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Get started with Google Tasks

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On this page

  • Open your Tasks app

Add a task and give it a due date

  • Drag a task to reorder it

Update a task or its due date

Mark a task complete, view your completed tasks, delete a task, open your tasks app .

  • Important: If you can't see Tasks app, click the arrow in the bottom right of the screen to expand the panel.


Tip: In Gmail spaces, you can create, assign, edit, complete, and delete group tasks .

View tasks.

Note: If you can’t access Tasks, contact your administrator .

In Tasks, each task goes in a list. To start, there's a default list that you can add tasks to.

Adding a due date and time adds the task to your calendar:

  • Go to  Gmail , Calendar , Chat , Drive , or a file in Google Docs , Sheets , or Slides .

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  • Enter a task.
  • To add a date and time, click Date/time .

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  • In Google Calendar, a certain number of upcoming instances of a repeating task will appear on the calendar grid, and as time passes, new ones will be added automatically.

Add a task.

Drag a task to reorder it 

  • Click and hold a task.
  • Move the task where you want.

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  • Click the task you want to change.
  • Change the task info.
  • If you want to change the date and time of the next repeating task in a series, click the date.
  • To edit the date and time for all tasks, at the bottom, click the repetition info.


Learn more at the Google Tasks Help Center

Mark complete

  • Point to the task you want to delete.


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Apps & Tools Top 10 Google Tools For Project Management in 2024

Productivity Tools › Apps & Tools

Top 10 Google Tools For Project Management in 2024

top 10 google tools for project management

Google, the company behind enormously successful products like Youtube, Gmail, and—you guessed it, Google Search, is also a juggernaut in the business tools and software field. Some project management tools Google offers include Drive, Sheets, and Calendar. These Google tools for project management are famous for being lightweight—yet extremely functional, easily accessible, and well-connected. There are also tons of Google Chrome extensions that can expand its functionality even further.

In the right context, these Google project management free software could certainly replace popular project management tools like ClickUp and Asana . If you are a project manager and you’d love to manage your projects in a familiar environment, stick around because this article will highlight all the best google project management tools, including their description, pros, cons, and pricing.

What Does Google Use For Project Management?

Google does not yet have native project management software. The closest thing is Google Workspace —a cloud-based digital office suite consisting of apps you may already be familiar with, including Calendar, Chat, Gmail, Drive, Docs, Slides, Meet, Keep, Forms, Sites, and Sheets. Workspace brings these apps even closer together, deeply integrating them into the user experience.

However, despite lacking a dedicated Google project management software, Google still lets you manage your projects by combining these different Google project management apps to get the necessary functionality. 

Even though they were designed with different objectives in mind, Google’s apps work well together, so you’ll get a more cohesive experience than you would combining any other rag-tag set of apps.

Best Google Project Management Apps

Google app project management tools let you execute various project management functions. The most important one to you will depend on your organization’s objectives, processes, and workflow. However, across the board, some of the most popular Google apps for project management include the following tools:

Google Sheets

top 10 google tools for project management

Google Sheets is an online spreadsheet software and project management tool Google users use to organize and analyze data. This Google project management app works similarly to Microsoft Excel and even has much of the same functionality. 

Sheets is a handy Google app for project management, task management, project planning, and tracking. Its tabular design makes it easy to create task lists, and by simply sending a link, you can share it with the rest of your team. It also supports real-time collaboration and version history, so you can easily make or reverse edits and reflect your changes across the board. 

Using free project management Google Sheets templates, you can easily use Sheets to create a project timeline , Gantt chart, project tracker , and several other tools (including Google Sheets time tracking ). You can even create dashboards to visualize your project performance with little effort.  

  • It is intuitive and easy to use
  • It has a version history
  • Its templates make project management easy
  • You cannot set up reminders for your tasks
  • You cannot filter tasks according to their elements
  • It is difficult to use on mobile

Google Drive

top 10 google tools for project management

Google Drive is a cloud-based storage solution that enhances your collaboration by letting you store, share, and synchronize files and folders across devices. Ordinary users enjoy up to 15GB of free cloud storage, while paid users can enjoy up to unlimited amounts of storage. 

