4 Temporary Jobs in Wien

(senior) clinical project manager (m/f/d) - temporary, 2 years.

  • Leobendorf ,

(Senior) Clinical Project Manager (m/f/d) temporary, 2 years CROMA-PHARMA is an internationally active pharmaceutical company with its headquarter in Leobendorf, Korneuburg district...

MADx Macro Array Diagnostics GmbH

Product Manager - Allergy Diagnostics

We have revolutionized allergy diagnostics and have been operating successfully in more than 70 countries for over 5 years with our diagnostic products and patented technologies. Our...

Chef in the Residence of the Australian Ambassador (Koch, cook)

Your responsibilities: Of the position include, but are not limited to: Preparing and catering for meals and at the Official Residence, ranging from casual or formal private lunches/dinners through to functions for over 50...

Pipeline - Administrative Assignments

Widely known as the worlds Atoms for Peace and Development organization within the United Nations family, the IAEA is the international centre for cooperation in the nuclear field....

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  • Top in Wien
  • Vertrieb Innendienst in Wien
  • Head in Wien
  • Büro in Wien

In anderem Ort/Gebiet suchen

  • Berater in Oberösterreich
  • Betreuer in Wien
  • Ausbildung in Steiermark
  • Ausbildung in Niederösterreich

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Junior scientist (m/f/d) - limited until december 2024.

Junior Scientist (m/f/d) limited until December 2024 Job-ID: 56840 Location: Wien, AT Job Level: Entry Level Department: Research and Development Working time: Temporary employment...

Shipment Assistant (f/m/d)

Join the U.S. Embassy in Austria's General Services Office as a: Shipment Assistant (f/m/d) temporary position Duties and Responsibilities: This position in the General Services Office...

Corporate Operational Excellence VI&P (m/f/d)

Corporate Operational Excellence VI&P (m/f/d) limited until 31.12.2023 Job-ID: 55655 Location: Wien, AT Job Level: Professionals Department: Production Working time: Temporary employment...

National Channel Marketing Manager - temporary (w/m/d)

Your responsibilities: You are resposible for the development and implementation of relevant local channel strategies (focus: retail) using available internal and external market data, You are responsible for monitoring and...

Research Data Manager (f/m/x)

Your tasks: Conception and implementation of workflows and practices for data management at the ACDH-CH and the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Curation of metadata for ARCHE in line with the deposition process...

IT Operations Manager (all genders)

Make a difference in the financial life of millions of people: At Erste Digital you are co-creating thedigital future, in which better financial health is possible. #believeinyourself...

Economist (f/m/d)

The Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe Section (REFCE) of the Oesterreichische Nationalbank (OeNB) monitors and analyzes macroeconomic, monetary and financial developments in...

Finance Operations & Processes - SAP Business Analyst (all genders, temporary limited)

WORKING IN THE MIDDLE OF VIENNA: EXCHANGING ACROSS EUROPE Finance Operations & Processes, SAP Business Analyst (all genders, temporary limited) Vienna, experienced, full-time/temporary...

Medical Device Expert (m/f/d) - Part-Time 18h/week - limited until July 2029

Medical Device Expert (m/f/d) Part-Time 18h/week, limited until July 2029 Job-ID: 56261 Location: Wien, AT Job Level: Professionals Department: Quality Working time: Temporary employment...

Data Engineer (m/w/d)

Your responsibilities: Expansion, maintenance and architecture or further development of the data warehouse, Data extraction from various source systems, Transformation of data packets, Integration into a SQL database, Further...

Country Management - Corporate Business Team Member (all genders)

WORKING IN THE MIDDLE OF VIENNA: EXCHANGING ACROSS EUROPE Country Management, Corporate Business Team Member (all genders) Vienna, experienced, full-time/temporary limited, all genders...


Wie erkenne ich Mobbing im Team als Führungskraft?

Wie erkenne ich Mobbing im Team als Führungskraft?

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In welchen Branchen & Berufsfeldern gibt es die besten Jobchancen?

