Free Attendance Spreadsheet Templates

By Kate Eby | April 12, 2017 (updated April 17, 2023)

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Tracking attendance is a simple activity to help manage participation in classes, meetings, and events. Attendance sheets help teachers track student presence and contribution, as well as the absence or tardiness, so that they can resolve any problems efficiently. Even homeschooled students can use attendance forms to keep accurate records of which days they spent on academic activities. You can also use attendance forms for tracking visitors to a workplace, recording attendance at a church or club gathering, or having employees sign in at a training course.

Many teachers use attendance sheets not only for collecting information, but also for creating a reward system for younger students in order to emphasize the importance of consistent attendance. Giving monthly rewards for best or most-improved attendance creates an incentive for promptness. Of course, students may miss classes for all kind of reasons, from illness to family obligations, but fostering children’s active involvement in the attendance process can increase their awareness of its importance. For college students, chronic absences may indicate that a more serious problem needs to be addressed. For example, some students may be struggling to adjust to living on their own for the first time. By tracking attendance habits, teachers may take notice issues sooner and be able to work with students to address them.

If you’re leading workshops, classes, or training courses for adults, chronic attendance issues could point to student dissatisfaction with the content or teaching style. This information provides a unique opportunity for teachers and presenters to solicit feedback from students about what is or is not working and what might need to change. In the context of adult education, tracking attendance can be a first step toward improving classes and ensuring both student and teacher satisfaction.

Business Attendance Templates

Meeting attendance template - excel.

monthly attendance worksheet

Download Meeting Attendance Template

Excel | Smartsheet

Use this template to keep track of attendees at any type of meeting. The template allows you to gather contact information and record details about the meeting, such as date, location, and facilitator names. The spreadsheet includes also space for notes or reminders. This is a basic meeting attendance template for collecting names and pertinent information.

Training Attendance Sheet Template - Excel

monthly attendance worksheet

Download Training Attendance Sheet Template

Use this training attendance sheet template for school students, employees, volunteers, or any individuals attending a training course. At the top of the template, you can document information about the nature of the program or the training. The sheet includes a signature column so attendees can sign in when they arrive. If you need to collect more information, simply add columns to the spreadsheet.

Employee Attendance Spreadsheet - Excel

monthly attendance worksheet

Download Employee Attendance Spreadsheet

This attendance tracker template allows you to manage multiple employees on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. For each employee listed, keep track of work shifts, vacation time, sick leave, and personal time. With color-coded attendance categories, you can get a quick overview of attendance patterns and employee availability. To create an ongoing record, copy and paste the template into additional sheets, and fill them out monthly. 

Timesheet Template - Excel

monthly attendance worksheet

Download Timesheet Template

In addition to tracking employee attendance, a timesheet calculates hours worked and amounts owed. Employees can use this template for tracking their own hours, while human resource managers can use it to help manage payroll and keep accurate records. This template includes sheets for daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly tracking.

Employee Vacation Tracker Template - Excel

monthly attendance worksheet

Download Employee Vacation Tracker Template

This vacation tracker template can also be used to manage employee schedules. List available/used vacation and sick-leave hours to easily view an employee’s leave time within a specific pay period or another time frame. Keep track of an employee’s remaining hours in an easy-to-read, basic spreadsheet format.

Visitor Sign-In Sheet - Excel

monthly attendance worksheet

Download Visitor Sign-In Sheet

Businesses and other organizations may use visitor sign-in sheets to keep track of who is visiting which departments and why. This sheet can increase security by documenting the identity and quantity of visitors, and can even furnish feedback on the quality of someone’s visit. This template also includes arrival and departure times so visitors can be accounted for.

Appointment Sign-In Sheet - Excel

monthly attendance worksheet

Download Appointment Sign-In Sheet

Use this appointment sign-in sheet template in any business or medical office that requires clients or patients to sign in. In a busy office, the sheet helps manage the flow of arrivals by recording an individual’s arrival and appointment time. Easily modify this basic template to suit the needs of your business.

School and Other Attendance Templates

Monthly class attendance sheet - excel.

monthly attendance worksheet

Download Monthly Class Attendance Sheet

This attendance tracking spreadsheet allows you to record monthly attendance for a school class or other program that meets daily. The template provides a calendar of days for checking in each student and marking absences and late arrivals. The sheet then calculates totals for the month, so you have a record of attendance for the classroom.

