Persuasive Essay : Should Students Get Less Homework?

Homework: because 7 hours of school isn’t already enough essay.

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In addition to sleep deprivation, homework-related stress can lead to serious, long-term psychological health problems for some hard-working students. While short periods of stress are meant to

Cause Of Homework

Having too much homework causes students large amounts of stress and lack of sleep that can cause health problems. On a survey that Stanford researchers tested on 4317 students, fifty-six percent of the students considered homework a primary source of stress, forty-three percent of the students viewed tests as a primary stressor, thirty-three percent put pressure to get good grades in that category (Parker). Less than one percent of the students said that homework was not a stressor (Parker). That means that about 4273 students considered homeword a stressor, while less than 50 out of 4317 students believed homework to not be a stressor. Out of the students surveyed, the average amount of homework was three hours and six minutes of homework (Greicius). The large amount of homework causes large amounts of stress, but it also causes sleep deprivation and other health problems such as headaches, exhaustion, sleep deprivation,

Why Homework Should Start Later

Having the stress of finishing homework almost every school day can have a toll on students who can't handle this much tension and strain each night. Students and children don't usually get as much sleep as they should when they have homework, for example, “During the school week, she averages three to four hours of homework a night and six and a half hours of sleep” (Greenfield). This explains that students that spend too much time on homework and lose sleep time each night can affect kids later. Losing sleep is not a healthy thing for students who need to wake up early and go to school. Since students spend so much time on homework, it can cause different forms of depression, ¨I can’t remember the last time I had the chance to go in the backyard and just run around,’ a teenage girl laments in the film. ‘I’ve gone through bouts of depression’ from too much homework, another confesses. A bewildered-looking third girl says: ‘I would spend six hours a night on my homework.’”(Hancock). This proves that homework can cause forms of mentally challenging issues or less sleep. Most kids go through depression and having something like homework that you constantly have can not be a good thing. Homework stress can cause many mentally challenging problems for students and other problems like this can be caused by too much

Should American Students Have Less Homework

A lot of students experience stress on a daily basis because of homework. This can lead to health issues in a student’s body and mind. Homework related anxiety and stress could affect schoolwork negatively. Stress causes lack of sleep, slipping grades, fatigue, unhealthy eating habits, depression, and many more factors. Some students experience nervous breakdowns and lots of stress. Nervous breakdowns can make completing homework much more of a struggle

Limiting Homework Research Paper

With 3-4 hours of homework every night, students have no time to stay fit and active in the community. The National Sleep Foundation recommends that teenagers ages 14-17 have over hours of sleep every night. However, an article written by Craig Canapari titled “Homework vs. Sleep: A Cause of Stress in Teens (And Younger Kids),” stated that 90% of teens get less than that. Additionally, excessive homework can cause teens to skip a basketball practice or a dance rehearsal or a volunteer event or a family dinner as they allow no time for such activities, resulting in less physical activity, community service, and family time. This just proves that excessive homework can take over a students’ life, allowing no time to focus on anything other than

Should High School Students Have Less Homework?

“Too much homework can cause stress in a student and lead to health issues in the body and mind” (TeenInk Magazine). About 97% of high school students would agree on the previous quote that teachers give out too much homework and they are stressed out. There should be less homework because it takes away from time with family and causes stress and most students are time limited.

Should High School Students Get Too Much Homework Essay

Large amounts of homework cause excess stress that has a negative effect on students. A survey was taken from a group of high school students to see how the students are affected by homework. Almost three-quarters of the students surveyed claim to almost always being stressed from homework, and experience physical

Persuasive Essay On Homework Is Homework

It’s 12:00 AM on a Tuesday morning. With big, drooping bags under his eyes, the Forest Park Middle School eighth grade student glances at the clock in their room, and grunts. He still has thirty more minutes to read, and a math test to study for. It might take another aggravating hour, that feels like days, to finish. He thinks about skipping the rest of the homework that is required of him to do, but it is strictly due the next day. In other words, he has approximately seven hours until his homework is due, and only five hours until his alarm is screaming at him to wake up and get out of bed. It’s like a very time consuming neverending corn maze that you have to go through every night. But, every night the walls of the maze change like in

The Night And Emily Henderson

According to a poll from Headline Media, fifty-six percent of students consider homework to be a primary source for stress, forty-three percent of students viewed tests as a primary stressor, and thirty-three percent said the pressure of keeping grades up is a primary stressor. Only one percent of students said that homework wasn’t stressful. Students sometimes give up sleep just to finish homework. Losing sleep over homework is a negative effect on the child’s ability to understand the material being taught and they are more likely to struggle on assignments and tests being given to them on the next day. Children losing sleep also affects their brain activity. If a child doesn’t have at least eight hours of sleep at night, he/she will be less prepared for the day ahead. Also if a child loses sleep, due to finishing homework, it is very likely they will fall asleep in class the next day and not learn the new material being taught then they will not be able to understand and do the homework that it given that day or do assignments and exams over that material. Without sleep and rest the human body and brain will not function properly. It is very important for a child to get enough sleep and not stress over homework so that they can actually absorb the material and get the right education.

Persuasive Essay On Less Homework

Are you tired of hand cramps, of your family wanting you to spend more time with them then you should start a petition at your school with this general idea, less homework. Homework for school has been here for a while and it seems to just get harder and harder, because it does. If the teachers in each of you classes listen to the metaphorical rule, 10 minutes of homework a night and multiply by your grade level. Which is basically telling you that when you get to high school that you should get at least 2 hours of homework a night.

Persuasive Essay About Homework

The sun had just risen when I woke up on Christmas morning. Nathan was sound asleep, and there was no sound from the adjoining room where the children were sleeping.

