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Readymade Projects for bba students Consumes less time to prepare. If You are looking for final year readymade projects which can be finished in short time limits and  speedily then you have landed to best service provider as we provide readymade projects for mba finance. It is a very tough task for every BBA student to complete the project on time and follow the guidelines of universities.

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Readymade projects for mba hr

If you are not researching properly for new attractive and eye-catching topics for readymade projects for mba hr then it makes it hard for you. However, candidates have weak writing skills at that academic level which are necessary to get top grades and marks in MBA final year exam. They only write for an assignment or report to get scores from the university at a bookish level. In the final year, the readymadeproject is very crucial for every candidate for his future career because this project marks also play a major part in the chance to get a job. Get free Suggestion and advice today.

However, many of the candidates want to make an MBA project report pdf but due to a shortage of time and scarcity of resources they can’t finish it such as expertise learning, half-time temporary works, get money for necessities of living and so on. Therefore it is tougher for candidates to finish it punctually and no one also takes a side, charges, and helps so here readymade project solutions guides a lot.

Final year readymade projects

We also prepare readymade projects for mba. Many of the specialists also help in guidance and take in charge to create an attractive, stylish project for MBA final year projects and you can appoint specialists simply on the internet because online tasks are quicker as opposed to offline.

Now, if you take a visit on the internet for MBA project topics list or readymade projects then you will acquire many solutions on 

  • MBA in marketing, 
  • Mba Projects in Human resource (HR),
  •  Finance, Operation Management, Retail, Banking, Project Management, 
  • MBA in Systems and Business Analytics.
  • Supply Chain Management. 

Simple project topics for bba students .

Before you begin writing, be confident that your BBA project topics should be attractive if not then you can’t write more deeply and thoroughly content for the project.

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Ready made projects for bba students

So if you want to purchase ready made projects for bba students  you are reach us any time. We have written on top 20 twenty simpler topics for MBA projects in finance view new, you should read at least once. However, you will receive an interesting topic which can be great for your project. Now, you can also appoint specialists for taking aside and in charge of guidance for readymade projects if you have no time then you can contact us and visit our website and appoint us.

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BBA Project

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Are you looking for a Readymade Project for your school or college? We are here to understand your need and have experienced experts who would help you with the same.


  • Human Resourses (HR)

Marketing Description

The BBA marketing specialization explores a number of subjects: Marketing management, Marketing channels strategies, Operations management, Consumer and brand insight strategy, Forecasting, modeling, marketing strategy, Forecasting, Modeling, branding, Sales force management and International marketing.


An internship is a purposeful activity of the student set in a work environment in order to obtain learning outcomes within their curriculum. During the internship, the knowledge, skills, and attitudes learned in the programme can be applied.

Marketing Projects Topics

  • 1. Marketing strategy of Hero Honda Limited
  • 2. Study of consumer behavior and satisfaction with Hyundai motors
  • 3. Promotional strategy adopted by Tupperware
  • 4. A study on digital marketing and its impact on revenue generation
  • 5. Marketing strategy on policy bazaar
  • 6. Consumer perception and market strategy in Nestle
  • 7. Marketing strategy of HCL info system
  • 8. Impact of social media on consumer behavior
  • 9. Micro analysis of SWIGGY
  • 10. Consumer behavior towards readymade garments with reference to wills lifestyle
  • 11. Comparative research market size of cigarettes brand of ITC Ltd
  • 12. Market research and consumer satisfaction on Dabur products
  • 13. Sales and distribution of HUL products
  • 14. To study the market shares and customer satisfaction with ITC food products
  • 15. A critical analysis of market potential of insurance sector
  • 16. Content marketing as a part of an effective online marketing strategy
  • 17. Customer perception toward SBI loan
  • 18. A study on customer awareness towards e-banking services of SBI
  • 19. Impact of SBI retail banking on customer satisfaction
  • 20. Awareness and perception about SBI Mutual funds
  • 22. Marketing strategies of different Products of HUL Ltd
  • 24. Study of new product development of Frooti
  • 26. Marketing and Promotion of Online Trading Account and Share Khan Competitors
  • 27. Analysis of different investment plan of Mutual fund
  • 28. Comparative Analysis Among Stock Brokerage Houses
  • 30. Comparative Analysis of Sharekhan & other insurance company
  • 31. Comparative Analysis of Stock Brokers in Chandigarh Region
  • 32. Comparison of stock market India infoline
  • 33. Customer behavior towards reliance mutual fund
  • 37. Mutual Funds Industry in India and its comparative analysis
  • 39. Overview of the Indian financial market in respect to Indian stock market
  • 42. Comparative Analysis Of Various Branded Footwear in Delhi NCR
  • 46. Consumer Perception of Mohan Meakin
  • 47. Customer satisfaction level at SG cricket bats
  • 48. A study of Market Potential of Dabur Honey
  • 51. Electronic Payment Current Scenario and scope for Improvement
  • 52. Comparative study between Flipkart and Amazon India
  • 53. A Study on Marketing Strategies of Flipkart Based on Electronic Goods
  • 54. Customer Expectation From On-Line Marketing With Respect To Flipkart
  • 55. Study on Marketing Strategy of Pharmaceutical Industry
  • 56. Customer Buying Behavior Ayurvedic Product
  • 59. Investment Management
  • 66. Factors Influencing the raise of OTT platform over traditional platforms
  • 71. Inbound marketing strategy
  • 73. A study on network marketing
  • 75.Marketing Strategy of Red Bull
  • 84. Customer perception towards petroleum products with reference to Indian oil
  • 85. Market Analysis of wrist watch


  • 1. A study on Operations Management with reference to Bata India Ltd
  • 2. Operation Management in Textile Industry
  • 3. Inventory Management System A Study Of Johnson & Johnson Ltd

Finance Description

An BBA in Finance can work in various fields such as investment banking, taxation, tax planning, financial statement reporting and analysis, hedge fund management, international finance, asset finance, and insurance management. Credit Managers & Specialists. Corporate Controllers. Investment Banking Associates.

An internship is a purposeful activity of the student set in a work environment in order to obtain learning outcomes within their curriculum. During the internship, the knowledge, skills, and attitudes learned in the programme can be applied.

