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Teachers should give out less homework


Faisa Mohamed

Teachers should give out less homework because many students have other responsibilities outside of school and by reducing homework, students have proven to get more sleep which leads to better physical and mental health. So instead of benefiting students’ learning, it can actually be detrimental to it.

Faisa Mohamed , Staff Writer January 9, 2023

First and foremost, excessive amounts of homework can be detrimental to students’ mental and physical health. It can lead to increased stress and anxiety, as well as sleep deprivation and other health problems. When students are overwhelmed by too much homework, they may become burnt out and lose motivation to learn. I believe that teachers should give out less homework because many kids have work or responsibilities outside of school and don’t deserve to be overworked. By reducing homework, students have proven to get more sleep which leads to better physical and mental health. So instead of benefiting students’ learning, it can actually be detrimental to it. Homework doesn’t necessarily always equate to higher achievement.  

Muntaha Ibrahim, a student at South, thinks there’s too much going on in most students’ lives to stress about homework. “Teens are stressed and overwhelmed.” They are more likely to have problems focusing on topics for extended periods of time. Many students have family problems at home and some are babysitting their younger siblings when they don’t have time for homework. It can be difficult to make homework a priority when you have other responsibilities. Some students have jobs to financially help their parents. Students of color especially often have expectations from their families that they contribute to the household. When you consider inequities in students’ home lives, giving out the same homework to students becomes much more complicated. 

In addition, homework doesn’t motivate people, it just causes extra work and stress. In fact, it might make a student less interested in the subject because they feel overwhelmed. When students do end up doing homework, it is often only to get a good grade, not to actually learn the content. Aisha Ahmed said, “Too much homework can cause students to lose interest in the class because students doing a lot of homework, they’re not able to do their other work properly and wind up losing focus in class.” Despite this, there are also disadvantages to not giving students homework. In some cases, homework gives students the time that they don’t get in class to work and be independent on their own time. Giving homework is teaching in its own way, so students can learn on their time. As a teacher though, it’s effectively their job to do most of the teaching so students’ lives aren’t centered around school and homework.

A potential solution to this situation is that teachers give out homework only if students don’t finish all of their work in class. This way students can complete their unfinished classwork, but it is not so much that it is overwhelming or  too much stress. This may improve students’ mental health. This also benefits teachers because students are more likely to finish their work without feeling overwhelmed.

  • Aisha Ahmed
  • Muntaha Ibrahim

Faisa Mohamed is a sophomore and it is her first year on newspaper. She joined because she heard good things about it and she thought it would help her...

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Controversial AI software has found its way into educational settings

November 21, 2023

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South High is undergoing a conversion to a more uniform grading scale known as “the 80/20 system.” With this abrupt change, many people have been left with a lack of information about the transition in between grading systems. This change has caused lots of controversy among staff and students.

South High’s new grading system in transition leaving teachers and student conflicted

As school comes to a close, almost everybody is feeling exhausted and burnout. It has been especially bad this year, with students in all grades feeling the stress.  “Honestly, school’s just a b*tch, Nasteho Abdi, a student at South said.

Burnout All Over – How are students feeling as we near finals week?

AP Environmental Science student Ingrid Noren harvests radishes from the South garden. South’s Environmental Science teacher Susan Peterson advocates for outdoor learning, saying that “working in the soil can support both our physical and mental health.”

Outdoor education supports students’ mental health and offers unique learning opportunities

The World Health Organization recently announced it no longer considered Covid-19 a national emergency, but many are left to wonder if this was the right decision.

COVID-19 is no longer considered a national emergency. Is this a good idea?

The Graduate Hotel Dinkytown where Hollywood Gala prom took place

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Taken on Iftar Night 2023, hosted by South High’s MSA, with stacked English translations of the Qur’an, alongside a sign greeting attendees ‘Ramadan Mubarak’.

How do Muslim Students Feel? An Off Day for Eid after many years

Striking writers picketing outside of Paramount Pictures studio with signs that read: We wont WRITE for less than whats RIGHT, and Its like Newsies but with writers.

Entertainment Strikes and Solidarity

 E-Learning days can result in burnout taking the form of students exhausted at their kitchen tables.

Students deserve snow days, not e-learning days

The daylight saving times’ debate has been around for decades. So is it really necessary? Read more about it in this article.

Is Daylight Savings Time really necessary?

