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Restaurant Business Plans

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Specialty Food & Beverage Shop Business Plans

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Everybody’s got to eat and there’s still plenty of niche aspects of food and beverage business for entrepreneurs to explore. Locally sourced, organic, farm-fresh, delivery, craft, pick a buzz-word and there’s an opportunity there.

So if you think you have the makings of the next top chef, developed a secret whiskey recipe that will blow people’s minds, or even have a better way of doing delivery, you may want to enter the food and beverage business.

Start cooking up your business plan with our library of foodie-themed sample plans or build a more modern plan to easily manage your restaurant, bar, or cafe with LivePlan . It contains the same food and beverage templates and information you see here, but with additional guidance to help you develop the perfect plan.

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Did you find what you are looking for.

Food and beverage is a business category that’s never going off-trend. Why? Eating out is something that everyone enjoys, and we’re not seeing it change anytime soon.

It’s a business market with plenty of room for everyone.

Whether planning to open a small food truck or an expensive fine-dine restaurant, you’ll do great as long as you serve good food and have a solid business plan.

This library of food, beverage, and restaurant business plan examples here can inspire and guide you as you begin to plan your business. So, we got you covered on that part.

Let’s learn more about these food and beverage business plans, starting with their benefits.

Benefits of using an industry-specific business plan example

Believe it or not, using an industry-specific business plan example is the best and probably the quickest way of writing a business plan.

Doubt it? Hold, this may change your perception; an extended list of the benefits of using an industry-specific business plan template.

  • Inspiration : Reading a business-specific template can be incredibly helpful in getting content inspiration. Furthermore, it helps you gain insights into how to present your business idea, products, vision, and mission.
  • Risk-free method : You are taking a reference from a real-life, let’s say, coffee shop business plan—so you know this plan has worked in the past or uses a method subscribed by experts.
  • Deep market understanding : Analyzing and reading such examples can provide clarity and develop a deeper market understanding of complex industry trends and issues you may not know but relate directly to the realities of your business landscape.
  • Increased credibility : A business plan developed using an example follows a standard business plan format, wisely presents your business, and provides invaluable insights into your business. There’s no question it establishes you as a credible business owner, demonstrating your deep business and market understanding.
  • Realistic financial projections : Financial forecasting being a critical aspect of your plan, this real-life example can help you better understand how they project their financials—ultimately helping you set realistic projections for your business.

These were the benefits; let’s briefly discuss choosing a food business plan sample that best suits your business niche.

Choosing a Food & Beverage Business Plan

This category itself has 40+ business plan templates for various food and restaurant businesses. With many similar business types and templates, you may not find the most suitable one through manual scrolling.

Here are the steps to consider while choosing the most suitable business plan template.

Identify your business type

Are you going to be a fine-dine restaurant targeting local elites and business people online? Or a food truck targeting working professionals on the go? Or a small coffee shop down the street?

Asking yourself these questions will help you identify your business type, which will help in choosing a niche-specific business plan template.

Once you identify your business type, you can choose between templates for different business segments.

Search for the template

We have an in-built search feature, so you can easily search for a business-specific template using your business name as a key term. Once you have the search results, choose the most suitable one. Simple as that.

Review the example

Look closely at the content of the sample business plan you are considering. Analyze its sections and components to identify relevant as well as unnecessary areas.

Since all the Upmetrics templates are tailored to specific business needs, there won’t be many fundamental customizations. However, a hybrid business model targeting multiple customer segments may require adjustments.

For instance, if you plan to start a dine-in resto that also provides takeaway/delivery services—you may need to make adjustments in some of your business plan sections.

No big deal—you can view and copy sections from other business plan examples or write using AI while customizing a template.

That’s how you find and select the most suitable business plan for a food business. Still haven’t found the perfect business plan example? Here’s the next step for you.

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Short Fast Food Restaurant Business Plan Sample

1. executive summary.

As a trained associate with over ten years of professional experience, SHORT FAST FOOD RESTAURANT BUSINESS PLAN SAMPLE FOUNDER plan to set up a small-scale SHORT FAST FOOD RESTAURANT BUSINESS PLAN SAMPLE COMPANY, in SHORT FAST FOOD RESTAURANT BUSINESS PLAN SAMPLE LOCATION. The object of the business is the operation of a mobile food stand with home-made, XXXX specialties. The shopping center XXXX is recommended as a sales location. The snack bar should be open from Tuesday to Saturday between XX and XX hours.

SHORT FAST FOOD RESTAURANT BUSINESS PLAN SAMPLE COMPANY connects people with each other and with their homeland. Hence the idea to found a XXXX specialty snack in a location with a high proportion of XXXX-born people who already know and appreciate the food. For them, the dishes are a piece of home. At the same time, I would like to introduce XXXX cuisine to others who are looking for a quick, nutritious lunch.

The aim is to offer the customers and employees of the shopping center and the surrounding companies an attractive alternative to existing food offers. Especially for lunch break, there are warm dishes that can be quickly prepared and enjoyed.

The shopping center and neighboring businesses offer a lot of patience, especially for the midday and after hours business. In addition, there is a large XXXX-born community on site, where the stand serves typical dishes. With the presence of a local XXXX grocery store, the supply of fresh ingredients is always guaranteed.

Unique features of the company are the extraordinary food offers, which are professionally prepared to meet the high quality standards of the target group. This consists of company’s employees and customers, and shops within walking distance, who want a nutritious but quickly prepared meal for lunch or after work. Accordingly, all dishes are homemade and are freshly prepared.

The business concept envisages a one-man business with low operating costs in order to work economically as quickly as possible. As a trained XXXX with XXXX roots, it is easy to implement the establishment of a fast food with XXXX specialties. The company will be named “SHORT FAST FOOD RESTAURANT BUSINESS PLAN SAMPLE COMPANY Specialties” and was founded on August X. XXXX as a SHORT FAST FOOD RESTAURANT BUSINESS PLAN SAMPLE LOCATION. It is a mobile snack bar in XXXX.

The foundation is made out of unemployment in order to achieve financial independence. The start-up capital for the purchase of kitchen equipment, branding, advertising flyers etc. will amount to $XXXX (USD); which will be partially covered by own funds of $XXXX (USD). For the remaining capital, outside capital is needed.