Finance Projects Topics

  • 1. E banking operations at Kotak Mahindra
  • 2. A study on operation in banking
  • 3. Loan and advances at cooperative bank
  • 4. Comprehensive study of Indian banking system
  • 5. Analysis study of various credit scheme of SBI and other banks
  • 6. A study on consumer awareness on e-banking services at Union bank
  • 7. A study on performance evaluation of ICICI and SBI using fundamental and technical analysis
  • 8. Impact of SBI retail banking on customer satisfaction
  • 9. A comparative study of Home loan provided by cooperative bank
  • 10. Ratio analysis on ICICI bank
  • 11. Working capital management of (Select any one of following company HDFC bank, ICICI Bank, Bata India Ltd, Iffco, Mother dairy, Mankind Pharma, Alps Industries, Borako Steel Plant, Huawai, NTPC, Parag, Vishal Mega Mart, Vodafone, Maruti, HCL, Reliance)
  • 12. Cash management system of (Select any one of following company: Bhushan Steel, Coca Cola, Aviva Life Insurance, Dayal, Modi Sugar, Pepsi)
  • 13. Ratio Analysis of (Select any one of following company: ACC, Bajaj Alliance, BSNL, HDFC bank, ICICI bank, Modi Sugar, parag, Vaidhnath)
  • 14. Comparison of Home loan scheme of different banks
  • 15. NFO process in mutual Funds at India Infoline
  • 16. A study on comparative analysis of share prices in Various sector
  • 17. Awareness of commodity market with reference Derivative Investors
  • 18. Project on Stock market
  • 19. Analysis if Indian cement industry & financial performance of ACC Ltd
  • 20. Capital budgeting
  • 21. Risk return analysis and comparative study of reliance mutual funds
  • 22. A Study On MSME Loans And Advances With Special Reference To Canara Bank
  • 23. Analysis of the difference between services perception and expectation of account holder based on survey
  • 24. Balance sheet
  • 25. Financial statement analysis
  • 26. A comparative study on the effect of Covid-19 on selected global stock
  • 27. Budgeting system in modi paints
  • 28. Study of Investor Investment Behavior in Stock Market & Suggesting Good Investment Strategy
  • 29. Analysis and Comparative Study of Various Credit Schemes of SBI and Other Bank
  • 30. A comparative study on Indian stock Exchange with selected International stock exchange
  • 31. A Comparative study between Mutual Fund and Other Financial Instruments
  • 32. A study on Impact of GST on MSME and Small Trader in India
  • 33. Performance Evaluation of Mutual Funds
  • 34. Financial Analysis of Reliance Jio
  • 35. Cash Management System of Amul
  • 36. Financial Ratio Analysis of Mother Dairy
  • 37. Working Capital Management Policy of Dinshaw Ice Cream
  • 38. Performance Evaluation of Different types of Mutual Funds Scheme
  • 39. A study and analysis of mutual funds with special reference on Axis bank
  • 40. Comparative study on SIP and Lumpsum Mutual Fund
  • 41. Comparative Analysis of Kotak Mahindra Bank Salary Account with its Competitor’s
  • 43. Financial planning and forecasting
  • 44. Consumer Attitude towards online advertising
  • 52. Customer relationship management with respect to HDFC bank

HR Description

BBA in Human Resource or BBA in HR is a specialization designed to produce HR professionals who can manage workforce of the organization. The HR department of the organization is responsible for developing company's culture among employees, hire best of the talents and retain them.

Human Resource (HR) Projects Topics

  • 1. Challenges faced in recruitment
  • 2. Human resource planning at ICICI bank
  • 3. Training and development
  • 4. Performance appraisal
  • 5. Compensation administration system
  • 6. Competency based management
  • 7. Recruitment and selection process
  • 8. Human resource recruitment
  • 9. Effectiveness of training and development
  • 10. A study of employee motivation
  • 11. Employee welfare policy
  • 12. Employee remuneration
  • 13. Employee Job satisfaction
  • 14. Employee relation attitude towards the organization
  • 15. Employee opinion towards the HR activities
  • 16. HRM and information technology in Telecom industry
  • 17. MIS section of recruitment and selection
  • 18. Industry relation and labor laws
  • 19. A study on payroll software used in talent pro India
  • 20. A study of HR practices and process of performance appraisal
  • 21. Impact of job enrichment of employee motivation
  • 24. Industrial Relationship and Labor Laws in ITC
  • 25. Training and Development in Miranda Tools
  • 26. Work life balance in BPO

IT Description

BBA Information Technology, better known as BBA IT, is a popular 2-year BBA specialization for candidates who want to learn about business and information systems, in order to combine business strategies with modern concepts of information security, project management, and telecommunications.

IT Projects Topics

  • 3. A study of consumer durable market for Samsung Electronics ltd
  • 4. A study on administration & facility management at CMS Infosystem Pvt Ltd
  • 5. Consumer relationship management in BSNL
  • 6. ERP System
  • 7. SEO and Social media marketing
  • 8. Design and development of training information system

IB Projects Topics

  • 1. Export & Import Documentation At Sharda Export Garment Limited
  • 2. Export Financing And International Business Of Sharda Textile Limited
  • 3. Export & Import Documentationat Lakhani Footwear Limited
  • 4. Functional Procedure of Custom Clearance
  • 5. Export Prospectus of Alcoholic Benerages to Russia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan

Sample Project

Asked any question.

27 Fun Finance Project Ideas & Topics [For Freshers & Experienced]

27 Fun Finance Project Ideas & Topics [For Freshers & Experienced]

One of the best ways to increase your knowledge on a subject is to put it to a practical test. This is why working on real-world finance topics for presentation is an excellent means to hone your skills. If you’re a finance student looking for finance projects to work on , then look no further because we’ve listed 27 finance projects to inspire you to take a hands-on approach! Check out our free courses  to get an edge over the competition.

We have added remarks on certain projects to explain their premises and benefits. You can pick a top 10 finance topics depending on your interests and expertise.

What is Finance?

Finance is a diverse field that includes the management of money, assets, along with investments. However, it revolves around allocating and utilizing resources to achieve specific financial goals. Finance can be broadly categorized into three main areas: personal, corporate, and public finance.

1. Personal Finance

This branch deals with individual financial management. It contains budgeting, saving, investing, planning for retirement, and many more things. On top of that, it also aims to help individuals make informed decisions to secure their financial well-being.

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2. Corporate Finance

Corporate finance focuses on financial decisions within organizations. It includes assessing various investment opportunities, raising capital, managing financial risks, and optimizing the allocation of resources to maximize shareholder value. Moreover, corporate finance is important for businesses of all sizes.

3. Public Finance

Public finance pertains to the financial mol ding, and debt management. Public finance is critical in supporting essential public services and economic stability.

What is The Importance of Finance?

Here are several key reasons why finance is critically important:

1. Resource Allocation

Finance is instrumental in allocating resources efficiently. It helps individuals, businesses, and governments decide where to invest money and how to distribute limited resources. This allocation drives economic growth by channeling funds toward productive activities and innovations.

2. Investment and Economic Growth

Finance fuels investment in new businesses, technologies, and infrastructure. However, this type of investments produces jobs, boost productivity, along with overall economic growth. On top of that, it also allows entrepreneurs and businesses to turn their ideas into reality, contributing to innovation and progress.

3. Risk Management

Finance provides tools and mechanisms for managing various types of financial risk. This includes insurance, hedging, and diversification of investments. Effective risk management stabilizes financial markets and allows businesses to operate in uncertain environments confidently.

4. Wealth Creation

Investments in stocks, bonds, real estate, and other assets, finance enables individuals to build wealth with the passing of time. Moreover, it helps people plan for retirement, fund education, and achieve financial goals. Wealth creation, in turn, reduces income inequality and fosters economic stability.

5. Liquidity and Capital Flows

Finance facilitates the efficient circulation of capital within the economy. It ensures that funds are available when it is required, whether for daily transactions, short-term needs, or long-term investments. Liquid financial markets provide stability and confidence in economic systems.

6. Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Finance plays an important role in nurturing innovation and entrepreneurship. It offers startups with the capital needed to develop new products and services. Venture capital, angel investors, and crowdfunding platforms are all financial mechanisms that support innovation.

7. Government Functioning

Public finance is essential for governments to carry out their functions. Taxes, public spending, and debt management are critical components of government finance. Effective public finance ensures the provision of essential services such as healthcare, education, and infrastructure.

8. Global Trade and Investment

Finance facilitates international trade and investment. It allows companies to expand their operations globally, promoting economic interdependence and international cooperation. Foreign exchange markets and international finance instruments are crucial in this regard.

9. Financial Inclusion

Access to finance is vital for social and economic inclusion. It empowers individuals and businesses to participate in the formal economy, access credit, and build financial stability. Financial inclusion reduces poverty and enhances overall well-being.