Google Drive project management is mainly about content management. You can use it to store all kinds of project documents, whether documents, images, video, or audio, and also organize them into folders and subfolders. Google’s advanced search ensures that nothing ever gets lost, and you can rest assured that your data is safe thanks to built-in protections against malware, spam, and ransomware.

Team collaboration and communication is another project management function of Google Drive. You can easily share files with teammates and set permission levels to regulate access. Drive integrates seamlessly with Docs, Sheets, Slides, and other cloud-native collaboration apps, allowing you to collaborate more effectively in real time.

  • Large storage space
  • Hierarchical file organization
  • Integrates well with other Google project management tools
  • You can’t create or assign tasks
  • You can’t view project progress
  • The user interface may not be to your liking

Google Docs

top 10 google tools for project management

Google Docs is a word processing and project management software Google created to rival Microsoft Word. However, Docs is unique because it is cloud-based and specifically designed for collaboration.

Docs ties into project management by serving as a document manager and collaboration tool. Instead of sending multiple versions of a single file back and forth, Docs’ version control lets you smartly manage changes to your document. The newly introduced project roadmap also lets you keep track of and assign statuses to your projects.

  • Real-time collaboration
  • Project roadmap
  • Intuitive editing tools
  • Not a dedicated project management solution
  • No project tracking functionality
  • You must integrate it with other Google tools to use it for project management

top 10 google tools for project management

Gmail is currently the world’s most popular email service, with more than 1.8 billion users. As a project management tool, it comes in handy for communicating with teammates, clients, and other project stakeholders. In addition to emails, it also lets you send files and media as attachments and Google Drive links. You can also track time inside Gmail easily.

  • Great for formal communications
  • You can send files and media as attachments
  • It integrates well with Chat and Meet.
  • Emails take up a lot of time 
  • There is no way to know the status of your email after sending it
  • Emails can get lost in Spam folders

Google Meet

top 10 google tools for project management

Sometimes words are just not enough, and that’s where Google Meet steps in. It is a video conferencing solution that lets you schedule and hold meetings with all your stakeholders from anywhere in the world. Its value as a project management tool is most apparent when the project includes visual ideas that cannot be satisfactorily conveyed with words.

  • It integrates well with Calendar, Chat, Gmail, and Slides
  • Secure design
  • Easy frictionless video calls
  • Live captioning can be improved
  • Uninviting user interface
  • Low participant limit

Google Chat

top 10 google tools for project management

Google Chat is a free project management software Google developed to solve communication issues in the workplace. Unlike Gmail, which is better suited for formal, external communication, Chat focuses on quick and easy communication between teams. You can chat with individuals or in groups, and with Spaces, you can easily organize all your discussions by project topic.

  • Available across devices
  • Simple user interface
  • Instant messaging
  • Inefficient search
  • Limited features
  • Little support for 3rd party integrations

Google Calendar

top 10 google tools for project management

Google Calendar is an online calendar service that assists project managers with project planning and tracking. It allows you to layer your teammates’ calendars so you can easily check their availability and smartly plan tasks. It is quite popular, with most productivity applications supporting project management google calendar integration.

  • Shared calendars make scheduling a breeze
  • Easy to use
  • Integrations with popular project management apps
  • Limited theme and customization options
  • Limited search feature
  • Unsophisticated task management functionality

Google Slides

top 10 google tools for project management

Slides is Google’s take on presentation software. It is similar to Powerpoint but with greater real-time collaboration capabilities. Slides can be useful for project planning and communication. You can use it to sketch out your ideas, present your vision to your team, and create reports with stunning visual elements.

  • Permission levels
  • Several sharing options
  • Limited export file formats
  • Limited diagram features

Google Forms

top 10 google tools for project management

Google Forms simplifies data collection, letting you create custom surveys and questionnaires. You can see the data you gather in different views, including graphs, charts, and spreadsheets. At the close of a project, it can be extremely useful for gathering feedback from your team, customers, and other project stakeholders.

  • Automatic data summaries
  • Easy to create
  • Flexible sharing options
  • Few customization possibilities
  • Difficult to add photos and videos
  • Few design customization options

Google Keep

top 10 google tools for project management

Google Keep is a note-taking service that provides a space for you to brainstorm and capture your ideas. As a project management tool, it is useful for project planning and task management. You get a clear space to plan out your project however you like, whether through text, photos, audio, or even drawings. Additionally, you can use Notes to create task lists that you and your team can access and edit in real time.

