Searching For A Job While Pregnant

The health of you and your baby come first.

By Mark Swartz Monster Contributing Writer

Expecting a little bundle of joy? Congratulations! Your life is about to change remarkably. Yet this needn’t stop you from job searching.

Perhaps you’d like the extra income. Or you want to start a new job you can carry on with once your maternity leave finishes. Being pregnant may slow you down somewhat, but it doesn’t bring things to a halt.

There are plenty of jobs suited to expecting mothers. And it’s illegal for an employer not to hire you because you’re pregnant. So go ahead and submit those resumes as your belly blossoms.

Work Environments That Appeal To Expectant Moms

When you’re pregnant, you can apply for any job that suits you. There’s no rule that says you can’t be a high powered executive or busy paramedic. Your health and mobility will dictate what you can handle.

That said, there are certain work environments that lend themselves well to expectant mothers. They tend to have several characteristics in common:

· Fewer physical demands (not requiring standing all day or heavy lifting) especially in later trimesters

· Health and safety are part of the employer’s DNA

· Less emotional stress that could lead to fatigue

· Time is given for breaks when needed

· Flexible work hours that allow for visits to the doctor, prepping for baby’s arrival

· The ability to work from home when required

Great Jobs For Mothers To Be

If you’re looking for work to tide you over while pregnant, consider temporary or fixed-term employment. Temporary employment agencies are best for clerical, office staff and computer roles. You can be upfront about your pregnancy because you’re not making a long-term commitment to an employer.

Fixed-term jobs (contract assignments) are also expectant-friendly. They can last a month, several months, six months, or longer. So long as your due date doesn’t occur before your contract is completed, everyone is happy.

Part-time jobs are another option. Retail work and foodservice/hospitality offer lots of opportunities for this.

Job Hunting In Your First Trimester

For most women the first three months of pregnancy are the easiest in which to job hunt. Your body many not be showing much (if at all) yet. You’re carrying less new weight around. And you have more time ahead of you to work before your due date.

All of these can work in your favour as a job seeker. So if you have the choice of job searching before your later trimesters, think about doing so.

Pregnancy and Job Interviews: Reveal Or Conceal?

At some point it will be undeniable you’re expecting. No amount of loose clothing will hide that swelling bundle of wonder.

Till then, an employer may not know you’re pregnant. And they’re legally barred from asking. You have the option to conceal instead of reveal. You wouldn’t be breaking a law if you said nothing. But they’ll find out soon enough if they hire you. Is concealing your status worth the aftermath it might cause if you hide it?

Objections You May Encounter

There may be some prejudices you’ll bump up against as a pregnant job seeker. Employers could be concerned about your general health. Or worry that in your last trimester you’ll be sluggish and more forgetful.

It’s up to you to either seek work that accommodates these possibilities, or be able to sell yourself to the employer. If they don’t buy it, you probably would have been unhappy there anyway.

Baby And You Makes Two

For first time mothers, erring on the side of caution is sound strategy. You may think that being pregnant won’t affect your work much. And maybe it won’t.

However it’s best to make allowances. You may not be able to push yourself as hard as the months wears on. There may be a need for extra time off. Medical appointments and days of rest can add up. Most important is that you take care of yourself and your unborn child. Find an employer who respects that and everyone will celebrate the new arrival.

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32 Good Jobs for Pregnant Women (And How to Get Hired)

By Publisher | Last Updated July 11, 2023

In this article:

13 jobs for women looking for work while pregnant, 19 jobs well-suited for pregnancy and parenting young children, 8 essential tips for getting a job while pregnant.

What are good jobs for pregnant women? Most jobs, really. The modern workforce and labor laws have advanced in ways that try to ensure pregnant women have equal rights and opportunities. However, some women still face extra obstacles unique to expectant mothers.

Getting a job while pregnant may present some specific challenges, but it is possible. According to Pew Research Center , more than 65 percent of American mothers work during their first pregnancies. And, of those, about 80 percent keep working until within a month of giving birth. Many of them even work from home.

So if you are pregnant and need a job, or want to find a new job that is more family-friendly, you're in good company. Many women consider changing jobs if their current positions are not suitable for pregnancy or do not offer the benefits and flexibility they'll soon need.

Generally, pregnancy-friendly jobs meet some or all of the following criteria:

  • They don't require physical exertion beyond what you are already used to or types of exertion not considered safe for pregnancy.
  • They don't cause excessive emotional stress.
  • They offer flexible work hours, personal time for appointments, and time off as needed.
  • They provide good medical benefits.
  • They don't require a long commute.
  • They don't require excessive exposure to toxins, contagious illnesses, or other physical hazards.
  • They offer private space to nurse or pump milk if needed.

Salary information is based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH) unless otherwise indicated. All yearly median earnings are rounded to the nearest thousand.*

Jobs for Pregnant Women

Keep in mind, however, that getting hired while pregnant will likely mean you won't be eligible for maternity leave after giving birth, even if your new employer is one of the few that offers it as a benefit. (Generally, you need to be with an employer for at least a year to qualify for maternity leave.) As a result, many pregnant women opt for temporary, part-time, or fixed-term jobs that don't require any long-term commitments. Here are some examples:

1. Freelance writer

Taking on freelance writing projects can be a good way to earn money if you're already a skilled communicator. Publishers, organizations, and even individual professionals of all types seek writers for temporary projects as diverse as marketing materials, grant proposals, articles, blog posts, advertising copy, website content, technical documents, and books. Plus, writing is something that you can do from home.

  • Median hourly pay: $33.42

2. Private tutor

Did you excel in any academic subjects when you were in school? Are you an expert in anything? Many students benefit from one-on-one tutoring outside of class in the subjects they struggle with. Plus, these days, many tutors offer their services online and conduct sessions with their clients through video-chatting technologies like Skype and Facetime.

  • Median hourly pay: $17.53

3. Online community manager

Since Americans are spending more and more time online, many companies need friendly professionals who can interact with clients and customers across various digital platforms. You could become a point of contact for an organization while promoting its brand, answering questions, and growing followers over social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

  • Median hourly pay (for customer service representatives): $17.75

4. Virtual assistant

Do you already have some office or computer-related skills? If so, you may be able to find work as someone who performs basic administrative or supportive tasks for a small company or entrepreneur over the Internet. Agencies even exist that help match virtual assistants with appropriate clients.

  • Median hourly pay: $19.08

5. Virtual customer service representative

A lot of organizations now hire people to handle online inquiries or take customer phone calls from home. That's why being a customer service rep is among the most suitable online jobs for pregnant women. You'll need a reliable computer and Internet connection, but you may get to choose your hours.

  • Median hourly pay: $17.75

6. Office clerk

Many companies need people to take care of basic office and clerical tasks such as filing, typing documents, answering phones, taking notes during meetings, performing simple bookkeeping duties, and sending and retrieving mail. Clerical positions are among the most common temporary jobs for pregnant women. And they sometimes turn into good long-term employment with advancement opportunities.

  • Median hourly pay: $17.81

7. Wedding consultant or event planner

Did you plan your own wedding or help friends or family members plan theirs? You may be able to offer advice and recommendations that other people will pay for if you've already been through the experience. That's especially true if you are familiar with event venues in your region. It is also valuable to have good working relationships with reliable vendors for flower arrangements, catering, photography, entertainment, and other specialty items and services.

  • Median hourly pay: $23.79

8. Floral designer

Who doesn't enjoy the fragrance and cheer of fresh-cut flowers? Grocery stores and independent flower shops sometimes have openings for new floral designers. Floral designers are often in part-time positions or have flexible hours. This flexibility helps floral design rank among the best jobs for pregnant moms who want to work in a usually low-stress setting.

  • Median hourly pay: $14.36

9. Library assistant

Local and regional libraries sometimes need additional workers to help sort and shelve books and other materials. This type of job also sometimes involves compiling records, retrieving materials for loan, and registering new library materials. Plus, libraries are calm and quiet work environments, which means that they tend to offer pregnant-friendly jobs.

  • Median hourly pay: $14.16

10. Cake decorator or baker

Are you into arts and crafts? Do you have any experience decorating cakes for special occasions? You may not have world-class skills yet, but that doesn't mean you can't start refining your talents on the job. Many stores and bakeries hire people who show potential in this culinary craft.

  • Median hourly pay: $14.31

11. Dog trainer or pet sitter

If you love dogs or other animals, then you may enjoy looking after neighborhood dogs or other pets while their guardians are out of town. It's possible to develop a good reputation fairly quickly, which could mean that new clients start seeking you out instead of the other way around. Many people also need help learning how to train their puppy or adult dog.

  • Median hourly pay: $13.81

12. Retail salesperson

Some retail jobs are more pregnancy-friendly than others. Some retail jobs are more pregnancy-friendly than others. For example, many maternity stores like to hire pregnant women since their primary customers can relate to them. Plus, other stores that sell pregnancy or baby products also sometimes offer suitable jobs that don't necessarily require you to be on your feet all day.

  • Median hourly pay: $14.03

13. Infant care aide

Having this kind of job during your pregnancy may help you prepare for life after giving birth. You'll get to practice feeding babies, putting them to sleep, changing their diapers, and more. Many childcare centers offer this type of employment for pregnant women. And it sometimes leads to more advanced careers in early childhood education .

  • Median hourly pay: $13.22

Jobs for Pregnant Women

The U.S. Census Bureau found that 75 percent of American women holding at least a bachelor's degree work during their first pregnancies. In contrast, 40 percent of women without a high school diploma have jobs while pregnant with their first child.

Getting an education before having a child makes it more likely that you'll be able to find an employer that offers up to 12 weeks of paid maternity leave. And by spending at least one year on the job and waiting to become pregnant, you'll stand a much greater chance of qualifying for that leave. (Currently, only about 24 percent of American workers in the private sector have the chance to take paid family leave.)

Progressive employers in career sectors such as financial services, technology, business, and professional services tend to offer some of the best employee benefits. They also offer some of the most suitable jobs for pregnant moms, working mothers, and women who want to have children. That's why a lot of the following career options are worth investigating. Depending on your background, you may or may not need additional education to qualify for them. In some cases, you may be able to transfer a few of your existing skills into a new occupation that is more family-friendly than what you have now.

1. Database administrator

More and more women are thriving in the computer technology sector. And this occupation is one of the best-paying options you can find within it. Managing, testing, and safeguarding computer databases is interesting work. Plus, depending on your employer, it may turn into a job that you can do at least partially from home.

  • Median hourly pay: $46.50

2. Computer programmer

Programming skills are incredibly valuable to have, especially if you want a family-friendly job and the chance to work part-time or at home while you're pregnant. Specializing in mobile app development can be a particularly good path to explore given the ongoing popularity of Android and iOS devices such as smartphones and tablets.

  • Median hourly pay: $44.71

3. Accountant

From tax preparation to financial operations assessment, accounting professionals can frequently carry out their duties anywhere they have access to a secure computer and Internet connection. Plus, the demand for accounting professionals stays strong since every organization needs to maintain accurate and legal financial records.

  • Median hourly pay: $37.14

4. Web designer or developer

Websites continue to get more sophisticated and complex in response to factors like security issues, online shopping trends, entertainment habits, and the use of mobile devices. As a result, professionals in this field continue to be needed by organizations of every type and size. And web development jobs frequently represent some of the best opportunities for pregnant women since they can be done at home or during customized work hours.

  • Median hourly pay: $37.65

5. Multimedia artist or animator

Creative women with drawing talent and active imaginations can do well in the computer animation and special effects industries. The work requires a lot of focus, but it isn't physically demanding. And, outside of periodic deadline pressures, it is also frequently low-stress.

  • Median hourly wage: $37.88

6. Market research analyst

As new trends emerge and others fade away, market conditions change and create fresh opportunities and risks. So companies always need marketing professionals who are skilled at researching and evaluating competitors as well as current and future market conditions.

  • Median hourly wage: $30.73

7. Video editor

Digital film and media projects are more popular than ever, leading many companies to hire creative freelance or in-house video specialists. Video editing may emerge as one of the most popular online jobs for pregnant women at home. Especially for those who have a knack for learning and using professional software such as Final Cut Pro X.

  • Median hourly wage: $30.13

8. Public relations specialist

In most ventures, it's hard to achieve sustained success without a good reputation. As a result, nearly all companies, non-profit organizations, governments, celebrities, and politicians engage in the art of public relations (PR). Specialists in this field often enjoy flexible schedules and work arrangements, which is ideal when you're expecting a child.

  • Median hourly wage: $30.19

9. Retail or wholesale buyer

This occupation is great for people who love shopping and digging into all of the details to find good deals and negotiate win-win agreements with suppliers and manufacturers. Stores and wholesale distributors rely on professional buyers to research buying trends and purchase merchandise at good prices. Much of the job can be done online and by phone. Limited travel is also a requirement for some positions.

  • Median hourly wage: $30.51

10. Interior designer

Professionals in this creative role often enjoy a lot of flexibility when it comes to arranging their schedules. And many of them work partially at home when they aren't meeting with clients or performing on-site project tasks. Interior design can be a good job for pregnant women who enjoy having variety in their work settings.

  • Median hourly wage: $29.01

11. Paralegal or legal assistant

Lawyers of every type hire people who have the skills and basic legal training to help with research, document preparation, and factual investigation. Beyond law firms, some government agencies and large companies also hire people to assist with legal tasks. So work arrangements vary. But it's possible to find legal assisting jobs that are suitable for pregnant women.

  • Median hourly wage: $27.03

12. Graphic designer

This creative job can provide flexibility in terms of where and when you work, especially if you operate as a freelancer. Plus, the work itself is often fun and full of variety. Your projects may range from web graphics and digital interface designs to new logos, brochures, book covers, and product packaging. The possibilities are more extensive than many people realize.

  • Median hourly pay: $24.38

13. Financial planner

Few people have the expertise to consistently choose wise investments, minimize their taxes, plan their estates, and create budgets to achieve their long-term financial goals. As a result, financial planners and advisors can make a meaningful difference in other people's lives. And they can often work for themselves or find employment that comes with outstanding medical insurance and family leave benefits.

  • Median hourly pay: $45.27

14. Bookkeeping or accounting clerk

In this office role, you may get the chance to work flexible or part-time hours when you need to. After all, most organizations have a lot of financial records to organize and keep track of. So it's possible to find employers that provide job opportunities for pregnant women in this field who will work hard but need the freedom to take time off as necessary.

  • Median hourly pay: $21.90

15. Medical transcriptionist

Many healthcare practitioners (especially doctors) make audio recordings about the details of their patient interactions, diagnoses, treatments, and potential plans of action going forward. But those recordings need to be transcribed into accurate and readable medical reports that can be easily understood and kept with each patient's records. Medical transcriptionists fill that need, and many of them get to work from home and set their own hours.

  • Median hourly pay: $14.47

16. Dispensing optician

This job is often good for expectant mothers who feel energized by meeting and helping different people each day. It involves assisting customers with selecting eyeglass frames or contact lenses and ensuring that they are ordered and produced according to the proper measurements and prescription specifications.

  • Median hourly pay: $18.06

17. Administrative assistant

Almost every professional office has at least one person in this important role. And large organizations and government agencies often employ several administrative assistants. It's a role that doesn't require much physical effort since it usually involves tasks such as coordinating schedules, making appointments, organizing files, handling phone calls, entering information into various computerized records, and writing letters and emails.

18. Search engine optimization (SEO) specialist

Most people use search engines to find what they're looking for online. As a result, companies that appear in the first few search results receive more visitors to their websites than those that appear further down. As an SEO specialist, you may get to work flexible hours while devising and implementing online content and marketing strategies.

  • Median hourly pay: $30.73

19. Website manager

Every large website requires professional oversight to ensure that it gets updated with relevant content and remains functional for visitors. And since websites are hosted online, being a website manager can often be counted among other great jobs for pregnant moms who want to work at home.