Outside of actually attending school, students have other homework that is assigned out of class, attending extracurriculars and even going to work. This 5 day school week as you can see is pretty rigorous, back to back, and doesn’t allow students to rest. With a 4 day school week, both students and staff could take a day to themselves to focus on other aspects of life.

Revitalizing the idea of a 4-day work week

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addman • Nov 2, 2023 at 3:45 pm

good research

Autumn • May 12, 2023 at 1:37 pm

This is a good article it really helped me with my assignment!

gobb • Apr 24, 2023 at 11:18 am

ate that up bro ong

Natalie • Apr 7, 2023 at 8:41 am

I think that this is a really good article and it helps me with what i am researching.

kim • Apr 3, 2023 at 11:15 am

ya girly pop

Dylan • Jan 18, 2023 at 1:57 pm

tell em queen

why less homework is better for students

Why should homework be minimal for young students?

Why should homework be minimal for young students?

Why students should get less homework? Student life is about coping with different activities and striving to be the best in nearly everything. Life in the current situation has become ultra-competitive, forcing students with little time for creative activities.

They spend most of their time at school or in online classes, and after that, when they finish their sessions, they start completing the homework that has been given to them sometimes; they can be at par with the concepts being held at school. This factor is not the case of a specific school, but this has been the condition even in good schools, although not in the  best CBSE school in Ahmedabad , where students are expected to learn more and do less homework for years.

One thing to consider for teachers is to ensure that a child doesn’t feel pressure about studies. Stress will ultimately kill their interest in subjects they are fond of, and this suffering could lead to depression in due course of time. Even  CBSE   schools in Ahmedabad  assign homework to children every day to remain in touch with the subjects they study during the day in school. That is not right for a young child.

5 reasons why  students should get less homework

1. unnecessary homework creates irrelevant pressure ..

The school also offers doubt- solving sessions where the student can meet the teachers and clarify their subject related queries. Most of the lessons are completed in the school schedule, with minimal homework assigned for the next day. The subject appears exciting and relevant to the child, and they could explore other mediums to learn the same.

2. Practical learning along with theoretical learning

This helps the child to research the topic and study the topic in-depth and share his observations with his peer group in the class.

3. Adequate sleep and rest are a must.

Young and growing children need ample rest and sleep during their schooling years. Since their brains deal with many new things and concepts, they will never learn adequately unless they rest. So, the teachers should keep this in mind and complete most of the work in the class and assign fewer tasks to be done at home. If not, the students will be forced to spend a lot of time completing their homework which will, in turn, hamper their health, spoil their sleep routine, and not concentrate in class the next day.

4. A balanced workload supports mindfulness   

Enough time is given for submission so that students do not miss out on rest and remain mindful as well as alert in classes.

5. Students need to have an active life out of their studies. 

They need a good amount of recreation to pay full attention towards studies during their school time or online classes. Quality time with their friends and family will inspire them to study hard and pay attention during class.

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Homework Helpers

7 Arguments for Less Homework for Children

Research shows that the most effective way children learn is through the lessons they receive at school and through other activities directed by adults or parents. Playtime throughout children’s schooling is essential because it gives them a break from it all. Growing evidence suggests that homework assignments have little to no positive effects on children’s academic growth and can actually be counterproductive. Here are 7 arguments for giving children less homework:

Tired students have a hard time paying attention in the classroom. In biological terms, children require more rest than adults and we are often depriving of mental and physical rest by overwhelming them with take-home assignments. Fewer hours spent doing homework is linked to greater focus and success.

Students often think of the time they are in the classroom as a sort of punishment or detention. A full class day and workload can give students negative feelings about learning in general. Add several hours of homework to do at home and their motivation to succeed begins to dwindle.

There are many things that create stress in our lives and when children feel pressured to complete their assignments and to do so with few errors, they experience a similar type of stress that can lead to developmental and health issues. It’s important they don’t get overwhelmed. To help children reduce stress, parents can hire professional assignment assistance , so kids can get guided help and lead a happier life.

Related to the last point, mental health is directly linked to the amount of pressure we feel when we are working. It’s hard for students to retain information when they have to spend hours doing work after a full class day.

Children should be encouraged and have the chance to spend time with their families in the afternoons and evenings. This is important to establishing structure at home and strengthening familial bonds that can last throughout their lives. Taking this away by giving too much work they may suffer in other areas.

There is very little evidence that take-home assignments are accurate tools for measuring how much a student understands and has learned. Tests and classroom performance are better tools for this because students don’t approach their homework as anything more than something they must do.