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  • Teilzeit in Gmunden
  • Lebensmittel in Mattighofen
  • FH Praktikum in Graz

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15 PhD Positions in new FWF-Program “Industrialized Riverine Landscapes" (IRL)

University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna

Job Information

Offer description.

The Doctoral School “Human River Systems in the 21st century (HR21)” is currently seeking 15 PhD Positions in new FWF-Program . “Industrialized Riverine Landscapes” (IRL).

Extent of employment:         30 hours per week

Duration of employment:       1 st of September 2024, limited to 31 st of August 2028

Workplace: Vienna

Gross monthly salary and pay grade in terms of collective agreement for university staff (payable 14 times per year): B1 € 2.684,10

The new doctoral program IRL https://boku.ac.at/docservice/doktoratsstudien/doktoratsschulen/human-river-systems-in-the-21st-century-hr21/15-new-phd-positions-open-in-new-fwf-programme/description-of-the-conceptual-approach-and-the-three-research-fields builds on the research framework of the doctoral school HR21 https://hr21.boku.ac.at and is based on the common conceptual foundation of coupled socio-ecohydrological systems. IRL aims at a better understanding of sustainable transformation processes in river systems, therefore our research focuses on changes in social, ecological and hydrological systems and their coupling.

The following 15 PhD projects will be realized as part of the HR21 DocSchool:

Topic 1: Role of hydrological extremes (floods) for sediment transport and morphodynamics in the human-river system; https://boku.ac.at/docservice/doktoratsstudien/doktoratsschulen/human-river-systems-in-the-21st-century-hr21/15-new-phd-positions-open-in-new-fwf-programme/topic-1-role-of-hydrological-extremes-floods-for-sediment-transport-and-morphodynamics-in-the-human-river-system

Topic 2: Material resources demand and flows of hydraulic structures to prevent societal impact of extreme events (social ecology, environmental history); https://boku.ac.at/docservice/doktoratsstudien/doktoratsschulen/human-river-systems-in-the-21st-century-hr21/15-new-phd-positions-open-in-new-fwf-programme/topic-2-material-resources-demand-and-flows-of-hydraulic-structures-to-prevent-societal-impact-of-extreme-events-social-ecology-environmental-history

Topic 3: Intermittent flow – hydrological effects and impacts on benthic communities, ecological state and functioning of riverine systems; https://boku.ac.at/docservice/doktoratsstudien/doktoratsschulen/human-river-systems-in-the-21st-century-hr21/15-new-phd-positions-open-in-new-fwf-programme/topic-3-intermittent-flow-hydrological-effects-and-impacts-on-benthic-communities-ecological-state-and-functioning-of-riverine-systems

Topic 4: Drought, low flow and warming – hydrological effects and impacts on the ecological state and functioning of river systems; https://boku.ac.at/docservice/doktoratsstudien/doktoratsschulen/human-river-systems-in-the-21st-century-hr21/15-new-phd-positions-open-in-new-fwf-programme/topic-4-drought-low-flow-and-warming-hydrological-effects-and-impacts-on-the-ecological-state-and-functioning-of-river-systems

Topic 5: Water transit time distributions as indicators for the vulnerability of riverine ecosystems under different pressures from social metabolism; https://boku.ac.at/docservice/doktoratsstudien/doktoratsschulen/human-river-systems-in-the-21st-century-hr21/15-new-phd-positions-open-in-new-fwf-programme/topic-5-water-transit-time-distributions-as-indicators-for-the-vulnerability-of-riverine-ecosystems-under-different-pressures-from-social-metabolism

Topic 6: Analyzing possible contributions of re-activated former watercourses towards a more sustainable transformation of industrialized riverine landscapes in urban areas; https://boku.ac.at/docservice/doktoratsstudien/doktoratsschulen/human-river-systems-in-the-21st-century-hr21/15-new-phd-positions-open-in-new-fwf-programme/topic-6-analyzing-possible-contributions-of-re-activated-former-watercourses-towards-a-more-sustainable-transformation-of-industrialized-riverine-landscapes-in-urban-areas