  • Median hourly pay: $37.03

Jobs for Pregnant Women

1. Know your rights

It is illegal in America for employers not to hire women just because they are pregnant. It is also illegal for employers to ask you if you are pregnant. In addition, you are not legally obligated to disclose your pregnancy. However, proving that your pregnancy is the reason for an employer's rejection is usually difficult to do unless you've already received a job offer.

Sometimes, expectant mothers receive job offers based on their qualifications without the employers knowing that they are pregnant. Then, when the employers find out about the pregnancies, they rescind their job offers. In situations like those, the reason for rejection is generally obvious and easy to prove.

2. Understand the concerns that employers commonly have

As a recent job seeker, you may have encountered some of the following attitudes and objections already. Research has consistently shown that mothers and pregnant women tend to experience a significant amount of discrimination throughout the hiring process. A study in the Duke University Press found when family status was disclosed, 25% of women without children received a callback compared to less than 20% of mothers with equal qualifications.

The study cited similar research that showed mothers are perceived as less competent and committed than women who don't have children.

So a lot of employers share similar concerns. They may worry that you'll have to take too much time off for medical appointments or sick days. Or they may fear that you won't have the energy or mental sharpness to stay productive throughout your pregnancy, especially during your final trimester. And, of course, they may not want to deal with the problem of trying to find a replacement for you if you quit the job or take an extended leave after giving birth.

That said, some employers have compassion for pregnant job seekers and realize the long-term benefits of hiring somebody qualified for the job. So be careful not to paint all employers with a broad brush. Some of them may pleasantly surprise you.

3. Create a detailed plan that addresses employers' fears

This step is all about going on the offensive. By presenting a clear plan of action to address common concerns, you can demonstrate that hiring you may not be as risky as they might think. It may even help you stand apart from competing job seekers—in a positive way.

Start figuring out exactly how you will manage your various commitments. How much time will you need outside of the workplace based on conservative and worst-case scenarios? Who will help you, and when will they help? How flexible are you willing to be in terms of the hours you work? Will you work longer hours on some days to make up for the time off that you may need? Have you determined what you will do after having your baby? Do you have childcare plans?

It is certainly a lot to think about. But it's also the kind of stuff that can ease employers' concerns about your reliability. Creating a plan or a work proposal shows employers that you care about their concerns and have the smarts to solve complex problems. It also takes away a lot of their potential burden of figuring out contingencies on their own.

You want a plan that helps employers recognize that you can provide long-term value to their organizations. Help them see that your pregnancy will be a temporary situation in a long and fruitful partnership.

4. Begin your job search as soon as possible

Searching and applying for jobs while pregnant often requires a lot of time and energy, so the earlier you start, the better. Your pregnancy will become more visible the longer you wait, which can put you at an extra disadvantage since employers will begin to notice at some point.

5. Look for employers that have urgent hiring needs

Look for employers that have urgent hiring needs

Just make sure that whatever jobs you apply for will be suitable for your physical needs and won't involve working in high-stress environments. Do as much research on each potential employer as you can before applying. It might even be worth it to find current or former employees to talk to, especially if an organization has a lot of staff turnover.

6. Enlist the help of people in your existing network

You probably have at least a few people in your life who can verify your reliability and worth ethic. Ask them to provide references, especially if they are former bosses or work colleagues. Also, don't be afraid to tell friends and acquaintances that you are searching for a new job. Just be cautious about who you tell, particularly if switching jobs while pregnant is your goal. (You may want to hang on to the security of your current job in case you're unable to find a better one.)

7. Decide whether or not to reveal your pregnancy

There's no sugar-coating it; this decision is tricky. You'll probably hear advice that goes both ways. So you'll need to weigh the potential advantages and risks associated with each side.

On the one hand, you may be early enough in your pregnancy that nobody would be able to tell. And you may not even want to disclose it to your friends or family until you feel assured that you and the developing baby are healthy. Plus, why create an obstacle that doesn't need to be there (at least until you start showing)?

On the other hand, any employer that hires you may feel betrayed when they finally learn of your pregnancy. Or they may not. It's impossible to know. So you may want to be upfront about everything and present the detailed plan of action that you created in step three. A lot of employers respond well to honesty.

Of course, if your baby bump is already visible, then trying to hide it can make you come across as dishonest, which is never good. That's why many career experts suggest waiting to disclose your pregnancy to potential employers until it becomes obvious. Then, if you still aren't showing and an employer presents an offer or makes you a finalist for the job, be forthcoming about your pregnancy.

Ultimately, how you handle this dilemma is a personal choice. But it's good to decide one way or the other before you get to the interview stage so that you have time to become comfortable with it and can focus on selling your strengths.

8. Handle your job interviews like a pro

Interviewing while pregnant doesn't have to be all that different from interviewing when you aren't expecting. Either way, your mission is to present yourself as a friendly, attentive, enthusiastic, and capable professional. So it helps to brush up on some time-tested interview tips well ahead of getting invited for these opportunities. Have confidence in your abilities, your plan, and the decisions you've made up to this point. Then, try to relax and enjoy the process of meeting new people and showing them why you would make such a terrific long-term addition to their teams.

Feel Secure About Your Future

You don't need to feel held back by pregnancy. Jobs for pregnant women exist in numerous industries. And if you're looking at getting pregnant in the future and want to get training now for a family-friendly career, search by zip code for a program online or at nearby vocational schools!

"I recommend using because you can find the program that you are interested in nearby or online. " User

* Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook , . Some careers listed may be part of a combined occupation profile (visited June 16, 2023).

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35 Easy and Temporary jobs while pregnant

Are you looking for a temporary job while pregnant? Then this post is for you. 

Pin image of temporary jobs while pregnant

Pregnancy is a beautiful time in many women’s lives, but there are a lot of expenses that come with having a child. From buying baby gear, to maternity clothes , to hospital visits, to putting up a nursery…the list of things that require money is almost endless.

Due to this reality, a lot of households struggle to make ends meet. A temporary job will help you at this time to meet up instead of depending fully on your spouse. And if you’re a single mom, it will make things easier for you. 

In this post, we will cover ideal temporary jobs while pregnant. Yes, it is possible to get a job while pregnant and the law forbids pregnant women from being discriminated against when it comes to employment. 

Pew Research Center revealed that more than 65% of American mothers work during their first pregnancies and out of these working expectant moms, about 80% keep working until within a month of giving birth and many of them even work from home. 

So, if you are pregnant and you need a temporary job, this post is for you. We’ve compiled a list of pregnancy-friendly yet well-paying jobs. 

A lot of women consider changing jobs if their current positions are not suitable for pregnancy or if they don’t have the flexibility/benefits they will soon need. This post is both for women searching for temporary jobs while pregnant and those looking to change jobs to more ideal ones due to pregnancy. 

Characteristics Of Pregnancy-Friendly Jobs 

*As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This post may contain affiliate links from Amazon or other publishers I trust (at no extra cost to you). See disclosure for details.

In your search for jobs while pregnant, the job you need should meet some or all of these criteria: 

  • It shouldn’t be physically exerting beyond what you are used to or the type of exertion should be considered safe for pregnancy. 
  • The job shouldn’t cause you excessive emotional stress 
  • The work hours should be flexible. There should be personal time for appointments and time off as needed. 
  • The job should have good medical benefits 
  • It doesn’t require long commute 
  • The job doesn’t expose you to excessive toxins, contagious illnesses, and other physical hazards 
  • The job offers private space to pump milk or nurse if needed 

Essential Tools You Need To Work From Home – For Pregnant Women 

These tools will make you comfortable and ensure that you work with minimal interruption and efficiency. They will help you get settled for your temporary job while pregnant. 

The right desk

You should try and invest in good and comfortable furniture to help you work comfortably and in a healthy position. 

Get an adjustable-height desk or an air desk to make things easier for you. Your position during work matters, so this shouldn’t be overlooked so that your health and that of your baby won’t be compromised. 

The right place to sit 

Make sure your sitting position is okay and healthy. You can use exercise balls if the need arises. You can place one under your desk to strengthen your back and abdominal muscles. It will also keep your pelvis tilted downward in a comfortable position. 

Healthy collection of snacks 

Make sure you have a healthy collection of snacks within reach once you sit down to work. This means that the only thing that will make you stand up is when you want to use the restroom. 

Optimum hydration is key. So get an enormous water bottle at hand so that you can take regular sips to keep you hydrated while you work. 

A help/partner 

You will need company to help you while working from home. This can be a help or a family member or your spouse when he is home. You can ask your help to fetch you some snacks, or lend a hand if you need a book from a bookshelf. 

Temporary Jobs While Pregnant 

Photo of a pregnant woman; there are ideal temporary jobs while pregnant

Keep in mind that it is possible to get hired when pregnant, but you may not be eligible for maternity leave after giving birth even if your employer or organization offers it as a benefit. 

Generally, you have to be with an employer for at least a year to qualify for maternity leave. 

This is why many pregnant women choose temporary, part time, or short-term jobs that don’t require long-term commitments. 

Below are some suitable temporary jobs while pregnant.

Temporary Online Jobs While Pregnant 

1.  Freelance writer 

If you are already a skilled communicator, taking on freelance writing projects is a good way to earn money. There are lots of individuals, organizations, and publishers of all types looking for writers for temporary projects like:

  • Blog posts 
  • Website content 
  • Marketing materials 
  • Advertising copies 
  • Grant proposals 
  • Articles 
  • Books 
  • Technical documents, etc. 

You can do this job conveniently from your home. The time is flexible and the pay is also encouraging. The median hourly pay is $24.07. 

2. Online community manager 

A lot of Americans are spending more and more time online, so a lot of companies are looking for friendly professionals who can interact with their customers and clients across various digital platforms. 

You can become a point of contact for an organization. Things you will do as an online community manager are:

  • Promoting their brand 
  • Growing followers over social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. 
  • Answering questions, etc. 

The median hourly pay is $22.24 

3. Virtual assistant 

If you have some office or computer-related skills, you can work as someone who performs basic administrative or supportive tasks for an entrepreneur or a small company over the internet. 

There are agencies who help match virtual assistants with appropriate clients and the median hourly pay is $15.80 

4. Virtual customer service representative 

A lot of companies/organizations are looking for people to handle online inquiries or take customer phone calls from home. This is one of the most suitable online jobs for pregnant women and the work time is flexible. 

All you need to be a virtual customer service representative is a reliable computer and internet connection and then you get to choose your work hours. The median hourly pay is $16.00. 

5. Blogger 

This is another pregnancy-friendly job with fantastic flexibility. You set your own deadlines as a blogger and you simply choose to blog on whatever you are passionate about and make it the focus of your blog. 

However, you have to do your research before you start blogging because some subjects will likely succeed and yield more income than others. 

You can monetize your blog through affiliate marketing and ads while you build your audience and mailing list, you can also sell digital products or physical products on your blog. 

You can also write for blog owners and get paid as well. 

6. Transcription 

If your home is quiet and you can type fast, transcription services can be a great remote job for you as an expectant mother. 

Transcription jobs is a career that offers specialization areas such as legal and medical transcription. 

7. Proofreader/editor 

If you have a good command of the English language, you’re good at proofreading, and all your friends constantly ask you to proofread their resume; you can earn money by offering this service to individuals or organizations who need them. 

As with writing or blogging, you can work remotely as an editor and get paid for it. All you have to do is meet the deadlines. You can offer this service as a freelancer directly with your own clients or you become an independent contractor with services like Scribendi . 

8. Social media moderators 

You can get paid to keep the internet a more civil place. This is a work-from-home job and it is also pregnancy-friendly. 

You can work for organizations like ModSquad . You choose the project you want to work on and you set your own hours. However, note that this work can be inconsistent.  

Photo of a pregnant woman working from home; there are ideal temporary jobs while pregnant

9. Search engine evaluator 

This is also a flexible and pregnancy-friendly job. You don’t have to be anchored to your desk for a large and uninterrupted portion of time. All that is required of you is to fulfil the objectives of the work you were given as directed. 

Search engine evaluator jobs are intermittently available and the contracts don’t always renew. So it is best to combine this with other work-from-home jobs like writing or transcription. 

As a search engine evaluator, you will be paid to conduct research and provide feedback that measures the accuracy of the web search results. You will state how useful the result pages are and the relevance of the search result. 

However, you will need a high school diploma for this job and a post-secondary school degree is also preferred. 

10. Website testing 

There are several companies who will pay you to test websites, apps, and UI (User interface). You cannot make full time money here but you can get at least $10 for 20 minutes of your precious time and this job is really easy. 

All you have to do is to complete a series of tasks on a website or app and give your thoughts by writing a brief report or speaking as your screen is recorded. 

This work is intermittent and the availability of website tests depends on your demographics. 

11. Web developer 

Web design and development is another option that can be very flexible and pregnancy-friendly. You can work from home, take a part-time position, or freelance your skills. Your job would be creating and maintaining websites. An average web developer earns $88,000 yearly. 

12. Data entry 

This is one of the classic work-from-home jobs for pregnant women. All that is required of you is to take information from one source and record it in another. 

But you need a solid typing speed and great accuracy to succeed in this job. It is a good paying job and less stressful. 

13. Online researcher 

Working as an online researcher will be a perfect option for you if you have a knack for tracking down information online. And it is a good paying job as you can earn up to $59,729 per year. 

14. Recruiter 

Recruiting has changed a lot, it isn’t what it used to be in the past. These days, most recruiting happens remotely, either online or over the phone.

Working as a recruiter is just like sales, you are trying to sell a candidate to a company and in exchange for your effort, you will be paid. 

Your earnings depend on your industry, specialty, and level of experience. You could be making close to $84,289 per year. 

15. Graphic designer 

This is a popular option if you want to freelance or work-from-home. As a graphic designer, you will be asked to create images, logos, flyers, advertisement layouts, brochures, and many more for an organization. 

It is one of the highest paying options on the list especially if you work full time. You can earn around $52,110 a year. 

16. Video editor 

Video reigns in the world of online content. A lot of people prefer to watch videos than to read. There are companies willing to pay handsomely, around $37,900 a year for video editors that can bring their vision to life. 

17. Computer programmer 

You will be highly sought after and valuable to companies if you have programming skills. This job is also pregnancy and family-friendly and you can work from the comfort of your home. 

You can develop mobile or computer apps and get paid for it. The median hourly pay is $41.61. 

Easy Temporary Jobs While Pregnant 

Photo of an online tutor; an easy temporary job while pregnant

1. Private tutor 

If you are an expert in any subject or you excelled in any academic subject when in school, you can make money being a tutor in your field. 

There are many students who benefit from one-on-one tutoring outside school in subjects that they struggle with, so this service is highly sought after. 

You can even offer your tutoring services online if you don’t want to leave your home. You can conduct sessions with your client or students through skype, Facetime, or Zoom. 

The median hourly pay for private tutors is $24.65 

2. Office clerk 

A lot of companies need people who can take care of basic office and clerical tasks like answering phones, sending and retrieving mail, filing and typing documents, taking notes during meetings, performing simple bookkeeping duties, etc. 

Clerical positions are among the list of temporary jobs for pregnant women. And sometimes, they turn into good long-term employment with advancement opportunities. 

The median hourly pay is $16.37 

3. Personal shopper 

Many busy entrepreneurs and working professionals do not have time to shop for personal items, clothes, and necessary supplies. So, sometimes, they hire people to find the best deals on quality products, do their shopping for them, and make knowledgeable recommendations. 

This can be fun work for pregnant moms who love shopping, as you can earn from your hobbies. You will get paid to spend other people’s money. The median hourly pay is $11.76. 

4. Event planner or wedding consultant 

If you are good at planning weddings or events, you can make money doing so. You can offer advice and recommendations and people will pay you for your experience. 

You will even earn more if you are familiar with event venues in your region. To increase your earnings, you should have good working relationships with reliable vendors for catering, entertainment, photography, flower arrangement, and other services and items. 

The median hourly pay is $14.54. 

