using tools like Zoom or Google Street View.

In addition, many platforms offer online tours of historical landmarks, museums, or zoos. These field trips often use live video feeds, pre-recorded tours, and interactive activities to form the experience. Virtual field trips are one of the best interactive activities to enhance your company’s internship experience.

Check out more virtual field trip ideas .

20. Online Intern Party

An online intern party is one of the best virtual internship event ideas to end your program. We suggest hosting a virtual party on Zoom where the group can play games, discuss highlights of their intern experiences, and share goals for the future. To make the online party extra engaging, we recommend mailing your interns a gift box before this event. Inside your gift box, you can include items that can bring fun to your online parties, such as drinks, snacks, party favors, and games.

During your virtual party, you should also ask for interns’ feedback on your program. By gathering insights from employees who have completed the program, you can brainstorm ways to improve the experience for future interns.

Here is a list of virtual team celebration ideas .

Virtual internships are work placements where students can work from home. In a virtual internship program, you should remember to make the experience as engaging as possible. In a remote setting, interns cannot meet their peers face-to-face, making online events and team building activities even more important.

We suggest creating a calendar of social activities and virtual events that will take place throughout the program. You should remain consistent and plan events one to two times per week, giving interns enough opportunities to connect and interact with each other.

Next, check out these lists of virtual leadership activities and new employee onboarding tips .

FAQ: Virtual internship ideas

Here are answers to questions about virtual internship ideas.

What are virtual internships?

Virtual internships are professional learning experiences in which students may work from home. With a virtual internship experience, many interns connect with their teams through online conferencing tools like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet.

Many internships are geared toward college students, allowing them to contribute to meaningful work and projects related to their field of interest. In addition, virtual internships provide on-the-job experience, as well as skill and career development opportunities, from a remote work environment.

What are some good activity ideas for virtual internships?

There are many ways to keep interns engaged and motivated while working remotely. For example:

  • Lunch and learn sessions
  • Fireside chats
  • Game nights
  • Spirit week
  • Virtual campfires
  • Coffee breaks
  • Remote office tours
  • Virtual escape rooms

Networking and making connections are especially important in a remote work environment where employees do not get face-to-face time with each other. Bringing your virtual interns together for different activities is a great way to encourage team building, bonding, and unity among teammates.

How do you make a virtual internship go well?

To create a successful virtual internship program, you should provide enough activities and events to keep interns inspired, motivated, and engaged. In addition, you should create enough opportunities for interns to learn from current employees and connect with their peers in a virtual setting.

In addition, you should be sure to set clear expectations from the beginning and remember to check in with interns throughout the program. Getting feedback from these employees so you can understand their insights on ways to improve the program for future interns can be a great idea.

Author avatar

Author: Grace He

People & Culture Director at teambuilding.com. Grace is the Director of People & Culture at TeamBuilding. She studied Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell University, Information Science at East China Normal University and earned an MBA at Washington State University.

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Here are 100 public repositories matching this topic..., pranshurastogi29 / data-science-interview-assignments.

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I made this project when I was doing my Full stack development intern. It is basically an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. Through this software, the administrators and employees of the company can manage their daily work.

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This repository is all about our internship project, given at RadicalX Product Development Internship Summer 2022.

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Welcome to my Data Science Internship Portfolio! In this repository, you will find a collection of projects that I have completed during my 1 month virtual internship at Codsoft.Each project showcases my skills in data analysis, machine learning, and problem-solving.

  • Updated Nov 21, 2023
  • Jupyter Notebook

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Exploring data's depths with Bharat Intern! 🌐🚀 Unveiling insights from the dataset, my project is a fusion of creativity and analytics. Stay tuned for more! 📊

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This Git repository contains necessary files of my Celebal Summer Internship Program 2023.

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This repository is regarding CodeClause internship and here is the CodeClause internship project

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A React Native Mobile Application that displays information of an Electric Scooter (Internship Project)

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Project for LOTTE Department Store Internship 2019

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Join our dynamic team at CodeAlpha as a Web Intern and dive into the exciting world of web development. In this internship, you'll have the opportunity to work on real projects, enhance your coding skills

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IotchulindraRai / Emertxe-Internship-Home_automation

Emertxe Internship Home_automation .it is a instership project based on PICSIMLAB .it was done in 25 days internship by Emertxe technology

  • Updated May 4, 2023

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BLOG / Internship Program Management

10 project ideas for marketing interns.

While some elements of marketing are highly strategic and complex, a lot of it is simply work that needs to get done. When you bring on marketing interns, you get the benefit of getting some of the basics handled while also helping someone gain experience and further their career in marketing. 

Sure, your SEO keyphrase research, ads management, website design, and content marketing needs to be done by a pro, but there is plenty that a marketing intern can do to help your team execute on both digital marketing and digital PR. Here are 10 project ideas that you can assign your intern.

1. Create a digital media list

Without pricey PR software, it’s hard to create a high quality media list. But that’s only true for traditional media. When it comes to digital PR, you absolutely can build a media list in simpler—and more affordable—ways.

Once you know your target outlets, it’s easy to find contact information using sites like Hunter.io and Prowly . 

Pro tip: Give your marketing intern a starting point by showing them some example publications, podcasts, and communities that would be a perfect fit for your company. Then give them criteria for more outlets to add. 

2. Pitch podcasts for executives or founders

It’s very likely that your target audience listens to podcasts, whether your company is B2C or B2B. Consider all of the people in your company who could be a guest on these podcasts. Maybe a manager, executive, or founder. 

Make a creative brief with the types of podcasts that would be a fit, and ask your marketing intern to generate a list of 100 perfect podcasts. 

Pro tip: Ask your intern to add booking and contact information, which can usually be found somewhere on the website.

3. Email potential co-marketing partners

Have you run out of ideas for who to feature on your next webinar? 

Or...maybe your company isn’t regularly running visibility partnerships because you never have time to approach potential partners.

Either way, an intern can absolutely help you craft a list of ideal co-marketing partners and reach out to them via email or social media. 

Pro tip: Have a more senior marketer draft the outreach template and make sure that the “ask” is clear and simple.

4. Write an advice roundup article

The great thing about advice roundups is that they practically write themselves. An intern with a keen eye for editing can wrangle expert advice into a cohesive article. 

You can use a website like HARO to come up with a concept and collect advice from experts. This works equally well for B2B and B2C topics.

Pro tip: Sometimes HARO opens you up to a deluge of responses from people who aren’t truly experts (these people just want backlinks). If you’re not getting quality responses, train your intern in email pitching target experts to ask them for a quote. Make sure to draft or approve the email pitch template.

5. Pitch guest posts

Writing guest posts offers a lot of different benefits:

  • Getting in front of new audiences
  • Collecting backlinks to your best SEO content
  • Creating relationships with marketers at non-competing companies in your industry

Train your marketing intern to become a PR assistant by teaching them the art of pitching. Show them how to come up with a list of ideal blogs to guest post on, how to find contact information, and how to pitch editors and content managers.

Pro tip: Write for company blogs in your industry, not spammy guest posting websites with very small readerships.

6. Turn blog content into social media posts

We’ve all heard that repurposing content is a smart thing to do, but how many marketers have time to do this? The truth is that every piece of marketing content could get repurposed even more. 

Your marketing intern can easily create on-brand social media content when they are using already published blog posts as inspiration.

Pro tip: Start with one channel at a time when training a new intern. For example, have them turn blog posts into Instagram captions or Tweets. Help them master one channel before moving on to another.

7. Turn podcast interviews into blog posts (even if you don’t have a podcast)

Many companies that publish podcasts will turn these episodes into a blog post, or multiple blog posts. But not every company produces a podcast.

Luckily, that isn’t a problem. You can find podcasts that your target audience listens to or has been a guest on. Find relevant podcast episodes, and have an intern transcribe the podcast and turn the ideas into new content.

Pro tip: Make sure to teach your intern about proper attribution. They can even include blockquotes from the podcast in their blog post.

8. Communicate with participants of a virtual event

In some ways, running a virtual conference is easier than an in-person one. At the very least, you’re not having to organize venues, ground transportation, or food.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t a ton of moving parts. 

While event management does require skill and experience, there are small communication tasks your intern can help with, like inviting participants to sign up for the portal where they will upload their talk and find assets.

Pro tip: Don’t make your intern in charge of every type of communication. Break it down to one small thing at a time (such as reminding participants where they can find social media assets to share the event the week before you go live).

9. Make a list of micro-influencers

Finding micro-influencers is a ton of work. You want to look for people that don’t have a massive following, but do get massive engagement. You also need to make sure these people’s followers represent your target audience, and that their content doesn’t go against your brand ideals. It can take hours to produce even a small list of perfect-fit micro-influencers.