Yearly Attendance Template - Excel

monthly attendance worksheet

Download Yearly Attendance Template

If you need a more comprehensive template than the monthly attendance spreadsheet above, this template includes tracking sheets for each month, plus a yearly report that summarizes the monthly data. Use this sheet to create reports for students by showing their attendance rates during the school year. It’s a useful tool for both teachers and administrators who want to keep track of and analyze attendance patterns on a monthly and annual basis. 

Weekly Attendance Spreadsheet - Excel

monthly attendance worksheet

Download Weekly Attendance Spreadsheet

This weekly attendance sheet has a simple layout for recording which students are in attendance from Monday through Friday. If you need an attendance form for a summer program or class that meets on different days, you can edit the template to match your requirements. The template calculates daily totals for the class.

Volunteer Sign-Up Sheet - Excel

monthly attendance worksheet

Download Volunteer Sign-Up Sheet

Whether you’re organizing a non-profit fundraiser, a workplace party, or a school event, this volunteer sign-up sheet can gather volunteers for specific tasks. Individuals can sign up and provide their contact information for future communication. After recruiting volunteers, you can follow up with them to find out who will actually be able to attend and help out. This is a simple tool for coordinating volunteers to ensure successful events.

Daily Attendance Template - Word

monthly attendance worksheet

Download Daily Attendance Template

Word | Smartsheet

This daily attendance template is appropriate for child care centers or other settings where you need to account for children and staff. For extra security, have parents sign the form when they pick up a child. The document includes arrival and departure times for both students and staff, so it is clear which staff members are available for what number of students during each day. Formatted in Word, this attendance template can be printed and used in a classroom or school office.

Printable Blank Attendance Record - PDF

monthly attendance worksheet

Download Printable Blank Attendance Record

PDF | Smartsheet

If you need a blank attendance record template, this PDF version has a basic layout for documenting student attendance for whatever dates you want to include. You can also use columns to record absences or other data for each student. Teachers can print this template and hang it on a classroom wall to help younger students check themselves in each day.

Printable Monthly Attendance Template - PDF

monthly attendance worksheet

Download Printable Monthly Attendance Template

This monthly template supplies a grid layout for tracking attendance and adding daily totals for each student, as well as for the classroom as a whole. For easy filing, you can record the time, month, location, and any other relevant data at the top of the template. Print a copy of each month to create an attendance record for the entire school year.

What Is an Attendance Sheet in Excel?

An attendance sheet in Excel is an electronic document used to record attendances at meetings and seminars, usually including names of participants and the times they arrive and depart. This can then be analyzed, allowing to track trends and identify absentees.

How to Create an Attendance Spreadsheet in Excel

Using Excel, you can make a simple attendance spreadsheet by adding column headings for student names, dates, and total monthly attendance (for example). Use rows for listing student names and marking daily attendance. Use the SUM formula to calculate totals and get a quick report on daily and monthly attendance numbers for individual students and for the entire class. If you’re creating an attendance sheet for a meeting or event, you may want to include columns for collecting contact information, business affiliations, or other relevant information. 

To save time, use an attendance spreadsheet template and customize it to suit your needs. Below, you’ll find a selection of attendance templates that are free to download and easy to edit. There are multiple options for Excel, printable PDF templates, and a daily attendance template for Word. We’ve separated the templates by category - those specifically designed for businesses and those geared for classes or other uses. We also offer a variety of formats, all of which emphasize simplicity and efficiency. For more options, see the sign-in and sign-up sheet template page.

Automate Attendance Tracking With a Smartsheet Web Form

Empower your people to go above and beyond with a flexible platform designed to match the needs of your team — and adapt as those needs change. 

The Smartsheet platform makes it easy to plan, capture, manage, and report on work from anywhere, helping your team be more effective and get more done. Report on key metrics and get real-time visibility into work as it happens with roll-up reports, dashboards, and automated workflows built to keep your team connected and informed. 

When teams have clarity into the work getting done, there’s no telling how much more they can accomplish in the same amount of time.  Try Smartsheet for free, today.

Discover why over 90% of Fortune 100 companies trust Smartsheet to get work done.

Monthly Attendance Templates in MS Excel

These generic monthly attendance templates allow up to 30 student names to be entered.

Simply enter the Month and Year required at the top of the attendance sheet, together with your class details. Enter the day of the week under the corresponding day of the month.

We recommend that you identify weekends by adding cell shading. This will allow you to more easily identify the day of the week.

Download your monthly attendance template

Click here to download the Excel Monthly Attendance Sheet

To download your attendance template in Microsoft Office Excel format simply click on the image above.