5. Flora designer 

Almost everybody enjoys the fragrance and cheer of fresh-cut flowers. Even grocery stores and independent flower shops sometimes have openings for new floral designers. 

This job has flexible work hours and it is often in part-time positions. The flexibility of floral designers makes it one of the best jobs for pregnant women who are looking for work in a low-stress setting. 

The median hourly pay is $13.48. 

6. Library assistant 

Many local and regional libraries need additional workers sometimes to help sort and shelve books and other reading materials. 

Library assistant jobs involve retrieving materials for loan, compiling records, and registering new library materials. 

Also, libraries are a calm and quiet work environment for pregnant women. This makes being a library assistant a pregnant-friendly job. The median hourly pay is $13.48.  

7. Baker or cake decorator 

If you are into arts and crafts and have experience in baking or decorating cakes for special occasions, you can do this from the comfort of your home and make good money doing so. 

Also, many stores and bakeries hire people who have this culinary craft. The median hourly pay is $12.64. 

8. Pet sitter or dog trainer 

If you love animals or dogs, you can make money from this by looking after neighborhood dogs or other pets like cats when their guardians are not around. 

It is also easy to develop a good reputation fairly quickly in this job and this could mean that new clients will start seeking you out instead of you seeking them out.. 

A lot of people also need help training their puppies or adult dogs. So this is a good way to earn money. 

But there are risks associated with this job for pregnant women. 

Pets may carry parasites and exposing yourself to their poop while pregnant is not safe. So you need to do this job with caution. The median hourly pay is $12.14. 

9. Infant care aide 

This kind of job will not only help you earn some money during pregnancy, it will help you prepare for life after giving birth, especially if this is your first pregnancy. 

You will practice how to feed babies, how to put them to sleep, how to change their diapers and many more and you will get paid while doing all these. 

Many childcare centers offer this type of employment to pregnant women and sometimes, it leads to more advanced careers in early childhood education. The median hourly pay is $11.65. 

10. Sales representative 

Selling products or services is a pregnancy-friendly job because it can be done part-time and the working hours are flexible. This means you can work as much or as little as you want to. 

You can even work full time if you want to earn the highest commissions.  

11. Retail seller 

You can take on retail jobs because some are more pregnancy-friendly than the others. For instance, a lot of maternity stores like to hire pregnant women to make their customers feel more comfortable. 

Also, other stores that sell baby or pregnancy stuff offer suitable jobs that don’t require pregnant women standing on their feet all day. The median hourly pay for retail jobs is $12.14. 

Photo of a retail seller; a great temporary job while pregnant

12. House sitter 

If you are looking for a pregnancy-friendly job that is low-stress, you can consider house sitting. There are people who may need someone to look after their homes for them when they go on a journey. 

Your main duty is to simply be present at someone’s home and you will get paid for it. Although you may need to handle some basic chores like getting the mail, and watering the house plants. 

You can earn up to $12.61 per hour and you can also do other remote jobs while house sitting for someone at the same time. 

13. Paralegal 

The basics of being a paralegal is that you spend your time supporting a lawyer or a legal officer. However, you do need some higher education for this job but usually less than a Bachelor’s though. 

You can be earning around $51,740 a year and you can even work from home. 

14. Translator 

If you are bilingual or multilingual, you can earn money using this skill. You can even work from home and earn up to $51,830 yearly translating documents, writing subtitles, or writing in other languages, etc. 

15. Market research analyst 

Small and large scale enterprises are always looking for marketing professionals who are skilled at evaluating and researching new market trends, future market conditions, and strategies. 

As a market research analyst, you will help companies evaluate their competitors so that they can have an upper hand in running a smooth business activity. 

You can be earning between $10 to $1000 on platforms like or . How much you earn depends on your level of expertise and the client that you are working for. 

16. Accountant 

The demand for professional accountants is high because every organization needs to maintain accurate financial records. 

As an accountant, you can work from home or anywhere provided you have a good computer and internet connection. 

17. Multimedia artist or animator 

If you are good at drawing and you have an active imagination, you can get paid working on computer animation and special effects. You can work from home and get clients online from freelancing websites and earn hourly. 

18. Public relations specialist 

Organizations, (both profit and non-profit), politicians, government agencies, companies, celebrities involved in public relations, entertainment bodies, and even individuals are looking for public relations specialists. 

If you are good in public speaking and you can represent your client well, and help them build an admirable public image, then you are qualified to work and earn as a public relations specialist. 

19. Financial advisor 

This is another pregnancy-friendly job for women and it can also be done part-time. Financial planning is very important in people’s lives. As a financial advisor, you will help your client to attain financial freedom. 

It is not easy for most people to consistently plan their financial lives in a wise way. If you are financially literate, you can offer up your expertise for money. You can also help companies and individuals maximize their taxes, make wise choices, and choose lucrative investments, plan their estates, and even create a budget that will help them achieve long-term financial goals. 

20. Legal assistant 

This is another well-paying and pregnancy-friendly job. You will be paid to work with lawyers, help them make research, prepare documents, engage in factual investigation, and many more. 

Government agencies, large companies, and private law firms are looking for legal assistants and in some cases, you can even work from home. 

All you need is basic legal training to get you started. 

21. Database administrator 

This pregnancy-friendly job will even allow you to work from the comfort of your home or anywhere you choose, and get paid for it. 

These days a lot of women are emerging into technology-related fields. Your job as a database administrator is to manage, test, and safeguard computer databases for companies.


Photo of a pregnant woman

Always remember that the health of you and your baby comes first when looking for a job. That is why we focused on pregnancy-friendly jobs in this post and we hope you find the one that suits you best. 

Do you know of more pregnancy-friendly jobs or temporary jobs while pregnant you would like to share with us? Please kindly tell us in the comment section. 

Share for good karma ;)

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Boss Single Mama

47 Best Jobs for Pregnant Women (Real Ways to Make Money While Pregnant)

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Last Updated on October 3, 2023 by Rebecca Lake

If you’re expecting a baby and need to make money, it helps to know what kind of jobs for pregnant women are out there.

Working while pregnant is a personal decision but it can also be a financial one. Having a baby can turn up the pressure on your budget. You might need extra money to pay for new baby expenses or monthly bills if you plan to take time off from working once your little one arrives.

Fortunately, there are plenty of job options for pregnant workers and new moms on maternity leave. Today, we’re sharing different ways that pregnant women can earn an income, including:

  • Work-at-home jobs for pregnant women
  • Temporary jobs for pregnant women
  • Easy side hustles a pregnant woman can do in their spare time

Let’s dive in and cover some of the best ways to make money while you’re expecting.

Want Free Money?

Check out my favorite apps for earning cash fast.

Survey Junkie. Earn up to $50 per survey just for sharing your opinions. Get paid to answer questions in your spare time! Upside. Get cash back when you shop or fill up at the pump. Use this link to get up to $0.25 cents back for every gallon you buy. Swagbucks. Make money by playing games and watching videos. Join for free and get a $10 bonus when you sign up! InboxDollars. Take surveys and get paid for your opinion. An easy way to earn extra cash! Rakuten. Earn up to 40% cash back at hundreds of retailers, online or in stores. And get $30 for each person you refer, along with a $10 sign up bonus! CashApp. Need a simple app for sending and receiving money? Get $5 free when you use code ‘VZXRXZN’ to join CashApp . Honeygain. Got unlimited data that you’re not using? Sell your unused data for quick and easy cash with Honeygain!

Table of Contents

Ideas for pregnant women to make money online.

pregnant woman holding her baby bump

Making money online could be great for pregnant women who are seeking quiet work environments or work they can do from the comfort of their own homes.

You can conduct your job search online and set up a home office or potentially even work from your bed if you’re experiencing first trimester morning sickness or the assorted aches and pains that always seem to come along in the third trimester.

Some of the best online jobs for pregnant women include:

  • Freelancing
  • Proofreading jobs or editing jobs
  • Transcription jobs
  • Jobs that generate passive income

Any of these could be great jobs for pregnant women who potentially want to be able to earn the same amount of money (or more than) their salary from their full-time job. And they’re also excellent at home jobs for moms who want to make with low startup costs.

1. Freelancing

Earning potential: Six figures

What they do: A freelancer is someone who’s self-employed and works as an independent contractor. Freelancers can work with one or more clients to provide specific services to business owners in exchange for getting paid.

Some of the services you could offer as a freelancer while pregnant include:

  • Copywriting
  • Graphic design
  • Email management
  • Video editing
  • Podcast editing

The great thing about freelancing for pregnant people is that you can make money using the skills you already have. You can set your own hours and if you’re able to develop good working relationships with your clients you could easily generate a steady income.

If you’re just getting started with freelancing, Virtual Vocations and FlexJobs are two great places to start looking for paid gigs.

2. Freelance writing

Earning potential: $30+ per hour

What they do: Freelancing writers offer their writing services to business owners and bloggers who need website content and other written content. This type of job doesn’t require a bachelor’s degree and there are different jobs for pregnant women that revolve around writing, including:

  • Freelance blogging
  • Resume writing
  • Content writing
  • Grant writing
  • Press release writing

As a freelancer, you can decide which types of writing projects you want to work on based on your skills and knowledge. And if you can establish a good reputation as a writer, you’ll have no trouble building a solid base of clients. ( I personally make $20,000 a month as a freelance writer , which I started doing when I was on maternity leave after the birth of my second child.)

FlexJobs features plenty of freelance writing job ads for writers of all skill levels. You can also look at sites like Writers Work , ProBlogger, and to find job ads for beginning and established freelance writers.

3. Proofreading

Earning potential: $20 to $25 per hour

What they do: Proofreaders are paid to review written documents and check for grammar errors, spelling errors , and typos. Online proofreaders can offer general proofreading services or specialize in one area, like legal or medical documents.

Becoming a proofreader is one of the best jobs for pregnant women who may not have a bachelor’s degree. Instead of going back to school, you can learn the skills you need to make money as a proofreader online.

There’s a great free webinar from Proofread Anywhere you can sign up for that offers an introduction to making money as a proofreader. It’s worth a look if you have a keen eye for grammar or spelling errors and you’re ready to leave office work behind.

how to become a proofreader

Want to get paid to proofread?

Sign up for a FREE webinar to learn how to make money proofreading online!

Earning potential: $20 to $30 per hour

What they do: As a freelance editor, you can get paid to review blog and website content or other written content for style and tone. An editor’s job is to take what a writer has created and polish it before publication.

Editing and proofreading sound similar but they’re two distinct job options for pregnant women.

You can find online editing jobs for pregnant people on FlexJobs and on regular job boards like It’s possible to find freelance editing jobs online with no experience or degree required.

5. Transcription

Earning potential: $17 to $20 per hour

What they do: Online transcriptionists are paid to turn audio or video files into written files. Transcriptionists listen to recordings and then type what they hear into a readable form.

Transcription jobs for pregnant women can revolve around general services or they may be specialized. For example, you might work as a legal transcriptionist or medical transcriptionist.

Transcription is a job pregnant people can do from home while working flexible hours. And you don’t need previous experience to get started.

It can help to take a crash course in transcription to learn what it’s all about. Janet Shaughnessy has a great free online transcription webinar you can sign up for if you’re interested in online transcription jobs.

online transcription jobs

Want to get paid to type?

Learn how to become an online transcriptionist in this free mini-course!

6. Virtual assistant

Earning potential: $20 to $50 per hour, with the potential to earn six figures

What they do: Virtual assistants get paid to help business owners run their businesses. As a VA you can be an administrative assistant but skip going into the office each day.

You’ll need a reliable computer and internet connection to start a virtual assistant business from home. But otherwise, this is a great option for pregnant job hunters who want to make money online with low startup costs.

Some of the services you might offer as a virtual assistant include:

  • Blog management
  • Schedule/calendar management
  • Copywriting/editing
  • Social media management
  • Proofreading
  • Taking care of basic office tasks

This could be a great job idea for pregnant women who are highly organized and love a challenge.

7. Social media manager

Earning potential: $25 to $30 per hour

What they do: A social media manager helps business owners manage their social media accounts and content. This is a popular option for pregnant moms who are well-versed in social media and know what it takes to create a great post.

Some of the types of accounts you could get paid to manage include:

  • X (formerly Twitter)

If you have a specific niche you’re interested in, you might try reaching out to some smaller influencers in the space to offer your social media management services.

8. Pinterest manager or Pinterest virtual assistant

Earning potential: $15 to $75 per hour

What they do: Pinterest managers and Pinterest virtual assistants get paid to manage Pinterest accounts on behalf of their clients. Many Pinterest managers and VAs work exclusively with bloggers to help drive traffic from Pinterest to their websites.

Becoming a Pinterest manager or VA could be a perfect job for pregnant moms who are already actively using the site to look for things like new baby ideas, easy recipes , or money-saving tips.

The scope of tasks you might perform can include:

  • Setting up new Pinterest accounts
  • Creating pins and posting or scheduling them on Pinterest
  • Researching Pinterest analytics to look for trends
  • Doing SEO keyword research for Pinterest
  • Responding to comments on pins or managing requests to join Pinterest group boards

This is a great, low-cost job you can start doing at home. If you’re interested in learning more about how to become a Pinterest manager, then you might want to check out Pinterest VA . Here, you’ll find a ton of valuable resources to help you build a successful Pinterest-based business.

(And if you don’t know the first thing about how Pinterest works, then take a look at Pinteresting Strategies . This insanely popular course was created by Carly, the founder of Mommy on Purpose, who uses Pinterest to get hundreds of thousands of visits to her blog each month!)

9. Freelance graphic designer

Earning potential: $30 to $50, though experienced graphic designers may charge $100+ per hour

What they do: Graphic designers get paid to create original designs and/or make adjustments to existing designs to improve them. They can work with small local businesses, online business owners, and large corporations.

Pregnant women who have graphic design skills could use them in a variety of ways to make money. For example, you could offer your graphic design services for businesses needing original designs for:

  • Business cards
  • Social media
  • Advertising and marketing materials

If you’re interested in selling your graphic design skills to make money while pregnant, creating a profile on Fiverr can be a good way to start.

10. Online bookkeeping

Earning potential: $25 to $50 per hour

What they do: Bookkeepers help business owners to balance their books and keep track of financial accounts.

Online bookkeeping is one of the best jobs for pregnant women who have computer-related skills and familiarity with accounting software programs. It also doesn’t hurt to have a love of numbers and math.

Not sure where to start?

This free online course from is an authoritative introduction to the world of bookkeeping. It covers all of the basics you need to know to help you decide if a career as an online bookkeeper might be right for you.

And if you’re ready to dive in and start looking for bookkeeping gigs online, FlexJobs is a great resource for finding legitimate, high-paying work-from-home jobs.

jobs for pregnant women

11. Blogging

Earning potential : Seven figures

What they do: Bloggers create content for an online audience, that can include written blog posts, email newsletters, and short videos. They can also run online forums or communities as an extension of their blog site.

Starting a mom blog could be a good idea if you enjoy writing and you have an idea for a blog that could be profitable.

For example, you could write blog posts about:

  • Pregnancy and baby planning
  • Newborn care
  • Work-from-home mom life
  • Kids’ activities
  • Life as a single mom

Those are just a few of the most popular topics for mom blogs. As you build traffic and your mailing list, you can monetize your mom blog with ads, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, digital products and/or services.

If this type of work sounds appealing, here’s a step-by-step guide to starting a mom blog.

Ready to start your own blog or website? It’s easy to get started with your own domain and hosting through Siteground . Plans are affordable, which is perfect for beginners!

12. Photographer

Earning potential: $25 to $35 per hour

What they do: Photographers get paid to take pictures of different subjects. They may also be paid to edit the photos they take or photos that other people have taken.

Freelance photography is a great remote job for pregnant women who are creative and love taking pictures.

Some of the ways you could make money as a freelance photographer include:

  • Selling feet pics
  • Selling stock photography
  • Working for your local newspaper
  • Offering portrait services locally
  • Taking wedding photos
  • Taking pet photos
  • Taking pics for other special occasions

You’ll need a good DSLR camera to start a photography side hustle or business. Once you have that, you can start advertising your services locally or online through Fiverr or your own website.