Persuasive Essay : The Importance Of Homework In The Middle School

Try to think of an atrocious, exhausting, appalling, dreadful task that almost any middle school student would say they despise. Does the word homework pop into your head? It definitely does for me, and I am pretty sure it is safe to say that that will be the case with 99% of the other junior high students as well. In today’s society, the average middle school student is expecting homework basically every night. The amount of homework and time you have to spend on it will vary depending on the level of your classes, and mainly, your teacher. This brings me to my main point, junior high teachers should be assigning less homework to their students due to the fact that it would lessen the likeliness of interfering with extracurricular activities, it would reduce the chance of a lack of sleep, and it would make it less likely for middle school students to feel unnecessary stress and pressure.

Persuasive Essay On Homework

Picture this; You just got home from a long hard stressful day of school and now you can relax. Oh wait you can’t. This is because you have more arduous work to do. So you grab a snack sit down and pull out your homework. You then begin to write down everything you have to do on a list so you have an idea of what you are going to have to do tonight. The list begins with your double sided fifty question math sheet, three page science document, Social studies notes, followed by a reading SCR, and a writing short story. But wait, it gets worse, on top of all that homework you have a Math test to study for. Yes this seems very over the top. But it’s not, this is what many HMS students struggle with on a daily basis.

Students Have Too Much Homework

Do you think students have too much homework? Almost everyday, students come home with large amounts of homework. After a long, tiring day at school and after-school activities, students should be able to go home, relax, rest, and get ready for the following day without any added stress. As a student, I believe that homework causes stress, which leads to less sleep. We also don’t have a large amount of time to add homework to our day. Most importantly, not having homework would save money as well as our environment.

Throughout the school year, students are given homework almost every day. Some days there is more homework than other days. Most students are doing other activities outside of school, this means that we might not have time for homework every day. I know I'm not the only one who has had to miss fun activities for studying, finishing homework or working on a project. A 2007 Metlife study found that “45 percent of students in grades three to 12 spend more than an hour a night doing homework, including the six percent of students who report spending more than three hours a night on their homework.”

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student should have less homework essay

Why Students should have Less Homework?

 By:Angel S.

Students usually spend a few hours doing homework after a long six hour day of lectures, trying to absorb all the information for the next day. This is already a lot of information for our brain to process and after six hours, students still need to go home and do more work. Homework could cause a lot of stress for students and interferes with their activities or family time during their weekend. Students should have less homework so the frustrations going through a child’s mind isn’t overwhelmed, getting less hours of sleep for staying up, and affecting their own health to stay up to complete homework.

It doesn’t matter what grade the students are in, parents have been seeing their child staying up for school. Marian Wilde reported to that her first grade son has been required to do a two page paper about a person in history and include a bibliography (Wilde). She argued that her son just learned how to read not too long ago and now they are making him write a two page paper. Not only did Marian Wilde agree that she saw her child suffering from school, but Diane Garfield, a fifth grade teacher even agreed that the teachers have been overwhelming the students out by giving them homework that is preparing them for college. Students should have less homework to reduce stress.

Doing work is important, but keeping your body healthy is even more important. Staying up late at night could affect students’ sleeping schedules. According to Too Much Homework, Too Little Time , that being unhealthy will affect children’s growth, and about 29% of students around age 13 stay up doing homework. They spend at least 2 or more hours doing homework and go to sleep at 11 o’clock. For children, this can cause to slip in grades and the lack of sleep which affects their health, unhealthy eating habits, and more. Schools should give students less work afterschool to keep up their health.

Even though students stay up for homework, the overwhelming feeling that students feel is being held inside. Parents could see all of these frustrations going through their child’s mind when they are stuck on a math problem or writing an essay or reading a long book, etc. Also, teachers should be reasonable with the amount of homework they give out. Homework should only take an hour or so to be done. Teachers should give out less homework for the health of students and for themselves.

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Argumentative Essay: Should There Be Less Homework?

student should have less homework essay

Show More Nobody likes homework. It is tiring and tedious to many students. Homework is typically given in large or excessive amounts. After school, students have a very limited time to finish all of their work, since they have many other things to do besides homework. Not only is homework tiring, but it can also give the student many unwanted problems. With all of the stress that is already coming from school, homework only emphasizes that. There should be less homework because it takes up students time, causes a lot of stress, and causes many personal and social problems. A primary reason that students have less free time is that teachers assign an excessive amount of homework. Some students have said “Homework is all I have time for; there’s never …show more content… Students have said that homework causes them to sleep less, have headaches and lead to stomach problems (Strauss 2). At such a young age, children and teens should not have to battle these terrible symptoms in their life. Sometimes the students have no idea how to do their homework, no matter how much they try and study their notes from class. Which results in them staying up late at night until the morning. Staying up to do homework is an unhealthy habit (Giles 1). Once a student has reached the early hours of the morning, they might not even be doing the homework correctly. Homework could potentially causes mental health problems and cause stress (Luke 1). Parents would not want that for their children even if it is to maintain their grades. According to Luke “14 percent of parents say [homework] is more than 10 hours” (Luke 1). It should not take that long for homework to be finished because students still have many other things to do besides homework. Even if they do not have something of import to do, they can just go out or do something fun which serves as a break from all the schoolwork they are assigned. Parents would much rather have their students enjoying their time after school

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Why kids should not have homework.