When a student receives low scores on their assignments or experience difficulty completing them on time, they begin to lose confidence in themselves. When this happens they begin to struggle in class and can even struggle to deal with personal situations outside of school.

When children receive less homework, they are afforded opportunities to develop emotionally, physically, and mentally in ways many of us never had. The stresses of today’s fast-paced world are a detriment to one’s growth and stability, and homework assignments are contributing to this problem. We may want to rethink the role that take-home assignments have on children and come up with better more positive solutions to educational programs that benefit the future of our societies.

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  • Why Teachers Should Give Less Homework to Students?


Why Teachers Should Give Less Homework to Students?

There’s no secret that the education system has become very competitive nowadays. Like the child’s first step or first utterance of the words mamma or daddy, a child’s first day of school is also a life changing event. Children usually have a relaxing time at the beginning of their school life and begin to catch on slowly. Parents and children get wrapped up in routine and it doesn’t usually take them long to accept this as normal. Parents want their children to compete for a grade and not for knowledge, thus, the pressure is to do well every time. At this point it doesn’t matter how much work the kid has, the more of it is the better. There is a peripheral view that says, kids should have less homework.

The schools are aware of the impact homework has on offspring and family lives. This is the reason they’ve created programs that help get the child through those humps with teachers, therapists and even out spreading school semesters, all with the purpose to encourage more homework. Here is how homework impacts our lives and why teachers should give less homework:

Too Much Pressure

Life is going too much far from what we have thought in early 90’s and thus children’s now have a lot to learn about life. The Pressure onto children about completing homework is often too much to handle for them. This Pressure makes them lazier and lowers their intelligence level. Parents want their children to compete in this competitive world and thus they measure their competitive level with the amount of homework they do. Keeping these things at a competitive level is disproportionate to what the student can handle.

Students Can be Overwhelmed if The Homework is Too Long

The toughest thing about homework is the time it takes students to complete, which is immensely different. What takes a clever kid, 5-10 minutes can take a struggling kid 45 minutes or even an hour to complete the homework. Just imagine how a struggling student feels when he looks at a two-sided worksheet of 40 math problems that he doesn’t understand. The sheer volume of work is extremely intimidating and often causes him to give up before he even tries.

Impact on Family Time

Parents have a hard and busy schedule until their child catches up with them. Being able to form a diverse schedule around each other can be stressful. Homework is like the extension of a school where it is not easy to manage a family time. This is the hurdle between parents and children.

Spending more time with family would yield the latter, which comforts the child into taking life more seriously and learning more valuable life lessons from the family than through the pressure of producing "machineries".

Limit The Quantity, Increase The Quality

When teacher limits the quantity of the homework she gives and/or how long the assignments are, then it is more likely that students will do quality work on what he/she does assign.

More homework doesn’t always have the result the teachers or tutors expect. More homework might entice the student to take shortcuts in their study by cheating or asking their parents or siblings to do it or spend more time doing the things they are willing to do, being a kid. When kids are given a lot of homework they tend to lie to the teachers or even parents just because they don’t want to do it, this sometimes results in stress and depression moods.

It is children’s psyche that if they are forced to do something beyond their capacity, they tend to lie to their parents and even teachers. Giving comfort level to student will motivate them and encourage them to work harder and efficiently. Teachers should give students space so that they may rely on them and are contented enough to talk out their problems.

Generation gap is not due to the age or the mind gap between students and parents but it is because they don’t get much time to communicate with each other.


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why less homework is better for students


One of the most important questions that students need to ask themselves before filling in a college application is, what will I select as my major?


It is fun to learn English. Even so, three months might be too short for you to master it completely. You need a grand strategy to achieve this. Use the following tips for mastering will be an expert in 3 months or even less!


With easy access to information and internet services, it is quite easy to discover the best methods of engaging with customers

How Giving Less Homework Could Help Your Students Succeed


For parents and teachers, it can be hard to understand why assigning less homework could actually help your students succeed. After all, isn’t the goal of our educational system to give students plenty of practice and knowledge to challenge them academically? However, surprisingly enough, eliminating excessive amounts of homework may be the key to unlocking students’ academic potential. Florida registered agents reviewed some research studies and found several interesting facts.

With research showing that too much homework can have negative effects on learning outcomes as well as create an overall stress-inducing environment for both young learners and their families alike, taking a closer look at this issue is essential if we are looking for true success in our educational systems. In this blog post, discover the surprising benefits of less homework and how giving less could lead to improved student performance results.