10. Transparency and Accountability

Finance boost transparency and accountability in public and private sectors. Financial reporting and auditing standards ensure that stakeholders can assess organizations’ financial health and integrity, fostering trust and confidence.

Interesting Finance Project Ideas

Here are some of the most interesting and helpful finance related project ideas you can use:

1. ICICI Prudential Life Insurance – The Importance of a Strong Brand Image

Remarks – Branding can have a huge impact on a company’s success. Understanding how you create a brand and promote it is vital for the growth and marketing of a business. This finance topics for presentation will help you study the same.

The sub-topics could include-

  • ICICI’s current brand image
  • What makes ICICI different from other brands.
  • How ICICI changed the banking culture for good.
  • Strategies to create a brand image.
  • Employee and Customer Satisfaction
  • Case Study between the ICICI and its competitor showing the above parameters.

All of this should make the project stronger backed by facts and statistics.

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2. What are Non-Performing Assets and How to Deal With Them

Remarks – Non-performing assets put banks at serious financial risk. It is a loan or advance for which the interest or principal payment is overdue. And there aren’t many solutions to this problem. You’ll get to explore all the aspects of this issue.

This is among the best finance project topics for you if you’re interested in the banking sector .

The sub-topics could include- 

  • How does NPA impact the lending culture of banks?
  • Impact of NPAs on the banks.
  • Comparative study between banks having less and high NPAs.

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3. Evaluating Portfolio and Making Investment Decisions

This finance topics for presentation will help you understand what a portfolio is and how you should work with it. You’ll study the different strategies for growing a portfolio, making it a great project for those who want to get into portfolio management. It is a great finance research topic for those who want to get into portfolio management. 

The sub-topics could include:

  • What is a portfolio?
  • How to approach the study of portfolios?
  • How to assess the difference between a good and bad portfolio?
  • What makes a good portfolio?
  • What makes a bad portfolio?
  • Possible investment options basis the portfolio evaluation.

4. Studying the Home Loans Indian Banks Offer

Remarks – Indian Banking Sector is very unique and dynamic. This project will help you study its effect on the Indian housing sector through its offered loans and how these loans differ from other lending instruments.

This project will study the effect of the Indian Banking Sector on the Indian housing sector. A house is an appreciating asset and it is one of the highest sectors where lending happens in the country.

  • What is a home loan?
  • What are other different kinds of loans?
  • How is a home loan different from other types of loans.
  • What are the interest rates for different banks?
  • How to choose the right to procure a loan.

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5. Mutual Funds – What are They and Their Future

Remarks- Mutual funds are becoming more and more popular every day and if you’re interested in them, this is among the best finance topics for you. Mutual funds are getting attention with each passing day. If they interest you then this is going to be a relatable finance research topic for you. A mutual fund refers to an open-end investment fund managed by a dedicated fund manager.

It pools money from many clients including individuals and companies. This is one of the best finance project topics.

  • What are mutual funds?
  • What are different types of mutual funds?
  • Who are the different providers of mutual funds?
  • How to choose among different types of mutual funds?

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6. a study on mergers and acquisitions in the indian banking sector.

Remarks – Indian banking sector has seen plenty of mergers and acquisitions. You’ll discover the different M&As that have taken place in this field while doing this project. This project is suitable for students who want to pursue a career in banking .

  • What are mergers and acquisitions
  • Why M&As happen?
  • Case studies showing the impact of mergers and acquisitions in the past 10 years for at least six companies both globally and nationally.
  • How mergers and acquisitions dictate the purchasing style of consumers.

7. The Effect of Different Leadership Styles

Remarks – Leadership is among the most valuable aspects of management. In this project, you’ll study how different leadership styles impact the operations of a company and its revenue. While working on this finance project you will learn about different styles of leadership such as; autocratic, coaching, authoritative, etc.

  • What is leadership and why it is important?
  • What are different styles of leadership?
  • Which leadership style is useful for which type of situation?
  • How does leadership create an impact on an organizational level?

8. Evaluating the Capital at South Central Railway

Remarks – Indian railways are an integral component of the Indian economy. This project on    finance topics will make you familiar with capital management in Indian railways. It’s an excellent way to understand how the public sector manages its funds and resources. This makes for one of the best finance related project topics.

  • Why are railways important?
  • A brief history of Indian railways and their significance in history?
  • Why are they still relevant?
  • How much do railways help the economy?
  • How railways create an impact on the economy, people’s lives, etc.

9. Evaluating the Performance of Private and Public Mutual Funds

Remarks – Analysing the performance of private and public mutual funds can help you test your analysis skills. Having strong analytical skills is necessary for many finance roles such as investment bankers, financial analysts, advisors, etc. So this project would be suitable for you if you want a career in one of those fields.

Analysis is one of those skills which is applicable in any field. It not only does make one technically sound but it has a bigger role in effective decision-making. It creates an impact in effective business decision-making as well as helps one in progressing towards their career goals.

  • What are types of mutual funds?
  • Why buy mutual funds?
  • Merit or demerit of longer tenure and shorter tenured mutual funds?

10. BSE and NASDAQ – A Comparison of the Two Stock Exchanges

Remarks – If you want to pursue a career in wealth management then this is the most relatable finance project topics for you. This project will make you familiar with both of these stock exchanges. You can use their websites to gather most of the required data.

The stock market is volatile and demands one to be mindful yet take risks. It is an art to invest in stocks which need to be learned and practised to get better at it. Also, to read and understanding the two stock exchanges is another skill to have.

  • What is a stock market?
  • Different terminologies are associated with the stock market.
  • What is a stock exchange?
  • Different types of stock exchanges.
  • Difference between BSE and NASDAQ
  • A comparative study between BSE and NASDAQ.

11. The Impact of Demonetization on Tourism in Goa

Remarks – Goa is a tourism-focused state and demonetization had a huge impact on every industry, including tourism. With this finance topics project, you’d get to study the relation between demonetization and Goa’s tourism sector. You’d understand whether the tourism sector grew or crumbled under the pressures of demonetization.

Demonetisation had a good intention behind it but every citizen perceived it in their own way depending on their situation at that time.

On 8th November 2016, the GOI announce that all the 500 and 1000 banknotes would be demonetised. It basically took away the legal status of these bank notes. They became nothing but a piece of paper, the people were asked to exchange those with the new legal tender issued by GOI.

  • What is demonetisation?
  • Impact of demonetisation.
  • History of demonetisation nationally or globally.
  • Demotisation’s effect on Goa’s tourism.
  • How long it take Goa to recover from the effect of demonetisation.

12. Bharti Teletech Limited Profitability Analysis and Documentation (Financial Reporting Project)

Remarks – This is among the best finance project topics for beginners. It will make you acquainted with financial reporting, a necessary aspect of financial management. You’ll also get to know how to read financial reports and documentation.

  • What is financial reporting?
  • What are the benefits of financial reporting?
  • What are the tools used for financial reporting?
  • Bharti Teletech Limited Profitability Analysis and Documentation

13. What is Portfolio Management and How to Perform Portfolio Management

Remarks – Portfolio Management refers to handling investments. It involves the selection, prioritization, and management of a client, individual, or company. In this project, you’d explore what portfolio management is and what you do in this field. You’d learn about financial analysis, decision-making, and financial management through this project.

  • What makes a good or bad portfolio?
  • How to evaluate a portfolio?
  • How to manage a portfolio?
  • Resources to use to manage a portfolio.

14. Financial Performance Analysis of Indian Private Banks – A Detailed Study

Remarks – Indian private banking sector has evolved a lot since 1947. This finance project will help you study their growth. This finance research topic is the best for you if you’re interested in pursuing a career in the banking sector. 