1.1.  Offer

Every Tuesday through Saturday, the snack bar will be selling food at XXXX, between XX and XX hours. Since the core business is done at lunchtime and after work, the offer includes hot, filling foods that are freshly prepared in the food truck, the food can either be taken or eaten directly at bar tables.

The offer includes typical XXXX dishes such as stuffed dumplings and meat specialties with side dishes. The aim is to offer the customers a healthy meal. That’s why all dishes are homemade, with no added preservatives or glutamates. Many of the dishes do not contain pork out of consideration for different eating habits. The menu has already been prepared and includes the following dishes:


1.2.  Organisation/Personal

SHORT FAST FOOD RESTAURANT SHOPPING SAMPLE FOUNDER specialices in a one-man business, reducing staff costs. All functions such as cooking, sales, bookkeeping and marketing are carried out in unison. If required, individual tasks such as bookkeeping or advertising can be supported externally.

As a trained XXXX, SHORT FAST FOOD RESTAURANT SHOPPING SAMPLE FOUNDER is trained with professional preparation, storage etc. of food. After completing the training course Qualification Measure for the Hotel and Catering Industry of the XXXX, SHORT FAST FOOD RESTAURANT SHOPPING SAMPLE FOUNDER gained over XX years of professional experience as a kitchen assistant, cook in restaurants and canteens. SHORT FAST FOOD RESTAURANT SHOPPING SAMPLE FOUNDER grew up in XXXX. Therefore the proximity to the XXXX kitchens provide advantages for the founder.

1.3.  Investment requirements

The investment requirement for starting SHORT FAST FOOD RESTAURANT SHOPPING SAMPLE COMPANY amounts to a total of $XXXX (USD). This amount is required for the purchase of the vehicle and kitchen appliances. To avoid unnecessary costs, a large part of the operating equipment is purchased second-hand. The food truck will also act as a kitchen. This makes renting and equipping additional rooms superfluous. The costs are divided as follows:

$XXXX (USD) of this can be dispensed from own funds. For the remaining $XXXX (USD), debt capital or subsidies are required.

1.4.  Vision & Mission

Although there are many XXXX-speaking people in this country, there is relatively little gastronomy with XXXX cuisine. This is therefore relatively unknown in SHORT BUSINESS PLAN EXAMPLE REGION. Through these snacks, XXXX food will have more popularity, at least locally. For customers who already like to eat XXXX food, I would like to offer a selection of typical dishes – homemade and of high quality. So the food stand provides the warmth from home and another a new culinary experience.

With appropriate demand and business development, the supply can be gradually expanded. The long-term goal is the opening of a Russian specialty restaurant.

2. Market analysis

There are many gastronomic offers. Surveys show, however, that despite the abundance of offers market potential remains. XXXX was a record year in this regard. With an increase of X, X%, the turnover in out-of-home offers increased more than in ten years. This is partly because customers are willing to spend more money on fancy or high-quality deals. On the other hand, the number of visitors has also increased in XXXX, which means that more people eat out of doors or do this more often than before.

Especially snacks are showing big increases. While sales of restaurants and taverns, where guests are staying longer, have declined slightly from XXXX to XXXX, it has continued to increase in fast food (Statista).

The trend is for a quick meal on the way, whether during lunch break or on the way home. XX% of the XX to XX-year-olds said in a survey, happy to take a quick snack on the way (ibid.). Among the age groups, there were even more, up to XX%. In the XX to XX-year-olds eat XX% at least three times a week a snack on the way, such as burgers, kebabs, sandwiches and the like. The fact that snack meals are popular with younger customers, suggests that sales in this segment will continue to increase in the future. Because over time, this group of people will have more and more income and thus purchasing power. All this indicates that this trend will intensify.

2.1.  Target group

Customers of the shopping center and the surrounding shops, as well as the employees of the shops and other companies within walking distance, belong to the potential clientele of the snack bar. The target group is people who do not have time to cook, but still want to eat healthy and freshly prepared food. This includes employees during their lunch break, but also people on their way home, especially single people who do not want to cook for one person.

2.2.  Potential customer base / location

As a location for the snack sale is a booth in front of the shopping center XXXX ideally suited. The exact address is XXXX XX, XXXXX. Due to the multitude of shops in the direct neighborhood there is a lot of passing customers.

The location is not only in the immediate vicinity of a shopping center, but also between the two industrial areas XXXX and XXXX in XXXX. Both are home to numerous companies such as the musical instrument manufacturer XXXX, XXXX or the advertising material producer XXXX. Employees from the area are potential customers who benefit from a more diverse local food offer. Employees are a wealthy clientele.

It is noteworthy, especially for the offer of XXXX food, that there are several shops in the immediate vicinity, run by persons of XXXX descent and in particular having such customers as their target group. These include the grocery store XXXX Fruits and Vegetables, and the clothing store XXXX. This shows that a corresponding clientele can be found at the location.

In the event that the location in front of the mall does not prove to be long-term, SHORT FAST FOOD RESTAURANT BUSINESS PLAN SAMPLE FOUNDER will search for additional locations where the food truck can be parked. Conceivable would be both a complete relocation, for example, in a more urban area, as well as the daily relocation, so as not to oversaturate the clientele in a single place.

2.3.  Competitors

There are several competitors at the location in front of the XXXX shopping center. These are catering establishments in the shopping center as well as in pedestrian surroundings. However, only a few have a similarly stored offer with hot, quick meals. The list below is not exhaustive, but focuses on the catering businesses closest to the food stall. These are essentially the following companies:

As the list shows, there are a number of special offers for lunch in the area. However, only a few have an identical target group as the food truck. In addition, the potential customer base is sufficiently large, since numerous companies are located in and around the shopping center.

2.4.  Suppliers / Network

Supplier for all ingredients is XXXX, XXXX and XXXXX. Due to the good personal contact with the owner, the purchase at low prices is guaranteed. Since the business also carries XXXX specialties, it also serves as a multiplier for the reputation of the food stand.

3. Marketing

A local advertising campaign with flyers is planned for the opening of SHORT FAST FOOD RESTAURANT BUSINESS PLAN SAMPLE COMPANY. These are distributed in or in front of the shopping center XXXX and laid out in cooperating shops. In order to address the target group as directly as possible, locations and times with high public traffic and relevant shops are selected as locations for the flyer campaign. These include food and XXXX specialty stores in the area, whose customer base is among the target group. An eye-catching vehicle branding will arouse the interest of casual customers. A marketing budget of $XXXX (USD) is planned for the vehicle branding and the flyer campaign.