Gives Them More Time to Be Well-Rounded


Boosts Their Mental Health

Homework can cause a great deal of stress for children and teenagers, leading to feelings of anxiety and depression. Research has found that students who struggle with excessive amounts of homework are more likely to experience mental health problems than their peers who are given less work. Reducing the amount of homework can lead to beneficial physical and psychological health outcomes, as well as improved academic performance in the long run. Not having too much on their plate reduces the chances of them feeling overwhelmed and uninterested in their studies, leading to better concentration and focus while studying.


Increases Their Ability to Learn

By reducing the amount of homework given, students can spend more time learning and comprehending the material. Without having too much piled up on their plate, it eliminates distractions that can often occur when students are overwhelmed. This allows for more effective and efficient learning as students take their time to understand the topics rather than just memorize them, leading to improved test scores and retention of knowledge in the long run.

Improves Family Bonding


By shifting the focus away from excessive homework, we can start seeing real changes and improvements in our educational systems. From improved mental health outcomes to better learning results, reducing the amount of homework can be a beneficial step toward achieving better student performance results. Only by taking a closer look at this issue and understanding the potential benefits of less homework, can we start to create positive changes in our educational systems.

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How to & Tips

10 reason why students should have less homework.

Last Updated on December 2, 2023

We all know that tradition has been going on in schools for decades of giving homework and homework assignments to the students no matter if you are a high school student or a college student.

Your school will definitely put this burden on you that you have to do the homework assignment no matter what. what so the question over here is whether doing the homework on a regular basis is really worth it and what kind of impact this homework has and is this rule should be changed .

Why student should have less homework

Homework assignments will give the teacher and the students one thing: total stress to the kids. It’s also very time-consuming, and people, especially young kids, do not take any kind of interest in extracurricular activities. Their free time is also snatched by these homework assignments, and children are not willing to do that, to be very honest with you. 

So we are going to discuss 10 reasons why students should not have homework.

Table of Contents

What is the impact of homework study?

students should have less homework

These homework assignments do not just waste the time of the students but also stop them from taking part in any kind of physical sport will is definitely good for their minds and health.

You believe it or not doing any kind of physical activity is very important especially for the young generations if you want to be physically active and strong for the upcoming years of your life doing homework just like a copy-paste program that you are doing first you did it in your school as class work or we can also call at school work and when you reach home.

We do the same mistake in your home as well most of the homework assignments which we do as students are not giving any kind of a learning to us parents are also pressurizing the students to do the homework properly giving daily homework is just like a burden or extra burden on the students that the teachers are giving to them.

There is the total home myth that in-home people do their work with extreme concentration many of the extreme School rules have also pressured the students through the homework properly for at least an hour.

Another thought that pops into every student’s mind is whether this homework will do any kind of benefit our test scores if not then what is the point of giving that much load on the students you know giving excessive homework to students in middle school we have seen the tradition in the middle school system that a student who is the middle school student has not been given even a spare time to breathe.

Yes, the alternative can be to give extra practice classes to the students and work on their drawbacks and setbacks the things in which they are not good at a strategy that will not just help them at their great level but also individually and they will feel very much confident on a personal level as well.

And unfortunately, our institutes are not really doing that they are just putting a burden on the students which has nothing to do with self-improvement and personal growth it is very disturbing to say because at the end of the day, the skills that you give the students in the institute, it is very important and that is going to change his life in a positive way and will guide him towards the better destination.

But if you have failed as an institute to give any kind of a personal skill such as time management and positive energy that can make the student mentally tougher to face the trials of life. you are not doing anything positive or you are not bringing any kind of a positive change in that student’s life which will be the cause of his good mental health.

Here we are going to discuss 10 reasons:

1. Maintain the check and balance

It is obviously very common that when you have less amount of homework that you have to do in your home implemented a check and balance between your physical and mental needs as well.

Because when you have less homework at your home to do you can definitely focus on the things that are very important. For example your mental health and physical health physically. you can definitely go to the gym sweat out getting in shape and for your mental health, you can definitely check out reading some books in your free time.

In the beginning, you cannot just physical exercise for 10 hours or 2 hours in a day The ideal start for any activity will be 10 minutes and you can slowly and steadily raise the standards for your physical activity it will not just help you in your academic success but also you will feel good about yourself.