  • Great search
  • Clean and simple user interface
  • Poor notifications
  • Limited formatting tools
  • No version history

Google Workspace Project Management Pricing

You can use the consumer version of all of the above-mentioned Google project management tools free of charge . However, the consumer versions do not include business-grade services such as custom business email, larger storage space, and 24/7 support. You can get full access to all of the apps in the Google workspace by subscribing to one of Google’s four pricing plans.

1️⃣ The Business Starter is the cheapest option at $6/user/month. For that, you get, amongst other things, a custom email for your business, phishing and spam protection, and 100 person meeting limit.

2️⃣ The next tier is the Business Standard at $12/user/month. Users of this plan get advanced Meets features such as hand raising and attendance tracking, as well as improved Drive features, including shared drives and target audience sharing.

3️⃣ The Business Plus costs $18/user/month and has a 500-person meeting limit, advanced security, and 5TB of space per user.

4️⃣ The Enterprise plan is the most feature-rich of the bunch, with unlimited amounts of Drive storage and in-domain live streaming. You must contact the Google Sales team to get a quote for this plan.

Bonus Tool: Google Chrome+Everhour Extension

A time tracker is missing from Google’s repertoire of project management tools. Luckily, downloading the Everhour Google Chrome Time Tracking extension can easily address this lack. 

top 10 google tools for project management

The Everhour extension assists with project scheduling and planning because by monitoring employee time per project, you can make more accurate estimates for the future. The Google time tracker can be pinned on your menu bar, so you can always access it. Simply enter your project details, and start the work hours tracker to begin.

Everhour’s Google Chrome timer extension also has additional project management features such as the attendance tracker —which helps you see your employees working time—the time clock app , and employee time tracking .

Everhour also offers several templates to use in Google Workspace tools, such as, for example, the timesheet template in Google Spreadsheet or the invoice template in Google Docs .

You and four other team members can use Everhour for fre e and access unlimited time tracking, projects, and website integrations. 

If you opt for the Lite plan , which costs $5/user/month and supports up to 10 users, you get everything in the free plan, as well as budgets, invoicing, reminders, API, and responsive support.

The Team plan costs $8.50/user/month, supports unlimited users, and includes time tracking audits, scheduling, native integrations with sync, and time approval.

How to Manage Your Projects With Google Tools For Project Management

Combined, the different tools highlighted above give you access to a vast arsenal of project management features. To get the most out of your Google project management tools, follow these tips on how to do project management with google apps.

📊 Schedule, Track, and Update Project Tasks

Google Sheets is your best bet for Google apps project management. The project management template will help you create a master task list where you can assign tasks, set due dates, and track task status. By pairing Sheets with Calendar, you can make assigning tasks even more efficient since you’ll have up-to-date information about your teammates’ schedules. 

💬 Effortlessly Communicate With Your Team

Use Gmail for communications with clients, business partners, and other external stakeholders. When the communication is internal, Chat is the better option. Plan and execute meetings with Calendar and Meets, and combine that with Slides to create stunning presentations that help you communicate more visual ideas. 

🔐 Securely Store and Share Digital Data

Google Drive is the solution for all your document management issues. Organize your project resources into folders and subfolders, or use its powerful search to find whatever you need, whenever you need it. There is no limit on what you can share, whether an individual document or an entire folder. Do it all with a single link. 

👩‍🏫 Create Reports and Presentations

Whether proposing a new project or reporting on a just concluded one, Google Sheets and Slides are your best friends for creating detailed explanatory reports and presentations. Use graphs, charts, and other visualization tools to share your vision or describe your performance.

Doing Project Management In Google Apps

Google does not have a dedicated project management tool. However, that does not mean you can’t do project management in Google. By layering multiple google project management tools, you can get something with similar functionality to top project management tools like Asana or Click Up. 

Of course, this method does come with some limitations, most obviously, the fragmentation of the project management process. Still, it remains a viable alternative for project managers who want a Google project management tool free of charge and prefer the ease and familiarity of Google Workspace.

task planner google

Maria Kharlantseva

task planner google

The best free Google project management apps out there

11 min read

November 22, 2023

google project management software

To succeed as a modern project manager, you and your team must effectively employ a range of tools. Wondering how the suite of free apps from Google measure up? Here’s a deep dive into ways to make these tools work for you and your team.