Topic 7: The role of the latest industrial revolutions on instream processes and ecological vulnerability of IRL; https://boku.ac.at/docservice/doktoratsstudien/doktoratsschulen/human-river-systems-in-the-21st-century-hr21/15-new-phd-positions-open-in-new-fwf-programme/topic-7-the-role-of-the-latest-industrial-revolutions-on-instream-processes-and-ecological-vulnerability-of-irl

Topic 8: The effects of infrastructure development on ecological and ecosystem service network properties in river systems; https://boku.ac.at/docservice/doktoratsstudien/doktoratsschulen/human-river-systems-in-the-21st-century-hr21/15-new-phd-positions-open-in-new-fwf-programme/topic-8-the-effects-of-infrastructure-development-on-ecological-and-ecosystem-service-network-properties-in-river-systems

Topic 9: The impact of urban settlements on organic matter and nutrient flows in industrialized riverine landscapes – What can we learn from the past?; https://boku.ac.at/docservice/doktoratsstudien/doktoratsschulen/human-river-systems-in-the-21st-century-hr21/15-new-phd-positions-open-in-new-fwf-programme/topic-9-the-impact-of-urban-settlements-on-organic-matter-and-nutrient-flows-in-industrialized-riverine-landscapes-what-can-we-learn-from-the-past

Topic 10: Urban metabolism, a river’s ecohydrology and industrialization: Vienna and the Danube,1800-2000; https://boku.ac.at/docservice/doktoratsstudien/doktoratsschulen/human-river-systems-in-the-21st-century-hr21/15-new-phd-positions-open-in-new-fwf-programme/topic-10-urban-metabolism-a-rivers-ecohydrology-and-industrialization-vienna-and-the-danube-1800-2000

Topic 11: Impact of external organic matter sources on nutrient, sediment and water transport from cropland into streams; https://boku.ac.at/docservice/doktoratsstudien/doktoratsschulen/human-river-systems-in-the-21st-century-hr21/15-new-phd-positions-open-in-new-fwf-programme/topic-11-impact-of-external-organic-matter-sources-on-nutrient-sediment-and-water-transport-from-cropland-into-streams

Topic 12: Impacts of bioenergy crops used as riparian buffer strips on stream ecosystems’ functioning; https://boku.ac.at/docservice/doktoratsstudien/doktoratsschulen/human-river-systems-in-the-21st-century-hr21/15-new-phd-positions-open-in-new-fwf-programme/topic-12-impacts-of-bioenergy-crops-used-as-riparian-buffer-strips-on-stream-ecosystems-functioning

Topic 13: Sustainable hydropower & and the water-energy-food nexus in multi-stressed IRLs: Challenges and solutions for science & management; https://boku.ac.at/en/docservice/doctoral-studies/doktoratsschulen/human-river-systems-in-the-21st-century-hr21/15-new-phd-positions-open-in-new-fwf-programme/topic-13-sustainable-hydropower-and-the-water-energy-food-nexus-in-multi-stressed-irls-challenges-and-solutions-for-science-management

Topic 14: Integrated modelling of farmers’ climate change impact and adaptation appraisal to inform regional human river nexus management; https://boku.ac.at/docservice/doktoratsstudien/doktoratsschulen/human-river-systems-in-the-21st-century-hr21/15-new-phd-positions-open-in-new-fwf-programme/topic-14-integrated-modelling-of-farmers-climate-change-impact-and-adaptation-appraisal-to-inform-regional-human-river-nexus-management

Topic 15: Strategic planning approaches to territorial governance of industrialized riverine landscapes; https://boku.ac.at/docservice/doktoratsstudien/doktoratsschulen/human-river-systems-in-the-21st-century-hr21/15-new-phd-positions-open-in-new-fwf-programme/topic-15-strategic-planning-approaches-to-territorial-governance-of-industrialized-riverine-landscapes

Further information on the application process: https://short.boku.ac.at/q9ry2k

Required skills and qualifications

  • Diploma degree in a subject area depending on the PhD topic or other equivalent university degree
  • Language: English

Desirable skills and qualifications

  • Further information is provided in the PhD Topics https://short.boku.ac.at/q9ry2k

University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna seeks to increase the number of its female faculty and staff members. Therefore qualified women are strongly encouraged to apply. In case of equal qualification, female candidates will be given preference unless reasons specific to an individual male candidate tilt the balance in his favour.