13. Start a YouTube channel

Earning potential: $30 per hour on average, but bigger channels can make much more

What they do: YouTubers create video content, including short and long-form videos, for their audiences. Some of the ways to make money with a YouTube channel include sponsored content, in-content ads, affiliate marketing, and product sales.

More of the content online is shifting to video these days, which is an excellent opportunity for pregnant women to make money.

Similar to blogging, you’ll need a great idea for a topic to vlog about. And you’ll need a good camera, a computer, and of course, an internet connection.

Once you get 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time, you’ll be able to monetize your YouTube channel. Becoming a YouTuber can be one of the best jobs for pregnant women who are comfortable in front of a camera and want to generate passive income.

14. Online publishing (low content)

Earning potential: Unlimited

What they do: Low-content book publishers create books with minimal content or low content and publish them on a platform like Amazon KDP. When someone purchases a book, Amazon handles the printing and shipping and pays a royalty to the author.

Low-content books and no-content books have the potential to be hugely profitable. There are some KDP publishers making $500,000+ per year.

Publishing on Amazon is creative and it’s a good way to generate passive income. Examples of low-content books you could make and sell include:

  • Coloring books (for kids or adults)
  • Composition notebooks
  • Blank sketchbooks
  • Recipe books
  • Budget planners
  • Mileage logs
  • Fitness journals
  • Devotional journals

This is one of the best jobs for pregnant women who may not have much time to sit down and write a full book to sell but want to become published authors online.

There are plenty of YouTube videos that you can check out to learn more about the world of low-content publishing. I personally like The Home Boss but that’s just one option of many.

15. Tutoring

Earning potential: $18 to $30 per hour

What they do: Online tutors make money by helping students with homework, test prep, and studying. Pregnant women can register with tutoring websites to offer their services as private tutors.

Keep in mind that you may need a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education or another field to become a tutor online. And the application process may be rigorous.

If you’re having trouble landing a job offer as a tutor, there are some other jobs for pregnant women that allow you to make money teaching, even without a degree. Keep reading to learn which two I recommend.

16. Outschool teacher

Earning potential: $24 to $52 per hour

What they do: Outschool is an online learning platform for kids K-12. Teachers get paid to create and lead virtual classes on subjects they enjoy.

One of the best things about Outschool is that anyone can sign up to teach. You don’t need a college degree or teaching experience so it could be a perfect job for pregnant women who enjoy working with kids and have a subject they’re passionate about.

You’ll need to be able to pass a background check to teach at Outschool. In terms of earning potential, there are some moms out there earning $10,000 a month or more through the platform.

This Outschool review explains more about how it works.

Interested in making money as an online teacher? Outschool is a great way for stay-at-home moms, single moms, working moms, and retirees to make extra money, no teaching degree is required! Apply to become an Outschool teacher and make $50+ an hour!

17. Become a course creator

What they do: Course creators develop online courses, list them for sale through a platform like Teachable or Skillshare , and earn passive income each time the course sells.

This can be one of the best jobs for pregnant women who want to make money from home and have some special knowledge or skills to share.

You don’t have to teach classes live; you can make them evergreen and self-guided. And you can create courses that showcase your knowledge while also helping to meet a need that people have.

If you’re ready to launch a course or just learn more about how it works, you can try Teachable free for 30 days .

18. Coaching

Earning potential: $15 to $50 per hour or more

What they do: Coaches work with their clients to help them solve problems or overcome obstacles. Becoming a coach is a great job idea for pregnant women who have expertise in a particular area.

For example, you might offer:

  • Financial coaching
  • Pregnancy coaching
  • Home management coaching
  • Relationship coaching
  • Parenting coaching
  • Wellness coaching
  • Entrepreneurship coaching
  • Productivity coaching

You can set up a blog or website to advertise your coaching services. And you could also launch a YouTube channel or podcast to grow your audience.

19. Digital product creator

What they do : Digital product creators make unique products that they sell to an online audience. Instead of selling a physical product, all of their products are digital and accessible online.

Digital products are in high demand and pregnant people could easily make money selling them online. Examples of digital products you could create and sell to make money while pregnant include:

  • Budget worksheets
  • Habit trackers
  • Coloring sheets
  • Spreadsheets
  • Fitness trackers

You can set up an e-commerce store through Shopify or Etsy to sell your creations. Here’s an example of a super simple Etsy store I set up for my teen daughter, who sells both digital and physical products.

20. Print on demand

Earning potential: $15 to $35 per hour

What they do: Print-on-demand (POD) shop owners create digital designs and sell them on physical products. But instead of making the products themselves, they leave the printing and shipping to a third-party company.

Sites like Redbubble and Zazzle, for example, allow you to upload your designs and sell them on a variety of products, including coffee mugs, tote bags, and notebooks. The website handles the production and shipping and you get paid.

You’ll need a good design tool to get started with digital products. I recommend Canva Pro because it’s easy enough for anyone to use.

If you need some ideas on things you can make and sell , check out these ways to make money with Canva .

21. Start a PLR shop

What they do: PLR shop owners create digital products that are assigned private label rights. Essentially, you’re creating templates that other bloggers or business owners can buy, then tweak to make them their own.

As far as the earning potential goes, this could be one of the best jobs for pregnant women who want to make a decent income passively.

You can set up a PLR shop through Etsy, Shopify, or your own website and create your digital printables. The kinds of things you might sell include PLR planners, coloring books, budgeting worksheets, calendars, and social media templates.

22. Make and sell stickers

What they do: People who run a sticker shop can sell digital stickers or physical stickers that they print and ship. They create original sticker designs to sell on Etsy or through their own website.

Making stickers has to be one of the most fun jobs for pregnant women because who doesn’t like playing with stickers? It’s creative and something you can do in your spare time, and if you’re creating digital stickers the startup costs are low.

If you decide to make and sell vinyl stickers, then you’ll need a good sticker-cutting tool like a Cricut machine to get started.

23. Affiliate marketing

Earning potential: $30 to $35 per hour

What they do: Affiliate marketers earn an income by recommending products and services sold by other companies. Affiliate marketing is largely passive income, as you can earn a continuous stream of commissions from affiliate links.

There are different ways to get into affiliate marketing as a pregnant mom. For example, you could start a baby blog and join affiliate programs for baby products, then recommend them to other expectant moms.

Or you might start a TikTok or Instagram account and use them to promote your affiliate links. The key to success is choosing a good money-making niche and building a loyal audience of followers.

Remote and Temporary Jobs for Pregnant Women

pregnant woman looking for a job online

Finding a remote job is a great option for expectant mothers who want to work from home and there are plenty of options.

Some of the best remote jobs for pregnant women include:

  • Reservation agent
  • Online community manager
  • Online sales representative
  • Customer service representative
  • User tester

Whether you want to work for a small company or a big one, there are lots of remote job opportunities for a pregnant woman.

24. Reservation agent

Earning potential: $14 to $22 per hour

What they do: Reservation sales agents help people book reservations for travel, including hotels, flights, and rental cars. You can find reservation agent remote jobs with major airlines as well as companies like AAA.

Indeed and other remote job boards like Virtual Vocations are good places to look for reservation agent positions. You can also try FlexJobs to find companies that are open to hiring pregnant moms.

25. Online community manager

Earning potential: $27 to $32 per hour

What they do: An online community manager develops and manages a company’s online community. They handle all company communications and help to develop the business’s brand identity.

Some of the things you might do as an online community manager include:

  • Establishing the community space
  • Growing the space
  • Engaging with customers and fans through social media accounts

Online community manager has the potential to be one of the best-paying jobs for pregnant women who have some marketing savvy. At the upper range, there are some online community managers earning close to $300,000 a year.

26. Public relations manager

Earning potential: $51 to $66 per hour

What they do: PR managers help to market and promote their clients online and offline. They may work solo or operate as part of a team.

PR management may be one of the best jobs for pregnant moms who are outgoing and comfortable talking to people regularly.

For example, a PR professional who works for a publishing company might host online or offline events ahead of a book launch. They may also work on their client’s behalf to schedule TV or radio interviews.

If you have a background in marketing or PR, this could be a good remote job option. A quick search of turns up plenty of companies that are hiring people (including pregnant women) for fully remote PR management roles.

27. Online sales representative

Earning potential: $25 to $34 per hour

What they do: Online sales reps sell products and services to buyers over the internet, rather than meeting potential customers face-to-face. Online sales jobs for pregnant women can allow you to earn both salary and commissions from the comfort of your own home.

Some of the industries that hire remote sales reps include:

  • Financial services
  • Real estate
  • Health care
  • Hospitality

Browsing job ads online can give you an idea of what kind of companies might be interested in putting your sales skills to work.

28. User testing

Earning potential: $10 to $50 per hour

What they do: As a user tester, you get paid to visit websites or download apps, test them out, and report back on what you find. It’s essentially one form of market research that companies are willing to pay good for.

User testing is a great low-stress remote job for expecting mothers who want to make extra income. You can make money on a flexible schedule, without any special skills or educational requirements. is one of the most popular websites for getting paid to test websites. It’s free to sign up to get paid to test and check current positions.

29. Search engine evaluator

Earning potential: $25+ per hour

What they do: Google is a go-to resource for most people when they need to find information online. As a search engine evaluator, you can get paid to review search results and evaluate their quality.

Becoming a search engine evaluator could be a great remote job for pregnant women who want to make money in their spare time. It’s possible to make anywhere from $40,000 to $100,000+ evaluating search engine results for companies that hire Google raters.

30. Online jurist

Earning potential: $20 to $150 per case

What they do: Mock jurors are paid to evaluate cases and render a verdict. If you’re a fan of legal shows or crime shows, you might jump at the chance to make money online as a mock juror.

Pregnant moms can find mock juror remote jobs that pay on Indeed or You can also search Online Verdict and eJury for opportunities.

31. Online test scorer

Earning potential: $18 to $20 per hour

What they do: Online test scorers are paid to score and evaluate the results of standardized tests.

Depending on the type of test, you may be required to have some previous experience either as an educator or a test proctor. You can find high-paying test scorer jobs for pregnant women (or anyone else) online at FlexJobs .

32. Test proctor

Earning potential: $10 to $37 per hour

What they do: Test proctors make money by overseeing the administration of standardized tests. It’s possible to find proctoring jobs for pregnant moms that allow you to work online, as well as in-person.

The requirements to become a test proctor can vary based on which test you’re overseeing. For example, some of the standardized test options we can choose from for our annual homeschool testing are fine for proctors with at least a high school diploma while others require a bachelor’s degree.

If you’re interested in these kinds of temporary jobs for pregnant moms, learn more about how to become a proctor .

33. Online research study participant

Earning potential: $100+ per hour

What they do: Online research study participants can participate in research projects or focus groups. They can make money by answering questions and offering feedback on the topic being researched.

Becoming a test subject is a lesser-known way for pregnant women to make money. The good news is, you can get paid to participate in research studies without leaving home.

Sites like and User Interviews pay everyday people to participate in research studies. Depending on the study, you might easily make $100+ per hour remotely.

34. Customer service rep

Earning potential: $12 to $22 per hour

What they do: Online customer service representatives get paid to assist customers by answering questions or helping to resolve issues. You may offer help over the phone or through a messaging app if you’re working as an online chat agent.

Customer service jobs for pregnant women require patience and you might need a quiet place to work if you’re handling phone calls. You may prefer online chat jobs instead if you already have a kiddo or two running around at home.

You can look for online customer service rep jobs in the usual places, which can include:

  • Virtual Vocations

Side Hustle Jobs for Pregnant Women

pregnant woman shopping for groceries

Looking for ways to make money that don’t require a computer or internet connection?

Some of the different ways to make money while pregnant offline include:

  • Delivering groceries
  • Delivering food
  • Driving for Uber or Lyft
  • Pet- or baby-sitting
  • Running errands

Making money with offline jobs for pregnant women means you can still have some flexibility with your schedule. And you can combine multiple jobs to increase your earnings.

35. Instacart shopper

Earning potential: $10 to $15 per hour

What they do: Instacart is an online grocery shopping app that pays people to pick up and deliver groceries for users. If you don’t mind spending time in your local grocery stores, you could easily make money while pregnant as an Instacart shopper.

You’ll want to consider which shops you take on, especially as you get into your third trimester. If your doctor advises you to avoid heavy lifting, for example, you’ll probably need to skip shops that require you to pick up cases of bottled water or 50-pound bags of dog food.

But overall, shopping for Instacart can be an easy way to make money on the side while you’re expecting.

36. DoorDash driver

Earning potential: $15 to $20 per hour

What they do: DoorDash is a delivery service app that allows people to order food from local restaurants and have it dropped off at their door. As a dasher, you can choose which delivery orders to accept and make money hourly, plus tips.

There are plenty of dashers, including pregnant women, making a legitimate income from DoorDash. This is another side hustle option you can do in your spare time.

Sign up to become a dasher and learn more about how much money you can make.

37. Drive for Uber or Lyft

Earning potential: $15 to $25 per hour

What they do: Uber and Lyft drivers pick people up using their personal vehicles, then drop them off where they need to go. Drivers are paid a minimum hourly rate and you can also collect tips for each drive you make.

If you have a reliable vehicle, you could get paid to drive for Uber or Lyft while pregnant. And if you’re considering driving for Uber or Lyft while pregnant, take time to read up on the safety rules first.

38. Get paid to pet sit

Earning potential: $1,000+ per month

What they do: Pet sitters earn money by watching other peoples’ pets. You might consider this job idea while pregnant if you’re comfortable being around dogs, cats, or other pets.

Rover is one of the most popular sites for finding pet sitting jobs. It’s free to sign up and create a profile to start looking for pet-sitting gigs.

You can also advertise your services locally on Craigslist, Facebook, or through word of mouth from family and friends.

39. Become a paid carer

Earning potential: $10 to $20 per hour

What they do: Caregivers offer care services to families and individuals. If pet sitting isn’t your thing you might consider babysitting or caring for an elderly adult as another option for making money while pregnant.

You might decide to set up an in-home daycare if you have the space, offering babysitting services for other moms you know or helping out a senior with running errands or doing basic housework.

Sites like and are two great options for finding caregiving or sitting jobs online.

40. Get paid to housesit

Earning potential: $15 to $50 per hour

What they do: Housesitters take care of other people’s homes while they’re away. Housesitting is one of the best jobs for pregnant women who want to take it relatively easy during their pregnancy.

As a housesitter, you could get paid to do simple things like

  • Collecting mail
  • Watering plants

Housesitters may also be paid to do minor yardwork or watch pets who remain in the home while their owner is away. You can find house-sitting jobs in your area through

41. Library assistant

What they do: Library assistants work in libraries and do basic tasks like sorting returned books and shelving them, assisting the librarians, answering questions for patrons, and handling administrative tasks.

Pregnant women who love books may consider an offline job as a library assistant.

You don’t usually need a bachelor’s degree to become a library assistant. Most libraries will hire pregnant women who have a high school diploma or GED and you can get all the training you need on the job.

42. Get paid to organize

What they do: Professional organizers make money by helping other people get their mess under control. This could be the perfect job for pregnant women who are decluttering pros.

You can reach out to other moms you know to offer your services with tidying up and organizing. You could also start a home organizing blog and monetize your blog posts with affiliate marketing and ads.

43. Airbnb host

What they do: Airbnb hosts make money by renting out property. That might include an entire home, a garage apartment, or a single bedroom.

If you’re comfortable having other people in your home during your pregnancy, you could rent out a spare room for extra money.

You might also rent out your garage, driveway, or parking space for extra cash. Just remember to read up on the rules for doing so if you live in a neighborhood that’s governed by an HOA.

Easy Jobs for Pregnant Women

pregnant woman taking surveys on her phone

Need some simple ways to make money on the side while juggling doctor’s appointments and other baby planning tasks?