Five must-have features of Google project management software

As a project manager, you know that the best pieces of project management software must tick off a range of boxes. Here’s a closer look:

1. Project planning

In the digital age, you need a project management tool that can help you harmonize a remote and multidisciplinary team. In other words, to keep the project on track, you need a tool with comprehensive project management features to maintain a transparent project overview, assign tasks, and keep everyone updated.

This tool needs to operate in a way that everyone can understand at a glance. To guarantee an effective and logical workflow that eliminates missed steps, each member needs to receive the right tasks at the right times. Remember, one forgotten task can make the whole project stall.

2. Document management

Accurate version control and document management are essential in the digital age. When your project files are accessed by different people at different times, everybody needs to have the correct permissions and understand where they should work.

Poor document management can lead to huge headaches. Work might get lost, or some team members may work on the wrong version of a document. You need a tool that literally keeps everybody on the same page.

Centralize your document review workflows

Set up automated workflows to keep standards high across all your teams and content.

3. Team collaboration and communication

Teamwork makes the dream work. Without a tool that offers effective communication, your creative team will become a collection of disparate individuals who find it impossible to work in harmony. This tool can have a significant impact on the quality of your project, the happiness of your team, and your ability to hit deadlines.

To keep conversations on-topic, you need to offer simple, well-organized tools for creative collaboration and communication. Without these tools, teams can waste countless hours trawling through old email threads and conversations to find certain directions or files.

4. Productivity tracking

As a project manager, you walk the line between talented creative and rigorous manager. You are responsible for accurate billing, and there’s a very fine line between a profitable and unprofitable project.

If you’re not able to track your team’s time , you will never be able to authoritatively say whether a project is profitable or unprofitable. Without the data to evidence the work of your team, you’ll also find that billing becomes a nightmare. And when you need to provide a detailed analysis to your internal and external stakeholders, you’ll be left empty-handed.

5. Reporting and progress tracking

Once all of the above elements are in place, you have to carefully monitor the given project . You need a tool that can regularly offer you a detailed analysis into the speed at which your team is working, including the places where bottlenecks may appear.

Without the ability to carefully monitor your project, you’ll find that your team operates in the dark. Rather than being able to predict and prevent issues, you’ll only run into them when they unexpectedly appear. This handicap can cause stressful situations, create conflict among your team, and impact the quality and timeliness of your project .

Best Google project management software

1. sheets – google project management app for planning and budgeting.

Google Sheets is a spreadsheet program that is an essential part of the Google Drive office suite. It can be used as a web or mobile application, or even as a desktop application (if you’re using Google’s ChromeOS). The app offers your team real-time editing and collaboration.

Project planning

Google Sheets is compatible with Microsoft Excel, and it offers a lot of the same functionality. Therefore, it is an effective tool to create detailed project plans and lists of tasks, and it can act as a common space that allows your team to stay on top of the project.

Productivity tracking

Your team can use a shared Google Sheet file to input the amount of time they’ve spent on a particular project. Using sophisticated calculations and formulas, you’ll be able to collate this information and get a detailed look at your budget.

Reporting and progress tracking

To automatically maintain a percentage progress bar, you can configure your Google Sheets file based on information provided by the team. Then you’ll have a good idea about the way the project is moving along. It’s also a simple way to export reports and share progress with stakeholders.

Bonus resources

Google project management apps maintain a rich Learning Center that can help you hone your skills and maximize their suite of applications. This Google Sheets course helps you create dynamic plans that can be used to help you effectively manage your project.

Google Sheet Templates for Project Management

And here’s a great compilation of Google Sheets every marketing project manager will love:

  • Project Charter Sheet
  • Project Timeline Sheet
  • Project Budgeting Sheet
  • Gantt Chart Sheet

2. Docs – Google project management for documentation

Google Docs is a word-processing tool that creates part of the Google Drive office suite. Again, this tool can be accessed on both mobiles and desktops, and it allows users to write and edit together. Google Docs makes version control a breeze, and it helps everyone share their thoughts about a piece of text.