When you train your intern in various clues and criteria, they can help generate an awesome list of micro-influencers for you to reach out to regarding product reviews or sponsored content.

Pro tip: Create a list of positive criteria and negative (no go) criteria, so your intern isn’t adding lots of the wrong people to your list. This will make the review process a lot faster for you.

10. Create infographics with easy design tools

Infographics are notoriously time consuming to create. After all, some of them are about a mile long in pixel length (just kidding). 

While you might not have your interns designing branded materials like logos and social media headers, they can help with graphics for Pinterest and your blog. 

Infographics increase your chances of getting backlinks for a blog post, which make them even more worth creating.

To save time, approve the copy for the infographic before it gets designed.

Pro tip: For this project, ditch Canva in favor of a tool that is specifically created for infographics, such as Venngage , so interns can create infographics with less time and frustration. 

Your marketing interns can help your marketing team get work done faster. But for their efforts to be effective, you need to systematize your processes and train them well. Use these project ideas to boost your marketing and your interns’ careers.

About the Author

Dayana Mayfield is a digital PR strategist who helps small businesses train their interns and assistants in digital PR. Download her SEO PR Checklist , and connect with her on LinkedIn .

Guest Author

Symba partners with a variety of guest authors and thought leaders to provide you with remote work and workforce development content.

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80+ HRM Project Topics For Your Next Assignment

HRM project topics

Human Resource Management, often abbreviated as HRM, is like the heart of a company. It takes care of the people who work there. Whether you’re in school or working, doing a project about HRM can help you learn a lot. That’s why we have great 80+ project topics for you. These ideas cover many things about HRM, like hiring the right people, training them, and even using cool technology like AI and blockchain. You can also explore how HRM can keep everyone safe and healthy at work.

HRM is not just about rules; it’s also about treating people fairly and kindly. So, in this blog, we’ll use simple language to introduce you to these project topics. Whether you’re new to HRM or a pro, there’s something here in this blog for everyone. Let’s get started on your HRM project topics journey!

What is HRM (Human Resource Management)?

Table of Contents

Human Resource Management (HRM) is like the people side of a business. It’s all about taking care of the employees who work there. Imagine HRM as the team that helps find the right people for jobs, trains them, makes sure they are happy and motivated, and keeps them safe at work. HRM also deals with things like pay, benefits, and making sure everyone follows the rules. In simple words, HRM is like the glue that holds a company together, making sure everyone works well and feels valued, so the company can be successful.

80+ HRM Project Topics

Traditional hr functions:.

  • Recruitment and Selection Process Optimization.
  • Employee Onboarding: Best Practices.
  • Employee Training and Development Strategies.
  • Performance Appraisal Systems and Their Impact.
  • Motivation Techniques in the Workplace.
  • Employee Engagement: Measuring and Enhancing.
  • Effective Compensation and Benefits Strategies.
  • Managing Employee Turnover: Causes and Solutions.
  • HR Policies and Compliance.
  • Employee Relations: Conflict Resolution Techniques.

Talent Management:

  • Succession Planning: Nurturing Future Leaders.
  • High-Potential Employee Identification and Development.
  • Talent Acquisition in the Gig Economy.
  • Building a Diverse and Inclusive Workforce.
  • Employee Retention Strategies for Millennials.
  • Managing a Remote Workforce.
  • Cross-Cultural HR Challenges in Global Companies.
  • Building a Learning Organization.
  • Employee Well-being Initiatives.
  • HR Analytics for Talent Management.

Workforce Development:

  • Assessing Training Needs for Employees.
  • Implementing a Mentoring Program.
  • Employee Career Development Paths.
  • Measuring the Impact of Training Programs.
  • Managing a Multigenerational Workforce.
  • Work-Life Balance Programs.
  • Flexible Work Arrangements: Benefits and Challenges.
  • Employee Skills Gap Analysis.
  • The Role of HR in Knowledge Management.
  • Change Management Strategies.

Employee Relations:

  • Investigating Workplace Bullying and Harassment.
  • Conflict Resolution Strategies.
  • Employee Feedback and Communication Channels.
  • Managing Workplace Diversity.
  • Employee Wellness Programs.
  • Promoting Work-Life Integration.
  • Ethical Issues in HRM.
  • The Impact of Organizational Culture on Employee Relations.
  • Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs).
  • Employee Discipline and Grievance Handling.

Emerging Trends:

  • Artificial Intelligence in HRM.
  • Predictive Analytics for HR.
  • Blockchain in HR: Applications and Challenges.
  • Remote Work Technology Tools.
  • Gamification in Employee Engagement.
  • HR Chatbots and Virtual Assistants.
  • Cybersecurity in HR.
  • Agile HR: Adapting to Rapid Changes.
  • Sustainable HR Practices.
  • Diversity and Inclusion Metrics.

Workplace Health and Safety:

  • Creating a Safe Work Environment.
  • Occupational Health and Safety Regulations.
  • Emergency Response Planning.
  • Promoting Mental Health at Work.
  • Workplace Ergonomics.
  • Reducing Workplace Stress.
  • Managing Workplace Accidents and Injuries.
  • Safety Training Programs.
  • Wellness Initiatives for Employees.
  • Pandemic Response and Business Continuity Planning.

HR Technology:

  • Evaluating HR Software Solutions.
  • HRIS Implementation and Best Practices.
  • The Future of HR Tech: Trends and Predictions.
  • Data Privacy and HR Data Management.
  • Cloud-Based HR Systems.
  • Mobile HR Applications.
  • HR Metrics Dashboards.
  • HR Technology ROI Analysis.
  • Integration of HR Tech with other Business Systems.
  • HR Tech for Small Businesses.

Legal and Ethical Issues:

  • Employment Law Compliance.
  • Discrimination and Equal Opportunity.
  • Handling Employee Privacy.
  • Intellectual Property and Non-Disclosure Agreements.
  • Whistleblowing Policies.
  • HR’s Role in Preventing Unethical Behavior.
  • Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Compliance.
  • Global HR Ethics and Standards.
  • Social Responsibility and HR Practices.
  • Ethical Dilemmas in HR Decision-Making.

How To Choose Right HRM Topic?

Choosing the right HRM (Human Resource Management) topic for your project can be easier when you follow these simple points:

  • Interest : Pick a topic that genuinely interests you. It’s easier to work on something you care about.
  • Relevance : Choose a topic that relates to HR issues you’ve observed or heard about in real-life workplaces.
  • Research : Check if there’s enough information available on the topic. You need resources to support your project.
  • Scope : Make sure the topic is not too broad or too narrow. It should be manageable within your project’s timeframe.
  • Current Trends : Consider focusing on current HR trends or emerging challenges to keep your project up-to-date.
  • Skills Enhancement : Select a topic that helps you develop skills you want to improve, whether it’s data analysis, communication, or problem-solving.
  • Practicality : Think about how your project might be useful in the real world. Practical projects often have more impact.
  • Feedback : Ask your teacher or supervisor for their input. They can help you choose a topic that aligns with your goals and their expectations.
  • Passion : If a topic genuinely excites you, it will show in your work. Passion can make your project stand out.
  • Discuss : Talk to peers or colleagues about your potential topics. They might offer valuable insights or suggestions.

Choosing the right HRM project topic can be the key to a successful and fulfilling project experience. These 85 HRM project topics cover a wide range of areas within human resource management, from traditional functions to emerging trends and ethical considerations. Depending on your interests and the specific requirements of your project, you can select a topic that not only challenges you but also allows you to make a meaningful contribution to the field of HRM. So, go ahead, pick a topic, and embark on your HRM project journey with enthusiasm and confidence!

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100 Internship Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

🏆 best internship topic ideas & essay examples, 👍 good essay topics on internship, ⭐ interesting topics to write about internship, ✅ simple & easy internship essay titles.