In order to constantly increase the interest in the snack, and to gain new customers, promotions and special offers are conceivable at regular intervals, which are then advertised separately. For this purpose, flyer campaigns with display or distribution in the neighborhood of the location are being considered. Print ads in local newspapers are also conceivable, especially if several locations are added in the future. The opening of a new stand can then be announced, so that customers know on which days the stand can be found.

Future advertising campaigns will be financed from the generated revenues. Regular marketing and advertising expenditures are planned to establish SHORT FAST FOOD RESTAURANT BUSINESS PLAN SAMPLE COMPANY Specialties as a brand and regularly renew interest.

4.  SWOT Analysis

5.  risk analysis.

The opening of a food stall is a proven, solid business concept. However, as with any company, there are risks. At SHORT BUSINESS PLAN EXAMPLE COMPANY Specialties, the biggest risk that there already exist relatively exotic food offerings that the company needs to compete against, there is a low advertising budget and the location may lose its appeal.

XXXX cuisine is relatively unknown in SHORT FAST FOOD RESTAURANT BUSINESS PLAN SAMPLE REGION. Therefore, a location was chosen where there are many people who already appreciate it. XXXX and the surrounding villages have a large number of XXXX-born communities as well as XXXX specialty and grocery stores. What is missing so far, is a corresponding catering offer. And although the dishes in this country are little known, the dough and grilled dishes resemble popular dishes. The offer is exotic enough to be a pleasant change, but familiar enough to be a meal “for every day”. That is the attractiveness of the snack.

The advertising budget for the start of the company is only $XXXX (USD). However, as an entrepreneur, SHORT FAST FOOD RESTAURANT BUSINESS PLAN SAMPLE FOUNDER haS a very good local network, so the flyer campaign is supported by word of mouth. In addition, the food stall will be placed so that passing customers pass it all day long. This attracts the attention itself.

In the future, the shopping center or the business location XXXX as a whole could lose importance. That would lead to less patronage. Since this is a mobile food stand, the location can be changed or additional locations added, which are visited once or several times a week.

7.  Sales forecast

To cover the running costs such as the purchase costs for ingredients, gas, water, vehicle fuel and entrepreneur’s wages, it is planned to achieve an annual turnover of $XXXX (USD). This corresponds to a monthly turnover of an average of $XXXX (USD)

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Food and Beverages Business Plan Sample

Download the food and beverage business plan sample in pdf, mission statement.

To create an ideal environment:

To inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time.

To provide the world’s ultimate coffee shop experience with the highest quality products, most inviting stores, friendliest staff, and best value.

Find out more about our mission by downloading the PDF here

Services Overview

Coffee Club will be a coffee house and café that offers pastries, seasonal ice creams, sorbet, wine, and quick menu items. Coffee Club will focus on providing a healthful fare with selections supplied by local bakers, using quality ingredients and minimally processed foods.

To view the full service overview, click here to download it in pdf

Food and Beverage Business Plan Sample

Market Overview

The Company is entering the market at a time when the industry in which it operates is experiencing substantial growth. According to market research firm IBIS World, the Coffee & Snack Shops Industry has seen an average annual growth rate of 5.8% over the last five years, positioning industry revenue to be around $47.7 billion in 2018. The Coffee & Snack Shops industry is projected to see an average annual growth rate of 1.4% over the next five years, placing industry revenue at $51 billion in 2022.

Market Analysis Summary


The Coffee and Snack Shops industry has taken advantage of the rising economic tide over the five years to 2018, posting substantial growth in each year since 2013. 

As one of the nimblest industries within the broader foodservice sector, coffee, and snack shops have been able to adjust to changing consumer preferences as spending has picked up and consumers have increasingly opted for more convenient and affordable menu items. Stores that once specialized in catering to the unhealthy whims of consumers have strategically shifted to provide healthier, gourmet menu items.

Download the full coffee shop market analysis in pdf.

Pro Tips: Learn how to write a market analysis in business plan to create a perfect coffee shop business plan.

Target Market

The target market of Coffee Club is as follows

1. High School Students and Professionals

Coffee Club anticipates its food and beverage customers will be high school students aged 17-18 years and professionals aged between 25 to 59 years working in the proximity of the anticipated location. Regarding the employment scenario, 68% of people aged between 15 and 64 in the US had a paid job, and out of which, around 73% of men had a paid job in comparison to 63% of women.

For more detailed information on the target market, download the pdf here

Organizational Structure

Food and Beverage Business Plan Sample

Competitive Analysis

Food and Beverage Business Plan Sample

Here is a pdf download of the full Competitive Analysis

Competitive Advantages

The following is a listing of the primary competitive advantages of the Company upon entering the market.

  • Congenial customer service
  • A central location with greater foot traffic
  • Parking facility available for customers
  • Soothing ambiance for calm eating
  • Excellent visibility from the Main Road

For a complete list of competitive advantages, click here to download a pdf

SWOT Analysis

  • experience and knowledge of the owner
  • customer service commitment
  • scope and quality of menu items
  • restaurant specializing in wholesome food
  • intended location is an ideal location having excellent visibility from the main road
  • new concept for book lovers
  • high foot traffic area
  • regular improvement and creativity
  • offering competitive prices
  • parking and takeaway facility
  • appealing display of the food and beverage served
  • the eye-catching ambiance of the shop with a book reading section

For a comprehensive SWOT guide, click here to download in pdf

Marketing Strategies

Social Media

The company will set up profiles on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These will be used to engage its target audience through photos, videos, or information on upcoming deals, discounts and the new arrival.

A well-optimized website with proper site structure, page layout, and clear and easy navigation, along with targeted keywords embedded throughout the site will be constructed and will ensure proper search engine placement and saturation. The Company’s website is an important marketing asset. Along with SEO, the website will be easily navigable, highly informative, and will serve as a platform to generate new business.

For more information about market strategies, click here.

Food and Beverage Business Plan Sample

Click here to download a detailed guide on the milestone.

Fund Requirement

Food and Beverage Business Plan Sample

To learn more about funding requirements, click here to download the pdf

Projected Income Statement

Coffee Club intends to deploy its funding to maximize growth and profitability. In the Income Statement table below, gross margin equals sales minus direct costs. The “bottom line” or profit (as measured before and after interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization) equals gross margin minus operating expenses.