Document Management

Editing copy can be difficult. A range of stakeholders has to be involved to ensure the text is accurate and on-brand. In the past, documents were distributed among the team, so it was common to see file names such as “Copy_Final_Revised_(2)”. It was a nightmare.

Google Docs makes document management simple, thanks to its intelligent version control. Each time a significant edit is made to a document, it’s easy to see who made the change, and when it was made. It’s also very simple to revert back to a previous version.

Team Collaboration

Google Docs makes collaboration simple. The days are gone when you had to download a document every time you got an email. Today, the entire team can comment, suggest, and edit in real-time, in order to make collaboration both efficient and transparent.

Bonus Resources

Of course, you don’t have to build every project-related document from scratch. Instead, here’s a list of ready-to-use Google Docs for your projects:

  • Project Plan Sheet
  • Project Proposal
  • Business Case Template
  • SMART Goals Template
  • Project Sign Off Sheet Template

3. Drive – Google project management for file storage and sharing

Google Drive offers your team a safe place to store any type of project file. These files are easy to organize into folders, and they can be accessed from a range of devices. Best of all, it’s easy to share these documents and collaborate on them.

Document management

As a marketing project manager, you must make sure everyone has the correct access to a document. You must also ensure these files are logically organized.

Google Drive makes document management simple, and gives you the power to organize files and make sure version control is in place.

Team collaboration and communication

With Google Drive, you’re able to share documents with external stakeholders outside your team, get their feedback, and incorporate it into the next round of edits.

Now it’s simple to share comments and feedback , which will help encourage collaboration, make your projects more efficient, and boost the quality of the final polished product.

4. Slides – Google project management for presentations

Google Slides is the third main tool in the Google Drive suite. It gives you and your team the ability to create stunning presentations that are compatible with PowerPoint. Marketing project managers can also use it to share clear, detailed project overviews.

A clear project overview is essential for succeeding at any project. As a project manager, you have a privileged view of the project, which includes the way you’ll deploy resources, the milestones you’ll need to hit , and the way your team will work.

Google Slides can be a very useful way to share your vision of the project with the team. In order to make sure your presentation is a reference tool for the team throughout the entire project, you can include timelines and critical project information.

Naturally, there are a range of downsides to using this approach, so you should investigate viable alternatives (if the scale of your project demands it).

5. Calendar – Google project management for meetings

Over the last 12 years, Google Calendar has continuously been polished. It’s a popular time-management and scheduling tool that can be used by marketing project managers to create and edit events and reminders that keep projects on track. This calendar can then be accessed from a range of devices.

If your project is going to be successful, your team needs to work in harmony. In other words, everyone needs to be aware of key milestones and meetings.

Google Calendar is integrated with Gmail, which makes it easy to dispatch invites and schedule reminders for both internal and external stakeholders. You can also include a wealth of information in the invite, and you can rest assured that invitees can access this information on a wide range of devices.

It’s also simple to attach links to files within the Google Suite, which keeps everybody updated via one suite of tools.

6. Keep – Google project management for to-do lists

Google Keep for Project Management

Google Keep is one of Google’s lesser-known services, but it can be a useful note-taking service (if used properly). You’ll find a range of ways to take notes, including regular text, bulleted lists, images, and audio. All of these methods can be shared with your team.

Team management

A key strength of Google Keep is its cross-platform accessibility. In other words, your team can access this platform from a range of platforms, and you can use it to create simple project management lists.

This tool isn’t very sophisticated, but it is simple to use and has some nice features. The lists you create can be color-coded, and reminders can be associated with each one to make sure nothing is ever missed. The collaboration tool makes it simple to share task lists with your team, who can then interact with the checklist.

If you’re looking for a simple tool that offers quick checklists, Keep could be a viable option for your team. But if you need a more sophisticated tool, you ’ll want to explore some of the task-management solutions with more features.

7. Chat – Google project management for messenger

Google Chat is a free communication platform that accommodates messaging, video chat, and VOIP . It was released to replace three previous services, including Google Talk, Huddle, and Hangouts. Its future is still uncertain, and Google plans to divide the service into “Hangouts Meet” (aimed at video conferences) and “Hangouts Chat” (aimed at instant messaging).