According to MetroParent, “high schoolers have on average 3 hours of homework each night.” That is a lot of time to spend on homework! Also, homework is not only stressful on students but it is also stressful on the parents. Because the parents are not able to spend time with their kids, metroparent says. Homework doesn’t only affect sports, but homework can affect family and family is the most important.…

Should Homework Be Allowed In Schools

In an seven or eight hour school day one would hope an extensive amount of lessons would be accomplished. Homework stresses kids out because after spending one third of their day in a school building, they are greeted home with more work to do. A psychology professor, Harris Cooper, from Duke University conducted a study on how much homework should be given to a student each night. “"The bottom line really is all kids should be doing homework, but the amount and type should vary according to their developmental level and home circumstances. ”(…

Why Is Homework Necessary In High School

Homework can be time-consuming. Instead of taking time on homework,…

Hunger In America

Here, today, in the 21st Century, we live in a world with nothing but problems. In the Middle East, uncontaminated water is almost impossible to come by, civil wars, acts of terrorism, and everyday starvation are all normal parts of life. Even here in America, issues with both obesity and child hunger are present, both occurring in the same country. I say that some major changes must be made in this problem ridden world. Three major changes that should be made to the world today are: no homework should be given to students of any age, terrorism should be halted indefinitely, and starvation and obesity should cease.…

Limiting Homework

Teachers have a tendency to pile on homework thinking that it will benefit them in their class, but that is not always the case. If these students were to be limited to the recommended measure of assignments the more likely they are succeed to in their classes and earn higher grades. Homework can hurt the students when they do not understand what is being taught. Many do a significant amount of take home work every night, but they never are able to understand it to their fullest potential if they cannot ask their teacher a question in class. When students are given the opportunity to ask questions on homework in class the more likely they are to understand their material and succeed.…

Satire On Homework

Homework Doesn’t homework feel useless? All homework does is help teachers pass through a lesson quicker, stress you out, and ruin your schedule. Homework is just one big mistake. It’s just very extra and also a burden. Teachers sometimes give students lots of homework which can be easier than going through a 30 minute long lesson.…

Probing Question: Is Homework Bad For Kids?

Homework has been given out for as long as we can remember, but has it ever had a positive effect? Many students and families have been complaining about homework for a while and it has become a well know problem for everyone. Although homework can help students that need extra practice, homework sometimes hurts test and quiz scores, which is why students should receive less homework each night. Homework often takes away from family time and extracurricular activities, and too much homework affects students’ health and leads to stress. As stated by many parents and students alike, homework takes away from family time and daily activities.…

Homework Should Be Banned Essay

Students spend up to a third of their day working hard at school; they deserve to have a break. Not only do students deserve to have a break, but they also deserve to have time for themselves to indulge in extracurricular activities like, sports, music, and swimming, etc. Most students who participate in such activities struggle to complete their homework, and only have a small amount of time to enjoy their activities fully. Extracurricular activities are important to the well-being and development of children. Students deserve to have a well-balanced life.…

Homework Persuasive Essay

  • 7 Works Cited

I judge that we can all agree that homework is fairly boring and is not interesting. Students do not want to learn or work on something that doesn’t interest them. Also, they may not understand the concept of the topic, so they find it difficult and confusing. Some students lack time management and may have their priorities mixed up. Both of these flaws can interfere with the organization to do homework.…

Should Homework Be Abolished Essay

Have you ever had the feeling of wanting homework? Nope because homework is boring and too much. Homework is given mostly everyday around the world. Every School has some type of homework, specific for each class. It is a problem for a large amount of students ' because of their grades being dropped for not turning in one assignment.…

Argumentative Essay: Should Students Have Homework?

There are various effective arguments I would make to support students having homework by their teachers. The first argument I would make is that homework helps students to better retain the lessons they’ve learned during the school day. Students need a lot of exercises to do to retain what they learn everyday in school. Since class time isn’t enough to provide a lot of exercises on one subject, homework is the best way to exercise what’s been learned in class. If no homework is given to students on a subject that’s been discussed in class, it’s more likely for them to forget the subject the next day.…

Argumentative Essay: Why Homework Is Important?

If you asked me two years ago if I thought homework posed as a benefit I would say absolutely not. After graduating elementary school almost four years ago and starting to get real homework, I would disagree. Although it's not my favorite hobby, it remains very valuable in my life and will continue as a part of my life for quite a while. I believe homework exceeds in benefits and can help you on tests, help you learn to manage time and assume more self discipline and can even influence others. To begin, homework grants awards because it helps you on tests.…

Benefit Of Homework Essay

Homework has several benefits and is important to a child’s success. Specifically, homework can be beneficial to a student’s academic achievements. The use of daily homework assignments can help students better obtain information which has previously been taught. A student who is introduced to an idea during class, then given an assignment, allows them to practice and grasp a better understanding of the concept. The aid provided from homework then opens up more time for further learning in the classroom.…

Essay On The Effects Of Homework

Students get up early, get ready for school, then are at school for seven hours; they then have after school sports, jobs, and homework. Homework overload is one of the bigger problems with the system. When I was in ninth and tenth grade, I would come home with 2-3 hours of homework. I struggled with keeping up my grades and staying focused on my homework. I would get distracted because it was hard to stay focused on something for so long, especially when it was something I didn’t enjoy.…

Argumentative Essay: Should Homework Be Banned?

This is because the average student receives excessive amounts of homework, which is causing stress, among other things. The "Ten-Minute Rule" is a suggested homework limit endorsed by the National PTA and the National Education Association of the United States. It recommends ten minutes of homework per grade level, per night. High school students, then, should receive no more than 90-120 minutes of homework each night. A survey taken in 2014 showed that these students actually spent, on average, 3.5 hours doing homework, each night.…

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Explain Why Students Should Have Less Homework Essay

The pros and cons of paying college athletes.

To begin, a study showed that “High-achieving high school students said too much homework leads to sleep deprivation and other health problems such as headaches, exhaustion, weight loss, and stomach problems” (“Homework – Top 3”). For example, homework can cause kids to have a breakdown. It also causes worry about finishing an assignment on time. In my personal experience, homework has led to me getting frustrated and stressed. Kids, explicitly teenagers, have enough problems going on in their lives.