Food and Beverage Business Plan Sample

A complete projected income statement can be obtained by downloading the PDF here

Pro tips: Learn how to make an income statement with our free to download income statement templates to make a stunning one for you .

Need Nearest Business Plan Writing Services

Looking for a professional business plan writing services near me ? Contact us to achieve your company’s goals and get funded.

Download our free sample business plan pdf to learn how to write an elegant and  professional business plan like this one.

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How to Write a Restaurant Business Plan in 2023 (Step by Step Guide with Templates)


A comprehensive restaurant business plan is a framework that guides you to plan and forecast every element of restaurant management and operations.

This includes anything from your restaurant's menu design, location, financials, employee training, and a lot more.

Crafting a solid business plan is important, as it helps:

  • Transform your restaurant ideas into reality.
  • Boosts entrepreneurial success by 16% (Harvard Business Study) .
  • Equips you to navigate challenges before they arise.
  • Attracts potential investors.

“You have to show any potential investor that you have an actual plan, you know what you’re talking about, it looks professional, and you’re not just screwing around.” - Charles Bililies, owner of Souvla

Planning is key to restaurant success. Without a plan, you're more likely to join the 26% of restaurants that fail within a year.

Create a business plan to set yourself up for success.

Here's how to get started. 

sample business plan for food business

A step-by-step guide to writing a restaurant business plan

Embarking on a restaurant venture is an exciting prospect filled with endless possibilities.

However, the key to transforming your culinary dreams into reality lies in the foundation of a well-crafted restaurant business plan.

This guide will walk you through creating a winning restaurant business plan , from defining your niche to seeking expert advice.

So, are you ready to cook up some success?  Let's get started. 

Further reading

  • How to write a business plan for a fine dining restaurant

Essential components of a restaurant business plan

A well-structured restaurant business plan typically consists of the following key components:

  • Executive Summary

Company Description

  • Market Analysis
  • Restaurant Design
  • Market Overview
  • External help
  • Financial Analysis

Delving into each section

Now, let's take a closer look at each section of your restaurant business plan and explore the key elements to consider:

1. Executive summary

A restaurant business plan should always begin with an executive summary. Why?

  • 80% of venture capitalists say they read the executive summary first.
  • 62% of investors say they would not continue reading a business plan if the executive summary did not capture their interest.
  • A strong executive summary can increase the likelihood of securing funding by up to 40%.

An executive summary not only acts as the introduction to your restaurant business plan samples but also as a summary of the entire idea.

The main aim of an executive summary is to draw the reader (oftentimes an investor) into the rest of your business plan.

The executive summary also helps you envision the identity of your restaurant which essentially shapes the customer experience and sets you apart from competitors.

To establish a distinct identity, you need to focus on c ommon elements of an executive summary, including:

  • A mission statement  
  • Proposed concept development
  • Cuisine selection
  • The overall execution
  • The potential costs
  • Expected return on investments (ROI)

Let's take a more in-depth look at the concept development, cuisine selection, and mission statement.

  • How to write a restaurant executive summary

Concept Development

Selecting the type of restaurant, service style, and atmosphere is the first step towards creating a unique dining experience. Whether you envision a sample menu for a:

  • cozy, intimate bistro
  • bustling quick-service deli
  • fast-casual restaurant
  • fine dining establishment

Your concept should reflect your passion and expertise in the industry.

With a broad range of options, it’s critical to scrutinize your target market and pinpoint the most suitable choice considering their preferences and your capabilities.

When planning your restaurant design, keep in mind that it should effectively complement your chosen theme and cuisine.

Additionally, consider the potential for patio seating and the involvement of your management team in making these critical decisions.

A well-thought-out concept will not only set the stage for an unforgettable dining experience but also pique the interest of potential investors.

Cuisine Selection

The cuisine you select for your restaurant can significantly influence its success.

Choosing the appropriate cuisine is vital for distinguishing your establishment from competitors and attracting your target market.

To make an informed decision, consider factors such as:

  • Market demand
  • Expertise and passion
  • Ingredient availability
  • Competition
  • Profitability
  • Cultural fit
  • Seasonality

Dietary restrictions and trends

In the highly competitive restaurant industry, keeping track of current and emerging cuisine trends can be a significant advantage.

From regional delicacies to innovative fusion dishes, understanding what’s popular and in demand can help you tailor your offerings to the desires of your target audience.

By thoroughly analyzing the market and adapting to evolving tastes, your restaurant can remain relevant and successful in the long run.

Crafting a mission statement

A well-constructed mission statement communicates the purpose, values, and goals of your restaurant to potential investors and customers alike.

A mission statement serves as a guiding light for decision-makers and employees, fueling their efforts to achieve your restaurant’s objectives.

To create an impactful mission statement, consider the following steps:

  • Identify the purpose of the restaurant.
  • Contemplate the brand’s image.
  • Account for the target audience.
  • Incorporate company values.
  • Ensure brevity and comprehensiveness.

Related content:  How to Write a Restaurant Mission Statement  

Remember, your mission statement should not only differentiate your restaurant from competitors but also resonate with your target market.

By articulating your restaurant’s unique values and vision, you’ll create a strong foundation upon which to build a thriving and successful business.

2. Company description

This is the part of the restaurant business plan where you fully introduce the company.

Start this section with the name of the restaurant you are opening along with the location, contacts, and other relevant information. 

Also, include the owner’s details and a brief overview or description of their experience.

The second part of the company description should highlight the legal standing of the restaurant and outline the restaurant’s short and long-term goals.

Provide a brief market study showing that you understand the trends in the regional food industry and why the most independent restaurant investors will succeed in this market.

Here's an example of the page layout:  

Restaurant Name: [Restaurant Name]

Location: [Restaurant Address]

Contact: [Restaurant Phone Number] | [Restaurant Email Address]

Owner: [Owner Name]

Experience: [Owner Name] has over [Number] years of experience in the restaurant industry. They have worked in various roles, including [List of Roles]. They are passionate about food and creating a memorable dining experience for their guests.

Legal Standing: [Restaurant Name] is a [Type of Legal Entity] registered in [State/Province].

Short-term Goals:

  • Generate [Amount] in revenue within the first year of operation.
  • Achieve a [Percentage] customer satisfaction rating within the first six months of operation.