  • History of Indian banks.
  • What are the different types of Indian banks?
  • Impact of banks on the Indian economy.
  • Modernisation of the Indian banks.

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15. Comparative Analysis of Regional Rural Banks in India

Remarks – In a comparative analysis, you get to analyse the different aspects of the given subject and find out the differences and similarities. In this project, you’d be performing a comparative analysis on different regional rural banks in India. You can choose several banks according to the amount of information you find on them.

  • What are RRBs?
  • What is the impact of RRBs?
  • Different RRBs in India?
  • How these RRBs are different from each other?

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16. The Importance of Micro Insurance and The Low Income Group

Remarks – Microinsurance has become popular with the expansion of consumerism in the nation. This project will make you familiar with this concept and its advantages. You’ll study how the low-income group is capitalizing on this opportunity.

  • What is insurance?
  • Why is insurance important?
  • What are diffrent types of insurances?
  • What is microinsurance?
  • How is microinsurance important?

17. Financial Project on Management and it’s Importance in an Organisation

Remarks – This project covers the fundamentals and importance of management for an organization. It is a good finance project for beginners familiar with management and who want to enhance their knowledge.

  • What is finance management?
  • Why it is important?
  • What is management?
  • Why is management relevant.

18. The Reverse Mortgage System in India

Remarks – A reverse mortgage is a form of a loan that allows the property owners to borrow money using their property as a security for the loan. This is a project for those who have worked on finance projects in the past. It is suitable for experienced students. 

  • What is a mortgage?
  • What are the different types of mortgages?
  • What is a reverse mortgage?
  • Merits of Demerits of a reverse mortgage.

19. Wealth Management and the Public – A Study On the Awareness and Knowledge about Wealth Management in the Common Man

Remarks – This is a Study On the Awareness and Knowledge of Wealth Management in the Common Man. Wealth management can do wonders for a person’s financial well-being . However, how much does the common man know about wealth management? This project will help you understand the financial literacy level in India.

  • What is wealth?
  • What is wealth management?
  • How to manage wealth?
  • Different tools or resources to use for wealth management.

20. Investment Management at Uber

Remarks – Uber is among the most successful startups in the world. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in startups and using your financial expertise there, this is one of the best finance project ideas for you. It will help you understand how successful startups manage their investments and how it helps them succeed more.

If you want to use your financial expertise in startups, then this is one of the best finance topics for you. It will help you to understand how investment management helps startups to succeed and stay in the market. This makes for one of the good MBA finance project topics .

  • What is investment management?
  • Why is investment management important?
  • How manage investment?
  • Why do startups manage their investments?

21. The Decision Making Process of Indian Consumers for Life Insurance and The Impact of Technology On It

Remarks – This project will help you test your research skills. You will understand the Indian consumer’s decision-making process for buying insurance. Online insurance comparison sites (such as policy bazaar) have affected this industry considerably. You’ll get to study their impact as well.  This makes for one of a good finance research topics.

  • What are different vendors providing life insurance?
  • How has technology changed the life insurance culture?

22. What are Dividends and Dividend Policies?

Remarks – This is one of the best finance project ideas for beginners. You’ll get to study dividends, how they work, and what are their policies. It is a small project that will help you get started. This makes for one of the best MBA finance project topics .

  • What are dividends?
  • What are the benefits of dividends?
  • Different policies for dividends?
  • What impact do they create in the long or short term?

23. What is Capital Budgeting? – A Finance Project

Remarks – Capital budgeting is an essential aspect of a business’s financial management. It allows the business to plan future endeavours, restrict expenditures, and generate more revenue. Working on this project will certainly help you in understanding capital budgeting. This makes for one of the best finance related topics.

  • What is capital budgeting?
  • Why is it important?
  • Different tools and resources for capital budgeting.

24. Studying the Capital Budgeting of Maruti Suzuki

Remarks – Maruti Suzuki is among the most successful automobile companies in India. With this project, you’ll get to study the capital budgeting strategies of this major corporation and if you’re interested in the automobile field, This is one of the good finance related project topics .

  • Impact of capital budgeting in different sectors.
  • Capital budgeting of Maruti Suzuki.

25. Risk and Return Analysis of Aviva Life Insurance Company

Remarks – This is an excellent project for students who want to pursue a career in the insurance sector. You’ll get to test your analysis skills and understand the inner workings of insurance companies in India.

  • What is risk analysis?
  • What is risk and return analysis?
  • Important tools and resources to carry risk and return analysis.
  • Case Study- Risk and Return Analysis of Aviva Life Insurance Company

26. The Level of Financial Literacy in India According to Different Economic Classes

Remarks – Financial literacy refers to the knowledge of investment and personal finance. You would get to test out your data analysis skills in this detailed project. You’ll learn how different economic classes of India perceive financial literacy.

  • What is financial literacy?
  • How conscious are different classes of financial literacy?
  • What impact does it create on one’s lifestyle?

27. Perception of People on Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana

Remarks – Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana the government plan for increasing financial inclusion. You will get to study how this implementation has affected financial inclusion, and what is the perception of the people toward it . It will help you understand how the public sector can impact the personal finances of an individual.

  • What is PMJDY?
  • How do people perceive these policies?
  • What impact did PMJDY create in people’s lives?
  • Did PMJDY achieve its goal?
  • How do people perceive PMJDY?

Read: MBA Finance Salary in India

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With upGrad, aspirants can choose to pursue  MBA in Finance specialization from Liverpool Business School  or MBA in Digital Finance and Banking from O.P. Jindal Global University.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

NPA is the credit (loan or advance) on which the interest or the principal is overdue. The banks are supposed to classify the NPAs as Substandard, Doubtful, and Loss assets.

A mutual fund is a company that pools money from different people and invests in stocks, bonds, or other assets.

Although both of them are used interchangeably mergers signify two or more companies coming together to form one legal entity. Acquisition denotes taking over/ purchasing another company.

It helps one to assess their strengths, weaknesses, and suitability for a situation. Having the ability to balance communication and lead is critical for good leadership.

BSE stands for Bombay Stock Exchange, it is one of the oldest stock exchanges situated in Bombay. It was established in the year 1875 as the Native Share & Stock Brokers' Association.BSE share market uses Sensex to monitor the performance of the companies to determine whether the capital market of India would rise or fall, depending upon the movement of share prices of these companies.

It stands for National Association of Securities Dealers Automated QuotationsThe NASDAQ is the second-largest stock exchange in the world. It became the first electronic stock exchange in 1971. NASDAQ is an online global marketplace for buying and trading securities—the world's first electronic exchange. Big tech companies are listed on NASDAQ.

It is the act of taking away the legal status of a currency. The current currency is pulled from circulation and retired, to be replaced with new notes or coins.