Some of the easiest ways pregnant moms can make money include:

  • Taking surveys
  • Selling things you no longer need
  • Using cashback apps

Each of these options could put quick and easy money in your pocket to help boost your new baby budget.

44. Mystery shopper

Earning potential: $10 to $25 per hour

What they do: Mystery shoppers make money by visiting restaurants and retail stores, making a purchase, and then sharing feedback about their experience. They can earn an hourly rate or per-shop rate, and get the money they spent on purchases refunded to them.

Mystery shopping could be an easy job to do while pregnant if you’re already going out to shop for baby items. Here are some of the best sites that offer legitimate mystery shopping jobs.

  • IntelliShop
  • Market Force

You can apply for one of them or all three to find mystery shopping opportunities.

45. Survey taker

Earning potential: $1 to $100 per survey

What they do: Survey takers get paid to complete surveys online. They can earn a flat rate for each survey they earn and redeem their earnings for cash deposits to a bank account or PayPal account, or free gift cards .

Taking surveys won’t make you rich or replace your full-time job but you could make extra cash this way while pregnant. Getting paid to take surveys might be ideal if you need a low-impact way to make money while on bedrest or in between doctor’s appointments.

Some of the best survey sites for making money while pregnant include:

  • Survey Junkie. Survey Junkie is one of the most popular options for getting paid to take surveys online. Some surveys pay up to $50 each and it’s easy to cash out your earnings to PayPal.
  • Swagbucks. Swagbucks pays up to $35 per survey and you can also make money by watching videos and playing games online. You can convert your Swagbucks points to PayPal cash or Amazon gift cards, which is perfect for buying baby gear online. And you’ll get a $5 bonus when you sign up.
  • InboxDollars. InboxDollars also pays you real money for taking surveys, playing games, and watching videos. It’s free to sign up and you can get a $5 bonus just for joining .


Make Quick Cash With Survey Junkie

Take surveys. earn rewards. get paid..

Making extra money is that easy when you create an account with Survey Junkie. It’s free to sign up and you can earn real cash in your PayPal account or free gift cards, just for answering questions and sharing your opinions.

46. Sell things for cash

Earning potential: Unlimited, depending on what you have to sell

If you’re in full nesting mode, you might already be decluttering your home to clear out things you don’t need. You can turn those unwanted items into quick cash by selling them locally or online.

Some of the best things you can sell for fast money include:

  • Video games and gaming systems
  • Old cellphones
  • Home decor items
  • Small appliances
  • Musical instruments
  • Sports equipment
  • Sports memorabilia and collectibles
  • Luxury handbags
  • Designer watches
  • TVs and other electronics

You can sell items through Facebook Marketplace, Facebook bargain groups, flea markets, consignment shops, or even a pawn shop near you .

Pawn shops can buy a lot of different things and it’s an easy way to make cash quickly while clearing out your clutter.

47. Use cashback apps

Earning potential: Some apps pay up to 40% cash back

Cashback apps reward you with cash for making purchases online and in stores.

You download the app you want to use, then link it to your bank account and store loyalty cards. You shop special offers and earn cash back, which is credited to you automatically.

It’s one of the easiest jobs for pregnant women who want to make money without going to a 9 to 5.

The key is choosing cashback apps that offer the most money. Try these cashback apps to earn extra income while pregnant:

  • Rakuten. Rakuten allows you to earn up to 40% cashback on purchases at partner stores. Plus, when you sign up you can get a cash bonus of $10 along with additional cash bonuses of $30 each for each new person you refer.
  • Ibotta. Ibotta pays you cashback on groceries and retail shopping. It even works when you shop online at Walmart Grocery or through Instacart. When you sign up for Ibotta now (it’s free) you can get up to $20 in cash bonuses!
  • Swagbucks. In addition to making money by taking surveys with Swagbucks , you can also get cashback when you shop at partner stores. Again, you can redeem your rewards as cold hard cash or get Amazon gift cards for baby shopping.


Want to Get Cash Back When You Shop?

Making extra money is easy with rakuten.

Rakuten is a free app and browser extension that helps you find coupons and discounts when you shop online or in stores. You can earn up to 40% cashback when you shop at hundreds of partner retailers, plus get a $10 sign-up bonus and up to $30 in bonus cash for each person you refer!

Legal Rights of Pregnant Employees

Federal laws offer some protections to pregnant employees and expecting moms (including teen moms) who are looking for jobs for pregnant women. If you’re pregnant and having trouble finding a job or your employer seems to be giving you a hard time over the pregnancy, it’s important to know what rights you have.

Laws against discrimination

The Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA) prohibits employers from discriminating against expectant mothers because of their pregnancy status. 

Business owners are not allowed to discriminate with regard to hiring, firing, wages, training, and benefits, such as health care or health insurance, just because you’re pregnant. So you can’t be denied a new job by potential employers or fired from your current job just for being pregnant.

Under the PDA, employers that allow temporarily disabled employees to take disability leave, either paid or unpaid, must make the same allowance for pregnant people who are temporarily disabled. But you might have to provide a written statement from your doctor attesting that you have a pregnancy-related condition that affects your ability to work.

Laws regarding pregnant mothers with disabilities

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires employers to treat pregnant employees the same way they would temporarily disabled employees. For example, your hiring manager might have to make reasonable accommodations for you to perform your job duties if you have certain pregnancy-related conditions such as gestational diabetes.

Laws regarding parental and maternity leave

With the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) you’re allowed to take unpaid leave to care for a family member, including a new baby. New moms can take up to 12 weeks of leave following the birth of a child.

Family leave allows time to make initial doctor’s appointments for your newborn and yourself if you develop any related medical conditions following the birth. Keep in mind that if you recently started a job while pregnant with a new employer it must be a covered employer for FMLA rules to apply.

The catch with family leave is that federal law doesn’t require employers to pay you. The numbers aren’t exact, but roughly half of employers don’t offer any kind of paid maternity leave benefits to employees.

best jobs for pregnant women pinterest image

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best jobs for a woman who’s pregnant.

Some of the best jobs for pregnant women are ones that you can do from home to earn money online. Examples of good jobs for a pregnant woman can include freelance writing, proofreading, offering virtual assistance services, or working as a social media manager. Most of these online jobs for expecting moms only require a laptop and an internet connection to get started, which is great if you’re looking for a low-cost side hustle for moms .

What are some easy jobs for pregnant women?

When you’re pregnant, you may not want a job that requires a lot of physical labor or has you standing on your feet all day. Examples of some easy jobs for pregnant women include earning extra cash by taking surveys or getting free money through cashback apps. Those are all things you can do at home from a laptop or cell phone.

You could also make money while pregnant with offline full-time jobs or part-time positions that you do in person. But you may want to consult your doctor, midwife, or doula about what kinds of jobs to do while pregnant, especially if you have any special health risks.

Can I be hired if I am pregnant?

Federal law does not prevent employers from asking if you’re pregnant during the job application or interview process. A prospective employer could also ask you if you have plans to get pregnant. However, employers cannot refuse to hire you simply because you’re pregnant, as that’s considered to be discrimination.

Will jobs hire me at 6 months pregnant?

It’s illegal for employers not to hire you on the basis of being pregnant. And it’s entirely possible to get hired for jobs when you’re 6 months pregnant (or anywhere else on your pregnancy timeline). If you’re having trouble finding the right job, however, you might want to consider side hustles or at-home jobs for pregnant women that you can do from home.

Finding suitable online jobs (or offline jobs) can help you close the gap if you need to step away from your full-time job temporarily due to pregnancy. And it’s possible to find jobs for pregnant women that offer flexible work hours so you can make money on your own schedule.

Final Thoughts

Planning for a baby on a budget can be stressful but making money while you’re expecting a baby doesn’t have to be. If you’re looking for a pregnancy-friendly job as you await the birth of your first child (or your next child), there are so many opportunities to earn an income. Whether you just learned you’re about to be a mother or your due date is right around the corner, this list of jobs for expecting moms can help you find the right money-making opportunities.

Need more money tips? Read these posts next:

  • 100+ Extra Income Ideas for Moms (Best Ways for Moms to Make Money)
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  • 30+ Best Stay-at-Home Mom Jobs (Make $2000+/Month)
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Are there any jobs for pregnant women you recommend?

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Rebecca Lake is a Certified Educator in Personal Finance, freelance writer and homeschooling single mom of two. Since 2014, she's paid off nearly $100,000 in debt and grown her net worth to seven figures. Her work has appeared online at top personal finance websites, including Forbes Advisor, Bankrate, Investopedia, The Balance, and U.S. News & World Report. Find out more.

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30 Best Temporary Jobs While Pregnant (Earn $2000 a Month!)

temporary jobs while pregnant

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Are you seeking temporary jobs while pregnant?  

When I was pregnant, I was already working at the time, but if I had known about these easy jobs for pregnant women , I would have been the first to try them.

You see, I’ve always been someone who liked the idea of working alone and on my own time. 

I never wanted to be in a 9-5 job, working away every day, and not being able to make money the way I wanted.

If you’re pregnant and on maternity leave , these jobs can work too, because of their temporary nature. 

If you’re a woman asking:

  • How can I make money while pregnant and unemployed?
  • What are the best ways to get free money for pregnant moms to be?
  • I’m pregnant and jobless, what to do?
  • How to manage when you’re pregnant and need money fast ?
  • I’m pregnant and need a job from home, how can I find one?
  • How to make money while pregnant and homeschooling ?
  • I’m pregnant and need a job from home, can I get help?

These questions are highly relevant and if you’re in a pinch for cash, these jobs will help you earn money right away. 

Some of these pay daily , while others pay a weekly or monthly salary. 

If you’d like to work from the comfort of your own home , most of the jobs mentioned will be right up your alley.

I know that a lot of pregnant moms have gone through joblessness, and these easy side hustles are excellent to do at home or even on a freelance basis.

These jobs won’t tie you down indefinitely and for the most part, you can choose a

flexible schedule. 

If you desperately need money when pregnant , these jobs can help you make extra money on your own time.

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Temporary Jobs While Pregnant: How to Make Money While Pregnant and Unemployed

Here are some jobs that are great for moms to work online flexibly. Simply use your laptop, kick up your feet and start earning money on your own time!

Best Online Jobs for Pregnant Moms

1. market researcher.

If you really want to know how to make money while pregnant and unemployed without ever leaving your house, you’ve come to the right place.

Market Research is not only for highly paid business executives or marketers.

Also, this kind of market research won’t hurt your brain either. 

Pregnant moms can do online research with the company Wonder . This is a company that pays people to look for information online and write detailed reports.

These reports are mostly based on topics like business, health care, marketing, fashion, education, and more.

This is an online job that has flexible work hours and is great for pregnant women who like to do research.

If you’d prefer to do more low-key online research, sign up with Panda Research!

2. Online Tutor

As a homeschooling mom, I enjoy teaching my son different subjects and making it as fun as possible.

What about you? Are you good at teaching?

You could become an online tutor , even if it’s temporary.

It’s an excellent work-from-home job because of its flexibility.

One easy way to become a tutor is with Outschool . This is an online teaching platform where moms (or anyone) can make money by tutoring kids.

The categories on the website include:

  • Creative Writing
  • Public Speaking
  • Engineering

There are a LOT more subject areas listed that you can view on their website.

 I’d say that this is one of the best part-time jobs you could do while pregnant.  

Sign up with Outschool and become an online tutor.

Instead of working online, you could try working as a private tutor and help students in your local area.

3. Online Moderator

Another stress-free job for pregnant women to do at home is online moderation. 

Online moderators or “Mods”, manage and monitor online chatrooms, message boards, social media accounts, and other platforms. 

They help to keep the peace by removing anything that violates the rules and by enforcing the policies and community guidelines. 

This job is ideal for pregnant moms who may be introverts because you’ll never have to talk with angry people. 

Online moderators also respond to comments or emails and deescalate any issues that may arise. 

If you’re interested in this role, check out the following companies:

  • The Social Element

4. Website Template Designer

Even though this can take a little time, it’s one of the most profitable online jobs out there. 

Website templates are basically the skeleton of a blog or website. 

It comes with the theme and several other elements that make a website appear and function properly online.

One of the most popular types of website templates is WordPress templates. I used one for my own blog and I purchased it on Creative Market.

If you have any skills in developing websites, you could earn a nice amount of money selling templates online.

Sell your templates on:

  • Theme Forest
  • Creative Market

5. Transcription

This is one of the most flexible online jobs to do while pregnant because you can choose your own schedule.

If you’ve never heard about transcription, it’s a process that involves converting audio to text and entering it into special software.

It can be easy, especially if you type fast and there are several transcription companies that hire beginners to work online.

Three companies I can recommend are:

  • GoTranscript
  • TranscribeMe

Easy Jobs for Pregnant Women

6. pinterest manager.

A fun way to earn money while pregnant is by becoming a Pinterest Manager or Pinterest VA.

It’s one of the newest jobs on the block, but it does pay well, once you’re trained.

Pinterest managers handle the accounts of their clients – usually business owners, to get them traffic to their websites.

They offer services like designing and scheduling pins, creating Pinterest boards, tracking analytics, and researching trends.

By following a suitable online course, you could become a Pinterest Manager in as little as 2 months. 

7. Proofreading

If you cringle at grammatical errors and punctuation mistakes, then proofreading might be just the right job for you.

Proofreaders earn money by fixing errors found in written content. 

This will be a relatively easy job for people who enjoy reading and have an eagle eye for spotting errors. 

You can find proofreading jobs online that are great for people with little to no experience.

If you’d like to turn this into a profitable business opportunity , this free workshop can help you get there. 

The creator Caitlin Pyle earned $43,000 in one year working part-time as a proofreader!

8. Virtual Assistant

Would you like to make money working as a VA? This is a great remote working opportunity for moms because it’s in high demand. 

If you’ve ever worked in an office setting or as an administrative assistant, this job will be very familiar to you.

Expect to do things like:

  • Answering phone calls
  • Sending emails
  • Making Travel arrangements
  • Bookkeeping

These are tasks any mom can do once they have a comfy work area and a quiet background.

If you homeschool like I do, ask a family member for help with the kids when you really need it.

Find out how to start your own freelance business and turn your temp job into a permanent one!

  9. Test Websites

This easy side hustle can be done on your laptop from anywhere in the world.

It can add some extra income to your household really quickly. 

Companies will pay testers to review website performance and give feedback. 

The actual website owners don’t pay you, but website testing companies will

Sign up with the following sites:

  • UserTesting

Generally, testers can work at any time of the day and earn money after they post a review or rating.

It’s not a full-time job, and gigs are not always available, but you could apply to various sites for more opportunities. 

10. Paid Product Tester

If you don’t enjoy testing websites, but would like to test physical products for cash, you could sign up as a paid product tester.  

You will be an influencer of sorts by reviewing products sent to you by various companies. 

This is one of the lazier ways to make money or get free products that you really like.  

Once you sign up with a Product review company and fill out your profile, products will be sent for you to give an honest review.

To get started. Sign up with:

  • DailyGoodyBox
  • ThePinkPanel

While these are some of the best places to find paid tester jobs , you could sign up to other sites to get more free stuff!

Passive Income Jobs for Pregnant Moms

11. sell plr printables.

It can be difficult finding new side hustles if you’re pregnant and unemployed , especially with jobs that are physically demanding.

This job, however, is easy-peasy!

PLR printables are relatively new, but the business is taking the market by storm.

‘PLR’ stands for Private Label Rights and selling them online is one of the best ways for pregnant women to make money.

That’s because it takes little or no work on your part.

How it works is that you purchase PLR printables, tweak them a bit, and resell them as your own.

PLR products can also come in the form of social media templates, images, blog posts, and more!

Purchase your PLR printables from Etsy and start selling!

12. Blogging

If you’re a mom who wants to know how to make money while pregnant and unemployed, blogging is one of the BEST options!