Long-term Goals:

  • Expand to a second location within five years.
  • Become a recognized leader in the regional food industry.

Market Study:

The regional food industry is experiencing a number of trends, including:

  • An increasing demand for fresh,  local ingredients.
  • A growing interest in ethnic cuisine.
  • A preference for casual dining experiences.

3. Market analysis

The market analysis portion of the restaurant business plan is typically divided into three parts.

3.1 Industry analysis

What is your target market? What demographics will your restaurant cater to?

This section aims to explain your target market to investors and why you believe guests will choose your restaurant over others.

Comprehending your target market is key to customizing your restaurant offerings to their preferences and needs.

By diving into demographics, preferences, dining habits, and trends, you can fine-tune your concept and marketing strategy to reach and appeal to your target audience effectively.

An example of analyzing your target market

  Comprehending your target market is key to customizing your restaurant offerings to their preferences and needs.

Demographics and preferences

Identifying your primary target market involves considering factors such as:

For example, a neighborhood with a high concentration of families might prefer a family-friendly restaurant with a diverse menu catering to various age groups and dietary preferences.

Conversely, a trendy urban area with a predominantly young and affluent population may gravitate towards upscale dining experiences and innovative cuisine.

Cultural and ethnic backgrounds also have a significant impact on restaurant preferences, with people from different backgrounds having distinctive tastes and customs that influence their dining choices.

By thoroughly understanding the demographics and preferences of your target market, you’ll be better equipped to create a restaurant concept that resonates with them and ultimately drives success.

Dining habits and trends

As the restaurant industry continues to evolve, staying informed about dining habits and trends is crucial for adapting your offerings and attracting customers.

For example, the rise of online ordering and delivery services has significantly influenced dining habits, with many consumers seeking the convenience of having their meals delivered to their doorstep.

Health trends have also had an impact on dining habits, with an increasing number of individuals seeking healthier options when dining out.

By staying abreast of current habits and trends, you can anticipate the needs and desires of your target market and tailor your restaurant’s offerings accordingly.

This forward-thinking approach will not only help you stay competitive but also foster long-term success in the ever-changing restaurant landscape.

  • How to find your restaurant's target market

3.2 Competition analysis

It's easy to assume that everyone will visit your new restaurant first, so it is important to research your competition to make this a reality.

What restaurants have already established a customer base in the area?

Take note of everything from their prices, hours, and service style to menu design to the restaurant interior.

Then explain to your investors how your restaurant will be different.

3.3 Marketing analysis

Your investors are going to want to know how you plan to market your restaurant. How will your marketing campaigns differ from what is already being done by others in the restaurant industry?

How do you plan on securing your target market? What kind of offers will you provide your guests? Make sure to list everything.

The most important element to launching a successful restaurant is the menu . Without it, your restaurant has nothing to serve.

At this point, you probably don’t have a final version, but for a restaurant business plan, you should at least try to have a mock-up.

Add your logo to the mock-up and choose a design that you can see yourself actually using. If you are having trouble coming up with a menu design or don’t want to pay a designer, there are plenty of resources online to help.

The key element of your sample menu though should be pricing. Your prices should reflect the cost analysis you’ve done for investors. This will give them a better understanding of your restaurant’s target price point. You'll quickly see how important menu engineering can be, even early on.

5. Employees

The company description section of the restaurant business plan briefly introduces the owners of the restaurant with some information about each. This section should fully flesh out the restaurant's business plan and management team.

The investors don’t expect you to have your entire team selected at this point, but you should at least have a couple of people on board. Use the talent you have chosen thus far to highlight the combined work experience everyone is bringing to the table.

Download our free restaurant business plan  It's the only one you'll ever need. Get template now

6. Restaurant design

The design portion of your restaurant business plan is where you can really show off your thoughts and ideas to the investors. If you don’t have professional mock-ups of your restaurant rendered, that’s fine.

Instead, put together a mood board to get your vision across. Find pictures of a similar aesthetic to what you are looking for in your restaurant.

The restaurant design extends beyond aesthetics alone and should include everything from restaurant software to kitchen equipment. 

7. Location

The location you end up choosing for your restaurant should definitely be in line with your business plans and target market.

At this point, you might not have a precise location set aside, but you should have a few to choose from.

When describing potential locations to your investors, you want to include as much information as possible about each one and why it would be perfect for your own restaurant concept.

Mention everything from square footage to typical demographics.

Example for choosing an ideal location

Choosing the ideal location for your restaurant is a pivotal decision that can greatly influence your success. 

To make the best choice, consider factors such as foot traffic, accessibility, and neighborhood demographics.

By carefully evaluating these factors, you’ll be better equipped to maximize visibility and attract your target market.

Foot traffic and accessibility

Foot traffic and accessibility are essential factors in selecting a location that will attract customers and ensure convenience.

A high-traffic area with ample parking and public transportation options can greatly increase the likelihood of drawing in potential customers.

Additionally, making your restaurant accessible to individuals with disabilities can further broaden your customer base and promote inclusivity.

It’s also important to consider the competition in the area and assess whether your restaurant can stand out among existing establishments.

By choosing a location with strong foot traffic and accessibility, you’ll be well on your way to creating a thriving restaurant that appeals to your target market.

Neighborhood demographics

Analyzing neighborhood demographics can help you determine if your restaurant’s concept and cuisine will appeal to the local population.

Factors such as income levels, family structures, and cultural diversity can all influence dining preferences and habits.

By understanding the unique characteristics of the neighborhood, you can tailor your offerings and marketing efforts to resonate with the local community.

Conducting a market analysis can be a valuable step in this process.

To gather demographic data for a particular neighborhood, you can utilize resources such as the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey and reference maps.

Armed with this information, you can make informed decisions about your restaurant’s concept, menu, and pricing, ensuring that your establishment is well-positioned for success within the community.

Conducting market research will further strengthen your understanding of the local demographic.

8. Market overview

The market overview section is heavily related to the market research and analysis portion of the restaurant business plan. In this section, go into detail about both the micro and macro conditions in the area you want to set up your restaurant.

Discuss the current economic conditions that could make opening a restaurant difficult, and how you aim to counteract that. Mention all the other restaurants that could prove to be competition and what your strategy is to set yourself apart.

9. Marketing

With restaurants opening left and ride nowadays, investors are going to want to know how you will get word of your restaurant to the world.