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  • The Role of Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) in Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) Information technology is expected to drive Human Resource (HR)’s transition from a focus on Human Resource Management (HRM) to…
  • Global evidence on the relationship between Employee Satisfaction and abnormal Equity Returns Subject background and discussion: In recent decades, issues of human rights, labor and environmental change has been hot topics…
  • How do big European Companies present themselves to attract the most talented people Some people are born with talent and some people become talented in the process of different techniques and methods. What are the…
  • Succession Planning for Senior Staff Positions The problem was the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department did not have a policy for rotating senior level…
  • Job Rotation and Transfer Job Rotation implies systematic movement of employees form one job to the other. Job remains unchanged but…
  • A Study on Effectiveness of Grievance Handling Mechanism Grievance is any kind of dissatisfaction with regard to pay, promotion, suspension, working condition etc. The objective of the study is to find…

More >> List of BBA-HR Final Year Project Abstracts, Project Topics and PDF Downloads More >> BBA-HR Final Year/Third Year Student Project Ideas and Project Reports

International Business Management based Final Year Research Project Downloads:

  • Brand Origin: How Does it Impact Brand Awareness and Brand Image As globalization influences today’s world markets, many brands are becoming international and global. When a brand is in an international market it creates…
  • Future Grocery: A study of the e-commerce grocery basket business in Sweden The era of the Internet has become increasingly important in our daily life. Internet channels are rapidly growing into…
  • Continuous improvements in China: Experiences from Managers in Global Businesses In today’s rapidly changing society company development and Continuous improvements are crucial to gain a competitive advantage on…
  • Foreign Direct Investment: A Study of Medium-Sized Manufacturing Companies in the Jönköping County The world we live in is getting more and more global and this development carries many affects, not least for the…
  • A Study of how Repeat Customers can Affect Brand Image in the Fashion Industry The fashion industry is one of the most exciting and fast-moving industries in the world and the companies within the fashion industry are…
  • Internationalisation of Companies Since the disintegration of the Soviet Union all conditions and principles for doing business in the area have changed.

More >> BBA-International Business Final Year Project Abstracts, Topics and Downloads More >> BBA-International Business Final Year Project Ideas and Reports

Finance Management based Final Year Project Downloads:

  • A Value Relevant Fundamental Investment Strategy The aim of this study is to investigate the possibility to improve the investment model defined in Piotroski and the subsequent research carried out on this model.
  • Tage Rejmes bil Ab: A Case Study of the Company’s Budget Process Background: All companies need to plan their business and make projections about how they will do in the future; next week, next month, or maybe a year ahead.
  • The Anatomy of Financial Crises and the Current One’s Effect on the Swedish Economy The subprime crisis started in the United States, but was soon transmitted to other countries and even to Sweden. The impact of the financial crisis has had negative…
  • Quality Online Banking Services Globalization and deregulations have increased competition in the marketplace, as nowadays it has become much easier for companies to cross…
  • Defensive Tactics: In Hostile Takeovers Background: Mergers, acquisitions and takeovers have been a part of the business world for centuries. In today’s dynamic economic environment, companies are often faced with
  • Usability in Three Generations Business Support Systems Background: The business support system has become a necessary tool for managing activities in any organization. Usability is a key area in realizing…

More >> BBA-Finance Final Year Project Abstracts, Topics and Downloads More >> BBA-Finance Final Year Project Ideas and Reports

Marketing Management based Final Year Project Downloads:

  • How to Perform Market Orientation in New Product Development In turbulent environments, the infused marketing function has become an essential and natural part in the firms new…
  • How to create value through strategic product sample promotions: A L’Oréal case study The Swedish beauty industry face challenges with product samples as a promotion technique.
  • Using Social Networks as a Marketing tool to communicate Value Proposition The cereal couture company, is the dream of three young entrepreneurs. They were the first online company ever to provide the U.S market with customized cereal mix.
  • Analysis of Car Industry in India on the Basis of Consumer Preferences The aim of the project was, to study and find the preferences of consumer for a specific car.
  • Marketing plan for an iPhone These days, people require more functions added to the mobile phone rather than just sending or receiving the call and SMS. The mobile phone should be…
  • Swedish SME’s Export Experience: What did they learn and how did they use it in China The authors have noticed that during the last couple of years the interest about China has grown not only as an attractive market for…

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  • Technology led catch-up in Indian IT industry: Opportunities, Challenges and Strategies Indian IT companies have garnered a good market share in the global IT services market. Research has been emerging on the…
  • E-Business Modeling: A Case Study with IKEA E-business modeling is a concept that has several components and can be designed based on different combinations of them. Furthermore, it is a concept that is…
  • The Impact of CRM in Customer Relationships CRM (Customer Relationship Management) are systems that in an efficient way help suppliers to support and keep a personal relationship to their customers. The purpose of this…
  • Consumer Acceptance of Cloud Computing Based Gaming Cloud computing is a set of technologies that provide efficient and effective usage of information technology resources. The application of…
  • Web Based ERP Systems With the proliferation of Internet, ERP systems like all the domains of Information Technology have known an important…
  • A Parking Management System using Service Science, Management and Engineering (SSME) Approach Parking facilities are vital for most organization that encourages business grown. Though this industry is undergoing a revolution, applying new technologies such as…

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  • Customer Profiling
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  • Service Quality Study
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  • Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Consumer Perception Survey
  • Foreign exchange practices & hedging tools used by software industry
  • A Comparative Analysis of Balanced Fund Scheme of Mutual Fund

More >> BBA Project Topics and Ideas

More >> BBA Finance Project Topics and Ideas

More >> BBA Mini Project Downloads, Topics and Ideas

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BBA/MBA finance research project list