  • The Internship Experience at an Airport Fire Station The safety of the airport is therefore of great importance. I was familiarized with the operations of the fire station and the equipment used to deal with a fire.
  • Summer Work Programs and Internships The need for high supervision can be used to the good of the organization as some low ranking officers can be given the role of monitoring the interns and in the process, they develop their […] We will write a custom essay specifically for you by our professional experts 808 writers online Learn More
  • Almutlaq Holding Company Internship The company’s mission is to “develop the idea of showing, production, sales, and the endless work to raise efficiency and professionalism” to enhance economic development of the kingdom.
  • Internship: Shadowing a Substance Abuse Counselor The more a person is predisposed to the risks, the higher are the chances of substance abuse. The development of the effective prevention strategies for the substance abuse counselors is based on the knowledge of […]
  • System of Protection for Asylum Seekers and Refugees Internship The system has identified the need to have respect among the refugees in a given camp and between the refugees and the staff that run the protection institutions.
  • Internship Experience in Hydra Trading LLC It identified areas of strengths and weaknesses of the company based on ISO standards, strategies used to identify weaknesses, and methods of improving Hydra’s weaknesses in order to develop quality standards for the company. I […]
  • Problems of Unpaid Internship In conclusion, it is possible to state that the article provides insights into the causes of the tension between companies and interns.
  • Internship at Schlumberger Limited The report gives details about the company and the actual project undertaken during the internship, including accomplishments and challenges experienced throughout the training period.
  • Unpaid Internships and Labor Policies Assuming that the college senior would have acquired the required skills and knowledge that would be applied in the job market, he or she should not take an unpaid internship.
  • Evaluation of Internship The main aim is to ensure that the student is capable of transiting and fitting into the workplace. Since the student was engaged in an internship, it is also questionable whether the information provided especially […]
  • National Commercial Bank Capital’s Internship NCB is one of the pioneers in the Islamic finance and banking industries, as evidenced by its effectiveness in introducing new financial products into the market.
  • Aviation Logistics Internship in the UAE As a trainee in the department of aviation logistics, I was supposed to supervise the procurement and shipment of varied military resources.
  • Internship at Banque Saudi Fransi The internship was a valuable experience as it allowed applying my theoretical knowledge to practice and understand the principle of banking operations from inside. The list of the main shareholders is represented in the table […]
  • Cereal Killer Café Internship Program Prior to the internship, the student was familiar with the particular style of the cafe and its unified working environment; therefore, the organization was the first preference for obtaining real-world experience.
  • Capital Investment Realty Group’s Internship Experience Founded in 2013, the CIRG operates in the real estate sector and has focused on selling or leasing commercial and residential houses targeting the entertainment and sports sectors.
  • Human Resource Management Internship in Sales This was the intern’s task to work with the rest of the human resource team in selecting, hiring, and training the new team in the system within one month.
  • Etihad Museum in Dubai: Internship Analysis One of the most useful and valuable activities within the course was the one dedicated to the facilitation of meetings for the purpose of the establishment of a basis for collaboration between the museum and […]
  • Abu Dhabi Companies’ Internship Opportunities The core mission of the company is to become the most appreciated food and beverage company in UAE. The mission is achieved through a constant provision of nutritious and responsibly produced food and beverage of […]
  • Zayed University’s Computer Security Internship I had set clear objectives that I had to meet within this period, and I believe that I have successfully achieved them.
  • Bahrain Development Bank’s Internship Benefits Expansion of services and activities in the banking sector denotes the increase in the number of employees in the industry to help discharge services to the customers.
  • Zayed University’s Information Security Internship The opportunity offered to me to work in the IT Department of this respectable institution is one of the biggest advantages that will make it possible to understand the dynamics of the industry.
  • Yolsu Engineering Ltd.’s Internship Experience At the end of the week, I passed the weekly progress review since I was able to accurately and competently work with chronological documentation and track the receipts in the company’s account system.
  • US-Qatar Business Council’s Internship and Career The board of directors is charged with the responsibility of ensuring that the organization is run as per the expectations of the members.
  • Blue Steel Security Company’s Internship Experience The main incentive for working in the Blue Steel Security Company as an intern is the fact that there is a high chance of attaining an employment opportunity in the Company.
  • Internship at Berkeley College However, as I discovered in the fist three weeks of my internship, Berkeley operates a trimester program which allows students to complete their bachelor degree in three years. This results in higher demand for more […]
  • Technological Innovation College: IT Internship Report The College of Technological Innovation at the University offers highly sophisticated Computer Service Desk and the network system that serve the entire institution. It has state-of-the-art equipment meant to promote research in the IT sector […]
  • Internship Experience in The Lobby Bar, New Jersey The theoretical knowledge helps us describe the business models and the competitive strategies organizations use to adapt to the changing business environment.
  • Customer Service Field: Internship Experience I learned how to handle customer requests and complaints and forward them to the responsible staff at the bank. Each day of the internship period in the customer service section was often coupled with a […]
  • Lobby Sport Bar and Restaurant: Internship Experience Through this, I learned about the history of the restaurant, the structure of the restaurant administration, the location of various departments in the restaurant, and the restaurant’s goals and missions. In his absence, I have […]
  • Internship in the Computer Service Department In fact, I know that I am on track because I have been assessed by the leaders in the facility with the aim of establishing whether I have gained the required skills and knowledge.
  • Landmark Group’s Internship Program The internship report consists of the activities that I performed during my eight weeks program in LANDMARK to achieve the stated objectives.
  • NADA Dairy Company: Internship Experience NADA mainly deals with the production and processing of milk and its related products. Apart from the processing of milk and juice products, NADA also directly involves itself in marketing the products.
  • Career and Internship Expo at the Field House I talked to the representatives of the different companies and asked them about the selection process of the candidates. I even applied for the intern position in one of the companies.
  • Sales and Marketing Assistant Internship In the course of the internship an extensive amount of information concerning the tools for marketing the target product to the key customers has been provided.
  • Dubai Electricity and Water Authority’s Internship The company appeared as a result of a merger of the Dubai Electricity Company and the Dubai Water Department that had been founded much earlier, in 1959.
  • Museum Internship Goals: Budgeting and Policies The standard, therefore, will help shape the current pricing policy so that a compromise between the needs of the project and the financial capacities of the target population could be reached.
  • Museum Improvement Project as an Internship Goal The following goal will be important in the improvement project: To set up audiovisual and lighting requirements for the first three months of screening within the budgeted cost of AED 48,000 In the budget estimates, […]
  • First Home Care: Internship Clinical Practice The term was used for the first time at the beginning of the twentieth century. In addition, some of the people with autism exhibit seriously impaired speech or are unable to speak at all.
  • Aal Mir Group of Companies’ Internship Experience Four specific learning objectives were determined for the internship: to study general accounting principles applied in the company; to learn accounting methods of analyzing financial data; to practice in preparing financial statements, and to learn […]
  • Social Work Values Development During Internship I am also expecting to acquire and use numerous theoretical models to support the needs of patients with diverse health and psychological needs.
  • Zayed University’s Internship and Studies The internship is an opportunity to gain practical experience of the applicability of knowledge and the anticipated learning outcomes in a work environment in preparation for one’s career.
  • Al Habtoor Motors: Internship Experience In reference to this goal, I would give myself an A since I have managed to get acquainted with a lot of materials and reports devoted to the organization’s strategy and the way that its […]
  • Internship at Saudi Aramco The SWOT analysis for Saudi Aramco is constructed based on personal perceptions and judgments it represents the current state of the organization and its future evolvements. The competitiveness of Saudi Aramco is founded on its […]
  • Electra Dubai Company’s Internship Experience This report consists of a description of the work performed and experience gathered during the internship, a self-assessment and a subjective impression of the company and ends with some conclusive remarks.
  • Al Ghad TV Company’s Internship Experiences The key objective of the internship was to expand the existing knowledge on the topic of operation of TV stations and what it takes to have a career in the sphere.
  • Overview of the General and Individual Internship: Ateneo Institute of Sustainability Because of the increasingly large number of education-related issues and the absence of a uniform management technique in most Philippine organizations, there is a necessity to introduce a set of tools and strategies that will […]
  • Sien Yu International Corporation’s Internship The data that is gathered from the corp.is presented for the members and employees to see it and know the position of the corporation and this will help motivate the employee put more effort when […]
  • Internship at Logistics Company They work in a firm on temporary basis in order to get aware of the practical things that goes by, internship, basically prepares a person for the real world, interns are said to be “on […]
  • Real Estate Business in Berlin. Personal Internship After the fall of the Berlin Wall in the real estate market of Germany it is possible to observe a surprising situation: prices in the east, formerly socialist territories, did not grow for a long […]
  • College Internship and Management Training Program at Marriott Most of these opportunities are offered in their hotel and lodging facilities in different parts of the world but some are offered at their corporate offices.
  • Log Book for Internship With Merrill Lynch Bank As regarding to new skills, I learnt new methods of analyzing companies in the stock market and how to present information gathered to the supervisors/advisors.
  • Internship in Merrill Lynch Company The report is concluded with a summary of findings on the probability of potential changes in the corporate, growth and marketing strategies of Merrill Lynch and recommendations in these areas for improvement in the performance […]
  • Application for Internship as a Registered Nurse I have a passion for the nursing profession and I believe my background has given me the discipline and dedication that I require to become a competent nurse.
  • Al Mansouri 3B Group: A One-Week Internship The experience was wonderful not only because of the nice moments I shared with my colleagues who eventually became my friends after the first day of introduction with the manager of the company, but also […]
  • Internship at Landmark Landmark has many strengths. For example, the ‘ Key Man’ policy has supported the growth and success of the group over the past 40 years.
  • The Internship at Studio O+A Company It should be noted that I was not only an intern in a well-known and respected company in the interior design industry but I was the part of a project involving another big company.
  • The Internships for Medical Assistants The benefit of the fifth internship for me will be that I will be able to learn how to work closely with a doctor.
  • Importance of Internship Performance Overall, it contributes to the accumulation of experience and applying of theoretical understanding to practical tasks, which is extremely important in such a sphere as medicine.
  • Internship Experience at the MJH Company MJH is a vast global growing company due to its transparency, reliability, and effectiveness; its brand has gained undoubted trust from its clients.
  • Business Analytics Internship at a Car-Selling Company My objective for the project is to evaluate the efficacy of big data analytics and visualization in boosting sales and marketing in the automotive industry.
  • Analysing Company Profile and Internship Background
  • Internship: Education and Elementary School
  • Differences Between Original and Final Plan For an Internship
  • Training and Relevant Appointed Internship
  • Internship Experience and Activities
  • Personal Growth and How an Internship Experience Offers
  • Internship: Employment and Proficient Beginner
  • Human Resource Planning: Submission of Internship Report
  • International Business Marketing Internship
  • Environmental Studies Internship
  • Internship Program and Their Impact on Students
  • Management and Leadership, Professionalism and Ethics, and Conflict Management in the Movie the Internship
  • College Major, Internship Experience, and Employment Opportunities
  • Managing Stress During Internship
  • The Success of a Job – Innere, Internship, Business
  • Deepwater Turbidite Lobe Deposits: A Review of the Internship Research
  • Graduate and Career Exploration Internship
  • Criminal Justice Internship: Probation and Field Experience
  • Influence Internship Learning Effect in Business Service Sector: Using Internship Self-Efficacy as the Mediator Variable
  • Bridging the Education-Practice Divide: The University Internship Programs
  • Experience, Formal Training, and Internship
  • Internship: Educational and Professional Career
  • Personal Motivation for the National Internship Program
  • Generation Internship: The Impact of Internships on Early Labour Market Performance
  • Internship and Audit Expectation Gap Among Undergraduate Students
  • Business Administration and Economics Internship
  • Differences Between Education, Internship, and Experience
  • Marketing Higher Education: Models of Marketing Internship Programs as Tools for the Recruitment and Retention of Undergraduate Marketing Majors
  • Criminology: Crime and Internship Experience
  • Learning Administration Techniques Through an Internship
  • Internship-Benefits and Disadvantages: Internship Experiences
  • Background and Business Model of the Internship Site
  • Experiencing Different Leadership Styles During Internship
  • Account Management and Analytic Consulting Internship
  • Education Science and Technology Development Center Internship
  • Group Dynamics: Observations for Internship Field Experience
  • Internship Experience With High Hopes and Expectations
  • Experiences Gained From Psychology Internship
  • Internship Problems With Intern Students
  • Behaviors for an Internship at a Church Site
  • Chicago (A-D)
  • Chicago (N-B)