People with disabilities and appropriate qualifications are specifically encouraged to apply.

Please send your job application incl.

  • Motivation letter
  • Copy of your bachelor, diploma or master certificate (if already available)
  • Copy of your certificates obtained for coursework including grades (transcript of records of bachelor and master studies)
  • Copy of your passport

to Personnel Management, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Peter-Jordan-Straße 70, 1190 Vienna; E-Mail: [email protected] . (Reference code: 39; clearly indicating the number of the selected PhD topic)

We regret that we cannot reimburse applicants travel and lodging expenses incurred as part of the selection and hiring process.



Additional information, work location(s), where to apply.

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Repack the backpack event held in vienna.

temporary jobs vienna

School supplies were distributed to local students and families through the UniCare Health Plan of West Virginia Repack the Backpack initiative last weekend at the Grand Central Mall. Notebooks, pens, pencils, folders and paper were among items given to students. (Photo Provided)

VIENNA — The UniCare Health Plan of West Virginia held its Repack the Backpack program last weekend at the Grand Central Mall.

The initiative distributes complimentary school supplies including notebooks, pens, pencils, folders, paper and other essential items to students and families.

Following record-high back-to-school spending, averaging $890 per family according to the National Retail Federation, many students find their supplies running low in the new year. Recognizing this annual challenge, UniCare’s Repack the Backpack initiative aims to help families replenish necessary supplies during the second semester, so students focus on their schooling without interruption.

“Our school support programs are about more than giving out school supplies. We are boosting kids’ confidence and promoting educational equity by ensuring more universal access to supplies for academic success,” Tadd Haynes, president of UniCare of West Virginia, said. “Education is a critical social driver of health. As part of our ongoing commitment to the whole health of our neighbors across West Virginia, we are proud to offer support and resources that empower students to concentrate on their learning, ultimately contributing to happier, healthier lives.”

UniCare representatives also provide resources and information about Medicaid and West Virginia Children’s Health Insurance Program healthcare coverage.

The ongoing Medicaid “unwinding” process in West Virginia poses challenges for almost half a million Medicaid recipients statewide, with nearly 200,000 enrollees affected up to October 2023 due to ineligibility or procedural issues, the company said. In response, UniCare engages with members across the state, partnering with local agencies, community organizations and providing assistance to healthcare providers.

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Close vote sends certificate of need repeal to full House of Delegates

CHARLESTON — The West Virginia House of Delegates will once again decide whether to keep the state’s ...

temporary jobs vienna

Wirt archers score another bullseye in tournament play

temporary jobs vienna

Under the Dome: House to turn Justice Social Security tax cut into phase-out

Coming attractions: entertainment and more in the mid-ohio valley.

Artsbridge has announced events and programs for this week in the Mid-Ohio Valley. Thursday * Virtual auditions ...

Campaign drops raffle idea after seeing legal pushback

MARIETTA — Accusations of illegal fundraising activity are marring the Washington County Sheriff’s race. ...

temporary jobs vienna

Bonds set for couple death of infant daughter

Starting at $4.62/week..

Program Support Specialist (Temporary)

How to apply.

Apply through career.umich.edu (Click on APPLY NOW box above).   Please include a cover letter with your resume.

The Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) Summer Program in Quantitative Methods provides training opportunities in quantitative methods and statistics to a diverse, international constituency. We offer courses for graduate students, faculty, and researchers across a variety of disciplines including the social, behavioral, and health sciences.   Our annual training curriculum offers over 100 courses during the Spring/Summer semester.   The Summer Program's annual training curriculum includes two three-week sessions, with more than 40 courses held on the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor campus. The Summer Program also offers short workshops that are one to two weeks in length and that are offered in-person at the Ann Arbor campus, at remote locations and partner institutions, and online.   Most of our courses and workshops are held in a hybrid format - in-person and online (synchronous and asynchronous) to increase accessibility and flexibility.