1. Foreign exchange practices & hedging tools used by software industry 2. A Comparative Analysis of Balanced Fund Scheme of Mutual Fund 3. An analytical study on the volatility of securities traded on BSE sensex 4. Analysis of Foreign Currency Funding Option 5. A study on the security analysis for selecting the appropriate security through analyzing economy and industry 6. A study on demat and online trading in secondary market 7. Analytical study of Derivatives 8. A study on Impact of NPAâ„¢s On Profitability & Liquidity In Banking Industry 9. Non performing assets 10. Perception on mutual funds in Bangalore 11. To establish and carry on business of banking in any part of India or outside India. 12. Role of financial institutions in financing SSIS 13. Study on the role of financial institutions in providing housing loans to middle income group in Bangalore city 14. Budgeting 15. A study of deposit mobilization with reference to nationalized banks 16. Indian capital market 17. A study on foreign exchange funding option 18. Currency correlation and variability as hedging tool an analytical study of their relationship 19. Pre-banking development software analysis and operations credentials 20. Impact of inflation and GDP on stock market returns in India 21. Co-operative banks & their working capital 22. The Financial Performance Evaluation 23. Instrument 24. Volatility analysis of pharmaceutical scripâ„¢s 25. Demat: online trading & its safety 26. Fundamental & Financial Analysis Of Fund Management 27. Brand Loyalty of Cigarette Smokers in Bangalore 28. Study on the rule of financial institution in providing housing rule to middle income groups 29. Trend Analysis of Pharmaceutical with reference to B.S.E (Bombay Stock Exchange) During July-November 2005 30. Impact of electronic advertising on purchasing decision 31. A study of deposit mobilization with reference to Nationalised banks 32. Sensitivity analysis of stocks in information technology, cement and automobile sectors 33. Current scenario of derivatives market in India 34. Developing and measuring the Developing and measuring the performance of portfolio based on risk and return 35. An analytical study on Impact of FDI in Industrial Development in India 36. Creating of an application regarding wealth management 37. Analysis of investorâ„¢s perception about mid-cap investment and mid-cap sector 38. A study on option strategies in derivative market 39. A Research On Strategies for retaining employees in call centers 40. Risk Management With Financial Derivatives 41. Portfolio Analysis Of Banking Sectors 42. Study of financial planning among IT professionals in Bangalore 43. Technical Analysis of BSE IT sector index and investorâ„¢s perspective towards IT stocks 44. Crm and Foreign banks 45. Working capital and ratio analysis at Modern Collections pvt ltd., 46. Budget and budgetary control system at KPCL 47. Financial analysis at BEML 48. Working capital management at Med Reich 49. A study on financial analysis of HDFC bank 50. HDFC standard life 51. Performance analysis of growth oriented income fund with special reference to HSBC asset management India pvt ltd 52. A report on augmenting asset liability management practices at Canara bank 53. Working capital management at 3m India limited, Bangalore 54. Working capital management a case study of the kerala electrical and allied engineering co. limited, cochin 55. An analysis of NPA in commercial banks with special reference to Dhanalakshmi bank limited 56. A comparative study on invest shield life of ICICI with other insurance companies 57. A study on risks, opportunities and hedging process in commodities market with reference to Reymount Commodities Pvt Ltd 58. A Study On The Analysis Of Risk And Return Towards Mutual Fund Schemes In Forutne Advisory Services, Business Partner Of Reliance Money 59. Analysis of working capital management of Karnataka soaps & detergents limited, Bangalore 60. Inventory control and its management at KS&DL 61. A Study On The Impact Of Labour Welfare Measures in Rubco Group 62. Lending loans and advances ,position of various advances problem faced by SBM bank. 63. Financial assistance by KSFC to small and medium enterprises 64. An analysis of the performance of the golden harvest scheme (a study conducted for Tanishq) 65. The title of the study is “loans and recoveries” at Bharat co¬operative bank (Mumbai) limited. 66. Financial analysis of page apparels MFT pvt ltd, Bangalore 67. Mobilisation of funds in insurance industry with reference to HDFC standard life. 68. Financial aspects and its operations with reference to Rhino Resins pvt. Ltd 69. A comparative study on the credit parameters used for lending housing finance in HDFC with other major players in the industry 70. A report on estimation of working capital requirement (prepared on behalf of Crux information system (p) ltd) 71. Evaluation of financial performance of Fairmate chemicals private limited 72. Investors prospective towards mutual fund scheme at Franklin Templeton global funds 73. A study on credit management (a study conducted at Abu Dhabi commercial bank) 74. Customer Satisfaction Towards J&K Bank With Special Refrence To Jamia Qadeem Sopore Branch 75. Working capital management towards MSR motors pvt ltd 76. Budgeting and budgetary control – systems & procedures, a study made at BEL- Bangalore 77. Financial analysis-a case study of Southern Power Equipment Company Limited, Bangalore. 78. Cost analysis in wockhardt hospital 79. a study of working capital management in bank of India 80. Financial ratio analysis of Travancore cements ltd. (TCL), Kottayam 81. Financial analysis-a case study of Spec Ltd 82. Credit management” at Amanath co-operative bank 83. Welfare amenities to bank employees. (a study conducted at Canara bank, H.O, Bangalore) 84. A study report of ratio analysis, at Balaji enterprises 85. A Study on Geojit Financial Services Ltd 86. A study on changing business profile of Karnataka state financial corporation 87. A study on credit management of state bank of Travancore 88. Financial statement analysis for effective financial control a project study conducted at Mysore Sales International Limited at hire-purchase division (MSIL) 89. Mergers and acquisition of banking industry with specific reference to Bank of Madura Ltd 90. Performance of mutual funds under the global environment A case study conducted in HDFC 91. Financial performance of Sudarshan Telecom 92. Investment options for investors in mutual funds for Kotak 93. Financial performance analysis of the Urban co-operative bank ltd. Jaipur 94. study on car funding conducted with reference to Apeejay finance 95. Inventory control & management at SSA(Sri Sri Ayurveda) 96. Study the growth of Vijaya bank & evaluate the financial performance of Vijaya bank 97. The management of non performing assets in the Canara bankâ„¢s loan portfolio 98. Working capital management of Blue star 99. Working Capital Management in SAI AGRO INDUSTRIES 100. Financial performance analysis of Hindustan lever limited 101. Budgeting process and control system at Hindustan aeronautics limited at engine division 102. An organizational study of ICDS securities and working pattern of various broking firms and comparative analysis of ICDS securities ltd. With other broking firms 103. A Study on Customer Expectation and Perception with reference to Indian Airlines 104. Study of ICICI (online share trading) dematerialization in ICICI capital ltd. 105. Working capital of KSRTC 106. Study of working capital management at Parisons Foods Pvt Limited 107. A study on ratio analysis of BEML 108. Working capital management at Bharath Electronics Ltd (BEL) 109. To know the sources of funds and applications of funds and to allocate the available resources properly at Ing Vysya 110. Analysis of mergers and acquisitions among banks, with specific reference to bank of Madura ltd., ICICI ltd. And ICICI bank ltd 111. Foreign investment decision in India and the effect of the hike in FDI ceiling on the telecommunication sector 112. To the study the causes and movements of NPA’s in KSFC 113. A Study On Working Capital Management And Ratio Analysis Of Mcdowellâ„¢s & Company Ltd 114. Kerala Roadways Ltd/Calicut 115. Financial performance of A. S. R. Associates 116. A study & analysis on working capital management at Karnataka power corporation limited (kpcl) 117. Inventory management & its control at Karnataka Soap And Detergent Ltd 118. A study on Financial Statement Analysis at Jubliant Organosys Ltd 119. Bu Business Loans For Trade (BLT) portfolio at ING Vysya Bank Ltd. 120. A study on the financial performance of Shree Thyagaraja Co-Operative Bank Limited 121. A study of personal segment advances” in State Bank Of Mysore 122. Funds flow management at K.S.F.C 123. Financial Performance and Evaluation of KS&DL 124. A study on ratio analysis” adopted by Druk Sherig Construction Company, Bhutan 