Summary: Down With Homework

The school use to start at 9am and it gets over at 3pm and then there is a tutoring program which running from 5pm to 8pm. The homework isn’t to bad because sometimes the teachers make us do it during class time and working on the homework with friends as a team work use to be fun. In the article “Down With Homework” the author says “Overwhelms struggling kids and removes joy for high achievers” I disagree on this statement because homework is a part of confidence and helps us to improve in our daily basis studies and keeps us on track. The idea that overall about homework it helps children to learn better and give them a better understanding of what they are learning in the daily

Why Kids Should Have Homework

Paragraph One - Introduction Do you think kids should be assigned homework? Studies show that if kids and teens have at least 10 minutes of homework every night their test scores might go up. Also, even though kids say that they get stressed out most of them just want to get out of doing their homework. Not only this, but, they will get smarter or just stay smart. They don’t have to get smarter with every piece of homework they do, but at least they won’t fall behind on their work.

Four Day School Week

As whispers of a schedule change to a four-day school week reach the attentive ears of the students, a humming buzz of interest fills the school. Students daydream about the potential benefits that would accompany the alteration, gossiping with their peers at every possible chance in an attempt to discern all of the information. The more they consider the new four-day week, the more they wish for a change. The students would be able to sleep late for an extra day every week and spend more time with their family and friends. This is the reason why over a hundred school districts, mainly in rural communities, have made the change.

Argumentative Essay: Should Schools Assign Homework?

The clock strikes 12:00 am and students are trying to finish their pile of homework due in the morning. Students are rushing to finish in order to get ready for the next day. Schools are assigning students a lot of homework, but the homework can do more harm than good. Negatively affect kids by sleep deprivation. Source of frustration and daily stress.

Homework Should Not Be Banned Essay

Parents would agree that their children find the homework they do stressful due to the extensive amounts given which tires them

Persuasive Essay: Why Students Shouldnt Have Homework?

There are 24 hours in a day, 8 of those hours belong to school. From the moment when a student wakes up, they begin to prepare for school then go to school, most schools start around 8:00-9:00 am, so most students get up 1-2 hours earlier to get ready. Students need at least 8-9 hours of sleep to be able to function. With students having after school activities that take up around 2 hours, students are exhausted and when they get home all the want to do is relax, but some of them have responsibilities that they have to do, which gives them less time to relax from a long day of school. On top of having homework students end up staying up late getting all their work done, which cause them to be less focus the next day not allowing the

Persuasive Essay: Why Homework Is Important For Students

This makes me think that anyone could get better at these skills and improve their grade with homework. In addition, in a poll that was conducted for the associated press 58% of parents said that their children have the right amount homework, 23% think it’s too little, and then 19% say it’s too much. By having many parents perspectives you not only get researchers opinions but millions of other people as well. The national PTA and NEA think that grades k-2 should have 10-20 minutes of homework, 3-6 should have 60

Persuasive Essay For Students: No Homework For Students

Over recent years, the debate has gotten more attention as to whether students should have homework as homework has seemed to increase. Students having homework does not benefit them in their academic skills and should be abolished. In countries like Japan and Denmark, the students don’t have much homework, but exceed the United States on international tests. A lot of tests have proven that homework does not help improve a student’s performance of skills.

Importance Of Homework Essay

According to John Bishop, “School and homework show students the important life lessons, such as how to read and communicate with others, that they will use as an adult.” Students can learn how important planning, staying organized and taking action is just from doing homework. Homework gives the students an opportunity to learn how to work independently. Although I understand that assigning homework is not beneficial at times, I still believe that assigning homework can teach students many skills and even help teachers. Assigning homework to students is constructive, therefore teachers should assign homework because it allows students to gain responsibility, time-management, perseverance, self-esteem, homework also gives students a chance to review the class material, and it also helps teachers determine how well the lessons and materials are being understood by their students.

Persuasive Essay: Why Homework Should Not Be Necessary?

An average student would spend hours on schoolwork a day, which can be very stressful. A high school student will use half of their day around school relation. Almost all elementary to high school students will likely to agree that homework should not be assigned. The majority of students complain about homework yet teachers don’t usually understand why. While homework gives benefits to students, unnecessary homework should not be assigned due to the fact that there are enough school hours, it consumes time, and the development of poor health is encouraged.

Essay On Homework Becoming Too Much

Is homework becoming too much? Every day students spend hours upon hours doing homework every night and stressing out if they aren't able to finish it. The first form of homework was given as a punishment to the kids that would act up in class. The teacher would give them extra school work to take home and do instead of being able to go home relax and have fun.

Argumentative Essay Homework

Homework is an on-going topic of debate that has been being questioned for decades. In my opinion, I don’t think that homework is essential to students due to the effect it has on your mental and eventually your physical health and it is starting to affect their school life. Is the amount of work we get actually helpful to students? Is it too much for students? How is homework affecting my child?

Persuasive Essay: Why Homework Is Bad To Redress Students

But this does not mean that they should be given endless stacks of homework. By this, I mean when they are given a lot of homework for the next day, the student will gets upset and do not want to go to school because he doesn 't want punishment for what he couldn 't do. This is my personal opinion. Homework is a never-ending conflict at school, the students want less homework but the teachers have to give them the homework, so they can study at home. Lastly, I would say a student needs time to learn but also time to play and relax and to enjoy life with his family and

The Negative Benefits Of Homework In Schools

Homework is like a boat with a hole in its side if there is a leak in the boat then the boat is useless. The water will rush in and fill the boat with cold, dark water. The same goes for homework, it is useless. All the nights kids spend with hours and hours of homework, all the tears and stress are not helping kids in school. Numerous amounts of today's kids have excessive amounts of homework.

More about Explain Why Students Should Have Less Homework Essay

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Argumentative Essay: Should Students Have Less Homework?