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How to Create a Successful Internship Program

Table of contents.

internship project topics

Internships aren’t just about grunt work anymore. With the right program, you can develop young talent and lay a foundation for recruiting brilliant young minds to work for your company. The first step is establishing the right kind of program and paying your interns to ensure you’re attracting talent that can contribute to your organization. 

Smaller companies especially have an opportunity to edge out larger competitors by providing interns with opportunities to develop and staying in touch after graduation. By developing and working with interns, you can foster growth in an inexperienced individual who could one day become a major player for your company.

How to create an internship program

When creating an internship program, it’s important to be thoughtful about your goals and what you have to offer to interns. For many businesses, internship programs are a way to get some extra help. However, that isn’t always the best way to teach an intern about the business or see if they can develop the skills needed to succeed in your industry. 

“We’ve hired former interns to become full-time employees multiple times,” said Liz Wessel, co-founder of Way Up and visiting group partner at Y Combinator. “I like to think of it as a two- to three-month interview.”

During her time at WayUp, Wessel and team matched employers and job candidates seeking full-time roles and internships. That work allowed Wessel to get a glimpse into the internship programs of several companies, and allowed her to refine her own. 

Here are some tips for creating a fruitful internship program for your business.

1. Establish an intern program coordinator.

graphic of a person with people surrounding them in thought bubbles

Having a person in charge of your interns is crucial to building a program that pushes candidates and ensures they’re getting the most out of their experience. The best part is, for small businesses, this position doesn’t need to be a separate full-time position. Internship coordinators can build a program that ensures your interns are having a collective learning experience. Steven Benson, founder and CEO of Badger Maps, is an example of someone who puts in extra effort to develop interns.

“During the internship, I teach classes on various business topics, give career advice, do trainings to make them successful at their job role and help them develop valuable skills,” Benson said. “Interns at Badger are executing on major projects from beginning to end, and thereby get meaningful work experience .” 

Are you looking for an internship or job but not sure what skills are best to showcase? Check out these in-demand skills that employers want in job candidates.

2. Assign each intern a mentor.

Providing a mentor means giving interns an avenue for personalized feedback on matters that extend beyond their work. You want to provide a dynamic feedback experience for the intern, so assigning them mentors from upper-level management may not be the best idea, since they’ll likely already be receiving feedback from their direct supervisor.

Instead, provide your interns with junior-level employees to create a relaxed relationship that promotes professional growth and development . After all, if this is an intern’s first corporate experience, they may have questions that they don’t feel comfortable asking their manager.

3. Set goals and workloads.

graphic of a person giving a presentation with graphs

Setting goals for your interns and revisiting their progress throughout their tenure is another important step in development. Wessel said that interns will often work on two or three major projects, depending on the length of their internship. The key is tracking their progress and making sure there’s a defined beginning, middle and end to their work.

“It’s really nice for an intern to feel like they’ve come in, they’ve started something and they’ve completed that, as opposed to them feeling like they’ve … been working on something and they never get to see it through to the end,” Wessel said.  

4. Make intern development a daily commitment.

As your interns get into the swing of things, make sure you have some structure set up so they are constantly receiving feedback and are on track with your goals. This is an important step in providing a personalized experience, but it’s also crucial for you as a business owner. With the right feedback, you’ll get the right kind of work from your intern.

Josh Skalniak, former public relations manager with Fingerpaint Marketing, said that managers would meet each week to review what each intern was working on and develop detailed to-do lists for the upcoming week. These meetings were for the managers only and served to provide a basic framework so that interns didn’t get lost in an abstract corporate environment.

“We all get to learn who is assigning [interns] work and how much,” said Skalniak. “While we could simply ask the intern how their workload is going, we often find that interns are eager to please and don’t speak up when they are overworked. The meeting gives us a broad picture of their workload and keeps us from overloading them.”

Wessel said that managers should also have weekly one-on-one meetings with interns to make sure that everyone is on the same page.

How you structure your internship program depends on your business’s needs. However, one key insight is to ensure you’re constantly communicating with the interns. Otherwise, they may drift from their responsibilities and lose sight of their role within the company.

“[If they] have never worked in a corporate environment before … they might not realize they should speak up about the fact that they are lost,” Wessel said. “They might not even realize that they’re lost; it’s part of being so junior.”

5. Stay in touch.

graphic of a person holding a smartphone next to a globe

Once your internship program comes to a close, try to maintain at least a tenuous connection with your former interns. There’s no telling what opportunities they could move on to and what doors they could open for you in the future. Staying in touch with interns acts as proactive networking. By keeping in contact, you provide the opportunity to reconnect in the future.

Of course, another great reason to keep in contact with good interns is if you want to offer them a full-time role once they graduate. A good internship program acts as a training ground for young talent. You can filter out interns who aren’t a good fit for your company and discover new talent that could one day serve your company on a full-time basis. 

How to structure your internship program

These tips and best practices are a starting point. How you set up your internship program will be specific to your business and reflective of your organization’s values. 

Imparting company values on interns

It’s important to foster strong communication between your intern and multiple sources, like mentors, managers and other interns, and create a collective experience where an intern can feel like their work contributed to your overall organization. By developing bright young minds and fostering talent in your interns, your company can retain great people and be the starting point of illustrious, successful careers.

“We’ve created a program and environment that enables [interns] to be successful and thrive at Badger as well as in their future jobs,” Benson said. “This is obviously a big investment on our part, but that is how many of our former interns got jobs at Google, Apple, LinkedIn, Square, Salesforce and a bunch of other cool companies.”