125. Ratio analysis of financial performance of Karnataka soaps & detergents limited 126. The role of national bank ltd in export and import of Bangladeshâ„¢ or national bank limited, Dhaka 127. A study Inventory Management at Bharath Earth Movers Limited 128. Need for financial statement analysis of a Computer Hardware Industry 129. An analysis of the financial statement of Corporation Bank 130. Financial statements, profit and loss account and the balance sheet of the company Titan 131. A Study On The Financial Statement With Special Reference To Manjushree Extrusions Limited, Bangalore 132. Working capital management of DSCL 133. A study on Kaypee Electronics & Associate Private Limited 134. A study on Midcaps and its impact on NIFTY Market 135. The study on working capital in S M Dyechem Limited 136. A study conducted for Lords Apparels Private Limited on working capital management and ratio analysis 137. Financial planning and solutions with life insurance with carried out to ICICI Life insurance company Ltd 138. Export and import finance, banking procedure and analysis of Vijaya Bankâ„¢s performance 139. A study on customer portfolio for Mutual Funds (with special reference to ICICI Bank Ltd) 140. A study on customer satisfaction towards Vaibhav Exports 141. A study conducted for HGS apparels private limited on working capital management and ratio analysis 142. impact of market volatility on debt funds investment a study conducted at Standard Chartered 143. Inventory Management & control at RWF 144. Ratio analisys, Allahabad Bank 145. To bring about the importance of technical analysis in the speculation activities and to study the market movement through the RSI. 146. A study on working capital management and ratio analysis of ABB LTD. (business area unit, Peenya) 147. Financial statements analysis of Metal Comps (I) Private Limited. 148. A study on risk management system in Banking Industry(with respect to Indian banks at Bangalore) 149. Inventory management: to reach a level of rs.15 crores by financial year end for entire company, to have average inventory of rs.22 crores of Honeywell solutions 150. Credit risk management a study conducted at Canara Bank 151. Project apprisal for getting a financial aid from KSFC (prepared on behalf of crux information systems (p) ltd bangalore) 152. A comparative study of housing loan schemes of various housing finance institutes for IC1CI home finance Ltd 153. A Study On Documentation of Export Ever Shine Granites company pvt ltd. 154. A project report on credit appraisal management a case study of Canara bank 155. Financial statements are indicators of profitability and financial statement of Milco Pvt Ltd 156. Project financing and non-performing assets management at MPFC, Bhopal 157. Comparative Study Of The Wealth Management Structure Of Banks & Analysis Of The Wealth Management Marketplace at HSBC 158. A Study On The Financial Analysis Of Acknit Knitting Limited 159. Financial analysis of Bharath Earth Movers Limited 160. Thomson Corporation (International Private Limited) Bangalore 161. A study on impact of mergers and acquisitions in the capital market at Cochin Stock Exchange Ltd 162. A study on financial aspects of the Thiruvalla East Co-Operative Bank Ltd. 163. Financial Performance Of The State Bank Of Mysore Pertaining To Personal Loans 164. A feasibility study on hypothecation financing of car loans (with special reference to Ing Vysya Bank) 165. Commercial banking, United Bank of India, banking credit “ an overview 166. Study on the ratio analysis and interpretation of Mysore Steel suppliers 167. Study On Labour Welfare Measures With Reference To KSDL 168. The project report on financial analysis of Blue Star limited 169. Financial statement analysis of Karnataka silk marketing board 170. Analyzing the performance of Anand Polymers Pvt Ltd 171. A study on inventory management at Indo American Hybrid Seeds (India) Pvt Ltd 172. Comparative analysis of financial statements of Karnataka Power Transmission Corporation Limited 173. The Study On Stratigies Used In Derivative Market At Kotak Securitiies 174. Financial performance of the 131 Bank of India pertaining to various scheme of loans 175. Financial performance of Mysore Steel Suppliers 176. Performance of selected information technology scripâ„¢s with reference to early days of UPA (united progressive alliance) government (during July November 2004) 177. Financial Analysis Of The Comptrollers Office Co-Operative Bank Ltd AT The Comptrollers Office Co-Operative Bank Ltd 178. Financial statement analysis at J&K bank 179. Working capital management in Bamul 180. The study of Ratio Analysis of Rourkela steel plant 181. Trend analysis of automobile industry actively traded stock on BSE with special reference to united progressive Allance Government 2004{during July to November} 182. Study on portfolio management of the investors of Tata metaliks limited 183. A Study on Working Capital Management at Michigan Rubber (India) Ltd 184. Detailed analysis of service co-operative bank and Analysing the problem of increase in the overdues at Hosdurg Service Co-Operative Bank 185. A Study On Financial Ratio Analysis Of Western India Plywoods Ltd 186. Brand Awareness Of Airtel Mobile Connection At Impulse Touch Marathahalli Bangalore 187. A Study on Brand preferences and comparative analysis of different brand of ready to eat products with reference to MTR foods limited 188. A study on the performance and financial progress of mutual funds with special reference to ABN-AMRO 189. Current Scenario of Derivatives In Indian Market with special reference to India Infoline 190. A study on the assessment of performance budgeting in Amanath co-operative bank ltd 191. “Export Procedure followed by Rashmi Silk Fabrics for Silk”. 192. A Study on financial performance at Absolute InfoTech private Limited, Bangalore 193. A Study of Investor Preference Towards Future and Optioins of India infoline Co Ltd 194. A Study On Term Loans For Industrial Sectors Of Corporation Bank 195. Inventory Management Analysis At Hindustan Aeronautics Limited 196. Inventory management and control at Bimal Auto Agency 197. A Study On Risk Return Analysis Of Insurance Product At HDFC Chubb General Insurance Company Ltd Bangalore 198. Customer Satisfaction After Sales And Service Provided By Silicon Honda 199. The study of the retailers expectations from TATA STEEL (Tubes & Pipes Div.) 200. A project report on exporters credit (conducted on behalf of state bank of India, commercial branch, Bangalore) 201. A study of financial performance of the United Bank Of India pertaining to various scheme of loans 202. Export Procedure followed by Rashmi Silk Fabrics for Silk 203. Assessment of Customer Satisfaction Towards South Indian Bank (Yeswanthpur Branch) 204. A report on working capital management at Forbes Campbell Knitwear 205. Ratio analysis conducted on behalf of hotel industrialistâ„¢s co-operative bank ltd 206. A study on insurance as an investment conducted on behalf of Ing vysya Life Insurance 207. Fixed asset accounting at Karnataka state road transport corporation 208. A study of working capital management of K.S.R.T.C. 209. Non-Performing Assets In Indian Commercial Banks 210. The Inventory Management and Control Of Arya Vaidya Sala Kottakkal 211. Working capital management in KS&DL 212. Working capital management analysis A case study of Bangalore diary milk union limited Bangalore 213. Working capital management in Bangalore electricity supply company limited 214. A analytical study on effectiveness of cost control with special reference to KS&D L 215. Evaluation of the Inventory Management system at Wockhardt Hospital and Heart Institute 216. Inventory management and import cost calculation carried out in SKF India limited 217. A Study on Wear life Perception of Customers Affecting Customer Satisfaction in the case of Slurry Pumps Manufactured and Supplied by M/s.McNally Bangalore Industries Ltd, 218. Inventory control techniques (using abc,eoq,ved) Conducted on behalf of Goetz India ltd, yelahanka 219. Working capital management in L&T “ Komatsu Ltd 220. Financial statement analysis using ratio analysis Karnataka State Co- Operative Apex Bank 221. Evaluation of Financial Performance” of A. C. M. INDUSTRIES Private Limited 222. Anuvarthh Apparels Pvt. Ltd. 223. Working capital management In Bescom 224. A study on costing system in ascertaining & analysis of cost with reference to Sri Sri Ayurveda 225. Comparative common-size financial analysis to determine the co-relation between share market price & earning capacity of the FMCG companies 226. Financial performance At absolute Infotech private limited Bangalore 227. A Study On Financial Health Of Yuken India Limited, Bangalore 228. Dematerialization of Shares in BgSE Financials Limited, subsidiary of Bangalore stock exchange 229. Ratio analysis in BAMUL 230. A project report on the “Export Procedure followed by Kishan International for Silk”. 