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Were you ever in a situation where you felt sick to your stomach out of nowhere? Maybe you were about to take a test, loaded with homework, or about to start the big game. When we feel anxious or unnerving about something this is called stress. This concern that is on your mind can make you feel a sense of pain. It may be in the form of a headache or feelings of anger or fear. If it carries on for long periods of time, it can have a profound effect on your health. People of all ages experience stress whether it be the stress of making a Little League baseball team or getting that job promotion that you have been working on for a decade.

While we cannot just eradicate stress altogether, there are techniques we use to reduce the affect of stress on ourselves. It starts will focusing on having a positive attitude and look for the good things in life. We need to accept that change is inevitable, and we will need to roll with it. Practicing common relaxation techniques such as meditation or yoga really help a great deal. Exercise has huge benefits for the body and mind as well. Using these techniques is called managing your stress. These worksheets will help students learn to assess their current level of anxiety. Once we get a good gauge, we look at the internal and external factors that are contributing to this. We look at the physical symptoms that we may be experiencing as a result of this constant tension. The students will then progress to understand what is a healthy level of this so that it will not reach a level that is dangerous to their physical or mental health. We encourage students to learn to identify possible coping strategies and how to reach out for social support whether it be from a peer or adult. The goal here is to help students understand that stress is healthy, but too much or too harsh levels are not. We help them ponder how to balance their world and carry these life skills through the remainder of their young lives.

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worksheet stress and me

Examine Your Life

What's going on in your life that you think if contributing to you feeling this way?


Internal and External Stressors

What internal and external stressors do you have in your life right now?

worksheet stress and me

What physical symptoms do you experience when under pressure?

worksheet stress and me

The Experience

Did you experience any physiological symptoms (tension, dizziness, nausea, etc.)?

worksheet stress and me

Management Worksheet

Why do I perceive this situation as dangerous?

worksheet stress and me

Causes and Coping

Stress is how the body responds to difficult and potentially dangerous situations. Experience of conflict, loss, or overcommitment can invoke the body's physical response.

worksheet stress and me

Developing Coping Strategies

Coping strategies help you to deal with anxiety when it arises. Practicing your coping strategies regularly will keep it from building up over time.

worksheet stress and me

This can cause emotional and physiological response to difficult situations. People experience it in a variety of ways. Emotional responses can include worrying and a feeling of being overwhelmed. Physiological responses can include an increased heart rate, headaches, difficulty sleeping, etc.

worksheet stress and me

Social Support

Having social support can do a lot to alleviate pressure in our lives. Talking about our problems and connecting with others causes our brain to release hormones that ease it.

worksheet stress and me

Emotional Management

Think of a chronic stressor in your life or a recent situation in which you have experienced stress. What emotions did you experience as a result of that stressor?

worksheet stress and me

Finding Balance

How balanced is your life? Use a scale of 1 to 5 to assign a rating to each area of your life according to how much attention you devote to it. Assign a 1 to things you devote little to no attention to and a 5 to things you devote a great deal of attention to.

worksheet stress and me

Stress and Self-Care

For each basic need that you have identified, think of steps you can take to ensure that basic need is met, even when you are feeling highly stressed.

worksheet stress and me

The Good and the Bad

There is more than one kind of anxiety. Sometimes it can be good for us, like the kind of stress that comes from playing a game or meeting a challenge. Negative versions, however, like family or relationship problems, health problems, or other situations that worry us or make us feel threatened can take a toll on our mental and physical health.

worksheet stress and me

Slow Breathing

One of the simplest things you can do to reduce the experience of physical stress in your body is to slow down your breathing. When you take long, slow breaths from your diaphragm, you are telling your brain that you are safe.

worksheet stress and me

Reducing or Eliminating Stressors

Sometimes we can reduce the amount of stress in our lives by using personal management techniques. This means identifying new behaviors or ways of thinking that we can incorporate into our lives in order to reduce stress.

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Beating stress

Beating stress

Listen to Emily talking about the importance of managing her stress levels and the techniques she uses.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.


Audio zone: Beating stress – preparation

I want to talk about beating stress today. You know, life here in Hong Kong is very stressful so I think today's topic is very useful for everyone because we can do something about it, just to cope with the stress. So maybe you have some change( s ) in your life, maybe big change and small change, but instead of being afraid, I think you should have a positive attitude and think of change as a normal part of life. 

And I think maybe here in Hong Kong, the family ( families ) are crowded into a very small housing space, so maybe you would sometimes argue with your family and I think try ( trying ) to resolve the disagreement with people is very important because then you can build strong relationships and keep commitments you have made. For example, sometimes maybe you are feeling alone and you want to make some comfort and I think you can ask the people you trust for help is very important because if you have a bunch of friends, they can listen to you, then you can release some stress through talking to them. 