About the Monthly Attendance Template


Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Template (.xlt)

Microsoft Office Excel 2003 or later

Yes - remove protection from worksheet to amend

Page Setup:

A4 Landscape

Instructions for use:

To the right of each monthly student record (the row for a student) under the STUDENT TOTALS header, the total number of classes the student is Present, Late, Absent or Excused is automatically counted and the students attendance percentage for the month calculated.

At the bottom of each daily record (the column for a day) the total number of students Present, Late, Absent or Excused that day is automatcially counted and a class attendance percentage calculated. Total attendance percentage figures are calculated for all classes delivered for the month to date.

Entering Month, Year, Subject / Course, Group, Time and Location Enter details of the Month, Year, Subject / Course, Group, Time and Location directly into the cells identified. Entering Student Names Enter the names of the students that are registered to attend the class under the Student Name header in column B. I recommend that you enter the surname first followed by the first name of the student. Use the following name format to ensure consistency; [SURNAME], [First name] e.g. SMITH, John By entering names in this format, names can be ordered alphabetically (ascending or descending) by surname. When all registered student names have been entered in this format into column B, if you have not entered them alphabetically you can sort them by doing the following. 1. Highlight the Student Names in column B that you want to order. Ensure that the first cell selected is the Student Name: header in cell B8 2. From the Data menu select Sort... If prompted, confirm that you wish to continue to sort the current selection. NOTE: If you have selected cells in other columns a message will be displayed informing you that changes cannot be made until Protection is removed. The Sort dialogue screen is displayed. If the Student Name header in cell C8 was selected, STUDENT NAME should appear in the Sort by: selection box. Select how you want your student names displayed, Ascending or Descending alphabetically. Select OK and your students will be sorted.

Names will be sorted alphabetically by the first letter of the student name entered. Take care not to enter a space before the student name as this will affect how the names are sorted.

Think about how you want the names sorted when calling the class register.

Enter names in a format that best suit your requirements.

By using the recommended name format above you will ensure that student names are sorted by surname.

Marking Attendance

All monthly attendance templates have been setup using the following default characters to identify a students attendance. / - Present L - Late X - Absent E - Excused If you want to use different characters or symbols enter them into cells AH8 (PRESENT), AH9 (LATE), AH10 (ABSENT) and AH11 (EXCUSED). All other cells on the monthly attendance template will update automatically with the characters entered into these cells. To mark attendance, click into a cell for a particular student and day and select a character from the drop-down list that corresponds to the students attendance. 


Monthly Attendance Templates (MS Word)

Printable Monthly Attendance Sheet (PDF)



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Weekly Attendance Sheets

Course Attendance Sheets


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Printable Attendance Sheets

Attendance Templates by Vertex42

Need a free attendance sheet for tracking attendance at meetings, clubs, work, school, or church ? We have a number of different types of attendance sheets as well as sign-in and sign-up forms. If you are a teacher wanting to track student attendance, try the school attendance tracking templates. If you'd like free printable attendance sheets for passing around at your meeting, try the Meeting Sign-In sheet. If you'd like to print a sheet to track visitor attendance at an open house, volunteer service activity, or museum, try the Visitor Sign-In sheet.

Printable Attendance Sheets for Excel

The following pages contain multiple templates that you can customize using Excel. There are also some printable PDFs such as blank attendance and sign-in forms.

School Attendance Tracking

These attendance sheet templates are designed specifically for school class attendance where you need to track student attendance daily and record tardies, unexcused absences, etc.

Class Attendance Template

Record classroom attendance using multiple monthly attendance forms in a single workbook. Includes a yearly summary that can be used for mail merges to send out individual attendance reports.

Attendance Sheet Template ▶

Keep track of class attendance on your mobile device using simple drop-down boxes. Have fun with different symbols for marking attendance.

Attendance Records

This simple attendance record template can be used to print blank attendance sheets and for recording attendance for clubs, church, Sunday school, and other meetings.

Sign In Sheets

This collection of templates includes a few different printable attendance sheets for meetings, visitor sign-in / sign-out, workshops, seminars, conferences, offices, etc.

Sign Up Sheets

Find a variety of sign up sheets for potlucks, volunteer activities, and other cases where you want to collect contact info.

Potluck Sign Up Sheets

This page contains multiple potluck sign up sheet designs, including specific ones for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Employee Leave Tracker ▶

Track employee leave using a method similar to attendance trackers. Each month is on a different worksheet and a yearly summary sheet shows the totals for each employee.