231. Financial statement analysis – TAFE 232. Working Capital Management “ KMF 233. Financial analysis at Power Grid Corporation Of India Ltd 234. A report on activity based costing for KAR mobiles ltd 235. Working Capital Management of Bostik limited 236. An overall organizational study at State Cooperative Apex Bank Ltd 237. The Study Of Working Capital Management In Alfred Herbert Ltd 238. Study on financial analysis and planning at KPCL 239. Prateek Appareals pvt ltd 240. Inventory management and control at SHAHI EXPORT HOUSE 241. Effectiveness of cost control with special reference to K S&DL 242. Non-performing assets of public sector banks (with reference to the State Bank Of Mysore) 243. Analysis of Working Capital Management of AUMA India Ltd 244. Financial analysis of Keltron Components Complex Limited 245. Role of Financial Institution in Financing Small Scale Industries (SSI) “ A Study at the Nilambur Co-operative Urban Bank Ltd 246. Analysis of ratios “ a study conducted for A.C.M. industries 247. An insight into the financial performance of Movers (India) Private Ltd 248. Customer satisfaction towards State Bank of Mysore 249. A study of working capital management of Bharath Earth Movers Ltd. Bangalore 250. Working capital management with special reference to the Surlin Solutions Pvt Limited 251. Financing of commercial vehicle “ trucks (Sri Ram Investment) 252. Efficiency of Tele Marketing activities and its viabilities. By ABN AMRO 253. Zenith Exports Limited for Silk 254. A Study On The Innovations In Retail Lending With Reference To Vijaya Bank (Jayanagar 3rd Block Branch) 255. The Rai Saheb Rekhchand Mohota Spg & WVG Mills Limited 256. Structure of mutual funds as an investment avenue and the performance of five debt funds of standard chartered mutual fund 257. A study of credit appraisal system of Ing Vysya Bank ltd 258. Analysis of financial performance of ICICI bank limited 259. Ratio Analysis of Hindustan Lever Ltd 260. Study Of Associated Cement Companies Limited on the basis of Ratio analysis (ACC) 261. Honeywell technology solutions lab (HTSL) 262. A study of ratio analysis of the financial statements of KS&DL 263. An effective study of financial management information system of DLT pvt. ltd 264. A study on Forex risk management through forward merchant contracts 265. Analysis of the financial statement of Usha Martin Limited through ratio analysis 266. Inventory Management System and Control In BAMUL 267. Housing Finance as a means of increasing the Profitability of LIC of India 268. A Study On Forex Risk Management at Reymout (P) Ltd 269. Analysis of Non-Performing assets in The Hanumanthnagar Co-operative bank 270. Lending practices in banking sector at Union Bank Of India 271. A study on Financial Statement Analysis at Peenya Fine Comp Pvt Ltd 272. Standard chartered bank, Bangalore 273. Market potential and Brand Awareness for Honda Activa in Bangalore city 274. Motor industries company ltd (Mico) 275. A study of the market potentiality of AAA size batteries 276. Inventory Management in KSRTC 277. A Study on Financial Analysis. on behalf of KPTCL 278. Financial statement analysis conducted on behalf of the Federal Bank Ltd 279. A study on non-performing assets with special reference to HDFC Bank Ltd 280. A Study on the Financial Performance of Allahabad Bank. 281. Systematic investment planâ„¢ on behalf of Cholamandalam Distribution Service limited 282. A study on Mutual funds as a growth HDFC Ltd 283. Comparative study of growth oriented balanced funds of various companies with reference to ING VYSYA mutual fund 284. A study on market intelligence of event management companies in Bangalore for Shrushti Ads 285. The Study of Recruitment and its Effectiveness at ËœTaj Residencyâ„¢. 286. Financial Performance Related to ICICI Prudential insurance scheme 287. Exchange Rate Mechanisms in Foreign Exchange Management Conducted on behalf of Vijaya bank, Bangalore 288. Financial statement analysis in OM SAI motors on the basis of various techniques 289. STUDY ON ATTRITION LEVEL 290. AN ANALYSIS ON CASH MANAGEMENT 291. STUDY ON INDUSTRIAL SAFETY MANAGEMSENT 292. MORALE 293. Employee Welfare 294. STUDY ON CUSTOMER SATISFACTION 295. Demand And Forcasting 296. STUDY ON FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE USING 297. RATIO ANALYSIS 298. EFFECTIVENESS OF GRIEVANCE HANDLING MECHANISM 299. INVENTORY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM 300. PERFORMANCE APPRSIAL SYSTEM 301. EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION 302. Recruitment And Selection Process 303. Consumer Behavior 304. Life Insurance 305. Training and Development 306. Market survey on Brand Equity 307. EFFECT OF WELFARE MEASURES ON EMPLOYEE MORALE IN HIDESIGN 308. PAYABLES MANAGEMENT 309. Conflicts management strategies 310. Customer Focus on Supply Chain Management 311. EMPLOYEEâ„¢S ABSENTEEISM 312. EMPLOYEE ABSENTEEISM AND EMPLOYEE MORALE 313. WOMEN CONSUMER ATTITUDE OF PURCHASING CAR 314. WORKING CAPITAL MANAGEMENT 315. LABOUR WELFARE MEASURES 316. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION 317. Cash Management 318. Productivity Level 319. SALES PROMOTION 320. THE USAGE OF 321. KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT 322. ATTITUDE OF CUSTOMERS TOWARDS STANDARD POLYMERS 323. EMPLOYEES JOB SATISFACTION IN EMAMI LIMITED 324. EFFECTIVENESS OF TRAINING PROGRAMME AT HCL PERIPHERALS 325. EMPLOYEES PERSONALITY IN NATURAL CAPSULES LTD., 326. EMPLOYEEâ„¢S MOTIVATION IN EMAMI LIMITED 327. ABSENTEEISM AMONG THE EMPLOYEES 328. EMPLOYEE WELFARE MEASURES IN ARIGNAR ANNA SUGAR MILLS 329. Study on Working Capital Management 330. DEALERâ„¢S SATISFACTION WITH REFERENCE TO TAMILNADU CEMENT 331. EMPLOYEES JOB CLARITY AT WHIRLPOOL OF INDIA LIMITED 332. RATIO ANALYSIS IN TAMILNADU CEMENT CORPORATION LTD 333. EFFECTIVENESS OF EMPLOYEE SAFETY AND HEALTH 334. MARKET POTENTIAL OF FLOAT GLASSES IN CHENNAI REGION 335. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION IN DOMESTIC SALES WITH REFERENCE TO ANGLO FRENCH TEXTILES (PTC Ltd.,) 336. EMPLOYEE PERCEPTION AT APPASAMY OCULAR DEVICES PVT. LTD., 337. A repport on international buisness operations of ONGC & OVL 338. A report on study of international marketing 339. Export Prospects Of Alcoholic Beverages To Russia,Ukraine and Uzbekistan 340. INTERNATIONAL MARKETING OF KHADI 341. Liner Activities of shagai logistics 342. The Credit Crunch and its impact on the property market in the UK 343. International services and India 344. Internationalizing to the UK: a resource based perspective 345. Outward FDI and Trade Performance 346. Internationalization of banks: The consumer perspective 347. Internationalization process of Big Image Systems AB 348. Analysis of the Commercial Relations between Sweden and Latin America 349. Internationalisation of companies 350. The internationalisation process of the firm: a case study 351. Product Cycles for Swedenâ„¢s Export of Machinery goods 352. Supplier Relationship Management: Developments in Co-operative Initiatives 353. How to find an international business partner? 354. Using Value Chain Analysis to Manage Consumer Confidence in IT Knowledge Services 355. Strategies in Telecommunications Industry during Privatization Process towards Competition “ The Case of Thailand 356. Sustainable IOC – Sustainable Society 357. The Impact of Inflation on Business and Trade: a case study of Ghana and Canada 358. The Driving Force of Swap Spreads 359. Essays in Trade and Development 360. Valuing Companies in Emerging Markets – The Case of Nigeria 361. Reward Systems and Strategy 362. The Pros and Cons of Business Intuition in Strategic Decision Making 363. Innovative ways to finance telecommunication in developing countries 364. Key Success Factors for Ericsson Mobile Platforms using Porterâ„¢s Value Chain model 365. Emerging Role of Teams in Multicultural Organizations 366. Growth factors of Service based internet commerce in South Asian markets 367. Foreign Direct Investment in cohesion to employment 368. The Culturally Intelligent Negotiator: The Impact of CQ on Intercultural Negotiation Effectiveness 369. Indian Business Ventures abroad 370. Foreign Collaborations in India A Study of Patterns in the Pre and the Post- liberalisation Era 371. The Performance of Global Business Teams within Multinational Corporations: The Test of an Intervening Process Model 372. Imperatives, Challenges and Task Requirements of Becoming a Global Player: The Case of India 373. The global political economy of transnational corporations: a theory of asymmetric interdependence 374. The use of print ads for an international brand 375. Business Negotiations in the New China: same same but different 376. The impact of culture on business negotiations between Swedish and US businessmen: a case study of two Swedish businessmen


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