These reasons help my argument feel more interesting to hook the reader. This will help promote my side of the argument so that my side will be the superior argument and will attract more readers. I think kids should have less homework.Three reasons are, that homework is stressful, kids are given more homework than required, and it puts pressure on students causing them to work to hard and and have anxiety and health issues. Homework is way to stressful for kids who already have enough to do at school , so why give them work to do at home that just adds on to the headache Known as work? Teachers give out homework because they think it is helping kids education . What they don’t know is that the work they are giving out just overwhelms students who don’t know how to do that work. It also means that some students could possibly be getting bad grades for things that they don’t understand. This is very important to my claim because if we have less homework none of these things will happen to students who don’t understand the topic. What can take more experienced students 5-10 minutes can take others longer time periods to complete the work given. giving students less homework you should receive better quality homework. That paragraph should …show more content…

The opposing claim is that students should have more homework because it helps them gain confidence that they have a bright future. “Students need to have more homework as if it were acting like a shield for their educational curriculum”. A good part of the argument is that it help the students get ready for anything that gets in there way so that they are ready to go to middle school! I do not think that they should have as much homework as given, although the counterclaim has a good point. Expecting kids to complete homework on time and do it correctly by the next morning could be too challenging for some

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that kids should have less homework because it's stressful, kids are given more homework than required, and it puts pressure on students.
  • Argues that homework is stressful for kids who already have enough to do at school, so why give them work at home that just adds on to the headache known as work?
  • Opines that students should not dislike school because they need it for their education. teachers can reduce math equations, science problems, reading time, and much more.
  • Opines that students should have more homework because it helps them gain confidence that they have a bright future.

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Homework is Silly

Homework has been an integral part of education since children started to be educated. Recently however, homework has begun to be assigned more and more often to students, especially in the United States, as it has begun to fall further and further behind countries like China, Singapore, and Japan. Homework is anything assigned by teachers to be completed by the students either at home, or just on their own time. The workload for students has gotten to the point where more and more parents are starting to notice the load for their kids has gotten to be too much. Many kids in high school, even 9th and 10th graders, can have 3 or even 4 hours of homework every night. In the past couple years, homework has gotten so out of control that parents are starting to speak out, and protest the amount of homework that students get each night (Marzano). In addition, studies have been done to determine the value of homework, but overall, the results are mixed at best (Kohn). Even studies that show a positive relationship between homework and test scores, among other things, show that homework is only effective when assigned in a moderate amount. Too much homework can be counter-productive, or have adverse effects on students. Students with too much homework can perform worse on tests, and develop serious physical and mental health problems from too much stress or lack of sleep.

Excessive Dependence on Homework in American Schools

After studying the issue of homework, and the teacher’s influence upon it, I’ve come to realize homework may be overused in today’s educational system. I feel teachers are depending too much on outside education and not enough on in-class learning. Also, I believe the United States Government needs to develop a "homework standard". Educators in general need to come together and encourage students to learn in the classroom, and spend less time out of school doing countless hours of busy work. Teachers must look at the best interests of the students and base learning on communication in the classroom.

Persuasive Essay: Homework Should Be Banned

Have you ever got home after school and just wanted to relax? But then you remember that you have tons and tons of homework. You complete everything but you still have to print something out, but you don't have a working printer. You go into school the next day and you tell your teacher. The teacher looks at you with a menacing eye and calls it an excuse for not doing it. This is what happens to students all the time. As soon as a teacher sees a blank homework sheet, they automatically think you just chose not to do it. Therefore homework should be banned. Kids don't always have the time to complete the homework that was assigned. In fact, according to author Tami Ansary said that since 1981, the amount of homework given to 6th graders has

Should Round Valley Students Get Homework?

Has homework ever weighed you down? If not now then when you were a kid? That’s how many children feel every day of the week. Many students at Round Valley school have been getting an outrageous amount of homework everyday. For example 46.2% of students that were surveyed believe that homework does not help them at all and that it is just busy work that keeps them from playing outside and having fun. I believe that Round valley students should not get homework because they don’t have time to sleep, they have trouble focusing and they have lots of anxiety.

Too Much, in Too Little: The Unimportance of Homework

In conclusion, I have to say that homework should truly be banned from all schools around the world. When this happens, teachers will start to feel respected during class time, parents will be able to bond and get together with their precious family for once, and students? They will be living the true meaning of a school life. Sure, homework can teach children good study habits, organization, and responsibility. But face it. You and I know it’s just more than that. Homework is just downright misery.

Why Kids Should Not Be Homework Research Paper

Many students do not enjoy their homework even if it is only studying. These students would not be able to have any free time because there's homework. There should not be homework because classwork is already enough work, it takes time away from other activities, and it does not let kids have independent thinking, so they won’t be able to be hard workers.

Ari Opening Statement Analysis

Ever since you were a little kid in school you’ve always had homework whether it be drawing or writing a five paragraph essay. There have always been contriverces about whether homework is really necessary for students. A poll was conducted earlier this year showed that 58% of parents thought that their child got just the right amount of homework , 19% felt there was too much and 23% thought there was too little. But homework is very beneficial especially because it can help the students in whatever subject they struggle in. Parents may argue that teachers should be assisting students at school rather than making them bring work home, but i would argue that when students bring their homework home they get

Why Kids Should Not Have Homework

Did you know that there is 45% of students in the nation that do not get enough sleep due to homework? In fact, multiple parents have started a campaign to limit the homework teachers can assign to students. But teachers argue that homework is necessary. Students should not have homework. Homework causes more stress and less sleep.

Why We Shouldn T Have Homework Essay

Have you ever wondered what school would be like without homework? I think it would be much better. It is important that we should not have homework because most children don’t like homework in the first place and with the increasing reasons why homework is bad, we shouldn’t have it at all. While some may have an argument on how homework is good and , I politely disagree. Homework is not beneficial for children for many reasons. Homework is not beneficial because it is challenging to do at home and also because it’s bad for children's health and feelings, Homework is definitely not beneficial.