The Program Support Specialist provides computing, technical and administrative support for Summer Program activities across the University of Michigan Ann Arbor campus. The Program Support Specialist will work closely with the Technical Assistant and the computing team to support instructors, TA's and participants in the ICPSR Summer Program.   This position requires computing knowledge, technical competence, strong administrative, communication and interpersonal skills.   Responsibilities include:  

  • Support instructors, teaching assistants, participants, and staff with the program's computing resources.
  • Provide technical support for online and in-person lectures.
  • Respond to technology, computing and general support questions.
  • Resolve computing help desk user support tickets via Jira ticketing system.
  • Provide timely response to support requests and clear communications.
  • Work with campus IT staff to provide support for classroom technology.
  • Support CANVAS, Zoom, and MiVideo platforms.
  • Set-up and staff computing lab to provide support for program participants.
  • Assist with transport and set-up/teardown of the computing lab.
  • Manage add/drop requests using Google Forms.
  • Review and compile teaching evaluation surveys using Qualtrics.
  • Provide administrative support to generate participant certificates.
  • Ability to work on a team and demonstrate teamwork and professionalism.
  • Assist computing team and program events team in other duties as assigned.
  • Assist with special projects.

Required Qualifications*

  • Excellent interpersonal skills including a positive, responsive customer service attitude and the demonstrated ability to work cooperatively in a team-oriented work environment.
  • Ability to identify and resolve problems with Microsoft Windows operating system and applications.
  • Strong oral communication skills.
  • Ability to communicate technical concepts to non-technical users.
  • Ability to prioritize assigned tasks and complete them within deadlines.
  • Ability to transport and position computing equipment.

Desired Qualifications*

  • Associates Degree or equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Experience with MacOS operating systems.
  • Familiarity with user experience design.
  • Familiarity with analytics.
  • Familiarity with search engine optimization evaluation.
  • Previous experience with ICPSR Summer Program.

Work Schedule

This is a temporary position that requires in-person availability from May through August.   Start dates, schedule and hours will vary, depending upon the applicant's availability. The target start date is Monday, May 13th and includes a mandatory orientation.

The Summer Program business hours starting June 10th, are Monday - Friday from 8AM - 8PM and Saturday - Sunday from 11:00 AM-7:00 PM; flexible scheduling is available - morning, afternoon, evening, and weekend shifts are available. Please indicate your availability and scheduling preferences in your cover letter.

We are looking to hire several individuals for this position, please indicate your availability and scheduling preferences in your cover letter.  

Additional Information

The Institute for Social Research (ISR) at the University of Michigan seeks to recruit and retain a diverse workforce as a reflection of our commitment to serve the diverse people of Michigan, to maintain the excellence of the university, and to ground our research in varied disciplines, perspectives, and ways of knowing and learning.

Background Screening

The University of Michigan conducts background checks on all job candidates upon acceptance of a contingent offer and may use a third party administrator to conduct background checks.  Background checks are performed in compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Application Deadline

Institute for Social Research job openings are posted for a minimum of fourteen (14) calendar days. This opening may be removed from posting boards and filled any time after the minimum posting period has ended.

U-M EEO/AA Statement

The University of Michigan is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer.

Temporary Set-up 

Walmart has released a notification on which they’re inviting candidates for Temporary set-up. They’re appointed to assist with the establishment of a special Store Layout. They’re the employees who are transferred from another store or department. Registration for this post has already started and it will end soon.

Employer Name: Walmart   Position: Temporary set-up  No. of vacancies: 1 Salary: $15.68 per hour  Employment Type: Part-time  Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada 

Job Description 

  • Candidates are appointed to perform different types of fits assigned by seniors to maintain a healthy environment in store for customers. 
  • Candidates are required to perform duties which are assigned by the ASM.
  • They’re not engaged in typically customer-facing responsibilities.  
  • Some other duties are also assigned to candidates and they’re accountable for doing the given task in the best possible way.