To keep in touch and effectively collaborate, your team needs a reliable, feature-rich communication tool. A conversation that might have required an email or call in the past can now be quickly and efficiently resolved with a real-time chat tool.

Hangouts makes it easy for individuals or groups to chat on a range of devices. Text and video communication are simple, but there is some confusion about the desktop application and in-browser plugins, which can lead to compatibility issues. In addition, it looks as though Google is still trying to resolve a host of issues with its chat app.

Many organizations may find that team members naturally gravitate toward more popular alternatives, such as Skype or Slack.

8. Gmail – Google project management for email

Internationally, Gmail has way over one billion active users, which makes it one of the world’s most popular email services. It can be accessed on both desktop and mobile through a variety of third-party programs. With a generous 15 gigabytes of storage per inbox, it’s the go-to choice for many creative teams.

Over the course of the project, your team needs to keep in touch and communicate important developments. Sometimes, instant messaging won’t cut it, so you need to share complex information with a range of stakeholders.

Gmail offers a simple, free, popular choice and seamless integration with the rest of the Google Suite, which helps you share project files and keep the entire team in the loop. Compared to alternative email services, Google offers large volumes of storage space, as well as the ability to send emails of up to 25 megabytes.

What are the main use cases for Google project management tools?

When it comes to project planning and task management, the Google Suite offers a few basic options. You might find that Google Sheets and Google Keep can meet some basic needs, but the suite doesn’t really accommodate for the complex project planning that other tools can.

When it comes to document management, Google Drive really shines. While it requires some manual planning and management, you’ll be able to easily access all the functionality you need to keep things organized, and your project will move along efficiently.

Between its real-time editing functionality and Hangouts application, marketing project managers find they are well-served by the Google Suite. The team can easily keep in touch via email and chat, while editing and commenting on a range of documents.

Google Sheets is a sophisticated application, and your level of ability will determine how useful it is as a time-tracking system. While this process is primarily manual, you may find that Google Sheets is a serviceable option for your particular needs.

Again, the potential of the Google Suite in this area largely depends on your ability to use the software . You’ll find there are a range of courses and templates available to you, which help you plan out your projects and develop sophisticated reports.

Google understands that many of its users will turn to its suite of products for a range of project management needs, which is why it maintains a list of must-have add-ons for Google Docs . These resources can help you further boost the potential of the suite and take your project management capacities to the next level.

Top five alternatives to Google Sheets for project management

1. asana – alternative to google sheets for project planning.

When it comes to project planning and task management, you’ll probably find that Asana is far better than Google Sheets. This free tool allows you to create a project plan and a range of tasks that can be assigned to members of your team.

After each task has been completed, it can be checked off, which gives you a clear viewpoint about the way your project is progressing, and the way each team member is contributing to the success of the project. Team members are also free to attach files and leave comments, which helps boost collaboration and the overall quality of projects.

2. Filestage – alternative to Google Docs and Google Drive for content management

Filestage makes it easy to organize key project content, so the right stakeholders have the right level of access. Version control is simple, and as a project manager, you’re able to coordinate internal and client reviews.

Internal and external stakeholders can easily leave comments and amendments, which helps them accurately share their thoughts and increase the overall quality of the project. It’s easy to see when a project has been approved by the appropriate stakeholders, which gives you a watertight review process from beginning to end.

The tool also provides project managers with regular digest reports, and facilitates the creation of customized workflows.

3. Slack – alternative to Google Chat and Hangouts for team collaboration

Google has a complicated history with communication apps. While the rest of its suite is packed with potential, this complication is certainly a weak point for the tech giant.

Most companies find that their team naturally gravitates toward alternatives like Skype and Slack , rather than using hangouts. Furthermore, Slack offers powerful functionality and opportunities for efficiency.

If you can maintain well-organized Slack channels for your projects, you’ll find that you and your team can save time by separating conversations into logical threads, which helps prevent confusion and cuts down on the amount of time spent flicking through chats.

4. Hubstaff – alternative to Google Sheets for productivity tracking

Google does not offer an automatic tracking tool. You may find that manually tracking time in Google Sheets becomes cumbersome and inaccurate, and that many team members will inevitably forget to track their time.

Hubstaff is a simple yet powerful time tracker that automatically generates screenshots and timesheets. By sharing this tracking with your client, you can provide accurate billing that will help you determine the exact profitability of your projects.