Scheduling interns

Determine how often you want an intern at work each week and for how many hours each day. You should also consider how long the internship will last. A typical range is between two and three months. 

Once you understand the amount of time an intern will be available to your team, you should do your best to scope out just what it is you’ll have them working on, both in the day to day and over the course of their entire internship. Ideally, you’ll create programming that gives them a holistic understanding of your workplace and some valuable experience that can support them in their job search once they graduate. 

If you’re working with an intern that will soon graduate and have vacant jobs that need filling, you may consider their internship as a trial period. If they develop well and show signs of interest in joining the team, consider extending the opportunity for a formal interview for an open position. Of course, getting to this point means creating a well-planned internship schedule that shows you a candidate’s potential.

One of the biggest signs a job candidate will be successful is demonstrating a willingness to learn and continuously grow in their role as it evolves. During your intern’s time with the company, keep an eye on the questions they ask, their willingness to adapt, and how much information they’re able to absorb and contextualize.

Paid vs. unpaid interns

graphic of two people conversing within browser windows

The other aspect that should never be overlooked is that you should pay your interns. Paying your interns will allow you to access talented candidates who may otherwise have never applied. Plus, it may be illegal not to pay interns minimum wage. Federal labor laws, as well as some state’s laws, may require it.

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) offers a six-part test to see if your intern can go unpaid:

  • The internship is similar to training that would be given in an educational environment.
  • The full experience is purely for the benefit of the intern.
  • The intern doesn’t replace regular employees but still works closely with existing staff.
  • The employer receives no immediate advantage from the work the intern does; in fact, operations may be impeded.
  • There is no job guaranteed at the end of the internship.
  • Both the intern and employer know there are no expectations for wages.

Paying interns “makes them feel appreciated; it makes them work harder,” Wessel said. “It will allow for greater diversity when it comes to you hiring, because if you’re not paying your interns, it probably means you’re only going to attract people whose parents … can [financially] support their kids. If they’re doing real work for you, you should pay them.”

Building a great internship program requires planning

If you want to create a valuable internship program – both for your interns and your business’s recruiting prospects – it requires some deliberate planning and intentionality. Gone are the days of using an intern to run errands or grab coffee for the team. Today, interns expect and deserve real work experience that prepares them for the workforce. And who knows? By offering that experience, you may just find your team’s next top performer.

Jacob Bierer-Nielsen contributed to this article.


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18+ Stunning  MBA HR Project Topics For Students In 2023

MBA HR Project Topics

In the world of Human Resources, an MBA HR project is your bridge from theory to real-world practice. This blog discusses what MBA HR projects are and why they matter for students looking to enter the HR field.

Selecting the right MBA HR project topic is crucial, as it shapes your learning experience and future HR career. We will emphasize the importance of this choice and offer helpful tips for making the right decision.

We’re excited to provide you with a list of 18+ engaging MBA HR project topics suitable for 2023 students. In addition, we will point out common mistakes to avoid in your HR projects, ensuring your career in Human Resources is as smooth as possible. 

So, stay tuned with us to know the MBA HR project topics. 

What Is An MBA HR Project?

Table of Contents

An MBA HR project is a special task or assignment that students pursuing a Master of Business Administration degree with specialization in Human Resources (HR) management are required to complete. It serves as a crucial component of their academic curriculum.

In this project, students typically select a specific HR-related topic, issue, or problem within an organization and conduct research to analyze and address it. They gather data, evaluate HR strategies, and propose solutions to improve HR practices. These projects help students apply their classroom learning to real-world HR challenges, developing their problem-solving skills and enhancing their understanding of HR management. This practical experience is valuable in preparing students for careers in human resources.

Importance Of Choosing The Right MBA HR Project Topic

Here are some importance ways to choose the right MBA HR project topic: 

1. Relevance to Career Goals

Selecting the right MBA HR project topic is essential because it should align with your future career aspirations. When you choose a project related to your intended HR field, it provides practical experience and knowledge that directly benefits your career prospects. For instance, if you want to work in HR recruitment, focusing on a project about talent acquisition strategies would be more beneficial than one on employee benefits.

2. Real-World Application

Picking a relevant project topic ensures that you work on real HR challenges faced by organizations. This practical experience allows you to apply your classroom learning in a meaningful way. It prepares you to handle similar HR issues in your future job and demonstrates your problem-solving skills to potential employers.

3. Interest and Motivation

A well-suited project topic should spark your interest and motivation. When you’re passionate about the subject, you are more likely to invest time and effort into the project, leading to better results. If you’re genuinely engaged with your project, it can also make the learning experience more enjoyable.

4. Contribution to Knowledge

Choosing the right project topic can also contribute to the overall knowledge base in the HR field. A well-researched project can provide insights and solutions to HR problems, benefiting both academia and industry. It can be an opportunity to make a meaningful impact in the HR community.

5. Networking and Collaboration

The choice of your MBA HR project topic can also influence your networking opportunities. If you select a topic that is relevant and interesting to professionals in the HR field, it can open doors for collaboration, mentorship, and potential job offers. Getting in touch with experts in the field you’re interested in can be very helpful for your future job.

Tips For Choosing A Good MBA HR Project Topic

Here we will provide some of the best tips for choosing a good MBA HR project topic:

Tip 1: Consider Your Interests

When selecting a topic for your MBA Human Resources capstone project, give some thought to what actually interests you. Choosing a subject for which you have a strong interest will help you stay motivated and involved throughout the duration of the project. Your work will be enhanced by the energy that you put into it.

Tip 2: Relevance to Your Career Goals

Ensure that the project topic aligns with your career aspirations in HR. It should provide skills and knowledge that are directly applicable to the job you want. For example, if you aim to work in HR recruitment, select a topic related to talent acquisition or hiring strategies.

Tip 3: Industry and Organization Focus

Think about the specific industry or type of organization you want to work in after your MBA. Your project should reflect the HR challenges and trends in that sector. For instance, if you plan to enter the healthcare industry, focus on HR issues in healthcare organizations.

Tip 4: Feasibility and Resources

Consider the resources available to you for your project. Make sure your chosen topic is feasible within the constraints of your program and available data. It’s important to select a topic that you can research effectively and within the given timeframe.

Tip 5: Seek Guidance

Don’t hesitate to seek guidance from professors, mentors, or industry professionals. They can give you useful information and ideas for project themes. Their expertise can help you identify a topic that’s not only interesting but also relevant and researchable.

18+ Stunning  MBA HR Project Topics For Students In 2023

We are going to discuss 18+ Stunning  MBA HR Project Topics For Students In 2023:

I. HR Strategy and Planning

In this section, we provide some of the best projects on HR Strategy and Planning: 

Project 1: Strategic Workforce Planning for Organizational Growth

This project entails an in-depth analysis of the existing workforce, including skills, experience, and future potential. It aims to identify potential gaps in talent and create a strategic plan to ensure the organization has the right people in place to meet its growth targets. The plan includes workforce segmentation to understand skill needs, succession planning to groom future leaders, and scenario analysis to be prepared for various organizational trajectories.

Project 2: Diversity and Inclusion Strategy Implementation

This initiative centers around developing and executing a comprehensive diversity and inclusion strategy within the organization. It involves setting clear diversity goals, creating an inclusive culture, and measuring progress over time. The project encompasses targeted recruitment practices to diversify the workforce, the establishment of employee resource groups, and ongoing diversity training to foster a more inclusive workplace.

Project 3: HR Technology Roadmap

This project is focused on evaluating and optimizing the organization’s HR technology stack. It begins with a thorough assessment of the current systems, identifies gaps in functionality, and opportunities for automation. After that, a technology roadmap is made, which includes choosing and putting in place new HR tools to make HR work easier, more efficient, and better for employees overall.

II. Talent Management

In this section, we provide some of the best projects on Talent Management: 

Project 4: High-Potential Development Program

This project identifies promising employees and provides them with a structured developmental path to prepare them for leadership roles. It includes mentorship, challenging assignments, and feedback mechanisms to nurture future leaders within the organization. The program is designed to fast-track the growth and capabilities of these high-potential individuals.

Project 5: Performance Management Redesign

The Performance Management Redesign project aims to overhaul the organization’s performance appraisal system. It involves setting clear performance expectations, introducing regular feedback mechanisms, and creating development plans for employees. This new approach is designed to balance the focus on employee growth and organizational performance, moving away from traditional annual reviews.

Project 6: Succession Planning and Leadership Pipeline

This project is dedicated to identifying and grooming potential successors for key leadership positions. It involves creating a leadership pipeline, implementing mentoring and training programs, and ensuring a smooth transition in the event of leadership changes. The goal is to build a robust and well-prepared leadership team.