And do you know that actually I find a very funny thing that if you want to reduce some stress, you can reduce this by the word S-T-R-E-S-S, that's 'stress'. How about, let's begin with the 'S'. Well, I think 'S' is that you can have the 'scheduling', for example you don't have to ( shouldn't ) schedule too many things in your day and if you feel you are too busy, you can cut out an activity or two. 

And how about the 'T' word? The 'T' word is 'treat your body well', because experts say that exercise can reduce stress and also if you eat healthy food, then your brain and your body get the nourishment they need. 

And the word is 'R' … the next word is 'R' – 'R' is very important, it says 'relax'. You can do an activity you enjoy or that relaxes you, maybe you can read a good book or learn a new hobby and spend time with your pet or even you can visiting ( visit ) a spa and that could make a very good difference. And for me, I like to play piano when I feel stressed and sometimes I may just watch some movie ( movies ) that make me laughs ( laugh ) a lot. 

And the next word is 'E' – 'E' is about expectations, and I think be ( being ) realistic about yourself is to ( be ) true to yourself and others. So you can just do your best and don't try to be perfect and don't expect others to be too … because that will release and reduce a lot of stress for you and the people around you. 

And the next word is 'S' – 'S' is, stands for 'sleep' and I really, really love to sleep, to be honest. That's my hobby, I think, because sleep … if you get a good night's sleep, then it will keep your mind and your body in shape. And experts say if you sleep more than seven hours, you will actually get tired, so don't sleep too much in the day, just sleep it when you feel enough. 

And the last word is 'S' again. I always do this action, the 'S' word is 'smile' – if you smile and have confidence, your attitude and your thoughts influence the way you see things. And if you are a negative person, you can actually learn to think in a more positive way because that makes you feel more comfortable when you are coping with the stress. Finally I think we should take action and applies ( apply ) these tips to your life ( our lives ), so everyone can beat stress.

Audio zone: Beating stress – 1

Audio zone: Beating stress – 2

What do you do to beat stress? 

Language level

Hi, to beat stress; for me i'm used to do stuff of many activities such as to sleep as it is said in the audio, to pray in singing especially the preffered songs,and to relax . by the end let me say that this audio is more interesting for me as a learner and in coping with stress! thank you a lot for the team

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We are glad to hear that. Thanks for your kind comment! We hope you enjoy learning English on our site.

LearnEnglish team

I'm an extremely relaxed person. It is very uncommon for me to be stressed or anxious in my everyday life even existing many problems and issues surrounding me. For instance, I can smoothly manage my behaviour and be patient during driving my car in a crowded street for a long while. But my father always tells me, beating stress automatically is not a good and positive ability because releasing a bit of stress is required for everyone's mind.

I need to sleep well to reduce stress as Emily suggested in this story. Of course, When I get stress, I would talk to my family or friends and they can listen to me carefully. But that wouldn't be enough for me. Sleeping makes my mind clear, relaxing and ease. It takes a few days to reduce stress completely but I definitely need to sleep to cope with stress.

It's an important topic in my life, being myself a very autocratic person. In a long-term, I've been trying to value more the attention and time spent with activities others than related with professional life. It helps me not to pressure myself that much and to not feel guilty about doing other things. I also agree with de scheduling advice. :)

I am an introvert thus being surrounded by talkative colleagues at workplace could be quite energy draining and most times stressful if small chats turn into hurtful gossips. So, to unwind, I would just switch my mind off work and empty my mind of everything that happened earlier. The thing that works for me is doing something totally opposite of what I do at work. Usually, I would entertain myself by just doing nothing! This is best for me as I am at my best when I am alone which is the most appropriate time for me to figure out what is going on. A few good verbal reinforcements help too to calm me down and put me in the right mindset before returning to work the next day.

I listen music, watch films, do exercises to reduce the stress. I also like to sleep. I believe that walking can help to cope with stress, it's true and it helps me, but when I am under the stress I don't want to walk, and for me it's blessing if if I have things to do outside the home.

First, i try not to think in stress, i always say: stress is a decision. Sure, you have problems, they are real, but you decide if they affect you. sometimes i have a lot of work to do and time is not enough, then i get up from the chair and a prepare a cup of colombian coffee, for me it resolves all my problems.

To beat stress, I usually practice sports, like running or playing volleyball. Sometimes I watch movies or series. I rarely go to sleep when I fell stressed out.

I do not think stress is a natural part of our lives, at all. The world is a beautiful place to live, especially if you were born in a place where you don't have to deal with misery every day. We should say thank you for that. So, in my opinion, stress is a mere creation of capitalism. As a result of this illusional sensation and the disorder we feel, we are easily controlled and drained of our motivations.

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