The next marketing strategy and publicity section should go into detail on how you plan to market your restaurant before and after opening. As well as any plans you may have to bring a PR company on board to help spread the word.

Read more: How to write a restaurant marketing plan from scratch

10. External help

To make your restaurant a reality, you are going to need a lot of help. List any external companies or software you plan on hiring to get your restaurant up and running.

This includes everything from accountants and designers to suppliers that help your restaurant perform better, like POS systems and restaurant reservation systems .

Explain to your other potential investors about the importance of each and what they will be doing for your restaurant.

11. Financial analysis

The most important part of your restaurant business plan is the financial section . We would recommend hiring professional help for this given its importance.

Hiring a trained accountant will not only help you get your own financial projections and estimates in order but also give you a realistic insight into owning a restaurant.

You should have some information prepared to make this step easier for the accountant.

He/she will want to know how many seats your restaurant has, what the check average per table will be, and how many guests you plan on seating per day.

In addition to this, doing rough food cost calculations for various menu items can help estimate your profit margin per dish. This can be achieved easily with a free food cost calculator. 

  • Important restaurant metrics to track

A well-crafted restaurant business plan serves as a roadmap to success, guiding every aspect of the venture from menu design to employee training.

By carefully considering each component of the plan, aspiring restaurateurs can increase their chances of securing funding, attracting customers, and achieving their long-term goals.

Remember, a restaurant business plan is not just a document to satisfy investors; it is a living tool that should be revisited and updated regularly as the business grows and evolves.

By staying committed to the plan and adapting it as needed, restaurateurs can ensure that their culinary dreams have a solid foundation for success.

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Saif Alnasur

Saif Alnasur used to work in his family restaurant, but now he is a food influencer and writes about the restaurant industry for Eat App.


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Sample Restaurant Business Plans For a New Business Owner

examples of a restaurant business plan

Writing a business plan is an essential part of starting a restaurant. Not only does it provide a roadmap for the future but it also helps to create funding opportunities and attract potential investors. For new business owners, having access to sample restaurant business plans can be especially helpful in providing direction and insights into how to write a restaurant business plan on their own.

Download our Ultimate Restaurant Business Plan Template

Having a comprehensive business plan in place is vital for any successful restaurant venture. It will serve as the foundation for your operations, setting out the goals and objectives that will help guide your decisions and actions. A well-written business plan can also give you clarity on realistic financial projections and help you secure financing from lenders or investors. Examples of restaurant business plans are great resources to draw upon when creating your own plan to ensure that all the key elements are included in your document.

Below is an example restaurant business plan to help you see what one should look like. It is not however nearly as comprehensive and successful in raising capital for your restaurant as Growthink’s Ultimate Restaurant Business Plan Template , but it can help you write a business plan for your restaurant.

Restaurant Business Plan Example #1 – Black Pearl Seafood Restaurant

Table of contents.

Executive Summary

Company Overview

Industry analysis, customer analysis, competitive analysis, marketing plan, operations plan, management team, financial plan.

The Black Pearl Seafood Restaurant is a high-end seafood restaurant located in the heart of the historic district in New Orleans, LA. The restaurant will serve fresh seafood dishes with a modern twist and provide an unforgettable culinary experience for its guests.

The Black Pearl Seafood Restaurant is seeking to raise $200,000 in startup capital from a group of private investors. The funds will be used to cover the costs of building out the restaurant’s specific location, purchasing equipment and supplies, and hiring staff.

The Black Pearl Seafood Restaurant has a projected annual revenue of $1,200,000 and is expected to be profitable within its first year of operation. The restaurant’s target market is affluent diners who are looking for an exquisite seafood dining experience.

The Black Pearl Seafood Restaurant offers a unique and innovative menu that features fresh seafood dishes with a modern twist. The restaurant’s menu includes items such as:

  • Blackened salmon with shrimp and grits
  • Fried catfish po’ boy with remoulade sauce
  • Grilled Louisiana shrimp skewers
  • Crawfish etouffee
  • Shrimp gumbo

The Black Pearl Seafood Restaurant also offers a wide selection of wine and beer to complement its menu.

Company Description

The Black Pearl Seafood Restaurant is owned and operated by John Doe. Mr. Doe has over 10 years of experience in the food and beverage industry. He has worked as a chef at several renowned restaurants in New Orleans and has also owned and operated his own catering business.

The Black Pearl Seafood Restaurant will be located at 123 Main Street in New Orleans, LA. The restaurant will occupy a 3,000-square-foot space that was formerly occupied by a pizzeria. The location is in close proximity to several hotels and tourist attractions, which will generate significant foot traffic for the business. It is also located within walking distance of the Central Business District attracting local office workers and residents.

The Black Pearl Seafood Restaurant will have a seating capacity of 60 guests. The restaurant will also have a full-service bar that will serve beer, wine, and cocktails.

The seafood restaurant industry is one of the fastest-growing segments of the food service industry. Over the past five years, the industry has experienced strong growth due to an increase in the popularity of seafood as a healthy dietary choice.

The seafood restaurant industry is expected to continue to grow over the next five years as consumers’ preference for healthy and delicious food continues to rise. In addition, the industry will benefit from an increase in per capita disposable income, which will allow consumers to spend more on dining out.

Other Industry Analysis Points

  • The seafood restaurant industry is regulated by the FDA
  • Changes in government policies could impact the industry
  • The seafood restaurant industry is sensitive to changes in the economy
  • An economic downturn could lead to a decline in revenue and profit margins
  • The seafood restaurant industry is influenced by consumer trends and preferences
  • Health-conscious consumers are increasingly seeking out seafood as a healthy dietary choice


  • The seafood restaurant industry is impacted by advances in food technology
  • New cooking techniques and equipment can help to improve the quality of dishes served
  • The seafood restaurant industry is subject to food safety and sanitation regulations
  • Changes in the law could impact the way that restaurants operate


  • The seafood restaurant industry is impacted by changes in the environment
  • The quality of seafood dishes can be impacted by pollution and other environmental factors

The Black Pearl Seafood Restaurant will target two primary customer market segments: tourists and local residents.

The tourist market segment consists of individuals who are visiting New Orleans for leisure or business purposes. This market segment is significant for the business as it represents a large portion of the city’s population. New Orleans is a major tourist destination, with over 16 million visitors per year.