III. Learning and Development

In this section, we provide some of the best projects on Learning and Development: 

Project  7: Digital Learning Transformation

This project focuses on transitioning from traditional, classroom-based training to digital learning platforms. It encompasses the development of e-learning content, the deployment of interactive e-learning tools, and the creation of personalized learning paths to offer employees more flexible and engaging learning opportunities.

Project 8: Skills Assessment and Gap Analysis

The Skills Assessment and Gap Analysis project involves evaluating the current skill set of the workforce more often than not using a skill assessment software , identifying skill gaps, and developing a tailored learning and development plan. It includes the creation of individual development plans for employees, offering relevant training programs, and implementing systems to track and measure progress.

Project 9: Managerial Training and Development Program

This project focuses on enhancing the leadership and managerial skills of employees across various levels. It includes designing and delivering training programs, implementing coaching and feedback mechanisms, and creating a comprehensive approach to build a strong and effective leadership team.

IV. Compensation and Benefits

In this section, we provide some of the best projects on Compensation and Benefits: 

Project 10: Total Rewards Redesign

The Total Rewards Redesign project involves a thorough reevaluation of the organization’s compensation and benefits structure to attract and retain top talent. It encompasses salary benchmarking to ensure competitiveness, the implementation of variable pay structures to reward performance, and the introduction of flexible benefits packages tailored to meet the diverse needs and preferences of employees.

Project 11: Equity and Inclusion in Compensation

The goal of this project is to deal with problems of pay equity and make sure that pay practices are fair. It includes conducting pay equity audits to identify and rectify disparities, revising compensation policies to enhance transparency, and implementing practices to ensure equitable compensation adjustments and promotions.

Project 12: Wellness and Well-being Programs

The Wellness and Well-being Programs project focuses on enhancing employee well-being through various initiatives. To help workers keep their physical and mental health in good shape, companies should create and run wellness programs, offer mental health support, and set rules for work-life balance. This will lead to a healthier and more engaged workforce.

V. HR Operations

In this section, we provide some of the best projects on HR Operations: 

Project 13: HR Process Automation

This project aims to streamline HR operations by automating routine and time-consuming tasks such as payroll processing, leave management, and employee onboarding. The project leverages technology solutions to enhance operational efficiency, reduce manual workload, and improve accuracy in HR processes.

Project 14: Employee Self-Service Portal Implementation

The Employee Self-Service Portal Implementation project focuses on empowering employees by providing a user-friendly portal for self-management of HR-related tasks. This includes accessing pay stubs, updating personal information, and requesting time off, which not only increases employee autonomy but also decreases administrative workload for HR staff.

Project 15: Data Analytics and HR Metrics Dashboard

This project centers on harnessing HR data for informed decision-making. It involves the implementation of HR analytics tools, data visualization, and the creation of a metrics dashboard that provides real-time insights into workforce trends. This enables HR professionals and leadership to make data-driven decisions and improve organizational performance.

VI. Emerging Trends in HR

In this section, we provide some of the best projects on Emerging Trends in HR: 

Project 16: Remote Work Policy Development

This project addresses the growing trend of remote work by developing clear policies and guidelines. It includes making clear what is expected of workers who work from home, setting rules for communication, and giving them the tools and technology they need to do their jobs well from home.

Project 17: AI and Machine Learning Integration in HR

This initiative explores the application of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning in HR functions. It involves the integration of AI-powered tools for tasks like resume screening, predictive analytics for workforce planning, and chatbots for handling routine employee inquiries, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness in HR operations.

Project 18: Agile HR Transformation

The Agile HR Transformation project focuses on adopting agile methodologies within the HR department. It promotes cross-functional collaboration, continuous improvement, and adaptability to changing organizational needs. This approach allows HR to respond more quickly and effectively to evolving trends and challenges in the workplace, creating a more dynamic and responsive HR function.

Project 19: Workforce Mental Health and Well-being Initiatives

This project addresses the increasing awareness of mental health and well-being in the workplace. It means putting in place programs to help employees’ mental health, like stress management classes and easy access to mental health tools, and making a workplace culture that supports a balance between work and life and emotional health. With the changing landscape of work, this project helps organizations prioritize the mental health of their employees, leading to a more resilient and productive workforce.

Read More 

  • Social Media Research Topics
  • Mental Media Research Topics

Common Mistakes To Avoid In MBA HR Projects

These are some common mistakes that students must avoid in MBA HR projects:

1. Lack of Clear Objectives

A common mistake in MBA HR projects is not defining clear objectives. Without specific goals, your project can become unfocused and ineffective. To avoid this, set clear, achievable objectives from the start. For example, if your project aims to improve employee engagement , specify what you want to measure and how you plan to do it.

2. Neglecting Research

Some students skip thorough research when working on HR projects. This can lead to incomplete or inaccurate information, undermining the project’s quality. It’s crucial to gather relevant data, study HR best practices, and review existing research to make informed decisions.

3. Ignoring Practicality

Another mistake is proposing HR solutions that sound good in theory but are impractical in real-world settings. Consider the practicality of your recommendations within the context of the organization where your project is based. Your solutions should be feasible and adaptable.

4. Overcomplicating Language

Using overly technical or complicated language can hinder project understanding. Keep your project’s language simple and straightforward to ensure your audience, including professors and potential employers, can easily grasp your ideas.

5. Neglecting Feedback

A common error is failing to seek peer, mentor, or colleague feedback. Constructive feedback can help improve your project by identifying blind spots and potential improvements. Embrace feedback to refine your work and enhance your learning experience.

Understanding the significance of MBA HR project topics is essential. An MBA HR project isn’t just about meeting academic requirements; it’s a valuable opportunity to gain practical insights into human resources. Choosing the right topic is like setting the course for your future in HR. We have provided tips to help you navigate this decision-making process, ensuring your project aligns with your interests and career aspirations. 

Moreover, we have presented an exciting array of 18+ MBA HR project topics tailor-made for students in 2023. To excel in your MBA HR project, it’s equally crucial to be aware of and avoid common pitfalls. So, confidently embark on your HR journey, armed with the knowledge of MBA HR project topics, and make the most of this educational experience.

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11 Exciting MBA HR Project Ideas & Topics For Beginners [2024]

11 Exciting MBA HR Project Ideas & Topics For Beginners [2024]

In this Article, you will learn 11 Exciting MBA HR Project Ideas & Topics For Beginners [2024]

  • Analysis of Satisfaction Level of Employees in The Telecom Sector.
  • A Study on The Various Employee Welfare Schemes at FMCG.
  • Analysis of Employee Training Needs in Banking Sector
  • Employer Branding Strategies in Struggling Companies
  • Analysis of The Performance Appraisal & Bonus Payments
  • HR Policies And Implementation at BPO
  • Career Progression and Planning & The Impact on Employees in Quick Food Chains
  • Employee Retention Strategies
  • Role of women in Top Management Positions and its impact on company leadership.
  • Employee Engagement Strategies in Information Technology Companies
  • Analysis on How Executive Search Firms Find The Right Candidates for Leadership Roles?

Read more to know each in detail.

In my experience, pursuing an MBA in HR presents many projects to enrich your learning journey. These projects serve as invaluable opportunities to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios. The s cope for an MBA in HR offers significant prospects, particularly in India. As professionals aspiring to join this career path, exploring various MBA HR project ideas for beginners is essential . MBA HR project ideas for beginners.  

How to Choose an MBA HR Project Topic?

Choosing the right hr project topics for mba is a crucial step in your academic journey, as it reflects your interests and demonstrates your understanding of HR concepts and practices. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you select the perfect MBA HR project topic to make your future bright: –

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1. Interest and Passion

  • Always choose a topic in which you have a keen interest. The reason is it keeps you motivated throughout the project journey.
  • Reflect on your career goals. What aspect of HR aligns with your aspirations?

2. Relevance to Industry Trends

  • Research current trends in the HR field. Topics addressing contemporary challenges will appeal more to your professors and potential employers.
  • Consider remote work management, diversity and inclusion, employee well-being, etc.

3. Scope and Feasibility

  • Ensure the topic is neither too broad nor too narrow. It should be manageable within your project’s timeframe and resources.
  • Assess the availability of data and resources needed for research.

4. Value and Contribution

  • Choose a topic that adds value to HR practices or knowledge. It could propose solutions to existing problems or shed new light on HR theories.
  • Consider how your project can contribute to the HR field as a whole.

5. Alignment with Curriculum

  • Review your program’s curriculum and identify areas where you’ve gained substantial knowledge. A topic that complements your coursework can showcase your learning effectively.