I started this blog while I was unemployed, and it’s the best decision I ever made. 

Now, I’m earning money passively every month!

With my blog, I don’t have a boss watching my every move. (I find that creepy BTW)

When you’ve just started your blog, it’s best to create quality content, market your posts online and try to drive traffic. 

After some time, you can start making money with ads, affiliate marketing, membership, courses, and more.

This is still one of the best at-home jobs for moms because of the passive income potential.

I host my website with Bluehost and I have nothing but good things to say.

You can sign up with Bluehost to start your own blog. 

13. Design and Sell Stickers

People really love stickers, especially for decorating laptops, bags, phones, and more.

Almost anyone can create them using the right tools. 

For example, artists use Cricut machines to create stickers and sell them on Etsy.

This is a good option for women who like to create and can think outside the box.

If creating physical stickers yourself is too much of a hassle, you can design stickers and sell them on Redbubble .

 If I have done it with no experience, then so can you!

I used Canva to create text-based stickers and purchased illustrations on Creative Market to design my stickers.

This is a passive income side hustle that continues to pay back.

Sign up with Redbubble and make sales!

14. Sell Books on Amazon

Selling books online is not as hard as you may think.

In fact, it’s pretty easy to do it with the Amazon KDP program.

Many best-selling authors have been successful using the Amazon KDP platform and there’s no reason why you can’t.

Simply create a book cover with Canva like I do , get free interiors from Bookbolt , and then upload your book to Amazon KDP. 

To make this a profitable long-term business venture , I recommend using keyword research tools like:

  • Amazon Keyword Ranking & Index Checker
  • Publisher Rocket

Book creation tools like:

  • Affinity Publisher
  • Adobe Indesign
  • Tangent Templates

You can make a lot of money from this side hustle, because my research shows that some people are making 6-figures a year!

If you want to give your books an extra boost, try running Amazon Ads to get a few sales and this will help you rank better.

15. Affiliate Marketing

As you’ll soon find out, making money while pregnant, doesn’t have to be difficult.

This is truly the case with Affiliate Marketing. 

As a matter of fact, affiliate marketing is worth $17 billion of the global market size. 

It’s also important to note, that it makes up 16% of global eCommerce sales.

As a pregnant mom looking for work, affiliate marketing is a great place to start and It’s simple enough too.

Simply promote products and services for brands using social media or a blog.

Once a customer buys a product using your link, you’ll earn a commission.

A couple of affiliate programs to try are:

  • Share-A-Sale
  • Flex Offers

Remote Temporary Jobs While Pregnant

16. social media manager.

This could be a suitable career option for moms who like social media.

Social Media Managers handle the accounts of clients and schedule posts to platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

Social Media Managers also perform tasks such as:

  • Developing tactics to increase followers
  • Managing campaigns
  • Reviewing analytics

Having a background in marketing will give you a head start!

17. Customer Service Agent

Another remote job for pregnant moms is customer service and if you like helping people, that’s a plus!

Customer service reps can answer customers by phone, email, and chat. Reps in the US earn about $17 or more per hour.

If you’re interested in chat jobs that you can do remotely, here are 23 places to start.  

18. Grocery Shopper

The weekly grocery shopping trip can sometimes be hectic, which is why thousands of people have it delivered to them instead.

They prefer to pay for this convenience rather than walking in crowded aisles and lifting heavy bags to the car.

As a grocery shopper for Instacart, you can shop for groceries and deliver them to customers using your car.

Another way to earn money while pregnant is by working as Dasher for DoorDasher.

You can deliver groceries with your car, scooter, or bicycle.

While pregnant, I would recommend using only a car though.????

Sign up with Instacart or DoorDash and earn cash!

19. Sell Services as a Freelancer

In order to work remotely and choose your own schedule on a temporary or long-term basis, freelancing is a must.

It’s easy to sell your services or use your skills to make money online. 

Are you good at graphic design? Well, you could design logos and sell them online. 

What about video and animation?

Create advertisements and other media for clients and earn an online income.

I recommend using Fiverr or Upwork to do freelancing gigs for extra cash.

Work whenever you choose!

20. Search Engine Evaluator

A very simple way to earn money while pregnant is by landing a job as a Search Engine Evaluator. 

This job involves placing a rating on the search results, which in turn affects website rankings. 

The more suitable the results, the higher they appear, which will improve reader interaction on Google or other search engines. 

It’s great for anyone who wants to work from home and earn money doing something stress-free. 

Find these jobs on :

Bonus Temporary Jobs While Pregnant

21. survey taker.

This is one of the easiest jobs you could do while pregnant because it’s super fun.

It takes little work, which is why so many people do it.

In all honestly, it’s technically not a job, but you can still make extra money each month to cover some expenses. 

Survey takers help companies by answering questions listed on a form.

Usually, when you sign up to a survey site, they will ask pre-qualifying questions to get more details about you.

Once accepted, you can do a number of surveys each day and make money. 

It’s perfect for pregnant moms because online surveys can be done using a phone!

Legitimate survey sites include:

  • InboxDollars
  • Survey Junkie
  • Opinion Outpost

To earn more cash each month, here are 40 surveys sites to join now !

22. Sell Unwanted Clutter

Is your house feeling a bit stuffed? Start rounding up items you no longer use and s ell them online.

These could include:

  • Electronics
  • Memorabilia
  • Kitchen Gadgets

Sell these items on places like eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and Decluttr.

23. Pet Sitting

If you can handle a lot of activity and you absolutely LOVE animals, then pet sitting might be for you.

Pet sitters take care of animals for pet owners who are either traveling, working, or out of town for a period of time. 

These pet owners love their pets like family and want them treated in a loving way.

It’s your job as a pet sitter to bathe, groom, feed, walk, and play with these furry pets while their owners are busy.

You can find pet-sitting jobs on Rover . 

24. Dropshipping

This is a fantastic business opportunity for moms to try because it can turn into a profitable venture.

Dropshipping involves selling products online, with a third party or dropshipping company shipping the products for you.

You can source the products from online manufacturers and transport them through the drop shipper.

To make good sales, I recommend that you create an online store by using the Shopify platform and pay the monthly fee.

Learn more about dropshipping by taking an online course .

25. Micro Task

One of the best ways to get temporary jobs while pregnant is to try micro-tasking. 

It doesn’t pay thousands of dollars, but you can complete microtasks at any time of day because the gigs are very flexible.

Micro tasking jobs include:

  • Transcription
  • Making comments
  • Clicking links
  • Completing spreadsheets

So as you can see, these are easy online gigs that you probably already do every day.

If you’d like to do micro gigs in your free time, check out Picoworkers.

Fun Temporary Jobs While Pregnant

26. voiceover artist.

Do you have an impressive voice? You could become a voiceover artist and earn an income from reading books.

If you choose to work as a voiceover artist, you can apply to different companies and complete gigs on a freelance basis.

Jobs you may do include:

  • Documentaries

You don’t have to be a beginner to become a voiceover artist, but having a quiet workspace, a stable internet connection and quality recording equipment are essential.

Get started with these popular companies that accept voiceover artists.  

27. Game Tester

Another fun temporary job to try while pregnant is game testing. Most game testers work for companies like: 

  • Kevuru Games 
  •  iXie Gaming 
  • Pingle Studio 
  •  Snoop Game

They work alongside programmers to test video games and report any bugs, glitches, or inaccuracies. 

It’s a fun way to earn money, however, testers will have to play game levels repeatedly, so it can get repetitive.

If you’d prefer to work remotely, check out PlaytestCloud .

They hire freelance game testers to test games in their downtime. 

28. Travel Agent

If you’re someone who loves the travel scene, working as a travel agent could be an awesome opportunity.

Most travel agents work for travel agencies.

However, you could work as a self-employed travel agent if you choose. 

It’s a rewarding job helping people to experience a great vacation or booking the finest hotels for them.

No matter the negative events that take place in the world, the travel industry always bounces back, so it’s still a great job for women who want to work from home.

Travel agents earn money through commissions, cruise incentives, service fees, vacation packages, and more!

29. Book Reviewer

One of my favorite ways to spend my time is reading books. I get so into it, that I forget about everything else!

What about you? Do you enjoy reading?

If so, why not make money with your hobby ?

You could earn a small income from reviewing books online on a freelance basis.

These jobs are available online through publishing companies, so you could apply and start working right away.

Companies I recommend are:

  • Kirkus Media
  • Any Subject Books
  • Online Book Club

30. Mystery Shopper

This might be one of the best jobs for pregnant women who need extra money because it’s so easy.

Mystery shopping involves reviewing products or services and giving a detailed report. 

You may have to visit retail stores, malls, restaurants, hotels, grocery stores, and more.

Some hiring companies may require you to inform them of how the place you visited looks and the quality of service.

To start your shopping journey, sign up with:

  • IntelliShop
  • Market Force

How to Find Temporary Jobs While Pregnant

Finding temporary jobs while pregnant is very easy if you know where to look.

 There are thousands of false adverts and fake websites claiming to have ‘work-from-home jobs’ but are just looking to get quick cash.

This is why I only recommend using legitimate websites to find opportunities online. Here are a few job boards you could use:

  • We Work Remotely
  • Virtual Vocations
  • CareerBuilder

Most of these sites allow you to sign up and start using them for free. FlexJobs requires payment for yearly or monthly payments.

I used their platform, and they offer pre-screened jobs from employers and brands from all over the world and are highly rated. 

To start using the platforms mentioned, set up your profile and optimize it for the role you have an interest in, to increase your chances of getting hired.

If you’d like to work in your local area, simply type, ‘ pregnant friendly jobs near me’ or ‘jobs for pregnant women near me ’ and you’ll see jobs tailored to you on Indeed, Snagajob, and Simply Hired and there are plenty to choose from.

What To Do If You Are Pregnant and Have No Money?

I would start by checking with your local Community Service Office, where you can get cash assistance.

There are grants for pregnant women that can give expectant mothers financial help while they trying to find jobs.

How Can I Work While Pregnant?

Being pregnant puts a lot of pressure on your body. It’s important then to make yourself as comfortable as possible while working from home, or in the office.

Here are a few ways to work while pregnant without causing your body further stress:

  • Set up a relaxing workspace
  • Take regular breaks
  •  Keep healthy snacks nearby
  •  Dress comfortably
  •  Choose stress-free jobs

Pregnant women can work successfully at home and earn a steady income throughout their pregnancy journey.

What Job Can I Get While Pregnant?

There are plenty of good jobs for pregnant women out there, especially when choosing to work from home. 

The best jobs involve minimal movement, limited pressure, great flexibility, and of course the chance to earn money passively if possible. 

Good jobs for a pregnant woman are ones that offer stability and the opportunity to work with minimal supervision. 

Best Temporary Jobs While Pregnant!

If you’re a pregnant mom looking for the most comfortable jobs possible, these are perfect. For most of them, you’ll never have to leave home and you can work online from a laptop.

Some of these are also great business opportunities to start, that could potentially make you 6-figures each year.

Just remember to stay on the safe side and use legitimate job boards when seeking temporary jobs.

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Meika is a stay-at-home mom of one who believes that every mom should have the chance to build her very own business and thrive while doing it! She'll give you awesome tips on how to make money legitimately with side hustles, online jobs, and business opportunities!

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Careers for Women: 8 Best Temporary Jobs While Pregnant

  • 30 May 2019

Careers for Women: 8 Best Temporary Jobs While Pregnant

Let’s be candid: It is expensive having children during the entire process, from trying to get pregnant (fertility issues), to being pregnant (maternity clothing), to the aftermath (18 years of expenses!). There’s a lot to pay for when you have a kid – now double that if you have twins or triple that if you have triplets! It’s all the same thing, though: A huge tab.

As a result, many households have a hard time making ends meet. While the man of the house is clocking in 20 percent more hours or the pregnant woman is single and needs more money, a temporary job is essential , especially when fewer funds are coming in for the next nine to 18 months.

What type of job could a pregnant woman apply for when she is carrying some extra weight? Here are eight best temporary jobs while pregnant:

1. Data Entry

temp jobs for pregnant ladies

There are two types of data entry jobs: in an office and at home. While it is easier to find data entry positions in offices, there are still plenty of data entry jobs you can do at home. You just need to know where to look and how to determine competitive pay.

This is one of the best temporary jobs while pregnant, since you’re primarily sitting on a comfortable chair in front of a computer.

2. Call Centre Agent

temp jobs for pregnant ladies

Believe it or not, there’s an abundance of call centre work in the labour market today. Telemarketing, opinion polling, customer service, and inbound assistance – there are all sorts of call centre positions available. The pay is adequate, the hours are flexible, and the work is easy – physically and mentally.

Like data entry, you are quite comfortable in a chair in front of the computer. Best of all, the hours are very manageable for pregnant women and allows you to go home just in time for family dinner .

3. Freelancing

temp jobs for pregnant ladies

Writing, graphic design, proofreading, and even data entry are just some of the freelancing opportunities available. Unless you have years of professional freelancing experience, it can be difficult finding work or earning just compensation. But with some research, due diligence, connections, and a little bit of luck, you can put your talent to good measure and potentially find a whole new career.

4. Online Tutoring

temp jobs for pregnant ladies

Yes, there are many free online learning tools around, such as the Khan Academy. But many parents like their children to have one-on-one experience, which is why they will hire tutors, even if they are in another part of the country or the world.

You just need a dependable Internet connection, great audio and video technology, and a secure way of being paid. Once you have these, as well as a knack for educating, then you can increase the odds of nabbing new clients and experiencing repeat clients.

Also, if you can’t be an online tutor, there are employ opportunities available to work for these websites by coming up with lesson plans.

5. Transcriptionist

temp jobs for pregnant ladies

Until technology has mastered voice to text capabilities (and, let’s be honest, it hasn’t), there will always be a demand for transcriptionists and transcription services. That’s where you come in.

Here some questions:

  • Are you a good speller?
  • Are you great at grammar?
  • How fast can you type?
  • What’s your audio like?
  • Do you own a good pair of headphones?
  • How fast is your Internet?

6. Office Clerk

temp jobs for pregnant ladies

Unless part of the job is to carry boxes of files from one filing cabinet to another, the role of an office clerk is perfect for a pregnant woman of a singleton or twins. From organizing paperwork to scheduling employees or doing the bookkeeping, there is a lot of administrative and clerical work that is involved in this temporary job. It’s not only great for temp work, but it could also be an opportunity to have throughout the early years of your child’s existence if you choose to stay at home.

7. Childcare Attendant

temp jobs for pregnant ladies

Do you want some experience with children before you have your own come into this world? Then a childcare aide could be something of interest to you, except if your job is to run around screaming four-year-olds all day long for the next two months.

  • So, what does a childcare attendant do exactly?
  • Prepare meals for snack time and lunches.
  • Monitor the safety of the children.
  • Change diapers of infants and toddlers.
  • Develop routines and schedules.
  • Maintain records of child’s progress, routines, and interests.
  • Keep good hygiene.

You will be doing this for the next several years, so why not get paid for it by looking after other kids?

8. Social Media Manager

temp jobs for pregnant ladies

A social media manager is someone who has experience with digital marketing, maintains superb copywriting skills, and understands the latest digital tools to facilitate your campaign. If this is something up your alley, then why not consider social media managing during your pregnancy and perhaps even during your maternity leave?

Since you’re spending your time off exploring and posting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest all day long, then at lest you can get paid for it? This is one of the most fantastic temporary jobs while pregnant.

Here is something you need to know: When your children arrive, you will beg to go to work! In fact, when you see your significant other leave home and head to the office, you will resent him. You will want to do something more than change diapers and read children’s books. That said, during your pregnancy, you can get it out of your system and work a temp job until your little miracle comes.

logicaldollar logo

24 Best Online Jobs for Pregnant Women to Work From Home

Let’s be clear upfront: when it comes to “good” jobs for pregnant women, basically any job is good! With some very limited exceptions that may affect your health or that of your baby, you should be able to work anywhere and in any role you choose.