More Time and Attendance Templates

  • Timesheets & Timecards - A few different time sheet templates for tracking your hours worked.
  • Free Timesheet Template - A very simple time sheet for tracking your employee attendance.
  • Employee Vacation Tracking - This template lets you track employee vacation, sick leave, and personal leave.
  • Schedules & Planners - These schedule and planner templates are great for helping you management your time.

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Monthly Attendance Sheet

Monthly Attendance Sheet

Whether you need to monitor attendance for your school’s students, your employees, or volunteers at your nonprofit or charity, better manage your monthly attendance online using Jotform’s free Monthly Attendance Sheet! To get started, personalize the template to match your organization and enter your attendance info from any device. Feel free to download your spreadsheet as a CSV, PDF, or Excel document to quickly share your attendance records online.

Customize this spreadsheet in just a few clicks using Jotform’s user-friendly interface — add new label names or colors, rearrange your rows or columns, or separate your classrooms, volunteer groups, or employee department information into different tabs. By using this Monthly Attendance Sheet to easily monitor monthly student, volunteer, or employee attendance online, you can spend less time on logistics and more time where it matters!

More templates like this

Table Templates: Daily Attendance Sheet

Daily Attendance Sheet

Track attendance with this free online spreadsheet. Perfect for teachers, educators, and employers. Easy to customize, download, and print. No coding required.

Table Templates: Student Attendance Sheet

Student Attendance Sheet

Track student attendance with this free online spreadsheet. Perfect for teachers of all grade levels. Easy to customize, download, and print. No coding.

Table Templates: Class Attendance Sheet

Class Attendance Sheet

Take student attendance online with this free spreadsheet template. Easy to customize, download, and print. Perfect for teachers and educators. No coding.

  • Table Templates /
  • Attendance Sheets /

Attendance Sheets

Track your attendance online with Jotform’s free Attendance Sheets! To get started, choose a spreadsheet template from the list below. Then customize it to match your school, nonprofit, or business and enter your attendance info on any device. If you’d like staff or coworkers to fill out the attached form and auto-populate your spreadsheet instead, share the attached form with colleagues or supervisors by embedding it in your website, sending it with a link, or using a QR code to let others quickly open your form on any device.

Every Attendance Sheet template below is fully customizable, making it easy to rearrange the layout, add rows and columns, or include extra tabs to separate your attendance records for different classrooms or departments. You can even switch between spreadsheet view, card view, or calendar view to view your attendance records in the way that works for you, and download your records as CSV, PDF, or Excel files in a single click! Get organized and expertly track attendance online with a digital Attendance Sheet.

Table Templates: School Attendance Sheet

School Attendance Sheet

Take attendance with this free attendance sheet for schools. Easy to customize and fill out from any device. Download, print, or share in one click. No coding.

Table Templates: Meeting Attendance Sheet

Meeting Attendance Sheet

Keep track of meeting attendance in a professional online spreadsheet. Great for secretaries, HR departments, and managers. Easy to customize and share.

Table Templates: Employee Attendance Tracker

Employee Attendance Tracker

Streamline attendance tracking for your employees. Free, easy-to-read spreadsheet you can access and edit on any device. Download, print, and share in seconds.

Table Templates: Monthly Attendance Sheet

Keep track of monthly attendance in a free online spreadsheet or calendar. Ideal for teachers, charities, and businesses. Quickly customize, download, and share.

Table Templates: Weekly Attendance Sheet

Weekly Attendance Sheet

Easily monitor weekly attendance in a free online spreadsheet. Great for schools, nonprofits, and businesses. Easy to customize, download, and share.

Table Templates: Attendance Log

Attendance Log

Keep track of your students’ attendance with this free online table. Great for teachers and educators. Easy to customize, share and download. No coding.

Table Templates: Class Sign In Sheet

Class Sign In Sheet

Record class attendance with this free table template. Easy to customize, download, and share. No coding required. Great for schools, colleges, and universities.

Table Templates: Child Care Attendance Sheet

Child Care Attendance Sheet

Track attendance for your daycare or child care center. Easy to customize. Download as PDF, CSV, or Excel document. Print in one click. No coding required.

Table Templates: Homeschool Attendance Sheet

Homeschool Attendance Sheet

Take attendance for homeschooled students. Free, easy-to-use online spreadsheet for parents. Customize, download, print, and share on any device. No coding required.

Table Templates: Teacher Attendance Sheet

Teacher Attendance Sheet

Track teacher attendance for workshops, webinars, conferences, and more. Easy to fill out from any device. Download, print, and share in one click. No coding.