Job requirement 

  • Candidates must be more than 18 years old and authorized to work in Canada. 
  • Candidates must be a good listener and have a helpful nature. 
  • Candidates must attain superb communication skills to be eligible for this post.
  • Candidates must be a team player and attain a positive working attitude. 

Work setting 

  • Candidates must be able to work in a flexible working environment to be eligible for this post. 
  • They’re allowed to get a decent pay scale working at this post.
  • Candidates will also get a dedicated paid vacation facility. 
  • You’ll also get dedicated health benefits and medical benefits working at this post.
  • Facilities of bonus and promotion are also provided at this post. 

How to apply 

Candidates who are interested and eligible for this post are requested to click on the below and fill out the application form. Information shared in the application form must be genuine and certified otherwise the registration may get cancelled. Some candidates get shortlisted for an interview, and candidates who clear the interview will get selected for this post. 

Please Enable JavaScript in your Browser to Visit this Site.


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    All jobs with UNIDO; All jobs in Vienna; Team Assistant, Vienna, Austria. Title: Team Assistant â Requisition ID: 3436 Grade: G4 Country: Austria Duty Station: Vienna Category: General. UNIDO - United Nations Industrial Development Organization Updated: 2024-02-14T02:30:54Z.

  18. 18,241 Vienna jobs

    4.0 Team Assistant Vienna Category and Level : General Service and Related Categories, G-4. Department/Office : United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.… 24h United Nations 4.0 Human Resources Assistant (2 positions) Vienna Category and Level : General Service and Related Categories, G-6.

  19. Vacancies in Austria

    IVI in Vienna 1. Chief, Chinese Translation and Text Processing Section, Vienna, Austria. Updated: 2024-02-16T02:33:37Z. Consultant - Assessment Specialist (Subject Matter Expert - organized crime/cybercrime), Vienna, Austria. UNODC - Office on Drugs and Crime.

  20. Intern / Pflichtpraktikum 5- 6 Monate (Bachelor/Master Student) job in

    Apply for Intern / Pflichtpraktikum 5- 6 Monate (Bachelor/Master Student) job with Thermo Fisher Scientific in Vienna, Austria. Students & Internships jobs at Thermo Fisher Scientific

  21. 15 PhD Positions in new FWF-Program "Industrialized Riverine Landscapes

    Temporary. Job Status. Part-time. Hours Per Week. 30. ... Workplace: Vienna. Gross monthly salary and pay grade in terms of collective agreement for university staff (payable 14 times per year): B1 € 2.684,10 ... Please send your job application incl. Motivation letter; CV; Copy of your bachelor, diploma or master certificate (if already ...

  22. January 2024 Jobs Report: Hiring Surges, Wages Rise

    The U.S. economy added a higher-than-expected 353,000 jobs in the first month of the year. Discover the details of the jobs report and the implications for Fed policy in 2024.

  23. DLIR Jobs

    Employment Service Specialist II, III, IV and V - Temporary - Downtown, Oahu Posted on Feb 20, 2024 in Jobs

  24. Repack the Backpack event held in Vienna

    VIENNA — The UniCare Health Plan of West Virginia held its Repack the Backpack program last weekend at the Grand Central Mall. The initiative distributes complimentary school supplies including ...

  25. Program Support Specialist (Temporary)

    This is a temporary position that requires in-person availability from May through August. Start dates, schedule and hours will vary, depending upon the applicant's availability. The target start date is Monday, May 13th and includes a mandatory orientation. ... The University of Michigan conducts background checks on all job candidates upon ...

  26. Hiring now: Temporary Set-up

    Canada Job Bank, as it is clear from the name itself that our work is to empower the youth by providing them with employment. Our services are available on our app and website. Throughout Canada, we assist people in finding work and job plans for their careers. We make a chain between the recruiters and the job seekers.