We all know that kids do not like homework, and we all know that kids just want to get rid of it. I know, I want it gone too. But what if there is a good enough debate that we can maybe, just maybe, end the suffering of children having homework. I’m going to be talking about why schools should not have homework. Some reasons are depression, stress, and exercise.

Why Schools Shouldn T Have Homework Essay

Ring! The bell has rung letting you know school is finally over. You slowly trudge to your locker to get all the homework and textbooks you’ll need. Once again your teachers have piled you with lots of homework that you know will take you hours to do. Every single school day, hundreds of schools across the country assign homework every night. This leads to hours of work after school that many students just don’t want to do. Many parents and schools think homework is helpful. However, this may not be the case. Schools should not assign homework because students need time to relax, and too much homework may cause health problems.

Why There Should Be No Homework

Have you ever wanted to just shred up your homework or throw it out the window and have no consequences? Kids are assigned daily homework from the time they start kindergarten at the ripe young age of five. Is it really necessary? Does it even help better learning or even higher test scores? The amount of homework we do wastes time, money, paper, and trees because it’s practically the exact same thing we did in class that day. Homework causes kid’s and teen’s frustration, tiredness, little time for other activities and possibly even a loss of interest in their education. It also keeps everyone up; it has kids and teens staying up until they finish it, the parents trying to help them and the teachers grading it. So, I think that homework is a waste and kids and teens should choose whether they want to do their homework for extra credit and practice or not.

Homework: Is It Beneficial or Harmful to Students?

Although homework may seem like drudgery, the hard work that is put into homework may pay off in the long run. In the article, “Does homework really work for students?” Jacqueline Carey, the mother of seventh grade student Micah Carey, stated that “homework gives [students] a good foundation for when they move on further in school” (Johnson). Not only that but according to Donyall Dickey, principle at Murray Hill Middle School, “if students do not acquire things in class, they will acquire them through homework” (Johnson). As we can see homework helps and prepares us for higher grade levels while in primary school that can possibly prepare us for college. It also helps us to remember the materials that were taught in class. Another reason homework can be beneficial is the fact that it can prepare us for tests and the dreadful pop-quiz that a teacher may randomly give us. This fact was proven, according to a 2006 study by Harris Cooper, director of Duke University’s Program in education, in the article “Homework or Not? That is the (Research) Question”. The studies instituted that “students who had homework performed better on class tests compared to those who did not” (DeNisco). Another compelling thing about homework, are the qualities a skills th...

Personal Opinion Essay: Homework Should be Banned

In conclusion, homework is a waste of time. Time that can be better spent is with family and having fun participating in extracurricular activities. Eliminating homework allows students the reward of free time and the invaluable time spent with family. Homework creates unnecessary stress and strain for parents and students alike. Also, homework allows teachers to pawn off their own teaching responsibilities to students and parents with hours of homework. Homework is not beneficial and it should be banned for students Kindergarten thru 8th grade.

Too Much Homework

We all know the downfall of homework: the frustration and exhaustion, family conflict, time loss, and decreasing interest in learning. No study has ever demonstrated any academic achievement linked to assigning homework. There is also no support to the fact that homework provides nonacademic benefits at any age. Here are a few examples: building character, promoting self-discipline, or teaching good work habits. All teachers who assign homework want to believe that the gain outweighs the pain. Although, there is no evidence of that and they must rely on faith (“Homework: No Proven Benefits”, pg. 1). Michellea, a mother of a middle school student, says that some work can reinforce certain skills, but hours of homework are unhealthy and unproductive. Mominseattle agrees. She contemplates that such a heavy load can result in potential drawbacks to the students. Hours of homework a night plus a full day of school can be just as much work as an adult at a full-time job. She believes students should enjoy their childhood, as short as it already is. MagnetMom complains about how her daughter’s homework takes away her beneficial sleep. With busy families, like hers, they have many after school activities, so when they get home, they do not have time for too much homework. She says ...

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Time for balance and well-being, enhanced learning experiences, development of independent learning, social and emotional growth.

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Argumentative Essay: Should Kids Have Less Homework?

student should have less homework essay

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Personal opinion essay: homework should be banned.

Homework doesn't take all day; realistically you will have time for other things. Homework allows practice for future endeavors, and teaches responsibility and organization skills. Homework allows children to work at their own pace, without peer pressure and afraid of falling behind during class. Homework allows time to study for tests, and go over work that you did in class. Reason being yes I understand that different classes have different papers and some have more worksheets than others but…

Argumentative Essay: Should Parents Have Homework?

Finally, homework is very demanding on kids. “In most U.S schools, homework has become more demanding and time-consuming (scope magazine, pages 20-21, lines 33-35). Studies have shown that most kids feel very stressed about schoolwork and homework. There is a lot of pressure to do well in school. Some kids feel like “if they don’t get help from their parents, they will be at a competitive disadvantage with classmates who do.” (scope magazine, pages 20-21, lines 69-72).…

Shorter school days

Almost every student has homework every night. Homework can last up to one to three hours a day and it can make a student slack off. Brains work 6 hours a day with classwork, tests, etc. Brains need a break before they have to their homework. Homework is just another thing to think about when the bell rings to go home. It is definitely what no one wants to do right when they…

Homework Should Be Banned Research Paper

Imagine a world where students come home from school and take the time to unwind and relax. It has been proven that almost three quarters of Canadian parents think that homework is a household stress. So why is homework still being assigned at schools, especially for younger grades? In recent years, the question of whether or not homework should be banned from elementary schools and limited to one hour per weekday in high school has been widely discussed. According to a Stanford Researcher, too much homework can negatively children. It takes their lives away from school, where family, friends, and social activities matter (Parker). The opponents of this educational approach argue that if students are not given homework to do, they will not become successful in the future. However, banning homework from elementary school and limiting it to one hour per weekday in high school is beneficial in terms of health, academics, and real world experiences.…