6. Originality and Uniqueness

  • Aim for a topic that hasn’t been extensively researched or offers a fresh perspective on a common issue.
  • Originality will capture the attention of your professors and future employers.

7. Feasibility of Data Collection

  • Ensure that you can access relevant data for your research. Primary data (surveys, interviews) or secondary data (industry reports, case studies) should be accessible.

8. Alignment with Personal Strengths

  • Consider your strengths and skills. If you’re good at data analysis, choose a quantitative research topic. If communication is your strength, opt for a topic that requires qualitative research and interpretation.

9. Ethical Considerations

  • Ensure your chosen topic respects ethical guidelines. Research involving sensitive data or human subjects must be conducted ethically and responsibly.

10. Consultation and Feedback

  • Discuss potential topics with professors, mentors, or industry professionals. Their insights can help you refine your ideas.
  • Feedback from others can provide valuable perspectives on the relevance and feasibility of your chosen topic.

11. Impact on Organizational Performance

  • Consider topics directly impacting an organization’s performance, such as employee engagement, talent retention, or leadership development.

12. Cross-Functional Relevance

  • Explore topics that intersect with other business functions, like marketing, finance, or operations. This demonstrates a holistic understanding of business dynamics.

13. Comparative Studies

  • Compare HR practices between different industries, organizations, or countries. Comparative studies can reveal insightful best practices and areas for improvement.

14. Future-Focused Topics

  • Anticipate future HR challenges. Topics related to automation, AI in HR, or managing a multigenerational workforce can showcase your forward-thinking approach.

15. Pilot Studies and Interventions

  • Plan a small-scale pilot study or propose an intervention to address a specific HR issue. This hands-on approach demonstrates practical problem-solving skills.

Remember, your chosen hr project sample will shape your entire project, so invest time and thought into making the right decision. A well-chosen topic makes your project engaging and enhances your knowledge and skills in the HR domain, preparing you for a successful career in the field.

MBA in HR Top Project Ideas

1. Analysis of Satisfaction Level of Employees in The Telecom Sector.

Telecom is a crucial sector employing lakhs of employees. Some of the top brands like Airtel, Jio & Vodafone-Idea work in this sector. This sector is one of the competitive sectors in India with cutthroat competition.  The work environments are known to be stressful and the work is tedious. A stressful and tedious work environment is common. So what is the satisfaction level of employees in this sector?

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The subtopics in the project could entail the impact of globalisation in the telecom sector. And with the advent of competitors in the market, each company tries is sitting at an edge. This is directly proportional to the stress on the workforce. As they are the wheels of the company. Also, another sub-topic could be how the presence of competitors is contributing to the attrition rate of the companies, employees have more options to choose from and would be naturally choosing that company that is employee-centric.  This is one of the hot HR related project topics .

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2. A Study on The Various Employee Welfare Schemes at FMCG.

India has many premium & well-known brands in the fast-moving consumer goods sector. They employ lakhs of people with a lot of employee-centric welfare schemes. How have these schemes helped them retain employees for long periods with a very low attrition rate?

How do welfare schemes contribute to retaining employees contributing to the low attrition rate? This is also a very relevant HR project for MBA. 

The subtopics of research in this project could be

  •  A comparison between the FMCG companies and the other companies. 
  • A comparative case study of the difference between the policies of the FMCG or any other two big companies.
  • Anonymous testimonials of the employees of these two respective sets of companies mention how the welfare schemes impact their lifestyle.
  • Differentiator factors contribute to low attrition and high attrition rate.

3. Analysis of Employee Training Needs in Banking Sector

Banking is constantly changing in India every year and people in the bank are more consumer-facing and have to deal with millions of consumers many of whom have little or limited knowledge of banking services. Banking is an ever-evolving sector in India, banking professionals are consumer-centric. Training remains constant for employees to service the needs of the customers.

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This also means all the employees need to be trained at regular intervals to service the needs of all these customers. What would be the employee training needs in banks?

The subtopics for this HR project could be-

  • Behavioral segmentation of the types of customers depending upon the geography. 
  • Common problem areas the customers come up with and ways to handle those.
  • How to deal with tough customers?
  • Do’s and Don’t to enhance customer satisfaction

Read: Check out the Scope of MBA for IT professionals

4. Employer Branding Strategies in Struggling Companies

Employer branding helps to position the brand as the number one place to work among students and potential employees. How will you convince people to join struggling companies using various employer branding strategies?

Employer branding helps position the brand as a very good workplace. This creates a reputation among students and job seekers. This is one of the strong MBA HR project topics .

The sub-topics could include the following-

  • How to create USP for a company to create that into a brand.
  • How and why welfare schemes should be communicated and branded.
  • How to utlise networking channels through LinkedIn.
  • How to make it look real by putting real employees as the brand ambassador.

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5. Analysis of The Performance Appraisal & Bonus Payments 

Is the appraisal system structured to reward the best performers in a fair manner or there are gaps? Does the company distribute bonuses fairly among its workforce during good business years? This was among the good HR topics for research project 2021 and it is relevant today as well.

The sub-topics could include-

  • Case study of two companies- as to how they approach appraisals, what are their KRA management strategies.
  • Case Study on how the employees of these two sets of companies perceive the appraisal. If they are satisfied, feel that it is fair, etc.
  • How does appraisal impact the attrition rate of companies?
  • Commonly used strategies for appraisal.

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6. HR Policies And Implementation at BPO

BPO is a very common concept in India where one company outsources its business processes to another company which helps it operate the business successfully. To operate better, one business outsources its business to another company. Employees work in shifts to match diverse timelines and business processes. What are the HR Policies applicable at BPO and how are they different from other companies? How are these HR policies implemented? These are pertinent questions that need to be asked. This makes for a good HR project topic.

The subtopics could be:

  • Job satisfaction among BPO employees.
  • Factors contributing to the fear of losing a job.
  • Attrition Rate and factors causing it.

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7. Career Progression and Planning & The Impact on Employees in Quick Food Chains 

Career Progression is an important motivator for employees to work hard and increase their productivity. Career progression is a big motivation behind increased productivity among employees. Career progression often means better pay, better job role , and more respect. How is employee-centric career progression and planning done in the fast-food chain industry? 

  • Impact of employees on food delivery duration.
  • How global companies are competing with the national companies in the food delivery chain.
  • Why do employees choose to join, attrite, or stay in the company?
  • Impact of food delivery employees in growing a company.
  • The job satisfaction rate for food delivery employees.
  • Career Progression scenario of the food delivery employees.

This is one of the good MBA HR project topics .

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8. Employee Retention Strategies

Tata Group is one of the biggest employers in India employing lakhs of people. Tata group is known to have the lowest attrition rate and employees retention strategies have been very successful. Low attrition and successful employee retention strategies are the core of the Tata Group. Besides, Tata Group has many employee benefit programs that have motivated employees. How have these strategies been implemented and what has made them so successful? This is one of the good HR related project topics.

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9. Role of women in Top Management Positions and its impact on company leadership.

The year 2019-2020 has seen a number of women being elevated to top roles within top organizations. As this positive trend continues, some industries still see fewer women at the top. What is the role of women and what impact has it had on the leadership and management at these companies?

What kind of role have women played and what impact has it had on the leadership and management at these companies?

  • The role of women in the top management.
  • Impact the women leader brings to a company. 
  • Case studies between two sets of companies one where the CEO is a female and the other where the CEO is a male.
  • Comparison between quarter numbers for a female and a male CEO.
  • What are the contributing factors behind the gender gap in top management positions?

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10. Employee Engagement Strategies in Information Technology Companies

Employee engagement plays a big role in employee satisfaction. It keeps them happy and solves their grievances and engagement. Information technology companies require long working hours with quality work. What type of employee engagement strategies would work here?

  • Contributing factor behind late woring hours.
  • Contrbutiingfactors behind attritionrate.
  • Reasons why long-tenured employees stayed.
  • Comparative case study between two set of IT companies 
  • A comparative case study can include, employee welfare, grievance, leave, appraisal, etc. polices.

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11. Analysis on How Executive Search Firms Find The Right Candidates for Leadership Roles?

Lots of companies generally outsource hiring for leadership roles to executive search firms. These search firms excel at finding the right candidates for leadership roles. How do they manage to do this? What are the methods that they follow?

The sub-topics can include-

  • Legacy of leadership roles.
  • Contributing factors behind the choosing any candidate for leadership positions
  • Commonalities of atleast five recent leaders in the firm.

