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Aiou solved assignments 1 code 8604 spring 2022 | learning ki duanya.

Do you want aiou assignments 2022 or autumn assignments matric, aiou past papers 2021 ba, aiou past papers solved, assignment course code 8604-1

AIOU Solved Assignments 1 Code 8604

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AIOU MASTER ACADEMY - Educational Guide Line to Students of AIOU. But This is Not an Official AIOU Web

Research Methods in Education Code 8604 Assignments of Spring 2022

Aiou research methods in education code 8604 assignments of b.ed and bs class spring 2022.

Download Free Research Methods in Education Code 8604 Assignments For Exam Preparation

Research Methods in Education Code 8604

There are 2 assignments  for this course. you will find all the assignments below. اس کورس کی 2 اسائنمنٹ ہیں آپ کو سب اسائنمنٹ نیچے مل جائے گی۔, research methods in education code 8604 assignment number 1.

Download Assignment

Research Methods in Education Code 8604 Assignment Number 2

  • Important Note:

1. Allama Iqbal Open University  ASSIGNMENTS :-

First and foremost Assignments are an essential part of the students. Because this plays a very important role.  Moreove r , you can’t clear your semester without assignments. Most Importantly send your assignments in time. However, you can not pass exams without assignments. In other words, your attendance in exams is wasteless.

2. Assignments Recommendation:-

You will be considered to fail without submitting your assignment. In other words, even if you get 95% marks in the examination you will be considered as fail. If you clear your assignments, you have the chance to appear in the examination. Therefore you can have 3 attempts to appear.

Following are the passing marks of each assignment

  • 1st Assignment must have at least 50% marks.
  • 2nd Assignment must have at least 50% marks.

In contrast, subjects having 2 assignments follow the above same percentage.

Above All  AIOU Master Academy  strives to help AIOU students. Moreover, we provide exam preparation notes like  Key books ,  Guess papers , and  5 years papers.

3. Academy Mission:-

First of all our mission is to educate our young generation. Secondly Academy tries its best to build civilized and sophisticated mankind in our  country.  besides, we are not indulged in any kind of miscellaneous activity that detracts students to take any shortcut in their education. subsequently, we always promote legal education as a priority, as well as help students self-learning and build skills to perform best in their future.

4. Earnings:-

Our basic earning is by selling hardcopy notes like  Key books ,  Guess papers , and  5 years’ Papers  to students at a very reasonable price. The Academy doesn’t earn by providing any kind of consultancy services. We assist students on  Call  or  WhatsApp  nor do we have premium support like others to earn money from needy students.

5. Free Notes:-

We also provide free  Guess Papers ,  5 Years Papers , and Soft Copy of  Assignments  to students on our website. Assignments are only available on the website for guidelines and awareness about the conten t   and   pattern of related courses.

6. Online Earning:-

Despite this, our earnings are from the internet,  YouTube ,  and  Google . Similarly, They pay us because of the ads they publish on our  YouTube channel or on our website.

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  • General Methods of Teaching Code 8601 Assignments of Spring 2022 19/06/2022

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solved assignment 8604 spring 2021



solved assignment 8604 spring 2021

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