Table Templates: Family Reunion Sign In Sheet

Family Reunion Sign In Sheet

Organize your next family reunion with our free table template. Collect and organize form responses in a customizable table. No coding required.

Table Templates: Student Sign Out Sheet

Student Sign Out Sheet

Track and archive student attendance with a free student sign out sheet. Get form responses instantly and add them to your database. No coding required.

Table Templates: AA Sign In Sheet

AA Sign In Sheet

Take attendance for your AA meetings online. Contactless attendance sheet. Easy to fill, customize, and share. Works from any device. No coding required.

Table Templates: Safety Meeting Sign In Sheet

Safety Meeting Sign In Sheet

Let employees sign into safety meetings on any device. Collect personal info, e-signatures, and more. Easy to customize. View as a spreadsheet, calendar, or cards.

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Attendance Sheets

July 13, 2022 by Printabulls Team 8 Comments


Taking attendance is often one of the first things we do at the beginning of the school day, at daycare, on field trips, at work meetings and trainings, at church, and in all other sorts of gatherings and events. Attendance sheets are essential for so many reasons – from informing parents via the school office that their child was recorded as not being in attendance that day (so that the parents are aware of their absence), to ensuring everyone who needed a training session to operate safely in their role was in attendance to receive that pertinent information, and everywhere in between. Since they are useful to so many people and have so many applications we thought we’d design 52 Free Printable Attendance Sheets to fit multiple needs!

There are many different layout options and applications below, so after scrolling through the choices offered and finding the attendance sheet template that will work just right for what you need, simply click on the image, download the PDF file to your computer, and print! Then it’s just a matter of using your blank attendance sheet to check off who is and isn’t there!

School Attendance Sheets

Use these blank school attendance sheets for any age level of students from preschool to high school. These templates include both monthly and weekly attendance sheets in a wide variety of styles and colors.

Printable Monthly School Attendance Sheet-1

Homeschool Attendance Sheets

Homeschooling your children and possibly others? Use these free printable homeschool attendance sheets to take attendance throughout your school year! Just click on the image below, grab the attendance sheet PDF of your choice, and print!

Printable Homeschool Attendance Sheet-1

Homeschool Attendance Sheets – September Start!

Does your homeschool start in September? If so, the two attendance sheets below will work great for your school year as both are September start homeschool attendance sheets!

Printable Homeschool Attendance Sheet-1-2

AA & NA Meeting Attendance Sheets

Whether you’re attending yourself, running the meeting, or helping a loved one attend, use these free printable AA and NA attendance sheets to help out those on the path to overcoming addiction.

Printable AA_NA Attendance Sheet-1

Employee Attendance Sheets

Track the daily attendance of your employees or team members for any given month or for an entire year with these free printable employee attendance sheets.

Printable Employee Attendance Sheet-1

Meeting Attendance Sheets

Track the attendance of participants at any given meeting using these free printable meeting attendance sheets.

Printable Work Meeting Attendance Sheet-1

Training Attendance Sheets

Track the attendance of participants at any given training using these free printable training attendance sheets.

Printable Work Training Attendance Sheet-1

Daycare Attendance Sheets

Use these free printable daycare attendance sheets to accurately track the attendance of the kids in your care over the course of a full year.

Printable Daycare Attendance Sheet-1

Sunday School / Church Attendance Sheets

As you do your best within your church responsibilities, track the weekly attendance of your class members or worshippers each quarter by using these free printable Sunday School attendance sheets.

Printable Sunday School Attendance Sheet-1

Reader Interactions

monthly attendance worksheet

September 11, 2022 at 9:37 pm

Hi Printabulls! Love all your printables and website =) By any chance, could you please include the first two homeschool attendance sheets with a September start as you did with the August ones? Love the cute graphics and would love to use them, but we start our homeschool year in September. I’ll keep directing homeschoool mommies and friends to your website! Thanks for all you do! =)

monthly attendance worksheet

September 14, 2022 at 8:46 am

Hi Angelica,

So glad you’re finding our site helpful! And thanks for sharing with your friends!!

We’ve added those two with a September start. Hope that helps! 🙂

June 27, 2023 at 10:18 pm

Wow! So Awesome Guys! Thank you so much for making the 2 homeschool attendance sheets with a September starting month =) I love all your printables, and actually have Printabulls up and front on my Bookmarks bar =D All my needs taken care of, thanks so much!

June 28, 2023 at 6:14 am

Our pleasure, Angelica. Glad it’s helping your homeschooling! 🙂

monthly attendance worksheet

February 21, 2023 at 5:23 am

It is very awesome and a big thank you to you.