At the same time, it’s completely understandable if you’re looking for work that’s more flexible in terms of when you have to work or, say, doesn’t require you to be on your feet and moving around as much. 

This is why it can really help to see some of your (many!) options for the best jobs for pregnant women, Whether you’re looking for permanent employment or temporary jobs while pregnant, there are possibilities in a range of fields that can meet your needs – while also ensuring that you continue to make seriously good money.

It’s also worth highlighting again that this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t continue in your current job if that’s what you really want. Pregnancy discrimination is illegal these days – although, unfortunately, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. At the same time, women make up nearly half of the American workforce, with 85% of working women becoming mothers during their careers, according to the US Department of Labor.

This means that working while pregnant shouldn’t be a big deal – and yet it continues to be in many fields. 

If you’re reading this article because you think you’re experiencing pregnancy discrimination in your current role or you’re not sure what you’re entitled to in your current workplace while you’re pregnant:

Check out this page for more information. It also includes details on what action you can take if your employer isn’t respecting your rights on this point.

But if you’re simply looking for options where you can be more comfortable or more flexible in your working life as you lead up to this exciting event, keep reading for some of the best online jobs for pregnant women out there!

Table of Contents

Best jobs for pregnant women

1. virtual assistant.

A top choice when it comes to good jobs for pregnant women, virtual assistants (or VAs) provide administrative assistance to clients, such as entrepreneurs or small online businesses, while working in the comfort of their own homes. 

This means that your role can be extremely varied. While, typically, you’ll be providing administrative support, such as by managing email accounts, responding to customer queries, making travel arrangements and doing data entry, others specialize in areas like updating your client’s website or managing their social media profiles.

To get the full picture of what you can offer as a VA , take a look at this list of 275+ services that a virtual assistant can provide from Gina Horkey, one of the best in the VA business.

You can check out our article on how to become a virtual assistant with no experience for more information but, in brief, if you possess basic interpersonal, office, and computer-based skills, you’re most likely qualified for this job. Being very organized and self-motivated can really help too.

This job also has the advantage of allowing you to only take on as many clients as you want based on how many hours you’d like to work , so is the perfect part time job for pregnant ladies who don’t necessarily want full time work at this stage.

Not sure if becoming a virtual assistant is for you? Why not check out check out this FREE webinar to see if this is your ideal work from home job! It covers:

  • The fastest way to get started as a VA
  • How to get the right clients to start earning money ASAP
  • Why you definitely don’t need to be a tech whiz to succeed

2. Online tutor

There’s an endless number of subjects across a variety of disciplines that people want to learn about, from more typical subjects you’ll find in schools and colleges…to lifestyle, home management and personal styling, just to name a few!

So if you possess a special skill set or you did particularly well in a certain subject while you were in school, you can use that to your advantage to get an online tutoring job . There’s huge demand for good online tutors these days, so you’ll have no issue in finding work in this field.

And you don’t even necessarily need specialized training to get a job tutoring in a specific subject. For example, there are a number of opportunities to teach English online to Japanese students for which you definitely don’t need to be a trained English teacher.

woman on a laptop working in one of the online jobs for pregnant women

As one of the best online jobs for pregnant women, blogging can be a very lucrative endeavor. You can either create your own blog and be your own boss (my preferred option!) or write for an already-established company and earn a handsome salary.

And there’s definitely good money to be made here, with even some amateur bloggers making six-figures every month . Just check out Jon Dykstra’s income reports , for instance, who’s one blogger making over $100,000 each month.

Once you’ve chosen a niche you’re passionate about, you can explore different ways for your blog to earn money, with some of the most popular ones being through affiliate marketing, displaying ads on your site and writing sponsored posts.

Thinking about starting a blog to make extra money?

Great choice! After all, it’s one of the cheapest online businesses to start at under $3 per month – less than a cup of coffee! In fact, that’s the price you’ll get if you launch your site with Bluehost , which is easily my top pick for the best website host for beginners to use.

Not only will you get a free domain name , but you definitely don’t need any tech experience to get started.

To find out more, check out my simple step-by-step guide on how to start a blog as I show you the exact steps I took to start on the path to earning thousands of dollars every month – on the side of my full-time job!

4. Data entry

As the name suggests, data entry professionals enter information into databases using their computers. The job might also involve transcribing information from phone conversations or audio recordings.

While some data entry positions require a bachelor’s degree, most require only a high school diploma or GED equivalent.

Sure, you’ll essentially be getting paid to type here, which doesn’t require a huge amount of thought. But that could be exactly why this is perfect for you as all you have to do is accept a task when you have some free time, get through the typing and then wait for the money to land in your account!

For anyone looking for work that provides flexibility and an ability to make money fast as a woman , this definitely meets that criteria.

5. Pinterest manager

If you’ve never heard of this highly specialized job, you’re not alone. A Pinterest manager is, to use a more technical definition, a Pinterest expert that helps businesses meet their marketing goals using the platform.

This means that you’ll basically be helping online business owners get more traffic or more sales using Pinterest. That makes it perfect for those who love designing, strategizing, and experimenting on this platform. 

The role requires in-depth knowledge about the Pinterest platform, content creation skills and, ideally, SEO marketing skills. Find out more about how to become a Pinterest manager here.

Want to see just what it takes to become a Pinterest manager and how to land your first client – all for free ?  

Why not check out the free webinar available here from Kristin, who’s been hugely successful as a Pinterest manager herself. In fact, she turned her Pinterest manager side hustle into a full time job in just 10 months!

6. Website tester

You can think of testing websites for money as the tech equivalent of filling out surveys for cash.

Because businesses need to give customers a high-quality user experience on their apps and websites, they hire “normal”, non-techy people to test their websites and provide feedback on what it’s like to visit and move around the site.

And given that website testing jobs pay anywhere between $3 and $100 per hour, it can definitely be worth looking into this. Check out sites like Respondent , UserTesting and Enroll to get started.

woman working on her laptop at one of the jobs at home for pregnant moms

7. Transcriptionist

One of the best online jobs for pregnant women, transcribing involves translating audio recordings into written text. Since you’ll be doing a lot of listening as a transcriber, you’ll need a quiet place where you can comfortably work.

Because hospitals and other medical institutions, not to mention other places like law firms and TV production companies, always need people to transcribe information for storage or later usage, there’s a constant demand for transcribers.

You can check out some of the best transcription jobs from home (even with no experience) here to see what’s on offer.

Check out this completely FREE seven-day course on how you can get started making great money by working as a transcriptionist from home . It covers:

  • Why transcriptionists are so in demand and the skills you need to tap into this demand
  • Exactly what it takes to succeed as a transcriptionist
  • Where to find transcription work to know where to find clients

Find out more by signing up for the free course on jumpstarting your transcription career .

8. Bookkeeper

Bookkeepers, also known as bookkeeping clerks, handle an organization’s accounts, known collectively as the general ledger. They keep track of transactions as well as post debits and credits. They’re also responsible for producing financial statements in addition to other reports for managers and supervisors.

Due to the fact that companies and organizations have enormous amounts of records, they hire bookkeepers to keep their records safe and organized.

This means that this is one of the best jobs at home for pregnant moms who have at least some background in finance. That doesn’t mean that you have to have worked as, say, an economist or an accountant before. But having some understanding of basic finance principles and an appreciation for numbers and attention to detail will help here.

It’s also one of the best online jobs for stay at home moms , just in case you’re looking for something that you can continue after you give birth as well. That’s because, as a freelance bookkeeper, it will be up to you how many clients you wish to accept, so it’s the perfect amount of flexibility for a new mom!

Related: 21 Best Part-Time Jobs You Can Do With a Baby

9. Proofreader

If English grammar is your forte and you’re looking for jobs at home for pregnant moms, you should consider taking a look at one of the many proofreading jobs out there. The role basically entails reviewing documents and fixing minor inconsistencies and errors in writing, as well as checking for issues in formatting.

The best candidates have a sharp eye for detail and are looking for a job where you work alone . And don’t worry about getting bored, as there’s a ton of variety in this role. For instance, you could find yourself reviewing, journal articles, blog posts, CVs, chapters from books and more!

Check out this COMPLETELY FREE workshop on how to make money proofreading from someone who makes $70,000++ per year from proofreading. She’ll show you:

  • Why proofreading could be the perfect fit for you to make more money
  • How she used proofreading to get lifestyle freedom
  • Her strategies for attracting your ideal clients

10. Scopist

Similar in some ways to editors and proofreaders, scopists are responsible for editing the transcripts of official court proceedings, which are created by court reporters.

Unlike editors and proofreaders, however, scopists can compare court reporters’ shorthand with completed transcripts. In other words, they can “scope” transcripts, looking for errors and, by doing so, helping the reporters maintain accurate records.

This can be a good option for anyone who’s interested in proofreading but may have more specialized skills to use to your advantage when finding part time jobs for pregnant ladies. For example, if you’ve ever worked in a law firm (and not necessarily as a lawyer), that knowledge can definitely be used to your benefit in finding a job here. 

woman working on laptop at one of the options for having a temporary job while pregnant

11. Freelance writer

Whether they’re writing articles, blog posts, grant or business materials, website content, advertising copy, technical documents, or even books, freelance writers have a great deal of earning potential.

It’s very straightforward to become a freelance writer, even with no experience . In fact, throwing yourself into it can be a great strategy, especially to help you build up your portfolio which can, in turn, help you attract even more clients (and charge a higher rate). It’s also the perfect role during pregnancy as even if you’re 6 months pregnant and need a job, as a freelance writer, you can just jump on your computer and start earning!

Take a look at Upwork as a good place to start with plenty of jobs on offer. Fiverr can also work well, especially for shorter jobs.

FYI: Holly Johnson,   who makes over $225,000 per year as a freelance writer , has launched the incredible Earn More Writing course . Using her years of freelance writing success, she’ll teach you:

  • How to create an online brand and leverage social media to build your portfolio
  • How to develop the perfect pitch and attract clients
  • Her top tips for reaching your maximum earning potential
  • Her best strategies for writing great content quickly and effectively (read: more money)
  • Exactly what clients are looking for to make sure they keep coming back to you

…and a ton more.

And here’s a tip: If you go to the Earn More Writing course homepage and scroll down a tiny bit, you’ll find a link to Holly’s free workshop on How to Build a Six-Figure Writing Career . It’s a great option to get started with becoming a freelance writer – for free!

12. Self-published author

If you enjoy working in solitude and are looking for good jobs for pregnant women near you, why not write from home and publish your own book?

Chances are, you have a personal story to share, a creative fiction idea, or a piece of wisdom you’d like to impart. If this is the case, you’re a strong contender for becoming a self-published author.

You could also take the traditional publishing route by publishing your work through an established publishing house – although that’s perhaps easier said than done. Instead, by self-publishing, you’d have more direct control over the various processes of publishing.

Self-published authors can make 40% to 60% in royalties on the listed price of a book, which can turn into a pretty hefty income if your book performs well in sales.

13. Printables designer

Even if you haven’t heard of a printable, you’ve probably seen one for sale online somewhere. In essence, they’re basically any document you create and sell for people to download, whether it’s a template for a schedule, a meal plan, a savings tracker, a budget, a bullet journal page and much, much more.

And given that all you’re doing is designing pages, there’s some seriously good money to be made here. They’re one of the best things to sell on Etsy , for example, with some people making literally thousands of dollars every month from their sales of these.

What makes this a particularly good job for pregnant women is that, eventually, this can turn into a source of passive income. After all, once you create the printable ( which you can do for free on Canva – no need to be an actual graphic designer to succeed here ), publish it on Etsy and add some keywords to your listing so people can find it, customers can continue to buy this for as long as it’s online. Safe to say, if you’re about to give birth so won’t have time for all this shortly, this could be a lifesaver.

To see just how simple it can be to earn money this way, Tracie Fobes offers a great course called Easy Printables . Tracie has made tens of thousands of dollars selling printables online so knows exactly how to do this. This is why her course covers:

  • Exactly how to use free tools like Canva to design eye-catching, polished printables
  • The design tips and tricks that actually work to get people to pay for your products
  • How to get people to actually see (and buy!) what you’re selling

Find out more about Easy Printables here.

14. Course developer

It’s expected that the online course industry will grow to $325 billion by 2025 – yes, with a “b”. Safe to say, there is an incredible amount of money to be made here, including by individual course developers like yourself. 

In fact, there are plenty of people making tens – if not hundreds – of thousands of dollars by selling courses online, making it one of the highest paying online jobs for pregnant women (or anyone, actually!). And your course can be on literally any subject you can think of. After all, if it’s something you’ve learned about at some point, then it’s almost guaranteed that someone else also wants to learn about this.

In terms of which platform to use when building your course and making it available to people, Learnworlds is one of the best. It’s incredibly easy to build a professional-looking course on there, even if you don’t have any prior experience in doing this. And it’s free to try it out!

woman working on a tablet at one of the jobs for pregnant women near her

Sign up for your free 30-day Learnworlds trial here.

15. Flipper

Far from being a typical job for pregnant women, flipping involves purchasing items in subpar condition, fixing them up and then reselling them for a profit. And this can involve almost any major purchase, from flipping furniture to flipping entire houses!

Experienced flippers can end up earning six-figures a year , making this career path a potentially very profitable one, even for part timers. So if you’re on the hunt for part time jobs for pregnant ladies, you might want to give flipping a try.

Two people who’ve had amazing success at flipping furniture are Rob and Melissa Stephenson. In fact, just from flipping as their side hustle, they made $130,000 in only one year.

To help you do the same, they’ve created a free webinar that can teach you:

  • How to know whether flipping is the perfect side hustle for you
  • How to use flipping to get lifestyle freedom
  • Their secret strategies to maximize your flipping profits

Click here to sign up for their free webinar on how you can start flipping too.  

16. Product designer

In the usual sense, product designers are responsible for the user experience of a product, overseeing the product’s design from start to finish. However, the way that this becomes a great job at home for pregnant moms is by relying on websites that do a lot of the work for you.

For this, I really recommend Printify . It’s a site that allows you to create designs for a range of products, including shirts, shoes, phone cases and bags.

And once you’ve uploaded your design, your work basically ends there. That is, as soon as someone buys an item with your design on it, Printify will arrange for the product to be created and shipped to the buyer, with the money then sent to you straight after. So all you have to do is sit back and wait for the cash to arrive in your account – the perfect part time online job !

17. Dog bakery owner

Don’t worry if you didn’t know that dog bakeries existed. You’re not the only one! But given that, last year, Americans spent $95.7 billion on their pets, with $36.9 billion spent on pet food and treats, there’s definitely money to be made here.

If you guessed that dog bakeries are businesses that produce dessert-like items for dogs to eat, you’re absolutely right. Although the items are decorated to visually appeal to humans, it’s the dogs that get to consume and enjoy these treats.

This is a massively growing side hustle at the moment, with many people making well in excess of $10,000 a month from their dog bakeries. And so why couldn’t you do the same?

To really hit the ground running, I’d recommend signing up for the Diva Dog Bakery course . It’s run by Kristin Larsen, who earned up to five figures a month from her own dog bakery business. She was even invited to have her products in the gift bags given out at the Emmy Awards!

For more information, you can also check out our Diva Dog Bakery course review here.

18. Chat agent

A chat agent’s responsibility is to help customers by answering questions and providing live support services to address their concerns. Chat agents may work strictly within the sales department of their company, or they may specialize in troubleshooting technical problems. Whatever their department, they’re responsible for addressing customer concerns through live chat and providing customer service over the phone.

Getting paid to chat could be an ideal opportunity for those looking for online jobs for pregnant women. After all, the job is almost completely remote, which is ideal for pregnant women who are wanting to have a more comfortable option for their work. There are also other companies that would offer work at home jobs that provide equipment.