No Homework Essay

Homework, we all hate it, it went from being just 3 or 4 questions to 15 to 20 questions. Homework has historically been given to students to help them remember what they learn at school, and ultimately to help them learn the material better. However, too much homework is not good, and can be bad for the student. Too much time spent on completing homework can take away from a kid’s social life, family time, and limits participation in sports or other activities. The amount of homework a teacher can give to a student should be limited, and only assigned if absolutely needed.…

Reduced Homework

Shouldn’t the district or teachers assign students less homework? We should have less homework because some students have activities outside of school, they don’t have time to spend with their family anymore, and it may affect their physical health. There should be a sufficient of homework so that students will not have to have a lot of stress.…

Controversy Over Homework

Whether it be because the kids are not getting their homework done and getting in trouble, or them learning to cheat. Having homework can cause stress on the kids that have a lot to do. They might have sports to go alongside their piles of homework. They learn to cheat off friends in order to manage their homework. In the article it states that when kids have a lot to do and little time to do it, they find alternative ways to do things to get them done faster. The main way they usually end up finding is to cheat of friends. (“5 Reasons Kids Need Homework and 5 Reasons They Don't”). Not only is cheating a bad thing, it also leads to all kinds of bad habits like laziness and lying. And when they do not get caught, they feel rewarded for something they did not do, encouraging more cheating. Home work does not increase overall scores of each class. In the article it states, “Researchers at the University of Virginia’s Curry School of Education found in a 2012 study that math and science homework didn’t correlate to better student grades, but it did lead to better performances on standardized tests. And when homework is assigned, the help provided by parents often mitigated any of the positive effects of the work. Critics of this type of parental involvement say it can be counterproductive because parents may assume too great a role and/or may not fully understand the lessons being taught” (Graham). This research shows that having homework is counterproductive because the parents end up doing too much of the homework for the kids. Also, the study shows that the overall grades of the kids did not increase. The other side of this argument may argue that they increased scores on standardized tests, but that does not matter when their grades are still not increasing. Stress can be a major problem for tots at a young age. When it comes to stress, 70% of students said they were often stressed…

Is Homework Really Helpful?

Another problem homework can cause is pressure. What parent doesn’t want to see their kid succeed? Yeah, getting into a good college is important, but pressure to perform well doesn’t solve anything. While this may not sound like a serious problem, it really is- there have been cases of suicide due to the pressure that homework brings. An article in the GuangDong News reported that a 10 year old from Foshan, China tried to poison himself. Luckily his parents found him in time and rushed him to a hospital. He said afterwards that the pressure of having to do so much homework everyday was just too unbearable. Although it’s not as drastic as death, another problem is that many pressured kids resort to cheating. People seem to forget that the purpose of homework is to learn, not just to get it done.…

Why Less homework is better

Did you ever think that the pressure from too much homework can cause health problems such as anxiety, and uneasy sleeping? Or that homework fuels the cheating epidemic? Well it does. Homework was originally meant to be a review of what was learned earlier that day in class. But, now at days students are coming home with more and more unnecessary busy work. Some of the down sides of too much homework is that it destroys family life and social structure, because it keeps the child in their room for hours working. Also, the stress of too much after school work can really take a toll on student’s mental health. Nevertheless, homework can be useful. It teaches necessary life lessons such as responsibility and time management. For these reasons, I strongly believe that if students are given an appropriate amount of useful work to take home, homework can be very beneficial.…

Why Kids Should Have Less Homework

Kids should have less homework because they are using all of their time at home doing homework instead of doing something productive. The average student gets around 75% of homework each day. In class you do lots of non-stop work. Then you go home and do the same thing for 5 days. All that work could easily put you under pressure which makes you do your homework all wrong and you don't notice until you get to school. All that pressure could also fail you on a test. When you're trying to do your homework you're also studying for a test.…

Why Homework Is Bad

First, homework isn't helping kids as they rarely have time to get outside and be active. Without time to get outside and exercise, more and more kids are being diagnosed with ADHD and obesity. They don’t get to have fun and let out energy so when they are at school for seven hours a day they have a harder time concentrating. This has become a growing problem with middle and high school students as many schools have taken out physical education from the school schedule. When kids get home, they won’t have time for exercise if they have hours of homework waiting for them.…

Why Kids Shouldn T Have Homework

Many children have homework parents think it helps their children but sometimes it hurts them for example some kids are sleep deprived because they have to stay up so late to finish homework for the next day. Kids shouldn't have homework if it’s hurting them reason one is because it affects kids health and reason two is because it takes time away from other activities. Some people disagree and that’s fine this is just my thoughts on why kids should not have homework.…

Why Kids Should Not Have Homework

The biggest and most important reason kids should not have homework is because they need time to rest their minds after having 7 hours of school. First of all, there’s a lot of pressure…

Why Kids Should Have Homework

Kids might have other important things to do. For instance maybe there is an emergency so now they can’t do their homework that day.…

Why Shouldn T Students Get Less Homework

Students in America should get less homework on daily basis. Too much homework can cause stress and other health issues. Students work more than the recommended amount of time on homework, and this takes away from their family time, free time, as well as for sleep. Shouldn’t students get less homework so that they can be happy and have more time with family and friends? When a student gets home, he or she usually pulls out a big stack of paper that is due the next day. The most of the times they say “ I can’t finish all of this, it’s too much.” After a big lecture from their parents, they’re still stuck doing all of this work.…

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  • 5 Reasons Why Students Should Have Less Homework

by KAsahina, KAsahina

  • March 21, 2016
  • Article / Essay : Health , General
  • 5 comments (4 reviews)

School seems to follow you all over the world. Aside from school itself, it appears at home, pops up in conversations between friends, and even interferes with your vacation. After being labored 100% at school, students are required to bring home this workload to the very small amount of freedom they possess. Some may argue that less homework would mean that they will have less time to learn. Although this may be convincing, one fails to consider that homework brings along many negative consequences. What are these negative consequences? Homework creates stress among students, it creates more work for teachers, and it separates children and their parents. Decreasing homework will ameliorate these problems.