The local resident market segment consists of individuals who live and work in New Orleans. This market segment is significant for the business as it represents a stable source of income. Local residents are more likely to visit the restaurant on a regular basis and recommend it to friends and family.

Competitor Analysis

The Black Pearl Seafood Restaurant will compete in the seafood restaurant industry. Through our competitive research, the restaurant’s closest direct competitors will be Red Fish Grill, Bourbon House, and GW Fins.

The Black Pearl Seafood Restaurant will compete in the seafood restaurant industry. The restaurant’s closest competitors will be Red Fish Grill, Bourbon House, and GW Fins.

Red Fish Grill is a seafood restaurant located in the French Quarter of New Orleans. The restaurant offers a casual dining experience with a menu that features fresh seafood dishes.

Bourbon House is a seafood restaurant located in the French Quarter of New Orleans. The restaurant offers a more upscale dining experience with a menu that features fresh seafood and steak dishes.

GW Fins is a seafood restaurant located in the Warehouse District of New Orleans. The restaurant offers an upscale dining experience with a menu that features fresh seafood dishes.

The Black Pearl Seafood Restaurant will differentiate itself from its competitors by offering a more innovative and modern menu with fresh seafood dishes that are prepared using unique cooking techniques. In addition, the restaurant will provide a superior level of customer service and create an unforgettable dining experience for its guests.

Our competitive advantages include:

  • Unique menu with fresh seafood dishes that are prepared using unique cooking techniques
  • Superior level of customer service

Products : The Black Pearl Seafood Restaurant will serve a variety of fresh seafood dishes that are prepared using unique cooking techniques.

Price : The price of menu items will be competitive with other seafood restaurants in the area.

Promotion : The Black Pearl Seafood Restaurant will use a combination of marketing strategies to promote the business and attract customers.

  • Develop a website and create social media accounts to reach a wider audience
  • Develop a promotional video to generate interest in the restaurant
  • Participate in local food festivals and events to generate awareness
  • Launch a targeted advertising campaign in local publications and on radio and television
  • Develop relationships with local tour operators to promote the restaurant to visitors
  • Offer discounts and special promotions to generate repeat business

Place : The Black Pearl Seafood Restaurant will be located in the French Quarter of New Orleans.

The Black Pearl Seafood Restaurant will be open for lunch and dinner seven days a week. The restaurant will be closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

The Black Pearl Seafood Restaurant will source seafood from local suppliers and growers to ensure the freshest ingredients are used in dishes.

The restaurant will use a point-of-sale system to manage inventory and track sales.

The restaurant will seat up to 100 guests at a time. Reservations will be accepted for parties of eight or more. Walk-in guests will be accommodated on a first-come, first-served basis.

The Black Pearl Seafood Restaurant will have a staff of 20 employees, including a head chef, sous chefs, kitchen staff, servers, and hostesses.

The Black Pearl Seafood Restaurant will be owned and operated by John and Jane Doe.

John Doe has over 10 years of experience in the restaurant industry. He has worked as a chef, manager, and consultant for a variety of restaurants.

Jane Doe has over 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry. She has worked as a hotel manager, event planner, and marketing consultant.

The Black Pearl Seafood Restaurant will have start-up costs of $500,000. The majority of the start-up costs will be for leasing and outfitting the restaurant space. Other start-up costs include purchasing kitchen equipment, hiring staff, and marketing the business.

The Black Pearl Seafood Restaurant is projected to generate $1.5 million in sales in the first year of operation. The restaurant is expected to have net profits of $250,000 in the first year.

Sample Menu


  • Jumbo shrimp cocktail
  • Oysters Rockefeller

Soups and salads:

  • Seafood bisque
  • Caesar salad with grilled shrimp
  • House salad with tuna steak
  • Spinach salad with scallops
  • Shrimp scampi
  • Surf and turf (filet mignon and lobster tail)
  • Grilled salmon with roasted vegetables
  • Blackened redfish
  • Bread pudding with rum sauce
  • Bananas Foster
  • Cheesecake with berry sauce
  • Key lime pie
  • Soda, coffee, tea, milk
  • Beer, wine, cocktails

Financial Projections

Balance sheet.

[insert financial statement]

Income Statement

Cash flow statement, restaurant business plan example #2 – la cocina de el paso: home of authentic mexican cuisine.

La Cocina de El Paso is a restaurant that specializes in serving authentic Mexican cuisine. The owners, John and Jane Doe, have over 30 years of combined experience in the hospitality and restaurant industry. This wealth of experience will ensure the success and longevity of the business.

Located in the heart of El Paso, La Cocina de El Paso will offer a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Guests can expect to be served freshly made dishes, prepared with only the freshest ingredients. The restaurant will also serve a selection of beer, wine, and cocktails.

La Cocina de El Paso will cater to both locals and tourists alike. To promote the business, the owners plan to launch an aggressive marketing campaign that will include print ads, radio spots, and social media. In addition, the restaurant will partner with local businesses to offer discounts and promotional offers.

The owners have estimated start-up costs of $500,000. The majority of this amount will be used to lease and outfit the restaurant space. Income is projected to reach $1.75 million within the first year of operations, with net profits of $350,000.

La Cocina de El Paso is an upcoming restaurant that will offer authentic Mexican cuisine. The restaurant will be located in downtown El Paso, Texas, and will feature a relaxed atmosphere with seating for up to 150 guests.

The restaurant will utilize only the freshest ingredients in its dishes and offer a selection of beer, wine, and cocktails. The menu will feature appetizers, soups and salads, entrees, desserts, and drinks.

The restaurant industry is highly competitive. In particular, Mexican cuisine has gained popularity in recent years. To succeed, La Cocina de El Paso must differentiate itself from other restaurants in the area.

The restaurant will focus on offering fresh and authentic Mexican cuisine with a welcoming atmosphere. The owners plan to partner with local businesses and offer discounts and promotional offers. In addition, the owners plan to launch an aggressive marketing campaign that will include print ads, radio spots, and social media.

The target market for La Cocina de El Paso will be both locals and tourists. The restaurant is located in a tourist area and is close to several attractions. As such, it will be well-positioned to attract customers from out of town as well as local residents.

The restaurant will serve a variety of customers, including young adults and families. To appeal to this demographic, the restaurant will offer an inviting atmosphere with comfortable seating and a selection of entertainment options. Additionally, the menu will feature authentic Mexican dishes that are sure to please all tastes.