2. Reduces stress and anxiety

When the students will be given less homework by the school management and the institutes definitely they will have less amount of stress and anxiety issues that they have to deal with its not like you shouldn’t give any kind of homework to the students.

Yes, you should give homework to the students but it shouldn’t be copy-pasted and used chatgpt to a homework program. The homework should be the kind of a thing that adds value and adds new skills to their life.

3. Enhance creativity

The creativity and the mental capacity of the students will be increased when they are given less homework by the school management they will focus on other activities such as inventions and software development programs which will not just focus on skill development.

But also will give them free time to learn something new to enhance their creativity because we all know that inventions were made by the backbenchers and creative people.

4. Independence

The Independence level of the students will be increased when there will be given less homework on homework by the teachers and class teachers will obviously be very proud of themselves that the feeling of freedom and independence cannot be expressed in words and we all know that.

5. Time to relax

The resting and sleeping patterns of the students will also be in place because of the less amount of homework and homework assignments they will focus on sleeping patron and we all know that rest is as important as working really hard because if you do not rest properly in the day you won’t be fully active to perform your upcoming task.

6. Social gathering increases

By giving less homework to the students they will also have time to communicate with other people and hang out with their friends and in that kind of process, the communication level will also increase and social gathering is as important as doing your work.

Because when you are talking to someone those guys are exchanging their ideas which also improve your communication skill and you will also learn something new.

7. Time for physical activity

Students will engage themselves in sports it could be any sport basketball cricket or badminton which will not just relax them from the daily routine and boring routine of the school activity but also will make them feel fresh and e energized for the upcoming events that they have to perform the next day.

8. Good understanding of the concept of lectures

Students can definitely focus on the lectures that have been given in the classroom when they have less homework to do they can rewire and revise all the things that have been given in the classroom by the professor or the teacher that will not just allow them to understand the lecture better in a better way but also will clear the basic concepts about that lecture.

9. Engaging in a good family environment

Youngsters will have more time to engage with their family members when the students are given less amount of homework they will definitely have more time for the family and the events that are coming in their lives could be marriage could be party or anything that is important.

Because we are social animals and we have to socialize with the people no matter what that’s how the world goes and that’s how life all over the way.

10. Supports a good educational environment

Lastly, we all know that that is a good education environment because we know that what a good education environment to the students it not just to pressure students to do homework and homework assignments regularly just to Mount pressure on them.

But it maintains a check and balance between the extracurricular activities sports and the education department as well.

To conclude we can say that homework is very important and institutes should give homework to the students but it shouldn’t be that kind of scenario are you in which the student is on his knees and does not know where to go so the institutes should be very careful and maintain a check and balance between the homework assignments and other activities as well.

Can A Student Learn Without A Teacher? – 8 Ways

10 Reasons Why Character Is Important For Success

why less homework is better for students

Mohammed Ahmed is a writer, problem solver, and speaker. He has written a lot of books on self-improvement for the betterment of the world. His books have become trusted resources for learners of all ages, like students, teachers, and everyone who wants to get better knowledge. Through his amazing writing, he aims to empower individuals to embrace critical thinking and personal growth, contributing to a brighter future through education.

why less homework is better for students

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Following Directions

Why Is Following Directions Important For Students?

how classrooms decide the future of nation

How Classrooms Decide The Future Of The Nation?

Before The End of the year

10 Things You Need To Know Before The End of the year

5 Reasons why is responsibility important for Students

5 Reasons why is responsibility important for Students

10 Reasons Why Rules Are Important In Society

10 Reasons Why Rules Are Important In Society

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UoPeople president wins "Nobel Prize of Education" Learn More

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School Life Balance , Tips for Online Students

The Pros and Cons of Homework


Homework is a word that most students dread hearing. After hours upon hours of sitting in class , the last thing we want is more schoolwork over our precious weekends. While it’s known to be a staple of traditional schooling, homework has also become a rather divise topic. Some feel as though homework is a necessary part of school, while others believe that the time could be better invested. Should students have homework? Have a closer look into the arguments on both sides to decide for yourself.

A college student completely swamped with homework.

Photo by  energepic.com  from  Pexels

Why should students have homework.