Qualifications for this job include a high school diploma or GED equivalent, and you should expect to receive on-the-job training once hired. As long as you possess excellent listening and typing skills, as well as patience and a genuine desire to help your customers, you can be well on the path to becoming a top-level chat agent.

woman working on laptop at one of the best part time jobs for pregnant ladies

19. Etsy seller

You’ve definitely heard of Etsy, but probably in the sense of trawling through it for hours and, ahem, maybe spending a bit more money than expected on there.

But have you considered using the site to make money on Etsy yourself? That is, as an Etsy seller, you can take advantage of the website’s wealth of resources, such as its tools and services to help you grow and manage your business and its support and education services. You also have a massive potential audience, with literally millions of people visiting Etsy every day – meaning there’s almost guaranteed to be some potential customers there for you as well.

It doesn’t matter if you’re 6 months pregnant and need a job to just pass the time or a newly pregnant mom who’s hoping to make a sizable profit. The joy about being an Etsy seller is that you get to determine your own schedule, hours, and level of commitment.

20. Online moderator

The primary job of an online moderator is to oversee discussions on message boards or chat rooms, reviewing content to make sure none of the posts violate the site’s standards. These standards might include restrictions of racism, hate speech, sexism, and other types of offensive content or behavior.

You can find paid moderator jobs in small private forums or for large tech companies like Facebook or Twitter. Some of them do require you to work a minimum number of hours each week, but they also often appreciate people who are willing to work outside of normal business hours. As such, if you have the flexibility to work at odd hours, this could be a great temporary job while pregnant. 

21. Voiceover artist

For people with decent acting skills and a good voice, grabbing a voice over job for beginners from home can be a great option. Being successful in this field involves a lot of patience, hard work, and determination, but it can be a fun and meaningful experience.

In a nutshell, a voiceover artist, also known as a voice actor, uses their greatest instrument – their voice – to narrate texts, entertain audiences, or market products. Their voices may be featured in commercials, audiobooks, animation, video games, or educational content, to name just a few.

Because voiceover artists are seldom, if ever, seen on screen, they have to use their voice as their sole means of emotional expression. This means that while getting paid to record your voice might not be quite as easy as you first think, there’s no question that it can be super fun to do!

Want to learn just what it takes to become a voiceover artist – for free?

This FREE voiceover workshop will show you just what it takes to succeed (and make money!) in this industry.

It’s run by Julie Eickhoff, who’s been working from home doing voiceovers since 2011. In that time, she’s narrated and produced more than 100 audiobooks, among other voice products – and she’s now here to teach you how to do the same thing yourself!

22. App tester

Similar to website testers, app testers are hired by companies to ensure a positive user experience. App testers test an app’s usability and functionality, making sure that there are no glitches on the app and everything is running smoothly.

Although getting paid to test apps is very unlikely to become a full-time job, it can be one of the best part time jobs for pregnant ladies – and it’s definitely an easy freelance job in which to get started. The job isn’t physically demanding, you can determine your own hours, and you can work from the comfort of your own home.

woman working on laptop at one of the good jobs for pregnant women

Not all bakers work in commercial bakeries. Many of them, in fact, work in their own home kitchens, making a pretty sizable income by selling either at local markets or, if you set it up correctly, by receiving orders online and delivering goodies to your customers.

And setting up a home-based bakery may be one of the best jobs at home for pregnant moms. Working in commercial bakeries can be pretty physically demanding at times and may be too much for you at the moment, but since you’ll be working at home, you can control the pace and intensity of your work.

For example, if you’re a bit of a whiz at piping, why not sell cupcakes? You can either create fancy ones in whatever style you like or market them at people who have events, like wedding-specific cupcakes. Just make sure you know how much to charge for your cupcakes as you’ll be surprised just how much money you can make here!

24. Freelance model

Yes, there is such a thing as a pregnant freelance model. As a matter of fact, prenatal and postnatal modeling gigs abound, so maternity models are always in demand.

Whether you’re an experienced model or someone dipping their toes into this world and looking to become a freelance model , you might have what it takes to thrive in this arena. Besides being pregnant and having confidence in your own skin, there are no formal requirements to become a maternity model.

You may be hired by employers throughout the course of your pregnancy to display their products at the different stages of your pregnancy. Of course, by its very nature this is going to be a temporary job while pregnant, as maternity modeling can’t be a long-term gig, but the income potential is definitely decent.

Can jobs hire you while pregnant?

Companies are prohibited by law to deny you employment because you’re pregnant, and there’s no legal requirement to disclose your pregnancy. That’s not to say that job searching while pregnant doesn’t come with challenges. The truth of the matter is, there is a social stigma, albeit a very subtle one, against pregnant women in the workplace.

So don’t be surprised if you’re greeted with raised eyebrows or second glances if you walk into an interview with a noticeable bump.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an exceptional candidate who possesses all the skills to succeed in your job. If you’re visibly pregnant, potential employers might see your pregnancy (and your future maternity leave) as a disadvantage and deny you an offer.

Of course, this is illegal (and incredibly frustrating that it’s still an issue that women face in this day and age), and there is always the option of legal action if you believe you’ve been discriminated against because of your pregnancy. However, the reality is that even if you did take legal action, it can be a difficult and costly process, and not everyone has the resources, time or energy to pursue this. 

Can I get a job 6 months pregnant?

As pregnancy discrimination is illegal, you can definitely be hired for a job while six months pregnant. Legally, you don’t even have to tell a potential employer that you’re pregnant although if the interview is in-person, it’s going to be fairly obvious.

Just ask the former CEO of Yahoo!, Marissa Mayer , who was hired in that role when she was six months pregnant. So if she can do it (notwithstanding some criticism she got for choosing to only take two weeks of maternity leave), then you absolutely can too!

Of course, things are going to be not quite the same when finding a job as a pregnant woman compared to a job search at a different time in your life. This article on some unofficial rules of job hunting while you’re pregnant gives some great tips on how to manage this.

Should I start a new job if I’m pregnant?

It’s possible for pregnant women to start a new job, but make sure your needs are being met. This includes ensuring that your benefits become available immediately upon starting your job. You may also want to consider some of the stress that comes with starting a new job to see if starting post-delivery may be easier for you.

That is, beginning at a new job is never easy and, often, being pregnant isn’t exactly a walk in the park either. So it may be the case that, if you have the choice, you could want to weigh up whether you can live with sticking with your current job for now and then beginning the job search after the baby arrives.

This will also give you a better idea on how you’re feeling after delivering and what you think your new schedule can handle. You might find yourself wishing for more flexibility at that time or, actually, you’ll realize that a structured 9-to-5 is actually perfect for you based on other childcare arrangements you have in place.

However, this all assumes that you have the choice of getting a new job or not. If you’ve been let go and need a job ASAP, then it’s definitely fine to start a new job while pregnant. As you can see from this list, there are plenty of good jobs for pregnant women, even if you find yourself 6 months pregnant and need a job.

If you can, though, try to keep in mind your own needs and see if you can balance these with the requirements of a new job. It’s definitely possible to find that balance but only you know your own personal circumstances – but even with those, the perfect job for you is out there!

' src=

Anna is the founder of LogicalDollar and a personal finance expert, having been featured in Forbes, HuffPost, Reader’s Digest, Bankrate, MSN Money, Yahoo! Finance, and many more. With more than 10 years of experience in the financial and legal industries, bachelor’s and master’s degrees in these fields, as well as her own journey in turning $60,000 in debt into a thriving investment portfolio, she’s committed to helping others get on the path to financial freedom.

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The Work at Home Wife

Helping you work at home and make money online

10 Flexible Jobs for Pregnant Women to Work from Home

By Angie Nelson

Last Updated September 18, 2022 . Disclosure: We may receive compensation if you sign up for or purchase products linked below. Details on offers may change, and you should confirm them with the company prior to taking action.

Are you expecting a baby and  job hunting for flexible work? Are you wondering how you’re going to hustle for an income when you’re busy growing an entirely new human being? I’m here to tell you that it can be done. And there’s no better place for a job seeker to turn when looking for jobs for pregnant women than online. You won’t have to worry about illegal pregnancy discrimination from a potential employer or even have to negotiate maternity  leave .

Dive into my guide and recommendations below as seriously as you’re reading those baby books and you’ll be prepared to be a home-based pregnant worker in no time.

Finding the Right Job as a Pregnant Woman

Depending on which trimester you’re in, just finding a comfortable position to work in can be frustrating. Whatever type of work you do, comfort is key – it lets you focus on the job at hand.

Get creative with finding the best position to work in. If sitting in a regular office chair doesn’t let you get close enough to your desk to work, try using an exercise ball. It allows you to sit lower and helps you strengthen your core, which is great for everyone but can also help you prepare for delivery. If you’re trying to work from the couch, embrace pillows. Use pillows to support your lower back and elbows, and put your laptop on a TV tray or rolling table. You can even use a breastfeeding pillow (like  My Brest Friend ) as makeshift laptop support. (If you’re worried about laptop radiation, get a product like  DefenderPad , which shields you from EMF radiation.)

Most comfortable on the couch but don’t have a laptop? Try hooking your computer up to your TV and  making it a big-screen monitor . Then you can work from the couch with a wireless keyboard (if you get one with a trackpad, you won’t have to worry about a wireless mouse as well).

Tools for Success

Having the right tools is instrumental in making you comfortable and ensuring you can work with efficiency and minimal interruption – as I outlined in finding the right position above. Here are some things that can really help you get settled in for your remote work while you’re pregnant:

  • The right desk.  If you want to invest in new furniture, get an adjustable-height desk or an Air Desk to make things easier.
  • The right place to sit.  Exercise balls are great, as mentioned above. Use one to fit under your desk, strengthen your abdominal and back muscles, and keep your pelvis tilted downward in a comfortable position.
  • Be sure you have a  healthy selection of snacks  within reach once you sit down to work, so the only thing you have to get up for is to go to the bathroom.
  • Hydration is key, so be sure you have an  enormous water bottle  at hand.
  • A partner. If your partner (or another family member) is home while you’re working, ask him or her to fetch your snacks if you run out or lend a hand if you need a reference book from a bookshelf. Bonus points if he or she refills your water bottle before you ask.

Online Jobs for Pregnant Women

Writing is an online job that gives you the ultimate flexibility in your schedule. You don’t have to be on a clock, anchored in place until your shift ends. Instead, as a work-at-home mom , you can be a freelance writer where and when you want, as long as you make your deadlines. There are several different paths to making money as a writer, including writing website content and social media posts. You can sell your services to a content-generation company (such as Scripted ), pitch and write articles for various publications (here’s my  101 on freelance writing ), or even write your own books (whether you have a traditional publishing deal or plan to self-publish on Amazon Kindle).

This is another job with fantastic flexibility. As a blogger, you set your own deadlines, too. One of the best things about blogging is that you get to choose whatever you’re passionate about and make it the focus of your blog posts. (Note: Some subjects will be more likely to succeed and provide an income than others, so do your research.) While you build your audience and mailing list, you can start monetizing your blog through affiliate marketing and ads. Check out this post on how to start a blog .

3. Short-Burst Customer Service

Customer service jobs are available for work-at-home folks, but you probably don’t want to be tied to your desk for multi-hour shifts as a pregnant mom or after your bundle of joy arrives. Look for customer service gigs that schedule you in short blocks or include regular opportunities for breaks. Consider Liveops  (which offers scheduling in 30-minute blocks) or chat jobs such as  Apple at Home , which may be more lenient in giving you a break between chat sessions – long enough to get to the bathroom, anyway. There are positions available that only require a high school diploma or GED, a dedicated phone line, and a reliable computer with an internet connection. You will want a quiet space that is free from too many distractions.

4. Transcription

If your home is quiet (i.e., you don’t have other kids underfoot all day) and you can type fast, transcription can be a great remote job for an expectant mother. The pay tends to be low at the start, but it’s a career that offers specialization areas (such as medical and legal transcription) to increase your earnings. Check out my 23 Transcription Jobs post for jobs where work-at-home beginners are welcome.

5. Virtual Assistant

This job’s great because you can either start it as your own independent business or work for an established VA company. It’s easy to do this one part-time, or take on just as many clients as you can handle – giving you enough time to cope with frequent bathroom breaks or pregnancy brain. Visit my post on how to become a virtual assistant .

6. Editor/Proofreader

Did you major in English in college? A bachelor’s degree in journalism? Are you the friend everyone asks to proofread their résumé? That could translate into a remote gig. As with writing, you can provide editing and proofreading services at your own pace as long as you meet your deadlines. This is another job you can do as a freelancer directly with your own clients, or you can become an independent contractor with a service like Scribendi . Learn more about these positions in my posts “ How Can I Get an Editing Job from Home? ” and “ Online Proofreading Jobs for Beginners .”

7. Social Media Moderators

These folks help keep the Internet a more civil place, and it’s a  work-from-home gig  that shouldn’t be incompatible with needing frequent breaks. You can work with companies like  ModSquad , choose the projects you work on and set your own hours. Be aware that work can be inconsistent, though. Learn more about becoming an online community manager or social media management here .

8. Search Engine Evaluator

Like social media moderation,  search engine evaluator jobs  don’t demand that you be anchored to your desk for large, uninterrupted portions of time. You have the freedom of time management, as long as you fulfill the objectives of the work you’re given as directed. These positions are intermittently available, and contracts don’t always renew, so they may be best combined with other work-from-home gigs, such as transcription and website testing.

9. Website Testing

There are  several companies out there that will pay you to test websites, apps, and even UI (that’s User Interface, which means the look and mechanics of how you interact with a program). You can’t make full-time money here, but you can make $10 for 20 minutes of your time, and it’s effortless. You just complete a series of tasks on a website or app and record your thoughts by either speaking as your screen is recorded or writing a brief report when you’re done. Work is intermittent, and the availability of tests depends on your demographics.

10. Teaching/Tutoring

Do you have something to teach? Whether you’d love to teach English as a Second Language or have in-demand skills that you can turn into a paid online class, you can either create your own schedule or have semi-flexibility within a set time frame. If you’re teaching kids English  through a service like  Cambly , you have to be available when the kids are there to learn. But if you create a Udemy course, for example, it’s up to you when to record your lessons and get them up to earn you money. You can tutor students in a variety of subjects, like math, and science. Online tutors often have flexible work hours. Visit my post on everything you need to know about Online Teaching Jobs .

Build Passive Income

In order to earn passive income, you develop materials or products that you can set up and then leave alone. They continue to make you income without your active participation.

If you’re able, building passive income early in your pregnancy is great because it’ll take some pressure off of you when you’re closer to term and if you’re having a rough go of it in your third trimester. It’ll also help provide for you when the baby has arrived and you’re sleep-deprived. A work-from-home job can be fulfilling and financially beneficial.

As a writer, you can create passive income by writing books – fiction and nonfiction – and having them up for sale via your website or on  a service like Amazon Kindle . As a blogger, you can create materials or courses for your readers to purchase according to your topic – so maybe you’re a mommy blogger and you write a short guide to work with kids at home. Or you’ve created a teaching course that you’re selling through Skillshare – once you’ve created all the videos and lessons, you can reap a passive financial reward. If you have a background in graphic design, you can create logos or other marketing content through websites like Fiverr.

Need more ideas for building passive income streams?  Here are 25 of them.

Feel more confident about working from home while pregnant? I hope you do. Drop into the comments with any questions you might have or just share with pregnant workers your own experiences working while expecting. Everyone needs a little help sometimes.

About Angie Nelson

Angie Nelson began working from home in 2007 when she took her future into her own hands and found a way to escape the corporate cubicle farm. Today she balances several successful online ventures and loves to share her passion for home business with others.

Angie Nelson began working from home in 2007 when she figured out how to take her future into her own hands and escape the corporate cubicle farm. Angie’s goal is sharing her passion for home business, personal finance, telecommuting, and entrepreneurship, and her work has been featured on Recruiter, FlexJobs and Business News Daily.

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    10 Flexible Jobs for Pregnant Women to Work from Home · 1. Writer. Writing is an online job that gives you the ultimate flexibility in your