February 21, 2023 at 7:14 am

monthly attendance worksheet

June 25, 2023 at 11:31 am

Thank you for this wonderful free resource. I needed a Sunday School attendance sheet and you had some great ones. My only input is that I would love to have a vertical style to have room for more names. I am currently using the ones I printed.

October 4, 2023 at 10:36 am

We’ve added vertical options of both designs! 🙂

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The Spreadsheet Page

Monthly Attendance Sheet

Monthly Attendance Sheet

Click to See Full Template

monthly attendance worksheet

  • 11'868 Downloads
  • 18 KB File Size
  • January 3, 2022 Updated
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Download this template for free Get support for this template

Template Contents

General use, track attendance, new sheets and historical records.

There are school attendance sheets , meeting attendance sheets , employee attendance sheets , and many other types of attendance sheet templates , all tailored toward a specific theme. But a basic, theme-less attendance sheet can offer more flexibility. We offer a generalized monthly attendance sheet template, which can be used to record attendance for any type of program or activity. This template also comes with an automated monthly calendar.

Below is a list of worksheets included in this template.

A monthly attendance sheet, which includes daily attendance tracking for up to 25 attendees. This attendance sheet includes the following data fields -

A worksheet that controls how months and weekends are displayed on the “Monthly” attendance sheet.

Using the Template

Since this is a generalized template, enter a new title that describes the monthly activity for which attendance will be recorded. In the example below, this attendance sheet will be used to record monthly “Rowing Club” practice participation.

Monthly Attendance Sheet Title

Tip: You can change the gray and white attendance sheet color scheme by changing background color and text color. A tutorial on modifying color schemes can be found here .

Enter the year in the “Year” field at the top of the worksheet. At the beginning of each month, select the current month from the dropdown menu in the “Month” field.

Monthly Attendance Sheet Month

Once the month is selected, all days of the current month will be displayed horizontally across the top of the sheet.

Note: This worksheet is built to include up to 31 days. If a month has fewer than 31 days, any extra columns will be blanked out, as shown below.

Monthly Attendance Sheet Blanked

You can change the column headings to fit the activity for which you are tracking attendance. For example, “Title” and “Department” column headings are included as standard fields in this template, but these fields may have little to do with your program or activity. Therefore, in this example, you can replace the standard column headings with fields such as “Rank” and “Weight” to record information about your rowing team.

The Setup worksheet contains a list of months and a list of weekend markers. The list of months makes up the “Month” dropdown list on the “Monthly” worksheet. The list of weekend markers indicates which days will be displayed as weekend days on the monthly attendance sheet. For example, if there is rowing practice on Saturdays or Sundays, weekends can be displayed as regular practice days on the monthly attendance sheet.

To make a weekend marker selection, use the dropdown to select “Yes” (weekend) or “No” (non-weekend).

Weekend Marker Drop Down List

A “Yes” selection is formatted in gray on the monthly attendance sheet to represent a weekend day, as shown below.

Monthly Attendance Sheet Weekend

There are various ways to track attendance. For example, enter a letter such as an “X” or a “P” into the box when the person is present.

Monthly Attendance Sheet Letters Marks

Attendance can also be tracked using color codes. In the example below, green is used to indicate that the person is present, while red is used to indicate absence.

Monthly Attendance Sheet Color Marks

Number the days to indicate positive attendance and make counting total attendance a snap.

Monthly Attendance Sheet Number Marks

If you are a fan of checking the box, you can use check marks to take attendance, too! To enter a checkmark, use the “Wingdings 2” font and enter “P” into the cells.

Monthly Attendance Sheet Wingdings Marks

If there are more than 25 attendees, expand the worksheet to include as many attendees as necessary. To add more people, simply copy (Ctrl + C) the last row of the worksheet and “Insert Copied Cells” under the last row. Finally, update the attendee number and all other information.

Tip: Column headings will disappear if you scroll down toward the middle of the page. Use the “Freeze Panes” option to retain column headings. A tutorial on how to freeze panes can be found here .

If you are tracking multiple monthly meetings, create multiple attendance sheets and organize them in one file. You may also want to save and organize previous monthly attendance sheets. Create a new worksheet for each month (or new meeting theme) by duplicating the previous worksheet. This method will allow you to create historical records of previous attendance sheets. Finally, delete any old attendance records from the previous worksheet.

Tip: Create copies of attendance sheets before using them to avoid deleting old information.

A tutorial on duplicating worksheets can be found here .

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