Exploration Time!

Less time studying means more time exploring. Even though the world is a vast place with many possibilities, students stay locked up in their room at their desk finishing homework. These children should have the opportunity to explore the part of the world that they have been missing out on. They will be able to meet new people from other countries, and learn more about the animals that share the world with them. When I was in Japan, I received little homework due to the fact that I was in elementary school. In my extra hours, I would spend a lot of time on my bicycle exploring my neighborhood. My friends and I used to spend time together riding the buses or going into unknown areas. It was a great time to let my curiosity lead the way. The Natural Learning Initiative claims, “time with nature will result in an increase in physical activity, social relations, and self discipline.”

Less Stress and Increase in School Performance

The word “stress” is heard often among the conversations of teens. Professors claim that the source of stress is sleep deprivation and health issues, and it takes no genius to know that the source of those problems is homework overload. Lack of sleep and health could also have a negative impact on school performance. During class, it is not uncommon to see students resting their heads on their arms with their eyes shut. Every adult knows that lack of nutrients would result in lack of concentration. Therefore, students with more homework would have a hard time concentrating during school. All in all, one can conclude that more work at home means less work achieved at school, which is the exact opposite that parents expect from their children.

More Time for After School Activities(ASA)

After School Activities are an enjoyable time that all students are able to take part in and have fun. It is a precious duration of time where students are able to do what they want, and reduce stress from school. Many students find ASA a great time to hang out with their friends and cooperate with them to complete various tasks. By decreasing the amount of homework, they will be able to take part in ASAs. The American Learning Institute shows this can have an effect on confidence and health. I have had a personal experience in which I spent time taking part in an Archery ASA with my companions because I didn't have homework that day. It was good opportunity for me to chat with my friends and have fun. Therefore, one can say that less homework will give students a break from everyday homework.

Less Work for Teachers

Being a teacher is a hard job. They have to dignify naughty children, and make sure each and every individual ends up as a satisfactory adult. If the teachers do not meet the requirements from their executive, they are punished or even asked to leave school. Considering the number of obstacles they hurdle over, their salary is not prosperous. Washington Post claim that teachers work up to 53 hours a week. In their service hours, they might grade tests or assign homework. Even teachers are humans, and any minute subtracted would be a grateful reward. Homework decrease is the answer. Most of the time, the number of students in a grade sum up to over 50. By assigning less homework for students, they will have to do less work. Teachers can spend their newly gained overtime watching movies, reading books, and even playing sports. Now it is a win-win situation for both teachers and their students!

Family Time!!

The last and most important reason to decrease homework has a lot to do with family. Families are the one thing everyone needs, but does not take advantage of. They have been with children since they day they were born. They have taught adolescents that behind every problem, a reward awaits. They have gifted their sons and daughters with safety and a prosperous life. We cannot thank these people enough. Although good grades might be a good repay of kindness, spending time with them is no doubt the best reward. Showing them how they have grown and how they will continue to grow into adulthood will help parents feel confidence and pride of the successes their children have tackled. Less homework will pry students off their desks. It will become the bond between children and their parents.

Some may argue that less homework would mean less time for students to spend studying. Although this may be true, they fail to consider that most students already go to enough academies and after school tutoring. To add to that, they still receive homework. A little less of their studying time does not mean they will stop learning. Homework is not bad. It has educated students and have helped them prove their knowledge to teachers. As many people say, everything has to come to an end sometime. This is applicable to homework as well. Although homework should not be diminished, a limit must be placed.

In conclusion, one can see that less homework will mitigate problems for students, teachers, and parents. It reduces stress, and give everyone a better experience. Many schools can incorporate these notions and create a situation that is beneficial for everyone.

User avatar

Some sentences could be formed in a different way from the one you had written them in so they could catch the eye more and just go more naturally with the whole thing. I think you are making very good points and you explain them well.You give good reasons and you say what you think about it. I really hope you get a very good mark on this essay because I would give one good mark for the efforts and thoughts put in this.Good job hope the teacher is not a jerk and give you a good mark!

User avatar

Hello fellow human! The title really caught my eye. As a student myself, I understand the problems homework Entails. Also, I have also wrote an essay on the problem, so I feel it is a problem that should be addressed. So here is my review. I think some of your sentences could be worded in a different way to help create the flow it so desperately is striving for. An example of this would be "After being labored 100% at school, students are required to bring home this workload to the very small amount of freedom they possess". This, My friend, is not 100% grammatically correct. An easy way to fix this, however, is to just use an easier sentence structure. Try writing somewhat like this, "After students are forced to labor for the entire school day, they are then required to lug even more work home. Only to then have to complete said work within the small amount of 'free time' they possess." see how there is a little bit more of a flow to it? "Decreasing homework will ameliorate these problems." I find 'ameliorate' doesn't really work in this context. Its definitely a good word, but some times to get your point across as you want it to, you have to make sentences simpler. Another point that could have been mentioned is sleep. Considering the fact that most teenager sleep only 5-6 hours a night (which is way below the recommended amount of 8-9 hours). and how sleep deprivation can cause changes to the body's natural built-in clock, and can lead to early death, depression, anxiety, obesity, and so much more. Anyways, speaking of sleep. I should probably get some. I really enjoyed you're essay and you made some very valid points. If you already handed it in (or if you were going to in the first place, or if you presented it.), I hope you got a good mark. Thank you for listening to my incomprehensible babbling, and I hope to read more of your pieces. *Keep Writing.*

User avatar

How about this: actually have enough time to get the sleep you need?????

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