This tool also provides information about the activity of your team, which helps you see when people work most effectively and how they’ve recently contributed to the project.

5. Clarizen – alternative to Google Slides for reporting and progress tracking

Clarizen is a sophisticated piece of project management software that helps you manage your work, automate processes, and collaborate with a range of stakeholders.

Google Sheets might be able to serve your needs. But in order to achieve the best results, it can demand a lot of manual input that requires the entire team to diligently use it. Unlike the Google apps, Clarizen is a feature-rich alternative that’s used by project managers who need to coordinate complex projects that require input from a range of multidisciplinary members.

If you’re running a small team or starting a new business, Google’s project management applications can help you stay organized . These free, powerful tools have a lot to offer, but they aren’t reliable in isolation. So to get the best results, you should use the suite alongside the more specialized, powerful tools above.

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Project Management

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23 free project management templates for your creative projects in 2023

Project management templates help you stay organized and save time. They provide a ready-made and efficient solution, eliminating the need for repetitive and tedious work, as you don’t have to recreate these documents from scratch every time. In this article, we will discuss what a project management template is, the different types of free project management templates available and how to create one yourself.

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How project managers can stop chasing people for approval in 2023

Make 2023 the year that you stop chasing people for approval once and for all. Sound unrealistic? Trust me, it’s not. In this guide I’ll share my three top tips to stop chasing people for approval, so that you can sit back and let the feedback come to you.

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Top 20 creative project management software solutions

Businesses, small or large, have project managers, marketing teams, and creatives, who engage in different types of brainstorming processes to create projects for specific goals. But there are always multiple things to put in place in creative project management. If not done correctly, this could lead to a failed and chaotic project. Adopting creative project management software is one of the most valuable initiatives for business owners to execute projects more efficiently.

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How to annotate on Google Docs in seconds

Google Docs has become synonymous with effective online document collaboration. The tool has been changing the game in how we co-create and store documents in the cloud, which has won Google over two billion users.

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12 best online proofing tools for videos, docs, images, and more

Getting feedback on your content can be a headache. Imagine if you could answer any question about the status of your content within 10 seconds. Maybe even five. With online proofing software, you can.

13 min read

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12 best graphic design project management software (pros, cons, costs)

Choosing the right creative project management software should be a strategic decision reflecting your company's exact needs. Whether you work as a freelance designer or as a part of a big enterprise, this will greatly impact which software to use. To help you make the right decision, we summed up the 12 best graphic design project management tools for you.

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 20+ Project Management Best Practices (That’ll Skyrocket Your Projects)

Leaders of all kinds of businesses may do everything right, but their projects won’t achieve success without proper project management. It’s crucial for everyone to pay attention to their current project management tactics, so they can upgrade them and introduce new ones as needed.

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How do I use Google Workspace Task Manager?

Do you need to organize your workflow in the most efficient way? A task manager will help you with it. Google Workspace task manager will fit specifically those who decided to stick to Google products. Does Google Workspace have a task manager or a project management tool at all?

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Google offers their Google Tasks app but it has many significant drawbacks. First of all, it is only available on mobile devices. Second, it is mostly a to-do list than a task manager. And speaking of more advanced functionality, it lacks the ability to create different views, make charts out of your tasks, etc. Kanbanchi is a good Google Tasks alternative because it doesn’t have such drawbacks and is tightly integrated with the Google ecosystem.

A good task management tool will allow you to add in all of the information that is needed to complete the job: descriptions, dependencies, reminders and the current status. The task manager can structure your approach to workflow in the best possible manner and reflect it visually. In fact, the better your task manager is the less you think about actually managing your tasks. You just do them and perform the best way at your job, your school project or any significant event planning. 

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If you’re into the Google ecosystem and work with Google Workspace on a daily basis you need a task manager with tight integration with this environment.

In this case, Kanbanchi might be your best choice. It is a smart way of keeping track of everything that is going on.  Additionally, the integration with Google services and tools is smooth and deep. Authentification with a Google account is easy and fast. You can attach any Google files to your tasks. All the files are securely stored on Google Drive. You can be sure that you are always fully in control of your projects and know exactly where you stand on each of them at any given time.

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