Ideal Customer Demographics:

  • Young adults: ages 18-34
  • Local residents


  • Adventurous eaters
  • Value conscious
  • Seeking authentic experiences

There are several other restaurants in El Paso that specialize in Mexican cuisine. Main competitors include El Paso’s Best, El Taco Loco, and Casa Azul.

El Paso’s Best is the area’s premier Mexican restaurant. The food is of high quality and the atmosphere is casual yet upscale. Prices are slightly higher than La Cocina de El Paso, but the quality of the food makes it worth the price.

El Taco Loco is a fast-food Mexican restaurant. The food is inexpensive, but the quality is not as high as La Cocina de El Paso.

Casa Azul is a family-style Mexican restaurant with more of a casual atmosphere. Prices are slightly lower than La Cocina de El Paso and the menu features traditional Mexican dishes.

To differentiate itself, La Cocina de El Paso will focus on fresh ingredients and authentic Mexican dishes. The restaurant will also offer a selection of beer, wine, and cocktails, as well as discounts and promotional offers. Finally, the owners plan to launch an aggressive marketing campaign that will help spread the word about La Cocina de El Paso.

To attract customers, La Cocina de El Paso will focus on marketing its fresh and authentic Mexican cuisine.

Below is a sample menu for La Cocina de El Paso, featuring traditional Mexican dishes and a selection of beer, wine, and cocktails.

  • Quesadillas
  • Guacamole and Chips
  • Stuffed Jalapenos
  • Queso fundido, taquitos

Soups & Salads:

  • Chicken Tortilla Soup
  • Caldo de Res (Beef Soup)
  • Taco Salad with Ground Beef or Grilled Chicken
  • Ensalada de la Casa (House Salad)
  • Ensalada Fresca (Fresh Salad)
  • Tacos al Carbon (Grilled Steak Tacos)
  • Fajitas (Steak, Chicken, or Vegetarian)
  • Chiles Rellenos (Stuffed Peppers)
  • Carne Asada con Papas
  • Camarones a la Diabla
  • Enchiladas Verdes
  • Churros con Chocolate
  • Tres Leches Cake
  • Flan Napolitano
  • Beer & Wine


The restaurant will offer promotional discounts and specials. For example, customers who purchase two entrees may receive a complimentary appetizer or dessert. The owners plan to partner with local businesses to offer additional discounts and promotional offers.

La Cocina de El Paso will offer competitive pricing. Prices will be slightly lower than El Paso’s Best, but higher than El Taco Loco and Casa Azul.

The restaurant will be located in downtown El Paso, close to several attractions and tourist sites. The owners hope that the convenient location will help bring in both tourists and local residents.

Marketing Mix

To reach its target customers, La Cocina de El Paso will use a combination of traditional marketing strategies such as print ads, radio spots, and TV commercials, as well as digital marketing tactics such as content marketing, social media campaigns, email newsletters, and online advertising.

  • Print Advertising : The owners plan to run print ads in local newspapers and magazines that target young adults and families.
  • Radio & TV Spots : The restaurant will also air radio spots and TV commercials that feature its menu items and promotional offers.
  • Content Marketing : La Cocina de El Paso will create content that highlights the freshness of its ingredients and the authenticity of its Mexican dishes. The content will be shared on social media, in email newsletters, and on the restaurant’s website.
  • Social Media Campaigns : The restaurant will run campaigns on Facebook and Instagram that feature customer reviews, contests, and giveaways.
  • Online Advertising : The owners plan to use Google Ads and other online platforms to reach potential customers.

The owners of La Cocina de El Paso are confident that their marketing strategy will help the restaurant stand out from its competitors and attract customers. With its fresh and authentic Mexican cuisine, competitive prices, convenient location, and aggressive marketing campaigns, La Cocina de El Paso is sure to be a success.

Collaborative Promotion: The owners of La Cocina de El Paso plan to partner with local businesses in order to create mutually beneficial promotional offers. For example, the restaurant may offer discounts to customers who use services from one of its partners. The owners believe that this type of collaborative promotion will help draw in more customers and generate additional revenue for the business.

Events: La Cocina de El Paso plans to host events such as cooking classes and live music performances in order to build relationships with customers and increase brand awareness. The restaurant will also use these events to showcase the freshness of its ingredients, its Mexican cuisine, and the quality of its drinks (margaritas, beer & wine, cocktails).

These strategies are designed to help La Cocina de El Paso build a strong customer base and become a popular destination in downtown El Paso. The owners are confident that these tactics will help the restaurant stand out and create a positive impact on the local community.

La Cocina de El Paso will have a skilled team of servers, cooks, and bartenders who are knowledgeable about the restaurant’s Mexican cuisine. The owners plan to focus on delivering high-quality customer service in order to ensure customers have a great experience. The owners also plan to invest in modern kitchen equipment that can help streamline the cooking process.

The restaurant will be open from 11 am to 10 pm on weekdays and from 11 am to 11 pm on weekends. The owners plan to hire additional staff during peak hours in order to handle the influx of customers. The owners also plan to use advanced reservation systems and delivery services to accommodate customers who would prefer not to wait in line.

The owners of La Cocina de El Paso have extensive experience in the restaurant industry. They plan to hire a team of experienced managers who can handle day-to-day operations and ensure that the restaurant runs smoothly. The management team will also be responsible for developing marketing strategies, overseeing staff training programs, and creating promotional offers.

The job description for the management team includes:

  • Overseeing day-to-day operations
  • Developing marketing strategies and managing promotional campaigns
  • Creating training programs for staff members
  • Handling customer inquiries and complaints
  • Ensuring that food safety standards are met
  • Analyzing data to identify areas for improvement.

The total start-up cost of La Cocina de El Paso is estimated at $500,000.

This includes:

  • $100,000 for lease deposits and renovations costs;
  • $200,000 for furniture and fixtures;
  • $50,000 for marketing and advertising;
  • $50,000 for kitchen equipment;
  • $100,000 for the salary of the management team.

The owners plan to finance the start-up costs through a combination of their personal savings and bank loans. They also plan to generate additional revenue by offering catering services and hosting special events at the restaurant.

The financial forecast for La Cocina de El Paso is optimistic. The owners expect to break even in the first year of operations and reach profitability within five years.

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