MBA Programs in India

An MBA enhances the brand value of a professional increasing its marketability. It affects the quality and quantity of job opportunities. Lockdown has made many reputed institutions offer their MBA programs online. There are exciting career options after MBA in HR. The projects we discussed, makes for good HR projects for MBA .

You have the opportunity to choose from the MBA programs offered by top business schools. upGrad, India’s one of the top and trusted higher online learning can help you achieve your aim. It can help you apply for an   MBA from Liverpool Business School offering to choose from the six specialisations such as marketing, HR, and many more.

Industry and Capstone projects will help you to apply learned concepts in a practical real-life scenarios. It definitely adds value to your learning experience but also industry-relevant learning gives you an edge such as practical application of marketing concepts that various brands have used. upGrad also offers individual mentoring sessions with industry leaders from various domains. You will get 360-degree career support and placement assistance throughout the MBA program. The assistance will help you to apply for a job with some of the top brands. 

upGrad industry experts will mentor and guide you to build your personal brand. They will also review your resume and LinkedIn which will help you in applying for many marketing and business roles across brands.

If you are a working professional or a student, you can do an MBA in HR while being at your place and at your own pace. At upGrad, we aim to move you up in your career with specializations from top universities. You get to learn from the faculty of  Liverpool Business School and industry experts and get hands-on knowledge in HR specialization. 

With upGrad, you get to learn from the best faculty and experienced industry experts. Earn a global MBA in HR without quitting your job. You will be trained in the discipline with one-on-one interaction with the faculty and industry experts from top colleges.


I believe that choosing the right MBA HR project topic is crucial, especially for beginners. With the array of options available, it’s essential to align our interests with industry relevance. Reflecting on the insights shared in this article on 11 MBA HR Project Ideas for Beginners, I feel empowered to navigate these choices with clarity and confidence. These meticulously selected project ideas fulfill academic requirements and provide invaluable insights into real-world HR challenges. Whether delving into employee engagement strategies, talent management frameworks, or diversity and inclusion initiatives, each topic offers opportunities for profound learning experiences. As a mid-career professional aspiring to thrive in HR, I am eager to embrace these project ideas with enthusia sm and dedication. I am c onvinced that doing so will not only enrich my academic journey but also set the stage for a successful career trajectory in HR management.  


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The MBA specialty in Human Resource Management helps students to hone their overall management abilities as well as their knowledge and comprehension of human resource practices. The curriculum includes a variety of Human Resource Management courses as well as cultural, social, and economic variables that affect employee relationships. A job in human resource management necessitates an understanding of human relationships. They must adapt their operating style to the demands of their employees, comprehend the various responsibilities, and give strategic planning via people development. All of this necessitates the HR professional's ability to lead, negotiate, and communicate effectively.

Human resource is the part of an organization that deals with employees being hired, trained, orientated, and evaluated. A professional with a degree in MBA(HR) is in charge of the company's structure, morality, motivations, and overall employee involvement. They are in charge of conducting interviews, selecting candidates, assisting managers in their training, arranging meetings, preparing pay and incentives, as well as managing employee welfare and labor problems. Individuals who are adept at dealing with others may find that an MBA in HR is suitable for them. HR specialists are needed in all industries to settle and handle tasks such as employee hiring, benefits, compensation, salary settlement, training & development, and maintaining job performance, as well as ensuring that these activities are carried out in accordance with business policies.

Professionals with HR degrees can work as HR Generalists or HR Specialists to begin their careers. They may be expected to recruit new employees, aid in job matching, coordinate retraining efforts, or handle employee benefit programs. HR experts are employed by many types of businesses, from tiny enterprises to huge domestic and international companies. Consumer goods, retail, pharmaceutical, restaurant, publishing, telecommunications, and other businesses employ HR professionals. Multiple human resource managers are common in large corporations. Human resource graduates work for universities, colleges, and technical institutions, as well as schools, boards, and elementary, middle, and high schools.

Recruitment Coordinator, Human Resources Assistant, Human Resources Coordinator Recruiter, Human Resources Generalist, Employees Relations Manager, Human Resources Manager Labour Relations Specialist Recruitment Manager Director of Human Resources

American Express, NYKAA, Flipkart, Zomato HDFC, Capgemini, Pwc, IBM

HR Professionals maintain the company culture, payroll, hiring, performances, etc. With the advent of Data and AI they can work with this big data efficiently. HR Analysts collect and track the information. They perform research, conduct studies, and prepare reports. HR Analysts aim to provide insight into each process by gathering data and then using it to make relevant decisions about how to improve the processes. To begin a career as an HR Analyst, having Data Analyst knowledge is a prerequisite.

Business Operations, Project Management , General IT skills, Decision Making Compile and interpret data, Teamwork ,Communication.

As a company grows so does the demand for HR solutions. It is one of the most in-demand specialisations in the country. Most prominent companies recruit HR professionals. They can fetch a salary package from 2-10 lakhs per annum. With the increase in experience and skills, the salary packages also grow.

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  13. 20 Virtual Internship Ideas & Activities for Work in 2024

    This list includes: virtual internship event ideas fun activities for online interns remote internship program ideas online internship games Let's get started! List of virtual internship ideas With the workplace rapidly evolving, many companies are moving internships to a virtual setting.

  14. Making Your Summer Research Internship a Good One

    What's expected during an internship. At the core of most summer research internships is a research project of your own. While working on it, you learn new scientific techniques and how to design experiments, analyze results, formulate hypotheses, and keep a lab notebook. In the best cases (but not always), you work closely with a supervisor ...

  15. internship-project · GitHub Topics · GitHub

    # internship-project Star Here are 100 public repositories matching this topic... Language: All Sort: Most stars pranshurastogi29 / Data-science-interview-assignments Star 4 Code Issues Pull requests These are some of the assignments that i got in interview (Enterpret, OkCredit, Dozee, Yellow Messenger, Matelabs)

  16. 19 Useful Tasks for Interns To Do

    Updated June 24, 2022 When managing an internship program, you want to ensure your interns have plenty of work to do. When you introduce them to various responsibilities, they may get a more enriching experience working for your company.

  17. 10 Project Ideas for Marketing Interns

    Here are 10 project ideas that you can assign your intern. 1. Create a digital media list Without pricey PR software, it's hard to create a high quality media list. But that's only true for traditional media. When it comes to digital PR, you absolutely can build a media list in simpler—and more affordable—ways.

  18. 5 Tips For Companies Looking To Build A Successful Internship ...

    Create Feedback Loops. The best part about having summer interns in the office is their dynamism, energy, and ideas. To get the most out of their internship, you should be intentional about ...

  19. 80+ HRM Project Topics For Your Next Assignment

    Managing Employee Turnover: Causes and Solutions. HR Policies and Compliance. Employee Relations: Conflict Resolution Techniques. Talent Management: Succession Planning: Nurturing Future Leaders. High-Potential Employee Identification and Development. Talent Acquisition in the Gig Economy. Building a Diverse and Inclusive Workforce.

  20. 100 Internship Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

    NADA Dairy Company: Internship Experience. NADA mainly deals with the production and processing of milk and its related products. Apart from the processing of milk and juice products, NADA also directly involves itself in marketing the products. Career and Internship Expo at the Field House.

  21. How to Create a Great Internship Program

    Here are some tips for creating a fruitful internship program for your business. 1. Establish an intern program coordinator. Having a person in charge of your interns is crucial to building a ...

  22. If you haven't secured an internship, there are still alternative paths

    Are you unsure how to spend your summer; don't worry, you have options. Whether you are still seeking an internship or want a break, we have ideas about how you can still have a productive summer. Topics of discussion will include internships, projects, and how all jobs offer transferable skills. Register here!

  23. 18+ Stunning MBA HR Project Topics For Students In 2023

    Moreover, we have presented an exciting array of 18+ MBA HR project topics tailor-made for students in 2023. To excel in your MBA HR project, it's equally crucial to be aware of and avoid common pitfalls. So, confidently embark on your HR journey, armed with the knowledge of MBA HR project topics, and make the most of this educational experience.

  24. What to expect from an IT Project Analyst Internship

    Anyways my major question is what to expect this summer as a project analyst? I know it will be wildly different then a support role but I'm just looking for more clarification on the day to day job responsibilities usually associated with this kind of job.

  25. 11 Exciting MBA HR Project Ideas & Topics For Beginners [2024]

    1. Summary: 2. How to Choose an MBA HR Project Topic? 3. MBA in HR Top Project Ideas 4. MBA Programs in India Summary: In this Article, you will learn 11 Exciting MBA HR Project Ideas & Topics For Beginners [2024] Analysis of Satisfaction Level of Employees in The Telecom Sector. A Study on The Various Employee Welfare Schemes at FMCG.