  • Homework Encourages Practice Many people believe that one of the positive effects of homework is that it encourages the discipline of practice. While it may be time consuming and boring compared to other activities, repetition is needed to get better at skills. Homework helps make concepts more clear, and gives students more opportunities when starting their career .
  • Homework Gets Parents Involved Homework can be something that gets parents involved in their children’s lives if the environment is a healthy one. A parent helping their child with homework makes them take part in their academic success, and allows for the parent to keep up with what the child is doing in school. It can also be a chance to connect together.
  • Homework Teaches Time Management Homework is much more than just completing the assigned tasks. Homework can develop time management skills , forcing students to plan their time and make sure that all of their homework assignments are done on time. By learning to manage their time, students also practice their problem-solving skills and independent thinking. One of the positive effects of homework is that it forces decision making and compromises to be made.
  • Homework Opens A Bridge Of Communication Homework creates a connection between the student, the teacher, the school, and the parents. It allows everyone to get to know each other better, and parents can see where their children are struggling. In the same sense, parents can also see where their children are excelling. Homework in turn can allow for a better, more targeted educational plan for the student.
  • Homework Allows For More Learning Time Homework allows for more time to complete the learning process. School hours are not always enough time for students to really understand core concepts, and homework can counter the effects of time shortages, benefiting students in the long run, even if they can’t see it in the moment.
  • Homework Reduces Screen Time Many students in North America spend far too many hours watching TV. If they weren’t in school, these numbers would likely increase even more. Although homework is usually undesired, it encourages better study habits and discourages spending time in front of the TV. Homework can be seen as another extracurricular activity, and many families already invest a lot of time and money in different clubs and lessons to fill up their children’s extra time. Just like extracurricular activities, homework can be fit into one’s schedule.

A female student who doesn’t want to do homework.

The Other Side: Why Homework Is Bad

  • Homework Encourages A Sedentary Lifestyle Should students have homework? Well, that depends on where you stand. There are arguments both for the advantages and the disadvantages of homework. While classroom time is important, playground time is just as important. If children are given too much homework, they won’t have enough playtime, which can impact their social development and learning. Studies have found that those who get more play get better grades in school , as it can help them pay closer attention in the classroom. Children are already sitting long hours in the classroom, and homework assignments only add to these hours. Sedentary lifestyles can be dangerous and can cause health problems such as obesity. Homework takes away from time that could be spent investing in physical activity.
  • Homework Isn’t Healthy In Every Home While many people that think homes are a beneficial environment for children to learn, not all homes provide a healthy environment, and there may be very little investment from parents. Some parents do not provide any kind of support or homework help, and even if they would like to, due to personal barriers, they sometimes cannot. Homework can create friction between children and their parents, which is one of the reasons why homework is bad .
  • Homework Adds To An Already Full-Time Job School is already a full-time job for students, as they generally spend over 6 hours each day in class. Students also often have extracurricular activities such as sports, music, or art that are just as important as their traditional courses. Adding on extra hours to all of these demands is a lot for children to manage, and prevents students from having extra time to themselves for a variety of creative endeavors. Homework prevents self discovery and having the time to learn new skills outside of the school system. This is one of the main disadvantages of homework.
  • Homework Has Not Been Proven To Provide Results Endless surveys have found that homework creates a negative attitude towards school, and homework has not been found to be linked to a higher level of academic success. The positive effects of homework have not been backed up enough. While homework may help some students improve in specific subjects, if they have outside help there is no real proof that homework makes for improvements. It can be a challenge to really enforce the completion of homework, and students can still get decent grades without doing their homework. Extra school time does not necessarily mean better grades — quality must always come before quantity. Accurate practice when it comes to homework simply isn’t reliable. Homework could even cause opposite effects if misunderstood, especially since the reliance is placed on the student and their parents — one of the major reasons as to why homework is bad. Many students would rather cheat in class to avoid doing their homework at home, and children often just copy off of each other or from what they read on the internet.
  • Homework Assignments Are Overdone The general agreement is that students should not be given more than 10 minutes a day per grade level. What this means is that a first grader should be given a maximum of 10 minutes of homework, while a second grader receives 20 minutes, etc. Many students are given a lot more homework than the recommended amount, however. On average, college students spend as much as 3 hours per night on homework . By giving too much homework, it can increase stress levels and lead to burn out. This in turn provides an opposite effect when it comes to academic success.

The pros and cons of homework are both valid, and it seems as though the question of ‘‘should students have homework?’ is not a simple, straightforward one. Parents and teachers often are found to be clashing heads, while the student is left in the middle without much say.

It’s important to understand all the advantages and disadvantages of homework, taking both perspectives into conversation to find a common ground. At the end of the day, everyone’s goal is the success of the student.

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